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Marketing Ideas For your Next Conference Booth

Did you just invest a lot of money for a booth at an awesome industry-specific conference? Want to maximize your returns and get more traffic to your booth? Here are some actionable marketing ideas that can take your event investment to the next level.


Faith Can Help You Reach Your SEO Goals

I have met many that always tell me that they have not been able to get SEO or any type of digital marketing to work for them. When I ask what they have done many times they have not taken the steps towards doing it because of fear of "wasting time". If your committed to a successful busine4ss SEO is one of the essentials to moving your company forward and to the next level.


SEO For Doctors - The 30 Min Guide to Success For Medical Offices

As a doctor or office admin, there is a lot riding on the success of your practice. Your frustrated searching Google for "marketing ideas for medical offices" and you're getting very little to no actionable advice. Have you given SEO a chance? Almost 60% of businesses are not on Google maps, Is your medical practice, Doctors office one of them? In this Podcast, I go over the concepts from your website to local SEO and what you need to get better results on search engines.


What is Link Building - Basics of Link Building

What is Link Building - Basics of Link Building - We have all been there, Link Building seems like a long and very hard process of always having to look for another relationship. Why not buy your links? Well, I explain why you should not and other opportunities for you to look out for when building your link building process. I also break down the terminology of "White Hat" versus "Black Hat" link building and the proper way to go about White Hat link building at scale without having to...


Restaurant Marketing: The 20 Minute Restaurant SEO Stratagy

You have a restaurant but it's been hard to get customers in, Or you just opened your restaurant and want to know what to do next. There are many conventional ways that can impact your bottom line, but have your tried digital marketing? In this Podcast, I go over the concept of SEO for a restaurant and ways they can create a better impact to increase their online presence and chances of ranking on Google. This is not a "You should be doing SEO" type of podcast episode, this a full of...


Content Distribution: Ways to get more readers

So you have done all the hard work you've created to create a piece of content 2000 words of text. I mean it's all decked out with photos and everything. Nobody is coming to your content now other than sharing your content which is kind of obvious to share your content you don't have enough audience and it hasn't picked up and you haven't had enough traffic to your website and get frustrating spending all the time and not seeing the results. But today hopefully I'm going to be able to share...


Google Analytics - Don't Set and Forget

Everyone does it! After installing a website you seem to know that you need to install Analytics to measure your traffic, Many of you are doing the right thing by doing this. But just doing this and forgetting will not help your business or your digital marketing efforts. In this episode, I go over some of the things you should be doing to customize your Google Analytics installation to help you customize and build intelligent data that can help you see beyond traffic. Here are some of...


4 Awesome Creative Keyword Research Ideas

In this keyword research episode, I go beyond the use of our day to day keyword research tools like semRush & Moz. I give you some of the strategic tools and strategies I currently use to find “Gold Nugget” keywords to help you optimize your blog content or strengthen your on-page content. These 5 tips are sure to put you in action and help you build fresh ideas for your company or blog.


Youtube SEO

In this Podcast, I go over the basics of optimizing your videos on Youtube. We start with the basics before you create your video up to tools I use for Keyword research. I also go over some of the tools I use to generate a lot more views from other countries. DM me questions


3 Things Franchises can do to improve their Local SEO

If you're looking for a franchise opportunity, make sure the franchise has a plan for their local SEO. This is very important and should be part of their marketing strategy in order to help you win your local markets. According to Google, 60% of searches involve some type of geographical search for a service or product. Are you within those opportunities? If you are able to invest in it yourself, Local SEO will help you reach those customers that are looking for your services or products...


Simple Local SEO Strategy For Real Estate Agents

Did you know that as a real estate agent you can win the opportunity to show up on Google Maps? On this week's podcast episode I talk about how to win on Local SEO even if you don't have a website. First - Create a Google My Business account, While creating your account you can use your name as the business name and add the right category to your name. On the address field you can hide your address, this part is only if you don't want to show your home address and you don't have an office....


No Website? Try Facebook Lead Ads

It is 2018, If you don't have a website then I don't know why you would be in business. But there are certain cases that you may not have the time. In this podcast I go over ways to invest in Facebook Lead ads and how you can effectively create an email marketing strategy that can help you win. I also discuss a bit on B2B and using Facebook lead ads to attract the right customers. Even without a website you can direct these leads to popular CRMs like Salesforce or just plain ol’...


Discover Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is now competing with cragslist with its Facebook marketplace addition. Consumers can use this to sell goods, but did you know that you can use it for your business. Facebook has released listings for dealerships and even listings for local services like plumbers, maids and such. Try it out today go to


Digital Marketing News for 6-13-2018

There seems to have been an algorithm change for Google on June 8th, Its part of Google's evolving infrastructure but I have seen a lot of SEO's talking about it on twitter. I am not concerned since when these things tend to happen I see better results later but time will tell. I also talk a bit about voice search and what my opinion is about using it for your business.


Google My Business - Text Message

Interact with your customers via Text Message, From churches to restaurants, try it out today.


Free Commercial From Google - Onsite Director

Have you always wanted to make a commercial for your local business? Google is now offering a way to do this for you for free, there is a hook, you must try out Adwords/youtube ads platform in order to be approved, and they give you the money to do so with a $350 promo. Try Google Onsite director today


Javascript & SEO

Can Javascript be used and can Google and other search engines crawl and understand Javascript? I cover this question on this podcast, and what is the best way of using Javascript on your website.


Google My Business - Questions & Answers Feature

Did you know that customers are asking questions and other answering those questions about your business on Google? This can have lots of risks and also lots of opportunity. Make sure to keep an eye on this.