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Episode 308 - Achievement vs Alignment

Have you ever felt something was not quite right? That something was out of whack? Your motivation was decreasing instead of increasing? Just as in a mutual fund, where one bad stock can pull down the fund’s overall value, one bad area in your life can pull you down and destroy your motivation. When we look at life, we have to realize that it is not lived in segments, but rather, it is part of a greater whole. Every aspect of your life will either help or hurt your success. Our aim is to...


Episode 307 - Multiple Streams of Income - Jim Cockrum Interview

Every aspect of success and wealth includes your ability to generate multiple streams of income. I just finished a training in San Diego, CA. talking with entrepreneurs on creating multiple streams of income. I am very passionate about this topic because so many people just don't have the right vehicles to generate wealth. This is a key factor to success and many people have a great vehicle, but the challenge is they just don't have the gas. We know the gas to your vehicle are the soft...


Episode 306 - Train Your Brain - Dana Wilde Interview

It all starts with your thoughts. Your thoughts lead to emotions and your emotions lead to your daily actions. Take an honest look at your life right now. Where do you find yourself? That place is the sum total of your thoughts over the course of a lifetime. Where have your thoughts taken you thus far? Where will they take you tomorrow, next week, or next year? Join Kurt as he interviews expert Dana Wilde. In this interview, you will discover: * What to do if you feel "stuck" and how to...


Episode 305 - Why Introverts Are Now More Persuasive Then Extroverts

One of the major distinctions between mediocre persuaders and highly successful persuaders is the amount of talking they do and the number of questions they ask. We have found that great persuaders ask 2.7 more questions of their audience than average persuaders do. Think about that statistic. An average persuader will ask six questions; a great persuader will ask sixteen. As you apply this principle in your persuasive encounters, always engage your audience with "easy" questions first....


Episode 304 - Best of MYI - Dave Kurlan - BaseLine Selling

On this episode Kurt interviews Dave Kurlan. They discuss the biggest mistake that sales people make, baseball and sales, biggest mindset obstacles, self-limiting beliefs and how to reprogram your beliefs, how to get your prospect to pay more attention to you than to your competition, the sales process, good closing techniques, how to create urgency early, how to get past a "slump," how to know whether or not your prospect is qualified, and how to deal with resistance. Dave Kurlan is a...


Episode 303 - How Humor Helps and Hurts Persuasion

The proper use of humor will boost your confidence and increase your likeability. It enables you to establish instant rapport and they will trust you more. Practice your humor. Make sure it works. The brutal bottom line is they will either laugh with you or feel sorry for you. Supervisors driven by bottom line fail to get top performance from employees You will be surprised how easy it is to use humor. You will discover ways to use and borrow humor in your persuasive presentations. Humor...


Episode 302 - How To Make Your Voice More Persuasive

The good news is you can change many characteristics of your voice. What does your voice project? Does your voice work for you or against you? Find out the ways to make your voice more persuasive on this week’s podcast - “How to Make Your Voice More Persuasive.” There are easy tools you can implement to create that perfect persuasive voice. Article: Our pursuit of happiness makes us sad


Episode 301 - The Forgotten Shortcut to Success

How do you mirror someone that is successful? How do you benchmark a thriving business? How do you find the answers to that open-book test on success? There are 10 free to very inexpensive ways to get the answers to your success. You can get the answers to take your life, your income, your business to the next level. A Trick That Makes People Like You More Join me on this week’s podcast on “The Forgotten Shortcut to Success.”


Episode 300 - How Persuasion Has Changed - And How To Adapt

We have all seen great persuaders in action. We have been in the presence of persuasive experts who automatically attract everyone to them. Wherever they go, people are captivated and influenced by such individuals' radiant energy and dynamic personality. People just naturally want to be persuaded by them. What makes them successful? These persuaders have adjusted or changed their persuasion techniques to match this new world of influence. Persuasion and influence have dramatically changed...


Episode 299 - Hidden Subconscious Triggers That Get You Every Time

You are being persuaded all around you – And you don’t even know it. Your environment (colors, smells, music, symbols, etc.) all have an impact on persuasion and influence. That impact can help or hurt persuasion. City parks are only as good as the trip to get there In his book Triggers, best-selling author Joseph Sugarman reveals that 95 percent of the reasoning behind a consumer's purchase is associated with a subconscious decision. In other words, most buying is done for reasons a...


Episode 298 - How Phubbing Hurts Persuasion

Listening is one of the most crucial human relations skills. Listening is how we find out people's code, preferences, desires, wants, and needs. It is how we learn to customize our message to our prospects. Of all the skills one could master, listening is probably the one that will pay you back the most. Bosses who phone snub their employees risk losing trust & engagement There is a positive relationship between effective listening and being able to adapt to your audience and persuade...


Episode 297 - Hard Negotiation Techniques - Those Dirty Tricks

There are those dirty techniques that are very old school and can be very intimidating. These dark mind tricks are being used against you. These tricks are still being taught today especially in the world of negotiation. I want to talk about these dirty tricks so you can be prepared against when they happen to you – not for you to use them. 10 Hard Bargaining Negotiation Skills You have to understand the game of negotiation. The challenge is many of you don’t want to play the game. Think...


Episode 296 - How Being Nice Or Optimistic Hurts Persuasion

Did you know that being nice or unselfish could hurt your ability to persuade? What about those people that are so optimistic that you want to hit them? People don't really like unselfish colleagues There are many tools of influence that are used in excess (or in the wrong way) – that can backfire on you. What are those good things? It could be any of the following: · Always volunteering to help · Being so nice that it repels · Unrealistic and unrelenting optimism · Proxemics and...


Episode 295 - The Cement Dries Fast

We have all heard about first impressions. You have less than 30 seconds for someone to judge you – That could be a positive or negative perception. How do others perceive you? Is your first impression helping or hurting your ability to persuade and negotiate? Bad smells make our memories stronger Join me for this podcast as we explore first impressions. These impressions can come from either a nonverbal gesture or your tone of voice. Most people don’t even realize how they are being...


Episode 294 - Speed to Wealth - Get On The Fast Track To Success

Last week we talked about self-persuasion and your “Brakes to Your Success.” The things holding you back from reaching your potential. You can’t go very far if you are always driving with the emergency brake on and stuck in first gear! Many choices seems promising — until you actually have to choose This week we are going to supersize that topic and talk about your “Speed to Wealth.” The formula is quite simple. If you are wondering what is taking so long to achieve your goals – join me...


Episode 293 - Brakes of Success - Barriers to Achieving Your Dreams

Almost everyone wants to accomplish their dreams, achieve more, become a better person, or pursue bigger and better goals. And we often know exactly what we need to do to make these things happen. So why don't we do them? Why do we fall short of our dreams and aspirations? Stay Funny, My Friends This week’s podcast will address what is holding you back – what are the brakes of success? What is taking so long? Success is an open book test. Join me this week for the answers to your success.


Episode 292 - Do Those Psychological Persuasion Tricks Still Work?

What are the most talked about psychological persuasion theories? What are those techniques that people are using to get deep in the human mind and persuade under the radar? Some might sound familiar,some have been used against you and some will be new to you. Which ones are still working and which ones have become high lactose (cheesy). Join me for this week’s podcast of Persuasion Tricks That Still Work, as I take a deep dive into the world of persuasion and influence tricks, techniques...


Episode 291 - Cracking The Gatekeeper Code

So who is this gatekeeper? Well, that's the person that's trying to stop you from getting to the person that you need to talk to you. This is the person you are attempting to persuade. This can be one of the biggest obstacles to sales, prospecting, and persuasion. How can you talk to the right person? This could be a secretary, a receptionist, a personal assistant, anyone that is answering the phones or that is stopping you from getting to your prospect. Don’t be the one using those...


Episode 290 - Turning That No to Yes

Tired of hearing that nasty word – The word NO. That NO is costing you money and costing you business. (Maybe costing you dating opportunities. :) There are things you are doing that can guarantee a NO AND there are things you can do to guarantee a YES. Article: Crime, commitment, and the responsive bystander: Two field experiments. It is easier than you think to get more yeses and the science of influence is clear about how to do it. Join me for this week’s podcast on How to turn the NO...


Episode 289 - Dealing with Remorse and Refunds

We have all been there – someone did not promise what was supposed to be delivered. What was your reaction? Has it happened to your company? What causes buyer’s remorse? What causes someone to ask for a refund? These questions and more will be answered on this week’s podcast. What causes, how do you eliminate and how do you solve these issues. It does not matter if you have a perfect product or service – this will happen to you. Personality Traits May Affect Susceptibility to...