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Ep 65 - Dreams and insert something clever for title length

We aren't talking about how you wanted to play centerfield for the Sox or dance in a Lionel Richie video.. No these are the actual lay down and go to sleep and have your subconscious take over kinda dreams. Not unlike the nightmare our fans endure every new show. And.... as always.. sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 64 - Your personal resume and hurricanes

Do you have a personal resume or a hurricane preparedness kit? How are these 2 things related.. who the hell knows. But it's worth a listen if you have nothing else going on! And.... as always.. sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 63 - How to start selling online

Since we have 3 guys that make a living with the internet it seemed reasonable that we talk about what you should do to start making a living online. Shockingly it was a great conversation with a bunch of good information shared.. who knew! And.... as always.. sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 62 - Congratulations - Izzy has a racoon!

He has a racoon.. and it has a name.. and the rest of us are still trying to believe it's true. And.. Joel was late because he was doing some show about guitars and cigar boxes. And... why do we congratulate people when we do. And.... as always.. sorry. On the web at: (coming back online soon) Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 61 - Izzy talks and says things.. and a conversation about a-holes

Izzy always talks about how he never talks.. so he talks. We also discuss how to deal with a-holes in your life and how to know when you're being one. And as always.. sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 60 - Feeling underappreciated and 'Be the spider!'

When you start to feel underappreciated.. where does that come from and why is Mike talking about being the spider.. SPIDER! What in the world is going on.. spider? Yep, you read that right. And as always.. sorry. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 37 - Kyle 'Chasen Makes' joins us for a man date.

Kyle joins us for a spoiler free conversation about the Black Panther Movie. We talk about tradition, rituals, and rites of passage. Then expectedly it goes off the rails. Great conversation that was a lot of fun! Take a listen and as always, we're sorry. Kyle's website: On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 36 - Chris Cute joins us to help our 'international' cred

Chris Cute of YouTube and Podcast fame joins us to talk about rockets, communities and anything but Chris Cute! We love him, you'll love him. Take a listen. Chris YouTube: Makers International: On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 35 - Youtube changes and why you shouldn't care

Youtube has changed things... again... and you shouldn't care much this time either. Life is hard, buy a helmet, it's going to be a long ride, but we gave you a show to help you forget for an hour. Good luck! Love your faces show note: Mike had a temp mic because his old one broke and this one sounds terrible (sorry - new one on order though) and a sinus infection so apologize in advance for the sniffles (sorry again). On the web at: Joel:...


Ep 34 - Joels fire and taking the 'I' out of 'you'

Our good friend Joel talks about the fire that recently consumed his house and most of his possessions. That isn't all but it's pretty close. We let the feels out on this show. Thanks for listening! Love you all! On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 33 - Into the blender the thoughts go

We talk about the pilgrimage to Izzy's shop in Michigan, how we are doing with our resolutions, diet coke and vaping and 'what the f*** is that noise?'. If that makes sense to you... the you're one of the 16 that listen! On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 32 - The hyperbolic prophylactic of podcasting

What we did during the holidays - we imagine one of our heros as a serial killer and give some love and respect to some of our fellow makers. This one is all over the place... Sorry and you're welcome. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep 31 - Trends and Fads and something else I forgot.

We talk about some trends and fads and things we've seen go the way of the dodo bird. What's here to stay and what's needs to go. (i'm looking at you shiplap!) So open concept your ears and lets get this party started. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep30 - Our 2018 goals

We discuss our goals for 2018, burritos and other nonsense. But you've come to expect that! If you like us, you'll like this. Thanks for a great 2017 folks! We love our listeners.. all 14 of you! On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep29 - Birkey stops by to talk about community

Gluton for punishment and friend of the show Andy Birkey stops by to discuss what is a community. What is the importance of a community and why we should all be plugged into one. E Pluribus Unum - From the many we are one. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep28 - Danny takes Lutes from behind. Wait?! Lutes???

We are joined by the one and only Bill Lutes!! From ground control to airwave destroyer and everything in between.. Lutes! He joins us in between weekly negotiations as co host on the Reclaimed Audio podcast. No topic is safe.. Your ear holes will thank you. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep27 - Happy? Holidays.

We conjure up some childhood memories and talk honestly about why this time of year isn't the greatest for some of us. The holiday season weighs heavy on some of us. Its okay to talk it out, or tickle it out if you have friends like Joel and Izzy. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep26 - We give thanks and look to inspire thanks in you!

Its that time of year again when families come together and try to strangle each other all while being thankful! Isn't it great? Well we spend our time being thankful and hopefully inspiring some of you to look for the new year through different eyes. Thank you too all of you for your love and continued support!! On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep25 - Is it salty in here? The complaints and grievances episode

Every now and again you just gotta let it out. We bark at HGTV and furniture companies and youtube advertising and... well, you'll hear. So pull up your festivus pole and gather round as we air our grievances! We do end with butterflies though.. On the web at: Joel: Izzy: Mike: ;)


Ep24 - No fear - daddy issues - and biting bears in the twins.

If you read the title you could have guessed that we are all over the place on this one... but you really have to listen to appreciate the joy the 3 of us shared when we just hit record and let the good good happen. Come on it.. the water is warm.. and that's Izzy's fault. Speaking of.. Izzy's audio sucks a little. We couldn't fix it 100% in post production (our editing team is paid in bananas so we get monkeys) but it will be fixed on future episodes. On the web at: