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Independence offers a great deal of freedom and flexibility, but it’s not for all financial advisors. This show explores the space and other options to help advisors assess what’s right for them, their clients and their businesses.

Independence offers a great deal of freedom and flexibility, but it’s not for all financial advisors. This show explores the space and other options to help advisors assess what’s right for them, their clients and their businesses.


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Independence offers a great deal of freedom and flexibility, but it’s not for all financial advisors. This show explores the space and other options to help advisors assess what’s right for them, their clients and their businesses.




Outgrowing the Employee Model: How an ex-Merrill Advisor Found Autonomy & Abundance in Independence

Jerry Davidse discusses his transition from Merrill to building RIA firm Presilium Private Wealth with partner Brook Hart, gaining the freedom to communicate and create an exceptional experience for their clients.


Steward Partners Revisited: Jim Gold Offers an Insider’s Perspective on Why Supported Independence is Thriving

Steward Partners CEO and founding partner Jim Gold revisits the series to provide an update on the firm. He discusses their evolution and growth, the Goldman Sachs custodial platform, and more.


Happy Again: How a $440mm Merrill Team Got Their Mojo Back in Independence

Self-described “homegrown Merrill” advisors Chad Goodchild and Jacob Schlicht share the drivers behind their choice to leave Merrill to launch independent firm Kickstand Wealth Advisors with support from TruClarity.


A Special 5th Anniversary Episode: 5 Themes Driving Change in the Wealth Management Industry

A podcast that started 5 years ago exploring independence for financial advisors evolved to offer a wide range of topics and guests from throughout the wealth management industry. This special episode explores the most popular themes.


From Next Gen to CEO: Ex-Wirehouse Advisor on Taking Over the Reins of the Family Business

Mike Durso, CEO of Shorehaven Wealth Partners, discusses his leap from employee to breakaway to leader, how bringing his diverse experience and institutional knowledge to the family business informed the decision to go independent, more.


From Termination to Expungement: A Former $350mm UBS Advisor Finds Success in Independence

Jeff Boudjouk on UBS termination, expungement, and a new life as independent firm Northeast Investment Group.


Preparing for Succession: What Made Selling the Right Path for this $2B Firm

Kevin Myeroff shares how he built a $2B firm, the process of planning for succession and ultimate decision to sell NCA Financial Planners to Sequoia Financial.


Industry Update on M&A: Why Buy? Tips for Those with Their Sights Set on Becoming an Acquirer

When it comes to M&A, there are plenty of independent business owners and wirehouse advisors who have their sights on becoming acquirers, yet it’s an incredibly competitive environment with more buyers than sellers. Here’s how to compete and win.

Creating a Destination for Other Advisors: How a $600mm Breakaway Team Transformed into a $2.8B Business

Todd Resnick and his colleagues were attracted to the idea of building a “destination” for other advisors. He discusses their journey leveraging M&A, capital partners and support services to bring their shared goals to life–demonstrating how vision can drive growth and success.


Private Bankers Find Greater Independence: Former $2B J.P. Morgan Team on Their New Chapter with Cresset

Kevin McGuire and Sarah Burney, former J.P. Morgan Private Bankers, share their journey in moving their $2B HNW-focused business to Cresset. They discuss garden leave, portability, referrals, and more.


2022 Transition Report: An Update on Advisor Movement in the Wealth Management Industry for H1

10 top trends from Diamond Consultants Transition Report, the first of a bi-annual series of reports for financial advisors. A comprehensive, data-driven exploration of financial advisor movement over a specific timeframe.


One-on-One with Rudy Adolf: How Focus Financial Partners Revolutionized RIA M&A—and Went Public in the Process

Rudy Adolf describes how the idea of Focus Financial Partners evolved, filling a gap in how independent financial advisors accessed capital, resources and monetized their life’s work, plus the firm’s journey as a public company and more.


Industry Update: How to Maximize Your Career Enterprise Value

Advisors invest their time, energy, and talents in serving clients and fostering business growth. Ultimately, they are creating career enterprise value. Here’s how to maximize that value.


How to Deliver Massive Value: Turning the Tables on The Perfect RIA’s Matthew Jarvis

Matthew Jarvis rose from near bankruptcy to running a profitable independent financial advisory practice. He shares his story plus key teachings on extreme accountability and delivering massive value to clients.


Industry Update: Should You Consider a Move When Markets are Turbulent?

It’s common for financial advisors to share that they are uncomfortable thinking about a move when the markets are unsettled. But how does an advisor know if now is the right time to consider change? Learn that and more.


Ex-Merrill ACTM Chair to Independent Business Owner: A Former Insider’s Point of View

Kelly Milligan describes his journey at Merrill from zero to $1.5B in AUM, his role as Chair of the ACTM, the change in culture at the firm and how that motivated him and his team to launch independent firm Quorum Private Wealth.


From Institutional to Private Wealth: A Former UBS Advisor on Growth, Expansion and Building a $6B Firm

Phil Fiore and his team felt limited at UBS in their ability to grow and customize services for their largely institutional client base. So they launched Procyon Partners, have expanded services and are achieving extraordinary M&A success.


Update on Transitions: Communicating the “Why” of a Move to Your Clients

A financial advisor’s move should be to improve client service because it’s the clients who drive business growth and value. Here’s how to communicate “what’s in it for them” so they can see the positive impact of the change.


Creating a Referral Engine: An Expert’s Advice on Asking for – and Receiving – the Right Introductions

Bill Cates has helped financial advisors move from incremental growth to exponential growth by communicating more compelling value and multiplying their best clients by accessing the power of referrals. Bill shares his best tips to create your own referral process with Louis Diamond.


Expert Advice for Non-Protocol Moves: What Advisors at Ed Jones and Other Firms Need to Know

While advisors successfully transition out of non-Protocol firms each and every day, doing so comes with added risks. Attorney David Gehn, whose expertise is in representing advisors in transition, shares advice with Jason Diamond.