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Welcome to the Mile Marker podcast where we dive into the world of digital transformation for fleets. We will bring you the insights, trends and best practices to keep your fleet-based business moving forward all brought to you by Ridecell.


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Welcome to the Mile Marker podcast where we dive into the world of digital transformation for fleets. We will bring you the insights, trends and best practices to keep your fleet-based business moving forward all brought to you by Ridecell.




Connected Vehicles Really Aren’t Connected (Todd Thomas - AiDEN)

Connected vehicles have long been an industry buzzword, but true connectivity has remained elusive. That's changing now thanks to new technologies like the Android Auto OS and AiDEN Automotive. In this episode, we talk to Todd Thomas, CRO at AiDEN, about how OEMs can finally collect and securely transmit data to and from vehicles while remaining GDPR compliant. This opens up endless opportunities for services and revenue streams for both OEMs and fleet operators.


The Evolution of Robotaxis (James Jeffs - DTechEx)

Robotaxis, sensors and shuttles, oh my! Despite some of the negative news reports of where robotaxis have failed, the technology has actually advanced incredibly over the past 10 years. In today’s episode, Dr. James Jeffs, Senior Technology analyst at IDTechEx, talks about the evolution of robotaxis, the technology that powers them and how they will impact our transportation infrastructure overall. Also, addressing all the considerations around servicing vehicles en route still need to be figured out (i.e., if there’s a tire blowout, fueling, etc.), also how the role of the driver will change, not be eliminated.


The Mobility Movement: How the Industry’s Evolution is Impacting Fleets (Sam Abuelsamid - Guidehouse Insights)

In this episode of the Mile Marker podcast, our special guest, Sam Abuelsamid, brings his expertise as a research analyst of mobility ecosystems at Guide House Insights to discuss the potential impact of emerging mobility solutions.


Art and Science of Autonomous Vehicles (Richard Bishop - Bishop Consulting)

Today Richard Bishop joins the Mile Marker podcast to talk about the art of autonomous vehicles, the benefits of going driverless, and what the future of fleet operations looks like with AVs.


Fleet Transformation Cloud (Mark Thomas - Ridecell)

In our conversation today, Mark Thomas will be discussing the Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud and how it can revolutionize fleet operations through its unique digital transformation capabilities. He will also explain how the solution stands out from other fleet management options.


The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Fleet Based Businesses (Mike Demler - Semiconductor Technology Analyst & Strategic Consultant)

In this episode of the Mile Marker podcast, Stacey welcomes Mike Demler, Semiconductor Technology Analyst & Strategic Consultant, for a discussion on Artificial intelligence and the how the evolution of AI may impact the future of fleet management and fleet automations.


Connected and Autonomous Vehicles - Redefining Mobility Management (Lukas Neckermann - Neckermann Strategic Advisors)

Lukas Neckermann, Managing Director of Neckermann Strategic Advisors, joins the Mile Marker podcast to talk about navigating the ins and outs of vehicle connectivity, how it helps create smarter fleets, what is on the horizon for autonomous vehicles and what the future of vehicle-to-vehicle communications holds for the mobility industry.


Making Dollars and Sense of Investing in Mobility (Shiva Kumar - Piper Sandler)

Shiva Kumar, Managing Director and Head of Mobility Technology Investment Banking at Piper Sandler talks about the financial side of the mobility industry and how investing in the right solution at the right time can keep fleet-based businesses moving forward with happy customers and a healthy bottom line.


The Impact of Innovation (Mir Baqar - Ridecell)

Mir Baqar, Ridecell’s Senior Director of Product Management talks about the impact of innovation in the mobility industry, how Ridecell stays at the forefront of fast-moving trends and the importance of how solving today’s challenges leads to the successes of tomorrow using fleet automation.


Modernizing Fleets with Subscription Based Models (Haley Burns - Ridecell)

Haley Burns, Principal Product Manager at Ridecell talks about subscription-based models, how they help companies transition from vehicle ownership to vehicle usership and the importance subscription models play in modernizing and monetizing fleet operations.


The Driving Force of Women in the Transportation Industry (Heidi DiAngelo - Ridecell)

Heidi DiAngelo, Strategic Business Development Director at Ridecell, provides valuable insights into the impact women have on the transportation industry, the importance of mentorship through her fleet-based career journey and advice for women looking to enter the industry today.


Leading the Charge Towards Electrification (Mike Landau - Park My Fleet)

Mike Landau, CEO of Park My Fleet, stops by to talk about everything electrification, its impact on overall fleet operations, productivity and the bottom line.


The Importance of Electrifying Fleets (James Carter - Vision Mobility)

James Carter, Principal Consultant at Vision Mobility joins us to discuss the importance of electrifying fleets and the short and long-term impacts electric vehicles have on fleet-based businesses.


Navigating Your Fleet's Digital Transformation (Mark Thomas - Ridecell)

Mark Thomas, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Alliances at Ridecell, talks about the importance of digital transformation for fleet-based businesses, how embarking on such an important journey can positively impact fleet operations and how harnessing the power of driver and vehicle data helps to create more strategic and sustainable plans to improve productivity, security and the bottom line.


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Welcome to the Mile Marker podcast. My name is Stacey Papp and I will be your guide, taking you on a journey into the world of fleet automation and shared mobility, focusing on innovations for businesses with fleets.