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Ep 50 - We ask dating questions.. to each other.

We found some questions online that couples who have run out of things to talk about should talk about... and it goes about as sideways and awkward as you'd hope! There is also a completely not edited audio problem about an hour in.. you love it.. we love you. And as always, sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 49 - Does decompressing have to be depressing?

Vacation... not just a Chevy Chase movie from the 80's! How do you decompress.. do you even decompress bro? You have to recharge your batteries and get some time away.. but what should that look like? We explore these thoughts and other random musings... and as always.. sorry.


Ep 48 - Which one of y'all kicked me.

In life we typically share our best moments with the world. Especially online. Most of us are all about promoting our highlight reel but very few of us will share the fumbles, errors, and missed shots... yeah, not this show, and most certainly not THIS SHOW. And as always, sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 47 - Everything and everyone... yep, and Joel's crickets.

This is one of those shows where we hit play and the happening just happens. We cover a lot of ground and at the same time say very little. Just the way you like it! And as always... sorry? On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 46 - Your biggest problem is you think you shouldn't have any

Do you ever give thanks to your problems? Would you be who you are without them? Will the entire show description be done in rhetorical questions? No but seriously, do you know how hard it is to keep this up? And as always... sorry? Ryan Ridgley - Barn Rat Studio Website - Facebookies - On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 44 - DaWhat? Degroot! Rebecca DeGroot joins the show!

Rebecca DeGroot joins us in studio! and that studio is apparently crawling with spiders!!! Hear what happens when an incredibly talented and amazing teacher, maker, and artist navigates the gauntlet of all the nonsense we usually talk about. and as always - sorry. Rebecca DeGroot Instagram: On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 42 - The nick nack paddy something or other

We talk about things! And we love our sponsors! After you listen you'll understand how hard a description for this episode was to type... and as always - sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 41 - LIVE from GA! - We made it!

We are finally all together in a room and someone gave us microphones!! Live from the Tony and Mackenzie bungalow! Couldn't be more fun. Take a listen and as always, sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 40 - SleepOver In GA! and a show and some other things

Its time for footie pj's and snuggle time! This episode we talk about the upcoming show in GA that we are all going to. And then I'm not really sure what happened... good luck and as always, sorry. Heath Knuckles: On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 39 - Friendship and relationships - and why none of us have any!

We discuss friendships and their importance. Why maintaining good relationships is important and how much richer your life can be because of them.. Yeah, then it's off the rails as usual. Enjoy and as always, sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 38 - Maker MeetUps and Izzy drops a bomb at the end.

Join us for a mind numbing 30 minute talk about CNC machines.. (good opening pitch isn't it!) Maker Meet ups, Izzy's evolution and a whole host of goodies. We spend a good portion of this one just kissing people's beeehinds. Come take a listen and as always, sorry. Daniel Quiroz and his bad ass sword build: On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 37 - Kyle 'Chasen Makes' joins us for a man date.

Kyle joins us for a spoiler free conversation about the Black Panther Movie. We talk about tradition, rituals, and rites of passage. Then expectedly it goes off the rails. Great conversation that was a lot of fun! Take a listen and as always, we're sorry. Kyle's website: On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 36 - Chris Cute joins us to help our 'international' cred

Chris Cute of YouTube and Podcast fame joins us to talk about rockets, communities and anything but Chris Cute! We love him, you'll love him. Take a listen. Chris YouTube: Makers International: On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 35 - Youtube changes and why you shouldn't care

Youtube has changed things... again... and you shouldn't care much this time either. Life is hard, buy a helmet, it's going to be a long ride, but we gave you a show to help you forget for an hour. Good luck! Love your faces show note: Mike had a temp mic because his old one broke and this one sounds terrible (sorry - new one on order though) and a sinus infection so apologize in advance for the sniffles (sorry again). On the web at: Joel:...


Ep 34 - Joels fire and taking the 'I' out of 'you'

Our good friend Joel talks about the fire that recently consumed his house and most of his possessions. That isn't all but it's pretty close. We let the feels out on this show. Thanks for listening! Love you all! On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 33 - Into the blender the thoughts go

We talk about the pilgrimage to Izzy's shop in Michigan, how we are doing with our resolutions, diet coke and vaping and 'what the f*** is that noise?'. If that makes sense to you... the you're one of the 16 that listen! On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 32 - The hyperbolic prophylactic of podcasting

What we did during the holidays - we imagine one of our heros as a serial killer and give some love and respect to some of our fellow makers. This one is all over the place... Sorry and you're welcome. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 31 - Trends and Fads and something else I forgot.

We talk about some trends and fads and things we've seen go the way of the dodo bird. What's here to stay and what's needs to go. (i'm looking at you shiplap!) So open concept your ears and lets get this party started. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep29 - Birkey stops by to talk about community

Gluton for punishment and friend of the show Andy Birkey stops by to discuss what is a community. What is the importance of a community and why we should all be plugged into one. E Pluribus Unum - From the many we are one. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep28 - Danny takes Lutes from behind. Wait?! Lutes???

We are joined by the one and only Bill Lutes!! From ground control to airwave destroyer and everything in between.. Lutes! He joins us in between weekly negotiations as co host on the Reclaimed Audio podcast. No topic is safe.. Your ear holes will thank you. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


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