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Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life (#MWML), is the show that empower you to redefine the life you want and live your best life now! Hosted by Francine Beleyi, founder of nucleus of change. Join me and my guests weekly for an inspiring and thought-provoking show

Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life (#MWML), is the show that empower you to redefine the life you want and live your best life now! Hosted by Francine Beleyi, founder of nucleus of change. Join me and my guests weekly for an inspiring and thought-provoking show


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Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life (#MWML), is the show that empower you to redefine the life you want and live your best life now! Hosted by Francine Beleyi, founder of nucleus of change. Join me and my guests weekly for an inspiring and thought-provoking show




#85 Your Journey of Wealth Empowerment Starts Here With Alison Brown

Are you a rich woman? Alison Brown, is a wealth empowerment coach and real estate investor who once felt uncomfortable answering this question. I'm excited to have her on the show today to close the Season 7 of the show. Alison helps women gain confidence and clarity around wealth, creation and investing, and while being a full time, employee, wife, and mom. She launched a Facebook group and coaching program to grow a business and have more options. She and her husband also run a real...


#84 You Are Not Your Debt: Stop Punishing Yourself for Your Past Decisions with Stephanie Bousley

How do you stop punishing yourself for your past financial decisions? Stephanie is a millennial who once found herself in over $250,000 student loans and then found her way out of it. She is the author of a financial self-help book ‘Buy the Avocado Toast: How to Crush Student Debt, Make More Money, and Live Your Best Life’. She helps the reader find inventive, out of the box way to improve their money and self-worth. In this conversation, Stephanie opens up about the deep mental effects of...


#83 How Do You Shift Your Mindset That Keeps You Broke with DeShena Woodard

I have the great pleasure to have on this episode, DeShena Woodard. She is a personal finance blogger, debt freedom coach, certified life coach, speaker, and the founder of the Extravagantly Broke website. She encourages women to crush debt and pursue their passions. Her speciality is debt freedom and is passionate about teaching people that there is a better way. In this conversation, DeShena shares how she hit a pivotal point in her life when she realized having things, she wanted...


#82 How to Get to the Root Cause of Your Money Problems with Jane Ysadora

How do you get to the root cause of your money struggles? I’m excited to have on the show today, Jane Ysadora, a transformational money coach who went from broke single mum to become a financial consultant, making a six-figure income. She helps people to reach the root cause of why they struggle with money and work with their trauma. Then she teaches them what to do with money and how to achieve their money goals. In this conversation, Jane shares how she takes a trauma aware approach to...


#81 Regaining Financial Control After Trauma with Cherry Tung

How do you bounce back after hardship and trauma to regain financial control? Today I’m thrilled to have on the show Cherry Tung, a wealth coach. She helps people to build wealth beyond their nine to five with multiple income streams. She still has a full-time job with 16 income streams. In this conversation, Cherry shares how she realised that her dream 9-5 job with a Big 4 consultancy firm, was not in fact her dream at all. We discuss how she used her struggles and successes of breaking...


#80 How to Avoid Pilling Up Debt for Grad School and Make the Right Choices with Jolene Blackbourn

How are you able to both save money and make the right choices in life? Well, I am excited to have on the show today Jolene Blackbourn, a senior Attorney who left her job at a Fortune almost-100 company to become a full-time life counselor to pre-law and law students. She helps them avoid as much debt as possible and make the right choices. She teaches her students how to be able to see where their path may lead & then decide whether or not to embark. Jolene helps pre-law and law students...


#79 Breaking Free From Debt Through Internal Transformation With Ramesha Nicole

How to let go of what is keeping you hostage from experiencing personal wealth? I am in conversation today with Ramesha Nicole, an international teacher, transformational speaker and coach. She helps high achieving women shift their perspective on what it means to get free from their debt by giving them the tools needed to pay their debt off for real this time. In this conversation, she shares how her journey to freedom began after overcoming traumatic moments in her childhood. Ramesha’s...


#78 Becoming A Millionaire: A Dream Come True with Rocky Lalvani

I am excited to have on the show today Rocky Lalvani, a multimillionaire who has built wealth the old fashioned way, through an automated system. He helps business owners to make wise financial decisions and ensure that the business is profitable immediately, and everyone gets paid without the need to analyze financial reports. Rocky helps them to make better decisions on how they spend within their business appropriately by looking at their financials and makes sure that they are...


#77 The More Money You Have They More You Can Contribute to Support Others with Tina Van Leuven

How do you upgrade your money mindset and realign your soul back to your life and business? In today's episode 77 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I'm excited to have with me on the show, Tina van Leuven, author of Money and Miracles and co-author of #1 Amazon bestsellers 'Choosing Happiness' and 'Cultivating Joy'. She has overcome self-doubt, fear of rejection and being a people pleaser and now she's helping creative entrepreneurs, healers and coaches to upgrade their money...


#76 Why Women of Colour don’t Get VC Money and What to Do Instead with Shireen Jaffer

In today’s episode of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am in conversation with Shireen Jaffa, CEO and founder of EDVO, a venture-backed education technology company to help people think better and learn better. They have raised 2.9 million and helped over 50,000 people navigate their careers and find meaningful work and have been recognized in Business Insider, Forbes, Fast Company, etc. She has started her first company, Skillify at 19, and bootstrapped it as a solo woman...


#75 You Are the Boss of Your Money. Make It Work for You with Christine Teh

How do you become the boss of your own money? In this episode 75 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful life podcast, I’m excited to have Christine Teh on the show. She’s a personal finance coach, and she helps working professionals get their finances in order. She quit her job to become a full time personal financial coach. It took her nearly a month to hand over her resignation because she feared she would not be earning enough income to cover her living expenses. The show notes are available at...


#74 Untapped Strategies to Manage Your Personal Finance and Build Your Wealth with Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi

How do you manage your money and build your personal wealth? In today's episode 74 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am in conversation with Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi, aka The MoneyTherapist. She helps business and career professionals to manage their money better so that they can build personal wealth. Olubunmi is the first person with published academic research on Personal Finance in Nigeria. Her company LIMER Personal Finance has reached more than 5,000 people with...


#73 Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth with Dr Brad Klontz

How do you view your financial status and your ability to achieve wealth stability? In today's episode 73 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, and the first of Season 7 focusing on Money Mindset and Habits, I am in conversation with Dr. Brad Klontz. He is a clinical psychologist, founder of Financial Psychology Institute®, and an Associate Professor of Practice in Financial Psychology at Creighton University Heider College of Business. He is the author of 5 books on financial...


#72 Intro SEASON 7: Money Mindset & Empowering Habits to Live a Meaningful Life

✨What are the unresolved money-mindset issues that are crippling your life and prevent you from living the life that you want? Are you afraid of selling or asking for money? Maybe you dread negotiating for what you're worth or asking for a premium price for your services or products. Whatever it is, if you have some unfinished business around money, you will love this upcoming season 7 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful life podcast. In this brand-new season, I will be focussing on Money...


#71 You Only Live Once with Thomas Fabbri

#71 You Only Live Once with Thomas Fabbri Do you believe that you have something to give to the world, but you're afraid to get it out there? In today's episode 71 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am in conversation with Thomas Fabbri, Adventurer. He overcame three divorces, jail, drugs, alcohol, bankruptcy, homelessness, to go on to become a major airline captain, corporate helicopter pilot, author, speaker and fitness guru. In this raw and honest conversation and the...


#70 Why We Should Stop Listening to the Experts with Megha Bradley (Part 2/2)

"There are a lot of great advice and strategies, but none of the strategies works if you don't go and align with yourself". Are you feeling that you are becoming confused by what everyone else's thinks that you fail to trust your own authority? In today's episode 70 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am continuing my conversation with @Megha Bradley, a Business & Life Transformation Strategist. In this second part of our thought-provoking conversation, you'll discover: For...


#69 Stepping in Your True Identity with Megha Bradley (Part 1/2)

"There is a divine plan greater than what I can come up with." Megha Bradley How Do you Step in Your True Identity and Find the Courage to live your life purpose? In today's episode 69 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am in conversation with Megha Bradley, a Business & Life Transformation Strategist. She is a veteran entrepreneur and also a spiritual healer and teacher, and she uses this powerful combination to facilitate the healing and "next level" success strategy of...


#68 You Can Rewrite Your Story with Amy Lynn Durham

When was the last time you had fun in your workplace and felt fully vibrant and appreciated for who you are and what you bring to the table? In today's episode 68 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am in conversation with Amy Lynn Durham, Executive Coach & Leadership Development expert. She is the author of the book 'Create Magic At Work’. She uses her skills as a Corporate Mystic to bring Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to energize and transform the...


#67 There is No Point in Dying if You Never Lived with Dr Wale Akinyemi

Are you struggling to say 'No' to various solicitations to the detriment of what truly matters in your life? In today's episode 67 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am in conversation with Dr Wale Akinyemi, Chief Transformation Officer at PowerTalks. They help organisations with their leadership development and organisational culture. He is a speaker, author of 18 books, a newspaper columnist, a media personality and a passionate dreamer. Wale’s purpose is about transforming...


#66 It's Time to Reignite the Spark in Your life with Andreea Vanacker

How fulfilled are you with your life today on a scale from one to ten? In today's episode 66 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am in conversation with Dr Andreea Dutescu Vanacker, CEO at SPARKX5, entrepreneur, keynote, speaker and author. Andreea shares her journey and the key insights of her book 'Vitality: Life and Leadership insights'. In this sparkling conversation, you'll discover the 5 vitality areas to thrive in life and business and why Andreea is passionate about...