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Capturing Peoples Diverse Passions

Capturing Peoples Diverse Passions




Capturing Peoples Diverse Passions






Maven Interview – Cliff Roth Illustrator

Listen to the show now Bob chats with the charecature Illustrator Cliff Roth Check out the Live Google Hangout Below:


Maven Interview – Cloudscape Comics Founder

Listen to the show now Bob and Andrew chat with the founder of Cloudscape Comics


Maven Interview: Steve Dotto on Productivity and Tech

Listen to the show now Bob and Andrew chat with Steve again this time about the effects of technology on productivity. Steve Dotto is a Canadian Tech Legend… We talk about Steve’s speaking gigs. He loves to do public speaking and is a performer at heart. His passion is to stand in front of an […]


Maven Interview: LinkedIn Rockstar

Listen to the show now We have the Linked In Rockstar and two time Forbes Top 50 list. A social media pioneer, Mike O’Neil is the founder of Integrated Alliances – the worlds first Social Media consulting firm. Internationally acclaimed Linked In expert and futurist. Mike talks about how he was at Rock N Roll Fantasy […]


Maven Interview: Tod Maffin on Reputation

Listen to the show now Bob and Andrew chat with Tod Maffin about Reputation Management. Tod Maffin joins us on Maven Interviews for another great episode. Our first repeat guest on the show. Check out the first interview with Tod on Viral Content marketing. Tod is half stand up comic and half performance artist and […]


Maven Interview: Kemp Edmonds on Social Proof

Listen to the show now Bob and Andrew chat with Kemp Edmonds about Social Proof. Kemp Edmonds is former president of the Vancouver Social Media Club, Sales Engineer at Hootsuite and a great Event MC. Kemp is a husband and devoted father and is joining us today from his backyard enjoying the sun. He loves […]


Maven Interview Stephanie Scott on Community

Listen to the show now Stephanie is a digital strategist that has spent many years working on feature films and is now positioning her company to leverage that experience. Stephanie is using Digital Storytelling to get brands to engage with their audience through traditional storytelling. The traditional story telling is interactive and the social […]


Maven Interview Steve Dotto

Listen to the show now Broadcasting in the Social Media Age Steve Dotto: Canadian Tech Celebrity Broadcaster and Tech Journalist Speaker and Productivity Expert Multiple Radio Shows Tech TV Show (15 years) Internet Radio and Web Show Bob asks how technology has changed over the years in broadcasting? Steve talks about way back in […]


Maven Interview Bonnie Sainsbury on Twitter

Listen to the show now Bonnie Sainsbury is… Twitter and Social Media Marketer Speaker and Trainer Forbes Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers Forbes Top 50 Overall Social Media Influencers Co-Host of Women Talking Tech Twitter Maven at The Bunker Project podcast Bob asks where she likes to Tweet? Bonnie talks about her favourite […]


Maven Interview: Bosco Anthony on Content Marketing

Listen to the show now We are back with another great Maven Interview and this week we welcome Bosco Anthony to the show! Bosco Anthony is an experienced internet marketer and social media marketing specialist. Bosco has excelled at creating engaging content and has developed a strong community around his brand in a short period […]


Maven Interview: Tod Maffin on Viral Videos

Listen to the show now Bob and Andrew chat with Tod Maffin about viral content. What are the key characteristics that make a piece of content go viral? Apparently content that goes viral share some unique traits. We find out what they are and how you can take advantage of this information while creating your […]


Introduction to the Show from it’s Creators

Listen to the show now Andrew and Bob talk about their newest show “Maven Interviews” and what it’s all about. Some names are mentioned and plans for future guests are revealed. It’s classic Andrew and Bob banter. Maven Interviews is an interview based podcast series focusing on guests that are pursuing their passion and are […]