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Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life (#MWML), is the show that empower you to redefine the life you want and live your best life now! Hosted by Francine Beleyi, founder of nucleus of change. Join me and my guests weekly for an inspiring and thought-provoking show


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Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life (#MWML), is the show that empower you to redefine the life you want and live your best life now! Hosted by Francine Beleyi, founder of nucleus of change. Join me and my guests weekly for an inspiring and thought-provoking show




Takeaway 8 S8: The Great Resignation – Creating a Great Employee Experience

Today is the takeaway 8, the final one of season 8 on the Great Re-evaluation which is: we need to create a good employee experience to retain talents in organisations. in episode 92, Jennifer Webb de Comarmond, entrepreneur & HR professional shares how organisations need to become human-centric before being profit-centric and how a good employee experience should be at least equal to customer...


Takeaway 7 S8 – The Great Resignation - Break the Cycle and Start Over

The takeaway 7 of season 8, the Great Re-evaluation, is to Break this cycle, step away and start over. in episode 91, Meredith Keith-Chirch, founder of Decolonizing Your Health, shares how she couldn’t keep up working in the corporate world and quit. She thinks that the energy we show up with affects everyone at work including clients – So we've got to break this cycle.


Takeaway 6 S8 – The Great Resignation - The End of an Era

The takeaway 6 of the season 8 Great Re-evaluation is that an era is coming to the end. in episode 89, Manish Bundhun, Corporate monk and Chief HR Executive at Rogers Group, sees the Great Resignation as a cycle where an era is coming to an end and a new one is starting.


Takeaway 5 S8 – The Great Resignation - Prioritising our Health and Wellbeing

The takeaway 5 of the season 8 Great Re-evaluation is that we need to prioritise our health and wellbeing. In episode 90, Carlotta Tate-Olason, an Expat therapist and Anti-Ageing Mentor, talks about the psychological, mental and emotional tolls of the pandemic. It’s now time to take our health and well-being seriously both in our life and at work to live a youthful life. • Listen to episode 90...


Takeaway 4 S8 – The Great Resignation - Knowing What You Want For Your Life

The takeaway 4 of the season 8 Great Re-evaluation is to Know what you want for your life in episode 88, Susan Popoola, a qualified Human Resources professional shares the key questions that people who are quitting their jobs need to answer for themselves to ensure their fit with their next organisation.


Takeaway 3 S8 – The Great Resignation - Having Emergency Savings to Take Bold Decisions

The takeaway 3 of the season 8 great- re-evaluation is that: Having emergency savings helps you to take bold decisions in episode 94, Caitriona Ellis, a Financial Wellness expert and qualified financial advisor, talked about the financial impact of the great resignation on those who have quit and joined the great resignation and those who may want to leave a job they hate but are still hesitant.


Takeaway 2 S8 - The Great Resignation - People Are No Longer Willing to Put Up

The takeaway 2 of the great re-evaluation season 8 is that: People are no longer willing to put up. In episode 87, Akhtar Badshah, Founder and Chief Catalyst at the Catalytic Innovators Group and author of the book Purpose-mindset explain that the management chain is broken, and people are no longer willing to put up with bad management and are voting with their feet.


Takeaway 1 S8 – The great resignation: A build-up of many years of bad practices

I had great conversations with my guests in this season 8, focussed on the great re-evaluation where we discussed their perspective on the great resignation that saw a massive exodus of employees out of their jobs during the covid 19 pandemic. I thought I’d select the takeaways from our conversations in these short extracts. Of course, you can listen or listen again to the full episodes to get the full interviews. We’ve explored many angles and the implications of the great resignation:...


#94 Can Money Buy You Freedom with Caitriona Ellis

When the pain of staying in a job you hate becomes greater than the paycheck that you’ll lose, the decision can be quick to get out of there. That’s where many people find themselves when to quit their job to join the great resignation. Beyond the obvious financial consequences, how can you best prepare when faced with this choice? My guest Caitriona Ellis, a Financial Wellness expert and qualified financial advisor, has many practical insights and personal stories to share. She works...


#93 Work Hard and Be Nice to People with Nicole Townsend

After two years of the pandemic that shook the core of who we are, we are yearning to connect to good simple values that make us human. So, when I spotted this post on LinkedIn, I couldn’t resist liking it and commenting. Little did I know that this post was going viral with 2.5 million views and 30,000+ people reacting to it. I invited her to talk about the key lessons she’s learnt from that post and share her journey as an HR professional and her perspective on the great resignation. In...


#92 Connecting People to their Purpose with Jennifer Webb de Comarmond

In today's episode 92 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, my guest is Jennifer Webb de Comarmond. She is an entrepreneur passionate about HR, the future of work, and helping businesses grow through their only asset: people. Her company, Proactive Talent Solutions, is the leading recruitment company in Mauritius. In our conversation, Jennifer explained why it's hard for organisations to attract and retain high performers and shared the simple 5-step framework that has worked for...


#91 Be Your Own Authority with Meredith Keith-Chirch

Have you ever wanted to do something in a certain way but was told by experts why you shouldn’t do it that way only to find out later you were right in the first place? We often have a gut feeling to move in a certain way, but we don't trust our intuition. How do you find your power to make bold and empowering choices for yourself even when they don’t sound logical or rational to others? In today's episode 91 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, my guest is Meredith...


#90 How to Increase Your Quality of Life & Reverse Ageing with Carlotta Tate-Olason

Do you wish that you could reverse ageing and look 10 or 20 years younger? Well, this may be closer to your reach than you think. In today's episode 90 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, my guest is Carlotta Tate-Olason, an Expat therapist and Anti-Ageing Mentor. She works with a ground-breaking model of "Reverse Ageing" to turn back the biological clock. Carlotta is also the founder & editor of Erlendur Magazine, the 1st Digital English Magazine in Iceland showcasing...


#89 Finding Your Path After a Life-Changing Event with Manish Bundhun

In today’s episode 89 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I have the pleasure to talk with Manish Bundhun. He calls himself a Corporate Monk and wears multiple hats as Chief HR Executive at Rogers Group, Executive Coach, Published Author, Trainer and Speaker. Manish is on a mission to make the world a better place to work by creating an enabling environment where people can grow, perform & thrive. He shares how overcoming personal adversity at 19 changed his perspective on...


#88 What Is the Value of Women at Work with Susan Popoola

“My purpose is to help individuals recognise and realise the value that they bring and to help people to see that in others as well." Susan Popoola In today’s episode 88 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast I have the pleasure to talk with Susan Popoola. Susan is a qualified Human Resources professional and coach specialising in Transformation, Talent Management and Engagement. She calls herself a Human Value Optimisation Specialist. She focuses on fully optimising the value...


#87 Go Make the Change You Want with Akhtar Badshah

“Every single individual has a purpose in life, and it is important that we get people to understand how you discover that and articulate it”. Akhtar Badshah In today’s episode 87 of the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast I am excited to welcome Akhtar Badshah, Founder and Chief Catalyst at the Catalytic Innovators Group. Akhtar is the author of the book Purpose Mindset: How Microsoft Inspires Its Employees & Alumni to Change the World. Akhtar explains the process he uses to take...


#86 The Great Re-evaluation - Intro season 8

I’m back with the season 8 of Meaningful work, Meaningful life podcast! How can I ignore the Great Resignation movement that has swept the world of work like a tsunami! Millions of employees are resigning massively from their jobs following the Covid 19 pandemic. And it’s not just the white collars people who can afford to leave their jobs but the essential workers too. So, this season is all about the Great Re-Evaluation where I am chatting with my guests and sharing my own insights on...


#85 Your Journey of Wealth Empowerment Starts Here With Alison Brown

Are you a rich woman? Alison Brown, is a wealth empowerment coach and real estate investor who once felt uncomfortable answering this question. I'm excited to have her on the show today to close the Season 7 of the show. Alison helps women gain confidence and clarity around wealth, creation and investing, and while being a full time, employee, wife, and mom. She launched a Facebook group and coaching program to grow a business and have more options. She and her husband also run a real...


#84 You Are Not Your Debt: Stop Punishing Yourself for Your Past Decisions with Stephanie Bousley

How do you stop punishing yourself for your past financial decisions? Stephanie is a millennial who once found herself in over $250,000 student loans and then found her way out of it. She is the author of a financial self-help book ‘Buy the Avocado Toast: How to Crush Student Debt, Make More Money, and Live Your Best Life’. She helps the reader find inventive, out of the box way to improve their money and self-worth. In this conversation, Stephanie opens up about the deep mental effects of...


#83 How Do You Shift Your Mindset That Keeps You Broke with DeShena Woodard

I have the great pleasure to have on this episode, DeShena Woodard. She is a personal finance blogger, debt freedom coach, certified life coach, speaker, and the founder of the Extravagantly Broke website. She encourages women to crush debt and pursue their passions. Her speciality is debt freedom and is passionate about teaching people that there is a better way. In this conversation, DeShena shares how she hit a pivotal point in her life when she realized having things, she wanted...