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EP 83 - Masculinity, toxic or otherwise

We discuss what it means to be a man. How you define masculinity and why if you were mad at a razor commercial, you were probably wrong. We also talk about women in the maker community and we realized very quickly.. we need to have a woman on if we are going to talk about that!


EP 82.5 - Between The Show - Zack Herberholz

Hey folks - Joel here! Welcome to Between the Show, where I get to sit down and talk one-on-one with some of our favorite makers. This week I get to talk to Zack of ZH Fabrications - An amazing maker. Don't worry, MISTM will return at its normal time, this series is a mid-cycle injection, and won't change MISTM's schedule. Hope you enjoy!


EP 82 - Planning for the future

Planning and goals are something all of us talk about.. but hardly any of us actually do. Admit it, you suck at planning. Okay fine! Be that way. Be stubborn. Want to prove you can plan? Plan to listen to the whole show! Now you win, and lose. And as always, sorry.


EP 81 - Technology and we had our first giveaway!

We talk tech, we talk tech good. While ironically using the lowest tech method in history to have our first giveaway. Monkey 1 - Football 0 in this one! And as always, sorry. *note - this show does have a giveaway if you weren't participating it might be a little goofy but I didn't want to edit any of it out... because.. reasons.


EP 80 - Happy New Year!

We do the obligatory end of year show where we talk about stuff and things that happened in 2018. And as usual it devolves into childish fun and humor and all the good stuff you're all used to. Happy New Year friends and fans alike. Here's to a wonderful 2019.


EP 79 - F#&! Christmas

This time of year brings out so many emotions. We thought we'd dispel with the 'magic' and 'wonder' and talk rationally about 'the most wonderful time of the year'. This show was surprisingly fun, considering that you know.. it came from us and stuff. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays or whatever you're into friends. Love you all. *editor's note - the audio might sound a little different. We had a tech failure and had to use the back up track.. our apologies if you noticed.


EP 78 - Joel's dreaming of a new shop

Baby it's cold outside (clickbait only) and Joel is dreaming of a dream shop. We talk him out of things and into things. Some things are okay for polite company and the rest are for all of you.. You're welcome.. and as always.. sorry.


EP 77 - Special guest Andy Birkey!

Andy isn't just a special guest, Andy is special. He doesn't see the world through the same eyes as most of us. He finds beauty and wonder in the complex and the simple alike. We talk about the mind, having someone work in your shop, sewing your first shirt, and more.. Jeez, how did we fit all of this in one show? And as always.. sorry. Find Andy - your life will be better because of it.


EP 76 - Bill Murray and Momentum

Momentum - "the impetus gained by a moving object". I don't know what that means either but I know sometimes I'm moving in a direction I may not want to simply because it's the direction I'm headed. Bill Murray doesn't have these problems.. Yes, that Bill Murray. How are these related? Well.. you're a play button away from finding out. And as always.. sorry.


EP 75 - Imagination

How does the maker imagination play into the real world and making a living. How does Izzy take ideas and make content or how does Joel take an idea and make a product? What the hell does Mike do at all? Great questions! Great answers ensue. And as always.. sorry.


EP 74 - Thankfulness + Childish humor = EP 74

Not sure where the high energy came from but we were shot out of a cannon this week. Thankful for things, silly about things, just really enjoying each others company this week. Hope you'll do the same.. and as always.. sorry.


EP 73 - Stan Lee's passing and hero talk.

Today we lost a legend. RIP to Stan Lee! His name and legacy had us thinking about heroes and the people that influence us. Those that touch us when we need them most, find our power and inspire us. You know... heroes. And this time.. we're not sorry.


EP 72 - Bobby Duke drops by the show!!!

Bobby Duke of Bobby Duke Arts swings by for the MISTM treatment. Fortunately for him, we don't know what that means either. Super guy, unbelievable artist.. and he started off by putting on the wig from his Moana video. You could hear the collective swoon. And as always, sorry. Bobby's goodies! Youtube: Instagram:


EP 71 - Our trip to Hickory and random facts about us

BONUS EPISODE* We talk a bit out our trip to the recent Klingspor Woodworking Extravaganza and then Izzy ask us to say things about ourselves.. and it gets weird. Well, it stays weird, but it gets weird too. (give us a break, it was a LONG weekend) We decided to release this one early because we got tired of being a week behind, so you get 2 this week! As always... sorry.


EP 70 - Getting ready for Klingspor and failed lotto dreams

No really, that's pretty much it. Don't really need a description. We were getting ready for the weekend at the Klingspor WoodWorking Extravaganza and none of us won the 1 billion dollar lotto. oh yeah... and sorry.


EP 69 - Artificial Intelligence

What do you get when 3 guys with lower intelligence start talking about artificial intelligence? An oddly interesting conversation actually. Show note Mike was sick as a dog for this recording.. go easy. And as always.. sorry


Ep 68 - Khajiit has wares, if you have coin.

Joel heads to the trade show with level 99 gear for sale. Do they have the coin to make him part ways with his items? He talks about the challenges he faced and some stark realizations he encountered along the way. Is this his last trade show? No way I'm telling you here. And.... as always.. sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 67 - Eh

Eh And.... as always.. sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 66 - Are you rich?

Tonight we talk wealth. What is real wealth and do any of us have it. Do you have it? And if so can I get a hundred bucks till I get back on my feet? Kidding of course... unless you have it. And.... as always.. sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 65 - Dreams and insert something clever for title length

We aren't talking about how you wanted to play centerfield for the Sox or dance in a Lionel Richie video.. No these are the actual lay down and go to sleep and have your subconscious take over kinda dreams. Not unlike the nightmare our fans endure every new show. And.... as always.. sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)