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#034 Shea Island Founders Talk Sales & Logistics of Beauty Products

Jamie and Rachel, are the dream team and power couple behind Shea Island, a brand that specialises in natural shea butter and African Black Soap. In todays episode you will learn how to deal with negativity and adversity from those closet to you, how to go about importing goods by air, tips to improve your sales technique and how your mentality can affect your sales. Check out the Show notes for resources, notes, and links from the show. Original Music by MadReal.


#033 Journey Two The Top Founders Share Their Social Media Secrets

Lara & Dapo are an entrepreneurial couple and the founders of "Journey Two The Top", a Vlog in which they document their growth as individuals and as a couple, while also sharing some of their struggles and advice. Lara is the Cofounder of Fashion SOS & Smooch, while Dapo is the founder & managing director of LocoKickz. In this episode, you will learn what it takes to get over 300,000 followers to your social channels. How Instagram can help you build a client base internationally and if...


#032 Knowing Your Niche With Matchmaking Entrepreneur Aneeka Patel

Aneeka Patel is the founder, chief matchmaker and dating expert behind Project 143, an elite matchmaking agency that specialises in handpicked introductions for hopeful romantic South Asian professionals. In this episode, you will learn how being able to relate with your niche can help you to understand your clients' needs and demands. Why you need to hang out in the same places as your target market and how to get more "buy in" from clients, but working with alongside the right people...


#031 Getting The Sales Pitch Right With Cosmetics Entrepreneur Stevie Newman

Stevie Newman is the founder of C.A.K.E Cosmetics, a makeup brand designed for ladies with Indian, Caribbean and African skin tones. C.A.K.E has made it their mission to offer women with darker skin tones an affordable option when it comes to cosmetics. In this episode, you will learn how to use market feedback, to decide on your first product. Why you should not use photo filters on your Instagram posts, and how to pitch to a major high street retailer like Superdrug Check the


#030 Starting A Business During A Recession With Restaurateur Carlington Clarke

Carlington Clarke is the entrepreneur, Head Chef and co-founder of Pumpkin Jerk Grill, an award nominated take-away restaurant offering authentic Caribbean cuisine. Carlington has over 20 years of cooking experience and has been involved in a number of restaurant launches. In this episode, you will learn why Carlos opened a restaurant in North London, and how he won during a recession. Why you should avoid borrowing money if you can and why you should follow your dreams. Check the


#029 Getting Customers Before You’ve Even Launched With Hannah Mcduffus

Hannah Mcduffus is the founder of BedNBreakfasttt, a unique breakfast delivery service, currently covering South East London and East London. They deliver piping hot breakfasts to homes and workplaces across London. An idea born from Hannahs time living and teaching in Taiwan. In this episode, you will learn how to get customers before you launch, the benefits of PR and how you can get yourself featured in magazines and newspapers, and why maintaining a business is more important than...


#028 Finding Investors For Your Business Idea With Varga Moshtagh

Varga Moshtagh, is the CEO and founder of Podmosphere, a Podcast-database for listeners, creators and sponsors. Through collecting podcast information, Podmosphere helps Podcasters to be a part of a podcast community that lets you find new listeners and sponsors. In this episode, you will learn how to chase down investors for your business. What makes a good business pitch and what investors want to know and the importance of finding the right investor for your company Check the


#027 Turning A Side Hustle Into An Inspirational Cake Business with Nastassja Lusengo

Nastassja Lusengo, is the creative director, entrepreneur and sugarcraft specialist behind The Indulgent Sugar Plum, a concept bakery that creates cakes that inspire conversation, special moments and memories. Nastassja draws from many creative disciplines to bring a new experience to confectionery while pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Her exceptional talents, have led her to recently be featured on the Extreme Cake Makers TV show. In this episode, you will learn how long should...


#026 How the Princes Trust can help your business grow with La’tifah Atkinson-Campbell

La'tifah Atkinson-Campbell, is a Prince's Trust Young Ambassador and the founder of Bake That Cake, a company specialising in bespoke sculpted cakes. With over seven years experience in the Cake Industry, La'tifah has made cakes for many high profile figures including her Majesty the Queen and Prince Charles. In this episode, you will learn why everyone can't be a customer for your business, an insight into how the Princes Trust can help your business and why you should get your customers...


#025 How To Be A Great Presenter When You Represent Your Brand On YouTube with Esther Adelaide

Esther Adelaide is the host of Corporate Afrika, a brand developed to provide a platform for Businesses, Products and Entrepreneurs to interact and access the growing African Consumers and Businesses that have an interest in Africa or the UK. It provides a corporate and social environment, in which businesses or entrepreneurs need to test new products, sample or activate new ideas, spark new ideas with like-minded people or to simply meet the next recruit for or from the target audience...


#024: Making An App Without Knowing How To Code, With Adrian and Alexander Bulley

Adrian and Alexander Bulley are the founders of Weqool, a social fitness app that helps you get fit, by working out with friends online. They aim to reinvent the concept of online fitness by making exercise more fun, engaging and social, regardless of where you are at that moment in time. In this episode, you will learn what to do if you want to make an app or software product, but you don't know how to code. How to find a software developer for your idea and the benefits of creating a...


#023: Sabrina Campbell Talks Winning In Catering With Instagram

Sabrina Campbell is the founder of Nina’s Kitchen, a catering and events company that provides beautifully home cooked English, Caribbean & Nigerian dishes for a number of catering services. From personal chef services to corporate Lunches, Team Building Events, Product Launches, functions, weddings and more. In this episode, you will learn the benefit of using a checklist to organise your business operations. We learn how Instagram can help you to promote your business, and how to know...


#022: Growing a Luxury Brand With Chocolate Entrepreneurs, Lois & Michela Wilson

Lois Wilson & Michela Wilson are both sisters and co-founders of Saint Aymes, a brand with a mission to make every moment beautiful, by creating luxury, enchanting artisan chocolates, that are hand painted with 23ct gold, enriched with opulent colour and inspired by artistic greats. Saint Aymes have been featured at the Saatchi Gallery for Scoop International Fashion Show, London Fashion Week and in Virgin Red Hampers. Both sisters were selected from hundreds of to represent Virgin Start...


#020: Helping Your Child To Start Their Own Mini Business With Nadu Placca

Nadu Placca is an entrepreneurial mum and founder of NP Presents, an international creative events agency, that specialises in Event Management, Experiences and Training. Nadu's determination to succeed, has seen her manage events at many notable venues including The Royal Albert Hall and Downing Street, to name a select few. In this episode you will learn, how you can use "word of mouth", to grow your business. How a vision board can help you achieve your goals and ways to get your kids...


#019: Entrepreneur Filmmaker Sebastian Thiel Talks YouTube, Leverage & Accountability

Sebastian Thiel is an Award Winning Filmmaker & Digital Social Entrepreneur and founder of Upshot Entertainment, a Film production company. Thiel has featured on TEDx Talks, was listed in the Top 25 Under 25 most influential Londoners by Evening Standard, and recently had a show, "Just A Couple" feature on BBC3. In this episode you will learn, how you can use YouTube content, as an advert to attract clients. How public speaking can help position you as an authority within your space, and...


#018: Coping With Business Pressure & Bouncing Back From Depression With Linda Mbagwu

Linda Mbagwu started her own business at the age of 25 whilst homeless and living in her car and in less than 5 years grew it to a multi million-pound business. She experienced a brief 3-month spout of depression, which included failed suicide attempts, in the first few months of running her business. Through research and working with coaches, she was able to get herself out of depression and on a journey of complete self transformation which resulted in the success of her business as well...


#017: Danielle McDonald Shares How Transparency Helps to Build an Authentic Brand Story

Danielle McDonald is the founder of Brands of Colour, and is dedicated to helping individuals gain clarity, develop the right mindset and take actions that get results. Danielle is also known as "The Clarity Architect", based on her reputation for being on-target, concise and to the point. She has worked with incredible brands such as House of Fraser, Ms Cupcake, Urban Outfitters and Topshop and reaches a growing global audience weekly through her podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube...


#016: How Small Businesses Can Compete With Larger Brands, with Bola Yusuff

Bola Yusuff is the founder of International Tax Search, a recruitment company that specialises in the search of high calibre U.S. International Tax professionals across North America and Europe. Clients include Big 4 Firms, Boutique CPA Firms and International Law Firms. Bola specialises in helping Senior level U.S International Tax professionals into career enhancing job opportunities. In this episode you will learn, why it is important to think BIG in business, If you should "fake it,...


#015: Ethical Beauty Entrepreneur, Dr Clare Anyiam-Osigwe Shares Her Premare Skincare Journey

Dr Clare Anyiam-Osigwe is a multi-awarded ethical beauty entrepreneur and founder of Premae Skincare, the world’s first 100% allergen-friendly beauty brand, first originating from her kitchen in North London. Clare has won 16 Awards in four years, including royal recognition, a B.E.M from HM The Queen. In this episode you will learn, how awards can help open doors for your brand, how to motivate your staff or your tea and how to Start a Skincare Range. Check the show notes for resources,...


#014: Uptown Yardie Founders Share Their Kickstarter Journey

Rohan Clarke & Natasha Clarke are the founders of Uptown Yardie, a British company inspired by Jamaican heritage, selling a lifestyle, captured through shoes for men and women. Inspired by a Bob Marley quotation 'me ah bring downtown uptown', meaning he is bring the "man dem" from the ghetto to where he was living uptown at the time. The original "Uptown Yardie" is someone who comes from the more affluent parts of Jamaica. Check the show notes for resources, notes, and links from the show....