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As Your Digital Marketing Coach, I am on a mission to provide you marketing professionals, agencies, entrepreneurs, and business owners expert advice, both from myself as well as my expert guests, on how to leverage Digital First Marketing to grow your business, one episode at a time, This podcast will include advice on a broad range of topics all with the commonality of being related to digital marketing and having actionable takeaways for your business. Topics discussed will include digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), blogging, podcasting, YouTube, video marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, artificial intelligence and Generative AI, as well as how to maximize digital marketing ROI from social media on sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok.


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As Your Digital Marketing Coach, I am on a mission to provide you marketing professionals, agencies, entrepreneurs, and business owners expert advice, both from myself as well as my expert guests, on how to leverage Digital First Marketing to grow your business, one episode at a time, This podcast will include advice on a broad range of topics all with the commonality of being related to digital marketing and having actionable takeaways for your business. Topics discussed will include digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), blogging, podcasting, YouTube, video marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, artificial intelligence and Generative AI, as well as how to maximize digital marketing ROI from social media on sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok.






Revolutionizing Ecommerce Marketing with AI and SEO Strategies: A Chat with Katrina McKinnon

Ever wanted to know how AI is revolutionizing the ecommerce marketing landscape? Or perhaps you're curious about how a successful SEO strategy can make a world of difference to your ecommerce store? Buckle up, because ecommerce aficionado, Katrina McKinnon, is here to walk you through these intriguing topics and more! We kick off with a whirlwind tour of AI's transformative impact on ecommerce marketing. From enhancing product images to mining product reviews for insights, Katrina shares her first-hand experiences and profound insights on the subject. However, it's not all robots and algorithms. We stress the importance of maintaining a human touch in content creation, because, in the end, we're all human, and we like to buy from other humans. Katrina takes us through the art of creating engaging content and discusses Google's new policy on misrepresentation. Plus, we touch upon the power of accessories and how selling them alongside a main product can be a game-changer. Of course, we can't talk about ecommerce marketing without delving into the rabbit hole of SEO. Katrina highlights some key mistakes businesses often make and why it's crucial to start with the product itself. We also underline the importance of creative content and the immense potential platforms like Reddit hold for research. Wrapping up things, we give a shout-out to the power of podcasting itself (meta, isn't it?) and how it can help you reach a broader audience. So, whether you're an ecommerce newbie or a seasoned pro, this episode is packed with insightful tips and tricks that'll help you stay ahead of the curve. Tune in and don't forget to leave a review on Apple Podcasts! Guest Links CopySmithsKatrina McKinnon on LinkedInLearn More:


100-Year Old Digital Marketing Advice

What if I told you that a 1923 publication could hold the secret to your success in modern digital marketing? Today's episode opens a time capsule, dusting off the wisdom from Claude C Hopkins' "Scientific Advertising." Here, I marvel at Hopkins' foresight in scientifically measuring the effectiveness of newspaper ads and coupons - a century ago! I draw parallels to today's digital marketing landscape and underscore the importance of relentless testing and measurement in your marketing strategies. Next, I dive into the realm of psychology and its connection to marketing - a concept as old as advertising itself. In a world increasingly centered around personal connection, I explore the power of curiosity, the perception of price, and the role of personal branding. I also examine the importance of user-generated content, decoding the age-old understanding of human nature and its efficacy in designing marketing strategies. I'll share insights on using lead magnets effectively and the potency of giving samples to lure prospects. Finally, I delve into the significance of data and visuals in advertising. I unravel the strategic use of data, reminding you that specific facts and numbers are more persuasive than vague promises. I also stress the visual aspects of your ads, guiding you on selecting the right images to resonate with your audience. As I navigate through these timeless principles, I emphasize a culture of continuous testing and experimentation in marketing. So, tune in, learn from history, and let's elevate your digital marketing strategies together. Scientific Advertising on Amazon Learn More:


Future Trends in Social Media Marketing: An Interview with Dash Hudson CMO Kate Archibald

Set your reminders and secure your earbuds as we bring you face-to-face with the future of social media marketing! Our confab with Kate Archibald, the trailblazing CMO of Dash Hudson, takes an insightful dive into the trends shaping the social media landscape for 2024. With her fascinating transition from the beauty industry to Mar-Tec, Kate unravels her unique insights on the crossroads of customer experience and decision-making. We tap into Dash Hudson's secret sauce of success - a triad of usability, data, and customer service - and how they pioneer innovation to stay on top in the industry. Fasten your seat belts as we shift gears in the second half, steering towards the booming world of short-form video. Kate deciphers how brands can maneuver their content strategy to harness the raw power of this new social entertainment phenomenon. We delve into the pivotal role played by platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts, and the intriguing link between engagement rates and sales. Hear straight from Kate as she shares pearls of wisdom on creating content that resonates and authentically responding to audience engagement. So gear up to turbocharge your social media game with our enlightening conversation! Make sure you download the Dash Hudson report that we discuss during this interview here: GUEST LINKS Get a 14-day free trial of Dash HudsonConnect with Kate on LinkedInLearn More:


15 Elements of a Successful Personal Brand

Unleash your potential and soar to new heights in the world of entrepreneurship, salesmanship, and marketing, as we unravel the secret weapon - personal branding. We're not just spouting theory here; we're diving headfirst into the 15 key elements of a personal brand, running the gamut from the Four C's to the Five P's, and even the less heard of Three A's. We'll also shed light on the silent mover and shaker in any organization - internal employer branding - and its surprising connection with personal branding. We're not stopping there. Together, we'll dissect various models of personal branding, and discover how you can make them work for you, whether you're an entrepreneur, salesperson, or marketer. Ever heard of the three A's of altruism? How about the eight laws as proposed by some of the leading experts in this field? We'll delve into all that and more, the importance of purpose, brand promise, perspective and even share our own take on what constitutes the core elements of a personal brand. And the cherry on top? We're taking you behind the curtain of some of the biggest brands out there, like Wendy's edgy social media persona, Dove's celebration of real beauty, and Patagonia's love for the planet. We'll examine how they use their brand voice to differentiate themselves and build trust. Then, we'll turn the spotlight on you to help you build your personal brand, starting with visibility and digital presence. We'll explore various platforms and types of content you can use to engage your audience and build a community around your brand. And of course, we won't leave you hanging - we'll provide homework and resources to help you build your personal brand framework. So gear up and let's embark on this exciting journey of personal branding together. Learn More:


Automated vs. Live Webinars: Are Live Webinars Really Better?

Prepare to be captivated as we delve into the transformative world of automated webinars with our distinguished guest, Melissa Kwan, the CEO and founder of eWebinar. We're taking you on a deep dive into the exciting realm of digital marketing, exploring how the power of webinars, both live and automated, can revolutionize your business strategy. Ever wondered why webinars hold such a powerful sway in marketing? Our conversation with Melissa explores the psychology behind their effectiveness and unveils the game-changing potential of repurposing content to engage with diverse consumers. We talk about the art of maintaining customer-centricity even in automated webinars, and how auto-responders and chats can ensure seamless customer experiences. From choosing the right platform to scripting for maximum engagement, we leave no stone unturned. Melissa shares insightful tips on promoting automated webinars, the dos and don'ts of creating them, and how they can be harnessed to generate leads and enhance your company's reach. Her tips on leveraging authenticity to create impactful webinars are worth their weight in gold. Brace yourselves to reimagine your digital marketing strategy and give your business the boost it needs. Guest Links Check Out eWebinarConnect with Melissa on LinkedInLearn More:


VidSummit 2023 Review: YouTube Secrets and AI Tips for Content Creators

Ever wondered how to level up your YouTube content and garner millions of views? This episode is your guide to mastering the YouTube game, courtesy of my report from attending the recent VidSummit 2023 - the mecca for video marketers and video content creators. Together, we'll unlock the following insights: Finally, we unravel the secrets of marketing strategies and YouTube growth. Discover how a YouTube-based e-commerce startup hit the nail on the head with its launch strategy. There's no missing out on our discussion of effective thumbnails and intros, and the role of AI in reshaping content creation. Learn how understanding your audience and optimizing for viewer engagement can skyrocket your channel's success. From data and metrics to success stories, there's a treasure trove of insights waiting for you. So don't wait, tune in and elevate your YouTube journey with us. Learn More:


Building a Content Fortress: How to Attract the Right Customers and Boost Conversion Rates with Martin Huntbach and Lyndsay Cambridge

Ever dreamt of having a magnetic pull on your ideal customers while at the same time artfully warding off those who aren’t a fitting match? That’s precisely what this enlightening episode is all about! We're joined by Martin Huntbach and Lyndsay Cambridge, the incredible minds behind the game-changing book and strategy entitled Content Fortress. They let us in on their remarkable journey - from web designers to content marketing strategists - and how they've used content to filter out clients who may not align with their business goals. Martin and Lyndsay reveal their secret sauce to creating content that not just answers the hard questions, but also sets boundaries and establishes trust. Our conversation dives into the benefits of incorporating structure and process in content creation and how it can make businesses more enjoyable and trustworthy. We also uncover the advantages of educating customers through content, which can dramatically reduce time spent on sales calls while boosting conversion rates. But that's not all! We plunge into the captivating world of AI and how it can add a unique essence to your content strategy. From its role in content creation and repurposing to its challenges in delivering original content, we leave no stone unturned! So, tune in and let Martin and Lyndsay guide you through the process of constructing a content fortress that aligns perfectly with your business vision. You're about to redefine your content marketing strategy in ways you never imagined! Guest Links Buy Content Fortress on AmazonLearn More About Content FortressJammy DigitalLearn More:


How to Increase Sales through Creative Marketing Automation

Every company should be investing in marketing automation regardless of industry. But even if you are investing, are you really taking the fullest advantage of it? As I proceed in writing my dedicated chapter on marketing automation for my upcoming 5th book, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the power of marketing automation for your business and help you see it in a more strategic manner. This episode is all about unpacking the myths surrounding marketing automation and revealing its true potential to enhance customer relationships and increase profits. I'll share insights on how to maximize its potential. Using data from customer life cycle stages, preferences, and locations, I'll guide you in crafting personalized, targeted emails that deliver value to your customers. Discover strategies to increase revenue, meet customer expectations, and positively influence retention. Listen in to understand the power of preference and location targeting, and how to re-engage inactive subscribers. This episode is a must-listen for marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, or business owners looking to make the most of marketing automation. Learn More:


Unlocking Your Digital Marketing ROI with Christopher Roberts

Ready to unlock the mysteries of maximizing your digital marketing ROI? Strap in as we bring you an exclusive interview with Christopher Roberts, the General Manager of Cloud Control Media. Christopher lifts the curtain on the agency's proprietary technology and the remarkable role of artificial intelligence in tracking data, all designed to turbo-boost your ROI. Don't miss out on learning how to create an end-to-end tracking system and the wealth of resources Christopher shares to gain a comprehensive understanding of AI's power. Ever asked yourself how effective your digital content, influencer, or social media marketing is? We explore this question with Christopher, who brings a treasure trove of experience from working on pioneering websites to owning and operating a call center. We venture into how tracking leads, revenues, and conversions can inform your marketing strategies and the indispensable role of technology in doing so. Get ready to discover the secrets of measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing. We are not stopping at theories. Christopher Roberts throws the spotlight on real-life applications of AI in marketing. Hear the compelling tale of a massive team's effort to build an in-house system to measure the effectiveness of digital content, influence, and ad campaigns. Understand how AI algorithms can draw a roadmap for digital marketing, leaving room for human input to adjust and optimize the plan. Experience the thrill of creating a sales feedback loop that gives clients a competitive edge. This episode is brimming with takeaways you wouldn't want to miss! Guest Links Cloud Control MediaConnect with Christopher Roberts on LinkedIn Learn More:


Rediscover the Power of Email Marketing: Nurturing Customer Relationships and Maximizing Profits

This episode is another preview of content that will be included in my upcoming book. Two episodes ago I requested that you rethink your social media marketing with the role of user-generated content in mind. This episode I want you to rethink the role that email marketing can have in developing communication pathways and ultimately relationships of business value. Ever thought about the untapped power of email marketing? Buckle up, because in this episode, we're blowing the lid off the incredible potency that rests in your inbox. That's right, email marketing isn't just alive and kicking; it's a heavy hitter, 40 times more potent in snagging you new customers than social media. We're not just talking about mere promotional tools. We're diving into relationship-building resources. How, you ask? By focusing on consistent communication, lead magnets, content creation, and the art of nurturing the customer journey. The cherry on top? An overview of welcome emails and lead nurture sequences that will leave you awestruck: a whopping 80% open rate and 320% more revenue! But we don't just wow you with figures; we provide you with the hands-on tools to conjure up the perfect welcome email and lead nurture sequences. But the episode doesn't stop there. We also delve into promotional emails - not just as a sales tool, but as a powerful relationship builder. From boosting brand awareness to generating demand and showcasing your products or services, we cover it all. We also discuss the role of time-bound discount and event emails, and how they can up your customer interaction game. Finally, we reveal how you can make each email experience unique for your customers by leveraging special occasions. So, gear up for a ride that takes email marketing to a whole new level. Let's hit it! Learn More:


Uncovering the Secret to B2B Growth: Is Social Media the Answer? with Andy Lambert

Ever wished you could tap into the brilliant mind of an author, successful company founder, and and senior manager at a cool company like Adobe? Meet today's guest Andy Lambert, author of Social 3.0. I was lucky to have Andy share his experiences and insights on B2B growth with me. Andy schooled us on how to shift our mindset to use social media for growth and the importance of consistent, positive actions in the B2B industry. He gave us an intimate look into launching a social media scheduling platform and how educational content was crucial in generating interest. Andy didn't hold back on the secrets of his trade. He elaborated on how understanding your customer base's needs can power your business objectives and fuel your content marketing strategy. He emphasized the importance of aligning sales and marketing, and how this harmony could be the key to success for any B2B organization. We also touched on 'dark social' and its role in driving content marketing success, a concept that will have you rethinking your strategy. In the final part of our discussion, Andy really drove home the value of educational content and how it should be prioritized in budgets. He made a compelling argument about creating demand for the majority of the market, not just the 5% actively looking to buy, and why trust is more important than awareness for conversions. Lastly, we explored the power of word-of-mouth marketing and the importance of building relationships with influencers. Hearing about Andy's approach to B2B growth was enlightening, and I hope it will be for you too. Tune in to hear all about it. Guest Links Connect with Andy on LinkedInBuy Social 3.0 on AmazonSign Up for a Free Adobe Express AccountLearn More:


Reimagine Your Social Media with User-Generated Content

Ready to tap into the power of User-Generated Content (UGC) and revolutionize your social media marketing strategy? I recorded this episode to flesh out content for a chapter in my upcoming book, so this will also act as a special preview as to what I have been working on. I'll guide you through the captivating new world of UGC, where engaging TikTok influencers and the rising breed of 'Instagrammable' content creators is becoming the norm. You'll discover why everything from customer selfies to thought leader ads on LinkedIn is now part of the UGC arsenal, and why B2B brands are jumping on this bandwagon. Ever wondered why 92% of consumers trust UGC more than traditional marketing content? The authenticity and relatability of UGC have a powerful impact on consumers, influencing their purchasing decisions and helping to build meaningful relationships. I've got intriguing statistics to share that shed light on the sway of UGC, and I'll dive into a practical example from the real estate sector to illustrate how UGC can be leveraged effectively in B2B scenarios. Finally, I’ll share some tried-and-tested strategies to motivate your customers to create UGC, from establishing brand ambassadors to running branded hashtag campaigns. Whether you are a B2B brand or an emerging influencer ready to shine, there's something valuable for everyone in this episode. So, ready to reimagine your social media presence? Let's embark on this exciting journey together in the world of User-Generated Content. Tune in for a treasure trove of insights and actionable advice. Learn More:


How to Turn Your Blog into a Profitable Business: The 3-Step Process with Graham Robertson

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of turning a passion project into a thriving business? Imagine being at a crossroads in your career, unsure of the next step, and a friend suggests starting a blog. That's how Graham Robertson, founder and CEO of Beloved Brands, began his entrepreneurial journey. Listen in as Graham unfolds his transformative transition from a corporate marketer to an independent brand strategist, leveraging the power of his blog to reach out to an audience that spans across 30 countries. Graham's voyage of self-discovery began with a blog on WordPress, where he wrote extensively about his passion - marketing. As the blog gained traction, he figured out the importance of strategic writing, niche selection and reader feedback in shaping his content. Delve deeper into the art of identifying your areas of expertise and utilizing guest bloggers to fill your knowledge gaps, as Graham navigates his way through an intricate world of blogging that ultimately led him to a whopping 50,000 monthly visitors. Graham didn't stop at just blogging; he used his platform to build a business empire. From leveraging SEO and keyword research to boost website traffic, to creating brand funnels, writing and publishing a book, designing templates, and launching an online course, he has done it all. In our conclusive discussion, he sheds light on his process of creating and selling digital products. Get an insider's view of his journey from translating his work from a Mac to PowerPoint, selling templates through WooCommerce, to developing an online course that mirrors his in-person training experience using Thinkific. Buckle up for a roller-coaster ride into Graham Robertson’s world of turning blogs into businesses! Guest Links More:


LinkedIn Updates for 2023 You Need to Know

What do you do after you publish 2 books on LinkedIn but would rather work on new content rather than revise the older books? You offer a free update on LinkedIn best practices. With that thought, my free ebook, Maximizing LinkedIn for Business, was born. Now in its 4th edition, which I am announcing with this podcast episode, this is a 55-page PDF chock full of recommendations and best practices that has become a labor of love to revise annually to make sure it is even more up-to-date than a published book, which aren't as frequently updated. This year I decided to focus on creating two new chapters: 1️⃣ The Art of LinkedIn Content - helping you understand and create the new types of content that appear to get the most visibility in the LinkedIn feed 2️⃣ How to Leverage A.I. Specifically for LinkedIn - introducing the tools and processes that I use to inspire you to do more on LinkedIn If you were curious the chapter I removed to make way for the new chapters is: LinkedIn Automation: I included it because I know a lot of people to continue to use it, but I have also seen many people end up in LinkedIn Jail as a result. Why not spend the time in content creation and actually engaging with others and developing real relationships? Download the ebook here: Learn More:


The Secrets to Successful Social Selling with Jon Ferrara of Nimble

Highlighting an industry trailblazer, I'm honored to host Jon Ferrara, the tech visionary behind Goldmine, once the largest CRM in the world, and Nimble, the pioneer of social CRMs. Buckle up as Jon takes us on a journey exploring how to turn social media into a goldmine of sales leads, stake your claim with influencers, and leverage social media to resonate with your audience. Strap yourself in for an expedition into the world of relationships - building, scaling, and managing them effectively over time. Jon underscores the lifeblood of purpose in our ventures, and how digital platforms can be harnessed to amplify our humanity and carve out a robust brand. We delve into the promise of technology to bolster business strategies, and the crucial need to be authentic in engagements. As we round up, Jon gifts us with his wisdom on establishing business habits and workflows, emphasizing the crucial role of customer feedback in product evolution. We explore the intersection of social selling and influencer marketing and the power they wield in scaling businesses. This episode, brimming with invaluable tips and strategies, is your key to unlocking the potential of social selling and digital marketing. Guest Links https://nimble.com More:


Finding Your Marketing Purpose with Ikigai

Do you feel there's a missing link in your marketing strategy? It might be time to incorporate 'Ikigai,' a Japanese concept that brings purpose and meticulous precision into the equation. I'm here to show you how focusing on the details, embracing who you are, and finding joy in the little things can contribute to your professional success. In this intimate solo episode, we'll unlock the meaning of 'Ikigai' and explore how it's been a driving force in my life and career. Drawing from my 15 years of living and working in Japan, I'll share tales of sushi chefs striving for perfection and question how your purpose or mission manifests in your content. Whether you're a marketer, entrepreneur, or content creator, it's time to discover your Ikigai and take a new purpose-driven approach to marketing. Are you ready to grow? Let's get started. Links: Learn More:


Exploring the Convergence of Podcasting & YouTube with Vyyyper from vidIQ

What happens when the lines between podcasting and YouTube start to blur? Join me as I sit down with Vyyyper - The Man About Tech, from vidIQ, as we venture into this buzzing convergence. Vyyyper, a renowned YouTube expert, generously offers his insights drawn from his transformative journey from a tech content creator to an executive social media producer at vidIQ. His story is a testament to the power of determination and the importance of sharing knowledge - a true inspiration for all content creators. Podcasting on YouTube might seem like uncharted territory, but with Vyyyper's guidance, you'll unravel the intricacies of this exciting medium. We delve into the art of creating content that resonates, navigating through the changing landscape shaped by platforms like TikTok. Discover the true potential of authenticity in content creation, and why you don't need top-tier gear to succeed. We further explore strategies to optimize podcasts on YouTube, making them valuable for listeners and successful in the algorithm. The conversation takes a turn towards repurposing content and understanding YouTube's algorithm, vital aspects for content creators. Vyyyper uncovers the potential of creating multiple formats from a single source, maximizing reach, and humanizing brands on YouTube. We wrap up with an introduction to vidIQ's game-changing AI Content Generator. Join us in this enlightening journey, where Vyyyper paints a vivid picture of the future of podcasting and YouTube, loaded with a wealth of practical advice that you cannot afford to miss. Tune in to this episode - a goldmine of insights from the man who’s been there and done that. Guest Links More:


Revolutionizing Digital Marketing with Marketing Containers: A Strategic Approach to Success

Ever feel like your digital marketing efforts are scattered all over the place? I'm here to share a groundbreaking concept called marketing containers that will revolutionize your approach to content marketing, enhancing your strategies and optimizing your resources. Encapsulating my professional experiences and insights, I'll reveal why these containers are the future of strategic marketing and how they connect with my fifth book and the SES framework I introduced to you in episode #326. Let's shape your marketing campaigns and overall operations in a more organized, strategic way with marketing containers. I'll guide you on creating these containers and subcontainers, helping you prioritize your digital marketing activities and increase efficiency. I'll illustrate this with an example of content buckets - a unique way to create containers for each product and its associated keywords for SEO, PPC, content creation, and social media ads. And here's a fun challenge: come up with your own marketing container strategy and you might just get a shoutout in my upcoming book! Get ready to streamline, strategize, and supersize your marketing success! Learn More:


Mastering Content Creation: Insights from Melanie Deziel, from Journalism to Digital Marketing

Ever wondered how to brew compelling content that sets you apart? Join me for a riveting conversation with Melanie Deziel, a content wizard who began her journey in journalism and went on to shape the digital marketing world. This episode is loaded with Melanie's intriguing anecdotes - from creating branded content for the Huffington Post and the New York Times to her time as the Director of Creative Strategy at Time Inc. Plus, she recounts the challenging yet triumphant book launch of Content Fuel during a global pandemic. Melanie shares her ingenious approach to content creation, leveraging AI and chat GPT ideation to keep the content wheel spinning. She gives us a sneak peek into her latest book, Prove It, a manifesto of her belief in earning audience trust through content. We'll explore the idea of content as evidence, validating business claims and fueling digital marketing drives. Lastly, we delve into the heart of content creation, exploring Melanie's distinct content fuel framework. She underlines the importance of 'focus' and 'format' in the content ideation process, and how the delicate interplay between the two shapes engaging content. We also discuss potential roadblocks to ideation and innovation in companies, and how leaders can catalyze creativity within their teams. Tune in for an enlightening conversation brimming with practical tips and insights. Don't miss it! Learn More:


The SES Framework: A New Lens for Digital Marketing

What if you could streamline your digital, content, influencer, social media, and marketing strategies with ease? Join me as I unravel unique frameworks and processes to make this aspect of your business more manageable. Using insights gathered from crafting my upcoming fifth book, I want to share with you not just theories, but practical, implementable strategies to help you navigate the digital marketing maze. Ever heard of the SES framework for digital marketing? Or the Digital Relationships Funnel? Let's explore how these game-changing ideas can help your business convert prospects into advocates, using the trifecta of search, email, and social media. And it doesn't end there! We'll be uncovering how organic and paid social media, along with influencer marketing and strategic website content, play pivotal roles in this conversion process. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that will revolutionize how you approach your digital marketing strategy. Be ready to take notes, you won't want to miss it! Learn More: