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Mastering the sales game can be hard when you don’t know the rules. Selling more than $600 million, Susan McVea shares weekly proven sales strategies to help expert coaches & consultants grow & scale your sales. Want to sell with more ease without the sleaze, this is the show that will teach you how!

Mastering the sales game can be hard when you don’t know the rules. Selling more than $600 million, Susan McVea shares weekly proven sales strategies to help expert coaches & consultants grow & scale your sales. Want to sell with more ease without the sleaze, this is the show that will teach you how!




Mastering the sales game can be hard when you don’t know the rules. Selling more than $600 million, Susan McVea shares weekly proven sales strategies to help expert coaches & consultants grow & scale your sales. Want to sell with more ease without the sleaze, this is the show that will teach you how!






Using Facebook Groups to Get Paying Clients

In today's episode we’ll talk about a marketing strategy that’s extremely useful for building sales and relationships with your potential customers. Now Facebook Groups aren’t new, but they are still a powerful way to connect and convert with clients. I’m talking to my friend Christina, who has used Facebook Groups to not only personally get paying clients, but also helps her clients do the same - even now. The best part is this can be a simple strategy to grow your business and your sales...


5 Essential Keys To Creating Your Irresistible Offer

What do you think about offers? What makes an offer go from ho-hum to irresistible? Offers are a fundamental part of any sales process because it is your offer that generates paying customers and clients for your business! When we're thinking about an irresistible offer, there's five essential keys to consider that will guarantee better results. Too often, we get stuck in the motions of doing what everybody else things we should and could do. Or we get stuck on the hamster wheel of success...


3 Biggest Reasons Why Your Launch Flops

After two decades launching a variety of products and services from my corporate career, and now doing it in my business for myself, as well as for clients, I noticed 3 big mistakes happening over and over again. The thing that you want to launch, regardless of whether it's a product, a service, a program, a course, isn't what’s critical. This is not about you and how your business wants to move forward and how you want to sell. This is about you matching up that opportunity for a product...


3 Biggest Pricing Mistakes You May Not Know You're Making

Behind the dreaded “I can’t afford it”, the next most popular question I get asked is “what should I charge?” Do you feel like you’re doing everything right, your packages and products are incredible, but price is still a topic that scares you or confuses you? Maybe price is an area that you are still a little bit uncertain about but you still want to master the art of how pricing works so that you can make sure that the things that you worked so hard to produce, to create and to put out...


3 Reasons Why People Don't Buy

No matter what you sell, there will be objections. Your most important job as the business owner or the seller is to sell! But if you don’t have the skills yet, what’s the most important thing for you to know? By addressing only 3 specific things, you can remove 99% of the objections that will actually surface. If you've worked in other programs and they've given you all of these scripts, templates, formulas and different ways to overcome objections, but you're still struggling, perhaps...


Holiday Sales Planning

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of holiday sales to be as successful as possible while also helping your audience, stay tuned to today’s episode. We’re talking about something I see happening every year. We often leave important things to the last minute, like holiday sales. Seriously, I see business owners repeating this procrastinating behavior every year. The thing is, we can totally change this! And no, a holiday promotion doesn’t mean you have to discount or slash your...


The Foundation For All Great Authentic Sales

Have you ever thought about the difference between inauthentic sleazy sales and an authentic sale? Is it the process or product that we are selling? Is it how we negotiate? We all know what it feels like when someone isn’t authentic when selling, but do you know what’s missing when this happens? If you want to understand this difference and more importantly, how you can be more authentic in your sales process, you’re in the right place... On this episode, I'm going to be sharing a story...


A Simple Way To Sell That Captivates Attention

If you’re struggling to stop feeling salesy and like you need to be a master at content, you need to understand that the vehicle of how you create content is really not that important. It is important to think about how we can make our customer connect not only with our product but with us too. Through connection, good service, understanding the value of your product and being original you will get more customers. Sales come as a result of this connection created. Today we’re talking about...


Becoming A Market Of One

Making your competition irrelevant is the holy grail we are all looking for. Sometimes you feel stuck, thinking about how you can become more visible in the crowded sea of the business world, right? Maybe you’re thinking: How do I stand out head and shoulders over the crowd? What if you could make your business THE choice and go-to in your market? This question may be difficult to ask ourselves, but it is extremely necessary for us to grow our business and better serve our customers. In...


3 Ways To Double Your Sales

Do you feel like you're missing something? Or that customers are not so engaged with your product? Do you feel that you are not getting the sales you want? Do you feel that you are stagnant and that it is not possible to change this situation? Regardless of whether you sell products or services, it’s possible to increase sales if you know the right strategies. In this episode we’ll talk about how to double your sales with 3 simple strategies. So, let's talk about these three ways in which...


The Critical Place Where Sales Happen

Getting potential clients to become paying clients can’t happen without this missing link. Clients only buy when there’s a need for them to change from where they currently are to what life would be like with your product or service. But how do you use this to your advantage without manipulation or chasing after potential clients and prospects to get them to buy? In this short episode, listen in to find out the critical place where sales actually happen. Biggest Takeaways: You must...


Selling to the Genders

I always say that selling is serving, but not every customer is the same, right? People have different personalities, perceptions, preferences and desires, but that’s not all that influences when making a sale or negotiating with your client. Did you know you may be upsetting or ignoring the gender responsible for the majority of purchasing decisions being made? The truth is that old, outdated and very masculine sales methods aren’t working anymore. In today's episode we will talk about a...


3 Biggest Money Mistakes Business Owners Make

Today's topic. I think it is so important, but sometimes it can be scary to talk about money, right? In this episode, my good friend Belinda and I are talking about the 3 biggest money mistakes business owners make that cause you to work a lot harder than you actually need to. Belinda Rosenblum, CPA and Money Strategist, founded Own Your Money and created the signature Cash Flow CEO program, to help ambitious women entrepreneurs grow a more strategic, profitable business so they work...


The Thing That All The Best Sales People Have In Common

I'm going to pull back the curtains a little bit and let you in on how I started in sales. If you think that you need to completely change who you are in order to be great at selling, I have a secret for you in this episode. It's exactly what I just shared with you around the fact that the very best long term high performing sales reps I’ve coached and trained had this characteristic. And they were consistent with it. It wasn't just like a one trick pony. You don't need to be extroverted....


The 5 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Selling on Social Media

If you’re reading this, it’s most likely you’re using social media in your business right now, which I think is like 99% of the world's population, right? In this episode, I’m sharing the five biggest mistakes that I notice most people are making when they’re selling on social media. If you want to attract your customers, nurture them so they become qualified leads and invite them to work with you, you’ll want to listen to this episode so you can avoid or fix these mistakes. Biggest...


The Two Essential Things You Need To Make Sales In Your Business

We’re talking all about the two essential things you absolutely must have in order to make sales in your business. This works regardless of what type of business that you're in. It doesn't matter what your niche is or who your clients are. It doesn't matter if you're selling a product or a course, a program or a widget. You name it, you got it. So right now, if you're thinking, but Susan, my business is so different. Nobody else understands. I hear you sister. But I also want you to...


The Difference Between Persistent & Pushy

We are talking all about the difference between 2Ps. They are the difference between being persistent and pushy. If you’re thinking, “I need to follow up with people. I'm really scared. I don't know the fine line that I need to walk between being persistent or being pushy too often…“. I hear from my clients who are worried about being seen as that sleazy salesperson, simply because they're being persistent, right? They want to follow up. They understand that fortune is in the followup,...


The Toughest Sale You Will Ever Make

When I first started in sales, and it may sound very familiar to you because if you're anything like I was, I never wanted to have a career in sales (if you haven't heard that story, click here to listen). In fact, even right now, sometimes the idea of having to sell just doesn't feel right. I teach that selling is serving because when people have a problem that is deeply painful and is preventing them from doing the thing that they desperately want to achieve in their life or business,...


Top 7 Lessons I Learned Since Starting My Business

Here are the biggest lessons I’ve learned since starting my business. I'm sure there are still many more to come. This is just the tip of the iceberg for all of the different things I’ve been able to learn in this crazy journey called entrepreneurship. In this episode, I’ll share the top 7 lessons I learned. Some lessons may be unexpected, some may surprise you and some may even allow you a sigh of relief. You’re not alone in this as we all go through similar experiences in...


What I'd Do Differently Starting Over Again

We are celebrating episode 50! I asked my Facebook community what they wanted to hear about. I’m going to share about what I would do differently at the beginning of my business journey in order to get to where I am now, but faster. Where would I have put focus on more to still be here, to have the same result and success, but without having to go through all of the things. Thank you Veronica for this suggestion! In this episode, I will share five specific things that I would do...