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Helen Kinson Interview – Building Passive Income and a Global Merch Community | Merch Lifestyle 032

Shannon and Spencer sit down for a conversation with Helen Kinson of Merch Money. Anyone who has met Helen knows that she combines a super positive and humble attitude with an impressive POD resume. Helen shares her experiences building a global merch community, connecting with and helping entrepreneurs, as well as some unique keyword and […]


Zach Knickerbocker Interview – Rising Early to Grow Merch Past 6K Tier| Merch Lifestyle 031

Shannon and Spencer get the chance to speak with print on demand entrepreneur Zach Knickerbocker. The guys get the chance to talk Merch by Amazon, brand building, and cultivating a strong mental game. Zach has an excellent strategic outlook and infectious positive attitude, which we think you’ll enjoy! Follow @ZachKnickerbocker on Instagram! (Definitely the best […]


Print on Demand Income Report July 2018 | Merch Lifestyle 030

Spencer and Shannon discuss July’s income report results to go over sales from Merch by Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble, Seller Central, and their own influencer services businesses. In this episode you’ll learn how Spencer recently reached “ramen profitability”, how you can get a Merch by Amazon business valued, and the other strategies that are working for […]


Merch Minds Podcast Interview – Long Term Strategy & Diversifying Income | Merch Lifestyle 029

Shannon and Spencer sit down with Yong and Glen of the Merch Minds podcast to talk about print on demand strategy and how to create diversified income. Spencer & Shannon have been fans of the Merch Minds show for a while, they enjoyed the conversation quite a bit. If you’re looking for alternative POD content, […]


Supplier Review: Printful vs Customcat | Comparing Shirt Quality + Pros & Cons for your POD Business | Merch Lifestyle 028

Spencer walks through a two part review of Printful and Customcat in this POD supplier review episode. He compares actual shirt samples, and dives into the details about which POD supplier is best for your online business! 0:00 Introduction to show and supplier review series concept 1:10 PART 1 – UNBOXING AND SAMPLE COMPARISON 1:56 […]


Supplier Review: Printful vs Print Aura | Comparing Shirt Quality + Pros & Cons for your POD Business | Merch Lifestyle 027

Spencer walks through a two part review of Printful and Print Aura in this POD supplier review episode. He compares actual shirt samples, and dives into the details about which POD supplier is best for your online business! 0:00 Introduction to show and supplier review series concept 1:10 PART 1 – UNBOXING AND SAMPLE COMPARISON […]


Print On Demand Industry News Update Mid July 2018 – Merch Lifestyle 026

Shannon and Spencer go over the latest in POD including: Merch by Amazon content policy update 5.1, The great Prime Day outage, TeeSpring’s new product launcher, Teelaunch’s price increases, Printful’s new products, a preliminary review of Etsy Plus, and a quick Createspace update. Check it out! Feel free to use any of our affiliate links […]

Quick Mid-July Priorities Update (Laying the Foundation for Q4) – Merch Lifestyle 025

Spencer and Shannon check in with a quick update about where we’re focusing our efforts in print on demand right now. July is a great time to be putting up numbers and scaling your business. If you don’t have merch slots, you should be on Etsy, Redbubble, Spreadshirt and/or Amazon Seller Central until you tier […]


Benjamin Smith Interview – Growing Faster on Merch by Amazon – Merch Lifestyle 024

Spencer and Shannon chat with Ben Smith, a hungry entrepreneur who is just finishing his “Merch30” experiment with 30 days of Merch by Amazon videos and uploads. Listen in to learn how Ben is planning to tier up on Merch while growing his digital asset distribution through multiple channels. You can find Ben over on […]


Income Report Review June 2018 – Merch Lifestyle 023

Spencer & Shannon have opened up the monthly income reports and in this episode they dive deep into exactly how much they’re bringing in from platforms like Merch by Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble, Amazon Seller Central, and more. This time the guys have some fun answering questions live from YouTube chat throughout the show. Enjoy, and […]


Kelli Roberts Interview – Earning $6K/mo on CreateSpace with No Content Books – Merch Lifestyle 022

Shannon & Spencer sit down with Kelli of KelliPublish to talk scaling Merch by Amazon to tier 4K and bringing in $6K+/month on CreateSpace. She’s been doing things a little differently and seeing lots of success while branching out in Print on Demand. Listen in and see how she’s crushing it! You can check out […]


Jewel Tolentino Interview (Selling on Merch by Amazon, Redbubble, and Etsy) – Merch Lifestyle 021

Spencer & Shannon get the chance to speak with Jewel of Essetino Artists about growing her full-time business on Merch by Amazon and other POD platforms. Jewel has been experimenting with different design and scaling strategies on Merch, and shares her experiences with diversifying into other platforms as well. Listen up to hear how her […]


Markus Dunklau Interview (Scaling up on Merch by Amazon Beyond Tier 500) – Merch Lifestyle 020

Spencer & Shannon have a conversation with Markus Dunklau about how he’s approaching his new Merch by Amazon business. The crew talks about scaling strategy, outsourcing, and the “why” behind growing an online business. Listen in to hear what he has to say! Go subscribe to the Markus on YouTube , online , and on Instagram Scale […]


Mikkelsen Twins Interview (Earning $10k+ per Month While Traveling the World) – Merch Lifestyle 019

Shannon & Spencer chat with the Mikkelsen twins (Christian on the left, Rasmus on the right) about their journey from Kindle Publishing to Merch by Amazon & print on demand. They bring a great mindest about experimenting, putting up numbers, and reinvesting in their businesses to scale up their income. Listen in to see how […]


Greg Preece Interview (Start Starting Up) – Merchcast 018

Shannon & Spencer sit down with Greg Preece of Start Starting Up to talk merch. Greg walks us through his path that took him from a traditional 9-5 job, to living abroad, to learning then showing the truth about Shopify, and much much more. Greg has an eye for trying things out and is hungry […]


Brianna Moller Greene Interview (The Most Dangerous Woman in E-Commerce) – Merchcast 017

Shannon and Spencer sit down to chat with do-it-all serial entrepreneur, Bri Moller Green. She shares some insights into her broad experiences with FBA, growing businesses, automating, scaling, and how it all plays into print on demand. Tune in to learn how her curiosity and drive turns into some next-level strategies. Learn more about Bri […]


Chris Bell Interview (New Venture Entrepreneurs) – Merchcast 016

Spencer & Shannon get the chance to speak with Chris Bell of New Venture Entrepreneurs about how he’s growing his POD business while holding down a full time job in LA at the same time. Check it out to see how Chris is building off of his experiences and drive to find success. Subscribe and […]


How to Grow Your Merch By Amazon Account Differently (Step by Step Guide) – Merchcast 015

Spencer breaks down a new strategy he’s been trying with Merch By Amazon and social media influencers that seems promising so far. Listen through to the end and you’ll hear step by step how you can set it up for yourself and test it too! Scale up your merch business faster with MerchAlong. Upload designs […]


Merch Collab – What Is It and How Does It Work? – Merchcast 014

Spencer & Shannon discuss the pros and cons of Amazon’s newest POD program, “Merch Collab”. They break down what the Merch Collab platform is all about, how much you can expect to make, and what the true smart strategy in this environment might be… Support the show and get our monthly income reports here: […]


Why You Need to be Selling on Etsy – Merchcast 013

Spencer breaks down 4 big reasons why you should be growing and diversifying your POD business with Etsy: 6:26 First: Define Your Goal 8:15 Diversify/Grow Your Income 12:11 Mug/Tank Top Profit Breakdown 18:09 Better Understand Your Customers 23:44 Grow and Refine Your Brand(s) 30:20 Simplify and Automate Operations Support the show and get our monthly […]