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The Millennial Momentum podcast helps millennials to grow their personal development. Host Tom Alaimo is on a journey to live a better life and wants to help others along the way. Whether you want to make more money, build a business, or just live a more fulfilled life, this show will help you get there – 1% at a time.

The Millennial Momentum podcast helps millennials to grow their personal development. Host Tom Alaimo is on a journey to live a better life and wants to help others along the way. Whether you want to make more money, build a business, or just live a more fulfilled life, this show will help you get there – 1% at a time.
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The Millennial Momentum podcast helps millennials to grow their personal development. Host Tom Alaimo is on a journey to live a better life and wants to help others along the way. Whether you want to make more money, build a business, or just live a more fulfilled life, this show will help you get there – 1% at a time.








#111 – The Ego Is The Enemy

Talent, ambitiousness, internal drive, potential and a chip on your shoulder. These qualities have helped to shape the world we live in today. Behind every great invention, idea, man or woman, likely lies some of these traits. Fortunately, people have said you share some of these qualities, haven’t they? That you have a natural talent for drawing. You’re the young gun that everyone talks about at the water cooler or the ambitious, hard worker that has achieved impressive accolades. You’re...


#110 – John Barrows | Guiding Principles For Your Life

“Principles are fundamental truths that serve as the foundations for behavior that gets you what you want out of life. They can be applied again and again in similar situations to help you achieve your goals.” - Ray Dalio Do you have principles that guide your life? No, I don’t mean the “live, laugh, love” quote on your wall. And I don’t mean the tribal tattoo that you got on your forearm, either. It’s more detailed than a quote, yet more simplistic than a book of rules. It’s a way to live...


#109 – Expansion In All Ways: Lessons in Sales, Business & Life | Ryan Serhant

"Complacency is death, progress is happiness." - Ryan Serhant If you’re following this blog, you likely want to be successful. You may even NEED to be successful, an unquenchable thirst for something you long for. But do you have a plan? Ryan Serhant does. You may know Serhant from his shows: Million Dollar Listing New York or Sell It Like Serhant. You may know his book by the same name. You may have seen him on CNN, CNBC, The New York Times or Wall Street Journal. Or maybe it was his...


#108 – Know Your Limits, But Never Stop Trying To Break Them | Kyle Maynard

Know your limits, but never stop trying to break them." -Kyle Maynard What if I told you that you could do anything, be anything you wanted? You could be a bestselling author, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur. Physically, you could climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, practice MMA and even open up a CrossFit gym. Your accomplishments could actually be so staggering that Oprah Winfrey calls you “one of the most inspiring young men you will ever hear about. Arnold Schwarzenegger calls you a “champion...


#107 – How Developing A Growth Mindset Will Change Your Life | Mindset Book Review

I looked down at the bright red ink: 76/100 in bold letters, circled at the top of my paper. I glanced at my friend’s paper next to mine: 98/100. He looked nonchalant as if expecting this result. My heart sinks into my stomach. I couldn’t believe I stayed up all night studying for another “C”, while Brendan spent more time digging into LeBron’s jump shot than our textbooks. “He’s just smarter than I am, there’s nothing I can do”, I thought. Brendan, my best friend in high school, was a...


#106 – How Visualization & Relentless Work Ethic Can Help You Reach Your Goals | Julia DePalma

Visualization. Imagery. The Law of Attraction. From Jim Carrey to Oprah Winfrey to Conor McGregor, these mental practices have helped some of the most successful people in the world get to where they are today. For Carrey, it was a way to earn wealth. Visualization played a major part in the $10 million he earned in 1994. For Winfrey, she uses visualization “to become the highest, grandest vision possible for life”. McGregor says “if you can see it in your mind, you’ll see it before your...


#105 – How To Persevere & Be A Learning Machine | Masterclass: David Cancel, Mario Armstrong, JT McCormick

This week, we're bringing you another masterclass. This is a mash-up of three of our most popular episodes of all time - all with a focus on perseverance and being a learning machine. For the first few minutes, I read this article from the top 20 takeaways that famous investor Byron Wien has had in his first 80 years of life. Then, we take it to David "DC" Cancel. DC is an entrepreneur, podcaster, author and CEO of Drift, one of the hottest start-ups in SaaS. We talk about why he's obsessed...


#104 – Lessons From The Greatest Coach Of All Time | John Wooden Book Review

John Wooden is quite possibly the greatest coach in the history of sports. As the coach of the UCLA Men's Basketball team, Wooden won 10 national championships in a 12 year period, including 7 in a row. No other team in men's or women's basketball has won more than 4 in a row. This also included an 88-game win streak, another NCAA record. Wooden's teachings have changed the lives of countless players and coaches - including Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, Bill Walton and Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll....


#103 – Discipline, Relentlessness and Continued Learning w/ Olympic Wrestler | Jake Herbert

Jake Herbert is one of the greatest American wrestlers of all time. Sporting a 149-4 record at Northwestern, which included 2 undefeated seasons, Jake won 8 National Titles, 1 World Silver Medal, The Heisman Trophy of Wrestling, Big Ten Athlete of the Year and competed in the 2012 Olympics for USA. When asked how he achieved those staggering accolades, Jake boiled it down to one word: relentlessness. Whether in training sessions where he would routinely vomit, to pre-meet visualization that...


#102 – How To Find Your Why | David Mead

Have you ever reached a goal, earned a promotion, received a major accolade and still felt empty? Yeah, me too. It's likely that we were focusing on the end result more than the "why" behind our actions. Here's where David Mead comes in. David believes that each of us deserves to wake up inspired, feel safe at work and fulfilled at the end of the day. Standing shoulder to shoulder with Simon Sinek and the Start With Why team since 2009, David works with leaders to help them create an...


#101 – Talking Goals And An Epic Ultramarathon Story | Ryan Warner

The new year has kicked off and, if you're anything like me, your goals are locked and loaded. In this episode I am joined by my brother, Ryan Warner. We talk about how we set up our goals and plans to achieve them, what we have our eyes on for 2019 and an epic story of the Spartan Ultramarathon that Ryan ran late last year. What's your goal setting process? Would love to hear from you in the comments. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher


#101 – Talking 2019 Goals & An Epic Ultramarathon Story | Ryan Warner

The new year has come and if you're anything like me, you're working on your 2019 goals. The plan is set, the wheels are in motion and you're firing on all cylinders. In this episode, I talk live with my brother Ryan Warner about how to set smart goals, what we are working towards in 2019 and the epic story of the Spartan Ultra Race he ran at the end of 2018. What's your favorite way to set up and tackle a goal? Let us know in the comments. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher


#100 – 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do | Amy Morin

Mental strength expert Amy Morin is BACK on the podcast to talk about her new book, 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do. I also open up the episode with some love for the listeners who have supported Millennial Momentum, now at our 100th episode - and going strong! If you found this valuable, please head over to iTunes and subscribe, rate & review the show. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Connect with Amy: Site Read Her New Book: 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do


#99 – Throwback to The Wolf of Wall St. | Jordan Belfort

This man needs to introduction but we'll give him one anyways. He is one of the most polarizing figures in the history of Finance and Sales. His story goes from rags to riches to rags back to riches again. Leonardo DiCaprio played him in the movie about his life for God's sakes. He's the one, the only, Wolf of Wall St, Jordan Belfort. About a year ago, Ryan and I interviewed Jordan on a cold Saturday in December. We talked about what he's learned about entrepreneurship, how to be a great...


#98 – Investing, Minimalism & Overriding Fear of Failure | Kevin Rose, Entrepreneur/Investor

Kevin Rose is a builder, investor, meditator and one of the most interesting people I've had the chance to interview. You may have seen Kevin around. He has been featured on the cover of Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, and RedHerring. Kevin was named a "Top 25 Angel Investors" by Bloomberg, "Top 25 Web Celebrities" by Forbes, "Top 35 Innovators" by MIT, and "Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web" by Time and BusinessWeek magazines. Today, Kevin is a venture capitalist at True Ventures, CEO...


#97 – Think Big, Compete With Yourself and Push Past Your Limits | Endurance Racer Courtney Dauwalter

If you’re reading this, you likely set goals. You’re ambitious, driven and think towards the future. But do you think big enough? No, seriously. How BIG do you think? I recently talked with Courtney Dauwalter about this topic on the Millennial Momentum podcast. Courtney is an elite ultra-endurance runner. Last year, she won the Moab 240, which is a 238-mile foot race through the Moab Desert in Utah. Not only did she win - she absolutely dominated. She finished the race in 58 hours, beating...


#96 – A Story of Perseverance and Mental Health | Professional Boxer Danny O’Connor

Danny O’Connor is an accomplished professional boxer, trainer and youth mentor. Some of his athletic achievements include being a 2008 US Olympic Boxing Team Member, 2007 & 2008 USA National Team Member, 2008 USA National Champion, 2008 National Golden Gloves Champion, and a 3 Time Local New England Golden Gloves Champion. He is also a full-time husband, father, and career Firefighter. In this episode, Danny shows incredible vulnerability while sharing the story of his boxing career, which...


#95 – How To Outsell Your Competitors | Anthony Iannarino

Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, bestselling author, sales leader, and entrepreneur. He also hosts the In The Arena podcast, The Sales Blog. His most recent book, Eat Their Lunch, talks about how to win customers away from the competition. This episode is really a tale of two stories. The first 30 minutes is a deep dive into Anthony's new book and the tactics needed for today's sales reps to win in a competitive environment. The second half is one of my favorite topics - the...


#94 – The Power of Gratitude | AJ Jacobs

"Happiness doesn't make us grateful, gratitude makes us happy." Gratitude is a really powerful emotion. Not only does it make us feel good, but there are a number of positive health effects on both our mental and physical health. Whether through writing a thank you note, keeping a gratitude journal or just being extra polite to your morning barista, there are a ton of ways to show more gratitude. But something that easy isn't A.J. Jacobs' style. A.J. Jacobs is an author, journalist, lecturer...


#93 – Want To Be Great? Don’t Talk About It, Be About It | PJ Nestler

In this episode, I talk with human performance specialist PJ Nestler. Over the past 10 years, PJ has trained dozens of professional athletes, including several Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champions and Top 10 ranked UFC fighters. PJ is also the Director of Performance at XPT Life, founded by Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece. PJ lives by a mantra: “Don’t talk about it, be about it.” Makes sense and sounds pretty badass, but what does it even mean? It’s not just a saying, it’s the way he lives his...