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Terrific #teamwork: Designing, coaching & assessing teams #06

Mind on the Job episode 06 is about Designing & coaching terrific teams! When a group of people get together under the right conditions, they can make a successful team -- one whose collective capability is greater than the sum of its parts. But not all teams are effective, and some are downright dysfunctional. So why aren't all teams effective? What conditions are necessary for a team to work well? How would we know whether those conditions are in place? And what else can we provide or...


Culture & climate @ work: Why they matter & how to change them. #05

Mind on the Job episode 05: Organisational Culture & Climate! When people work in social groupings, like organisations, they tend to develop a shared set of perceptions, attitudes, and values. These can be reinforced through systems, behaviours, and personnel selection until you have measurable phenomena that we call organisational culture (and its more easily measured attitudinal cousin, organisational climate). But what exactly are they, and what is the difference between them? Why do...


Assessment for selection: Insights into effective hiring. #04

People are an organisation’s greatest asset, and from time to time, an organisation needs new people. But when a bunch of candidates apply for the one job, how do we work out who is the best person for the job? What are the limitations of traditional job interviews? What use are psychometric assessments? What differentiates executive selection from entry-level selection? Organizational psychologists are known for their expertise in this area. So to answer these questions, Ben chats to...


Burnout & wellbeing at work: How do we manage them? #03

Work can sometimes be stressful, but if it gets too bad or goes on for too long, people can burn out. But what does that look like? How would you know if you're at risk of burning out? What causes burnout, and what should organisations be doing to prevent it? To answer these questions, Ben chats to organisational psychology experts Professor Michael Leiter (Deakin University) and Ms Diya Dey (FBG Group)? Go to MindOnTheJob.com for more resources on this topic. In the meantime, here are...


Workplace bullying: How can we discourage it? #02

Workplace bullying! It's a menace, it causes huge problems, and it happens in more workplaces than you'd think. So if someone is treating you badly at work, why is that happening, and what steps should be taken? In this episode, Ben chats to organisational psychology experts Associate Professor Michelle Tuckey (University of South Australia) and Ms Heather Ikin (formerly of Workplace Health & Safety Queensland) about what bullying means, how common it is, and where it is most common. We...


I/O psychology, HR & workplace excellence: This is MOTJ! #01

Welcome to Mind on the Job! This short episode introduces your host (@drbensearle), explains what organisational psychology (also called I/O Psychology) is all about, and outlines the reasons why knowing about it can help you strive for workplace excellence. It should be of interest to: Follow the podcast on Twitter: @mindonthejob Follow the podcast on Facebook For more information visit the Mind on the Job website.