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Take a long drive with cohosts Sean V. Bradley, CSP and LA Williams as they discuss hot topics in the automotive industry! Special guests and backseat drivers included. To learn more about this amazing group, check them out here:

Take a long drive with cohosts Sean V. Bradley, CSP and LA Williams as they discuss hot topics in the automotive industry! Special guests and backseat drivers included. To learn more about this amazing group, check them out here:
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Take a long drive with cohosts Sean V. Bradley, CSP and LA Williams as they discuss hot topics in the automotive industry! Special guests and backseat drivers included. To learn more about this amazing group, check them out here:




EP: 18 “Master Your Craft Like Greg Jones

While some automotive professionals are satisfied in selling the industry average of 9.6 vehicles a month, Greg Jones of Sapaugh GM Power averages 38-40 cars a month. Greg started in the automotive industry at 19 at an RV dealership. He worked at a Chevrolet dealership, then moved on to a Ford Dealership where he was a Used Car Manager. Sapaugh GM Power has been his automotive home for the last 25 years. Greg says his success comes from treating customers like family, mastering your craft,...


EP. 17: Keep It Stupid Simple With David Blasingame

David Blasingame, a veteran in the car industry for over 45 years, started as a cashier in a body shop and moved through the ranks to his end goal at AutoFlex Leasing. In college, he found an opening in this body shop and it changed his life forever by putting his foot into the car industry by taking a risk of applying for a new position. He went from a fixed salary to determining his know income via commission, allowing him to buy a house and new car that first year! David’s key advice in...


Ep. 16: How to Think Like The Top Salesmen Chris Tara-Browne

Entrepreneur Chris Tara-Browne owned 100 coffee houses in over 6 countries. Due to unfortunate situations involving a dishonest business partner Chris was forced to walk away from his 26 million dollar empire. Chris's wife inticed the entrepreneur side of Chris with her checks from the dealership she was a part of. He entered into the car game almost 2.5 years ago and has been crushing it since. He attributes his success to the understanding that being a sales professional is the same as...


Ep. 15: How to double your Internet Sales with Jason Koons

Do you want to take your Internet Department to the next level? Birthday Boy Jason Koons gives a sneak peek into the mind of an Internet Manager who has more than double his department's sales and is continuing to increase month by month. Jason believes that true success starts at the top. If the "boss" believes and lives out a system when he trains his people on that system it will inevitably become who they are. Jason sees the value in his employees having a good work/life balance in...


Ep. 14: How To Have A 3k Week Like 19 Year Old Tianna Mick

Tianna Mick is an up and coming success story in the automotive industry. At age 18 Tianna, did what most teenagers do, and moved out to her own place, enrolled in college, and then got her reality check! Bills Bills Bills. The need for financial freedom led her to the industry she KNEW could be the solution. Despite the critics in her life telling her she needs a college degree and being in a commission based industry is not wise, Tianna went all in. She proved them wrong by making $3,000...


EP. 13: How To Build A Brand With The President Ken Potter

From the Military battlefield to the battlefield of the showroom floor, Ken Potter used his expertise to climb ranks from salesperson to sales manager within his first year. Ken was introduced to the car industry by his brother who was a manager at a dealership in Florida. Ken stands firm on the principal, you can sell a car at a higher price because it’s the experience you provide the customer. In order to do this as a manager, you have to train your team in the process of providing a...


Ep.12: Get In The Minds Of Your Hosts Sean V. Bradley & LA Williams

On today's episode, the hosts of the Millionaire Car Salesman sit down and have an organic conversation about making money! This MUST listen to episode is filled with priceless advice from both Sean Bradley and LA Williams. Both are very successful individuals in their fields of expertise. Get advice on book recommendations, like Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Richest Man in Babylon, to advice on the most important investment you can make, which is yourself! The most precious commodity we have are...


Ep.11: Are You Driven By Fire Like Louie Herron

Against all odds Louie Herron, fought his way to ownership in the auto industry. Louie was adopted at the age of 5, never completed college. However, he did not let that define him or stop him. Louie believes that God has a plan for everything, he got his shot in the Auto Industry because of the Jackson State Helmet. Louie entered the industry in 1995, with little to no training. He had to discipline himself by memorizing scripts, learning on the fly, and changing his mind frame about cold...


Ep.10: The 4 Key Elements To World Class Training With Brad Lea

Brad Lea, a soon to be self-made billionaire comes from humble beginnings being raised in a blue-collar family out of the northwest, his father a millworker and mother a typesetter. Brad's determination and hard work has paid off. His expertise in training led him to develop the most powerful training platform, which is Lightspeed VT. Brad firmly believes that training is not something that you did it is something that you do. He has identified the 4 parts of great training. Good Content....


Ep.9: Always Deliver Amazing with Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken is a New York Times Best Selling author and a customer service expert with over 36 years of experience. Shep first started with General Motors, then went to Honda, Lexus, Toyota, and more. His expertise in customer service can be utilized to help take your dealership to the next level. Shep is a firm believer in the "Amazon" effect. Customers have gotten smarter with higher demands. 75 billion dollars are wasted because of the lack of good customer service. Studies show that...


Ep. 8: Become A Great Manager With Marilyn Batres

Marilyn Batres had a career with Sharp but made the decision to enter an industry she knew nothing about 12 years ago and has never looked back. Marilyn increased her Internet Department by 200 units per month as a result of her motto - "If you work hard and do what you are asked the sky is the limit!" To Marilyn working hard is having your priorities straight. As a manager, your priority should be to touch and stay aware of the work that is being done in your department on a daily...


Ep. 7: Secrets Of A Multi-Millionaire Car Salesmen Who Sold 202 Units In a Month and 1,580 Units In a Year

Ali Reda joins the Millionaire Car Salesman podcast to share his superhero talents on breaking records, right processes and believing in yourself! Ali Reda recently broke the Guinness World Record for most cars sold in 30 days! On average, most car salespeople sell 9.6 unit a month. Ali Reda, a.k.a. the real-life Bruce Wayne sold 202 units in that time! He offers advice for any aspiring automotive sales professional who wants to take their sales game to the next level: don't focus on the...


Ep. 6: Interviewing the CEO of Dealer Synergy - Happily Married Mother of 4, Entrepreneur of 8 Companies, and Time Maximization Expert

Karen’s story with Dealer Synergy began in 2007 when she met Sean. She began her career in the finance and accounting industry and rose through the ranks to become the CEO of multiple companies! Karen is one of THE premiere women in the automotive industry, with over 11 years of Automotive Sales experience. Her sole mission has been to help car dealerships and their personnel achieve their maximum potential. She has directly helped over 1,300 rooftops and tens of thousands of Automotive...


Ep. 5: How to Live a Happy Life

This week, Sean V. Bradley, CSP, and L.A. Williams chat with Julio Lara of Country Hill Motors. Julio has worked at Country Hill Motors for 2 years, and averages 20+ units a month! Julio is a self-starter: he has developed two brands to promote his work. As a car salesman, his FaceBook page Buy it from Julio (which started as Julio Drives It, where he test-drove cars) is his way of interacting with customers on social media. He utilizes Paid Ads and FaceBook Marketplace to close 5+ sales...


Ep. 4: Get Drunk On Success

The founder of the Automotive Game Changer conference and Managing Partner of Brooklyn Mitsubishi, El Patronn joins LA Williams this week on the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast! Learn about promoting yourself and creating your own business, how not to make excuses, getting the right tools for your success, focusing on customer needs, culture in the automotive industry, and the habits of the most successful people. El Patronn averaged 26-28 units a month and made 94,000 in his first year as...


Ep. 3: Build a Billion Dollar Organization

The Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast meets the Billion Dollar Girl, a car consultant who worked for one of the Top 10 dealerships in the nation. She earns 1.1 billion a year! Toni Anne talks Internet Sales with Sean and L.A. and how to make more money with Phone-Ups and Internet/BDC departments. 99% of customers go online to shop for their car. Whether it's a form-fills or the first call to the dealership, the experience your dealership delivers to the customer makes the biggest impact with...


Ep. 2: How to Market the Right Way

Our own LA Williams sits down for a conversation with Josh Leader, a multi-rooftop Internet Sales Director on branding yourself and helping others grow in the automotive industry.


Millionaire Car Salesman Episode 1

Sean V. Bradley, CSP, and L.A. Williams are joined in their inaugural episode by a real-life millionaire car salesman, Frank Crinite! Learn invaluable insights from the embodiment of success in the automotive industry. Want to be the next unicorn of car sales? Get schooled in the best automotive professionals group on facebook with the Millionaire Car Salesman, here:


Ep. 1: Everything You Need To Know to Sell 100 Cars Per Month

Sean V. Bradley, L.A. Williams, and Frank Crinite touched on what content the Podcast will focus on…… MAKING MONEY WORK FOR YOU! - Frank Crinite Frank Crinite is one of the rare, living breathing money-making machines that have sold over 12,000 cars in his career to date. He simply just DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO LOSE! Frank attributes his success to his mindset of “BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT!” You have to High Five the mirror! If you don’t love you no one will love to be around you! Frank shares...


Make Money Mondays: Scary Phone $ales

Sean V. Bradley, CSP breaks down some of the industry's phone skill weaknesses and offers insights on how to improve your phone sales department at the dealership.