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A B2B SaaS marketing podcast, featuring interviews with marketers and entrepreneurs about what they've learned and the keys to success. Each episode is usually less than 30 minutes, making it ideal for working out and walking the dog.

A B2B SaaS marketing podcast, featuring interviews with marketers and entrepreneurs about what they've learned and the keys to success. Each episode is usually less than 30 minutes, making it ideal for working out and walking the dog.




A B2B SaaS marketing podcast, featuring interviews with marketers and entrepreneurs about what they've learned and the keys to success. Each episode is usually less than 30 minutes, making it ideal for working out and walking the dog.








The Risks and Rewards of Being an Early Adopter

Being an early adopter is not easy. There is a risk to embrace a platform or product that isn't popular or perhaps not ready for prime time. In 2017, Michael David Chapman walked away from his job. With no backup plan, he started to post on LinkedIn - sometimes three or four times a day - about his personal and professional challenges. This is way before LinkedIn emerged as a vibrant content platform. As an early adopter, Michael capitalized on a huge opportunity by doing what other...


The marketing pendulum is swinging back to fundamentals: Zineb Layachi

Can you feel the marketing pendulum swinging back to the basics? For years, the focus has been data, KPIs, and quantifying anything under the sun. But marketing success happens in different and sometimes mysterious ways. Some of it is measured while other marketing isn’t directly attributable. Many marketers have embraced data because there are so many tools to access analytics and insights, scale, and automate processes. When technology makes it easy to reach a global audience,...


Scaling Marketing at a Fast-Growing B2B SaaS Company: Ruth Zive

How do you scale a marketing team at a hyper-growth company? It’s definitely a nice problem to have. Who wouldn’t want to ride a rocket? Managing growth is a major challenge for Ruth Zive, who has led marketing at Ada for nearly three years. Earlier this year, the Toronto-based company raised $130 million. Ruth, who has headed up marketing at Ada for nearly three years, says momentum and capital have allowed her to take a different approach to marketing, “We have the wind in our sails...


The Keys to Really Knowing What Makes Your Customers Tick: Ryan Gibson

Sadly, most marketers don’t really know their customers. They have buyer personas and ideal customer profiles. But these tools barely scratch the surface. The only way to know your customers is to talk to them. Yet many marketers don’t do it because: - They claim to have no time - They have bigger priorities - They’re afraid doing hard work - They don’t get why it matters That’s not good enough. Ryan Gibson not only believes in the value of talking to customers, but he pivoted his...


Who gives a crap about email marketing: Jules Dan

The “unsubscribe” notification is painful. Someone wants to end a relationship. They want you out of their lives. It’s not them, it’s you…and your newsletter. But is the unsubscribe really that bad? Should marketers, in fact, celebrate unsubscribes? When you step back, someone disconnecting from a newsletter means they’re not your target audience. The effort invested to create a newsletter isn’t resonating with them. So, it’s perfectly fine for both sides to move on. On the...


How to ensure that your B2B SaaS demos don't suck

Click on “Ask for a Demo’. It’s the CTA on every B2B SaaS website. But what happens after the click? How do companies educate, and delight prospects? In many ways, the demo is almost taken for granted within the marketing process. Marketers are focused on messaging, value propositions and content to attract and engage. The demo belongs to sales. But that’s the wrong approach. The demo should be a coordinated effort between sales and marketing. A demo is a golden opportunity to...


The "One Big Thing" Formula for B2B SaaS Marketing Success

The biggest marketing challenge for many companies simply getting started. There are so many options that it’s almost paralysis by analysis. In many cases, companies do too much. They believe that more channels or campaigns equal more success. It’s better to focus on doing a small number of things really well. Pick a channel and run hard with it. A key part of Jordan Behan ’s approach to getting started with marketing is: One Big Thing. Pick a marketing tactic like an eBook, Webinar,...


How Field Marketing Can Align Marketing and Sales: Nick Bennett

In an ideal world, B2B SaaS marketing and sales teams move forward in lock-step. In reality, they often operate in silos. The result? Sales complain that marketing gives them crappy leads. Marketing counters that sales can’t close deals. How do you address this conundrum? The answer may be field marketing. While it may not be the best-known marketing term, field marketers quarterback sales and marketing activities. In this episode, Nick Bennett offers insight into field marketing; what...


The State of B2B SaaS Marketing with Chris Walker

Chris Walker’s on fire. He’s a high-profile B2B marketing thought leader. His LinkedIn posts generate huge engagement. His agency, Refine Labs, is red-hot. But here’s the interesting thing: Not that long ago, Chris wasn’t the belle of the B2B ball. Many of his ideas about B2B marketing were dismissed. Hard to believe, right? On the Marketing Spark podcast, Chris said: “For the first five to seven years of my career, everyone thought my marketing ideas were not smart, and they didn’t...


How to Hire a B2B Saas Marketing Leader

Hiring a marketing leader is not just about someone's skills and experience but creating a partnership between the CEO and the head of marketing. Avoma CEO Aditya Kothadiya provides first-hand insight into the process that he recently took to hire a director of marketing. Aditya says one of the keys to success is hiring the right person based on a company's growth stage. Once a marketing leader comes on board, Aditya said it is important to align around expectations and goals so the rules...


Is Twitter & LinkedIn the One-Two for B2B Marketers?

As much as many people have seen significant ROI from LinkedIn (connections, conversations, and leads), I'm beginning to see some people explore other social media platforms. It could be that LinkedIn is getting busier and/or that people see potential to make connections on places like Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram. To get an insider's view of the landscape, I talked with Marcus Schaller, who recently shifted some of his social media time to Twitter. Most interesting is how Marcus is...


How LinkedIn Can Get Bigger and Better: Charlie Whyman

"LinkedIn is way too slow, too reactive and not pro-active enough ." That's a blunt assessment from Charlie Whyman, a LinkedIn trainer and "marketing momentum builder". In this episode, Charlie and I explore some of the ways that LinkedIn evolved in 2020 and what she expects will happen in 2021. This includes: - Analytics for personal accounts; probably not going to happen. - More use of Stories as conferences and events come back to life. - Improve content discovery tools through the...


Time to End Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success Silos

Marketers love the thrill of the chase. We pursue prospects with reckless abandon. MQLs are B2B digital hunting trophies. But when marketers catch prospects, the game’s over. They quickly forget about these newly-minted customers….because prospects are sexier. It shouldn’t be this way. Prospects shouldn’t be engaged separately by sales, marketing, and customer success. The three groups should be working together to attract, capture, and serve customers. John McTigue argues that silos...


How to be a One-Person B2B SaaS Marketing Department

Marketing is hard. It's even more challenging when you're the lone marketer. You need to strategize, coordinate, tactically execute, and organize. In other words, you have to be a multi-task player. On the Marketing Spark podcast, Nancy Kwan talks about life as a solo marketer. One of her biggest pieces of advice: "Don't become a yes person. Be comfortable saying no." Nancy says that solo marketers need to be strategic and ask tough questions before committing to anything.


Why the Focus/Obsession with Personal Branding? Richard Cardona

Personal branding is red-hot. Seemingly, everyone you turn, someone is offering personal branding advice and consulting. Is the focus/obsession with personal branding due to the gig economy, the ubiquity of social marketing, or the reality that people will work for multiple employers so a personal brand is important, if not necessary? On this episode of Marketing Spark, Rich Cardona and I dive into personal branding, why it matters, and how to build a personal brand. We also discuss the...


A Better Way to Read Business Books: Laura Valvasori

Most business books are dull. I read the first 25 pages before a book loses its appeal. The writing is dense, the topic doesn't warrant a book, or I quickly get the point. Laura Valvasori has developed a new and interesting way for people to get more value from business books. She recently launched the Business Book Collective, a virtual community that combines a Mastermind group and a book club. Each month, you read a book and share your thoughts and take-aways with like-minded...


The Marketer's Journey from Side Hustle to Startup: Jay Desai

Jay Desai has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. At 11-years-old, he had a newsletter business. In middle school, he was reselling sticks of gum bought at Costco. While working for Trend, a B2B startup last year, Jay came upon a problem: how to collect content from around the Web for future reference. One thing led to another and Jay created Swpely, which he describes as Pinterest for B2B. It's a free service that makes it easy to collect digital content, social media, updates, videos,...


A Master Networking Session from a Wall Street Salesman

Networking still matters. I'm not talking about social networks but establishing connections with people professionally and personally. A lot of things in life happen due to relationships. It's how we develop trust, empathy, and connections. Marc Angelos is a long-time Wall St. salesman who intimately understands the power of value of networking. In this episode of Marketing Spark, Marc takes a deep dive into the keys to success networking and how to make it happen in a digital world.


Exploring the Marketing Landscape with Mitch Joel

It goes without saying the marketing landscape has dramatically changed over the past year. The disappearance of conferences (a go-to channel for B2B companies) has been a game-changer, forcing marketers to embrace virtual events, high-quality content, newsletters, and social media. Who better to provide perspective on marketing today and where it’s heading (as well as how business is transforming) than Mitch Joel, an entrepreneur, investor, author, and trusted advisor. In this episode of...


A Deep Dive into the Fast-Growing Subscription Economy

The subscription economy is expected to grow from $15-billion this year to $475 billion by 2025. That's 68% year-over-year growth. Adam Levinter operates in the eye of the hurricane as a subscription economy consultant, podcaster, and author. In this episode of Marketing Spark, Adam and I explore why the subscription economy is growing so fast, the sectors seeing the most momentum, and how companies can embrace a subscription business. We also take a look at how the subscription economy...