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MMM 41: Staying Relevant Through Generational Shifts with Josh Andrajack

Josh Andrajack is an owner/partner of Boley Featherston Insurance. In this episode, he and Logan Draper talk about climbing the ladder at their workplaces and how they’re helping guide their businesses through generational shifts in order to maintain growth.


MMM 40: Just Two Guys Getting Emotional

We’re back after Logan and Katy had their beautiful daughter, Ellie, and man, this episode was kind of emotional.


Patience is a Virtue and it Might Save Your Campaigns

A lot of times it takes longer than a couple weeks to a couple months for digital campaigns to really take off. Is impatience ruining your campaigns? We discuss why patience can be a huge factor in the success of your marketing campaigns.


Episode 18: Improving Your Community by Serving Its People (With Pam Hughes)

Pam Hughes is the Director of Marketing and Development for The Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that has fed the hungry in Wichita Falls for 50 years through programs like The Red Door, The Green Door, Meals on Wheels, and Kid’s Café. In this episode, Pam talks with Logan Draper about the joy of serving people, how serving people improves whole communities, and some exciting opportunities for people to get involved. Learn more about The Kitchen here:


Episode 17: How to Make Your Side Hustle Worth Your Time (With Evan Schmitt)

Evan Schmitt is an author, voice actor, and the host of Get Creative with Evan Schmitt, a podcast in which producers, artists, actors, and entrepreneurs discuss the most important thing they've learned during their careers. In this episode, Logan Draper talks with Evan over the phone about how you can make your side hustle worth your time. You can listen to Evan's podcast here: Find Evan online at one of the...


How Much Time Should You Invest in Social?

Question: How much time should I invest in social media? Logan Draper: Every moment you can.


How to Keep Your Customers Excited About Your Brand

Logan Draper reflects on the recent UFC fights and how they used content before the fight to keep him excited about their brand.


Episode 16: Good Leaders Add Value to People (With Mark Lukert)

Ready to feel inspired? This is the episode for you. Mark Lukert is a speaker, author, and educator who helps people realize their leadership potential. He was an educator for 33 years, 21 of which he spent as an elementary school principal. Some of Mark's accomplishments include: State President of Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association (2003), TEPSA Executive Committee (10 years), State Representative for the National Association of Elementary School Principals (6 years),...


What You Need to Know About the New Instagram Algorithm

Instagram made some big updates to their algorithm. Jared Vann tells you what you need to know and gives some advice on how to adapt your strategy in order to maintain your growth.


Episode 15: A Look at 2018

We're excited about the new year and have big plans for you all this year. In this episode, Logan Draper, Jared Vann, and Aaron Rask discuss some of those plans and lay down our marketing predictions for 2018


Are Digital Ads Really That Valuable?

Logan Draper sat down at Midwestern State University for a roundtable discussion amongst business owners and marketers to talk about marketing strategies.


Episode 14: Media Mediums and Data Collection

We're finally back! Thanks for being patient with us as we transitioned to our new podcasting room. In this episode, Logan Draper and Jared Vann discuss the best places to distribute your media, a huge benefit digital marketing provides over traditional marketing, and the rampant negativity on social media.


Episode 13: How to Create Excitement for Your Events

We're coming up on the holiday season, which means a lot of businesses will be hosting events. But how do you generate excitement for your events? In this episode, Logan Draper, Jared Vann, and Aaron Rask discuss what businesses can do to make the most of their events and make people want to be there. Note: if you watch the video of this episode, you will see us dressed up in our Halloween costumes.


Episode 12: How to Approach Sales in a Digital World (With Jacob Carlson)

Jacob Carlson is a Principal Channel Account Manager on the HubSpot Partner Team. One of the things Jacob is best at is leveraging whatever resources are available to nurture people through the sales process. In this episode, Jacob joins Logan Draper on the phone to discuss some of the best practices to use as a salesperson, what sales look like in the digital world, how to find clients you love working with, and how NCAA Football on XBOX pushed him toward getting into sales. Want to hear...


Episode 11: Turning Your Passions Into a Business (With Leland Wetzel)

Leland Wetzel is the founder and owner of Xylo Bats, a wooden bat making company. Recently, Leland submitted a video about his business to Chipstarter, a contest created by Chip Gaines of Fixer Upper to help businesses grow. Out of 2,700 video submissions, Chip and Joanna named Xylo Bats one of the six winners. Since Leland launched Xylo Bats, he has been able to get his bats into the hands of numerous MLB players, including former American League MVP Joe Mauer. Currently, Leland is in the...


Episode 10: The Evolution of Media Consumption

We're only a month into this podcasting thing and this is already episode 10! Thank you to everyone who has listened and supported us in any way so far! In this episode, Logan Draper, Jared Vann, and Aaron Rask discuss how people consume media today compared to the past, Facebook going after YouTube with one of their new features, and we reminisce about the good ole days of listening to CDs in our cars. If you enjoy what you've heard on Modern Mad Men so far, please leave us a review. If you...


Episode 09: Killing it as a Woman in the Workplace (With Caitlyn Cremeens)

In this episode, Logan Draper sits down with Caitlyn Cremeens, one of our awesome digital managers, to talk about being a woman in the workplace, three things a business owner should do on Facebook, and future podcast endeavors.


Episode 08: Creating a Digital Voice for Your Business

You're in for a treat during this episode! We finally got three mics, which means all three of the Modern Mad Men guys are on at the same time! In this episode, Logan Draper, Jared Vann, and Aaron Rask discuss what businesses need to do in order to develop a digital voice. We get passionate; there's a couple rants; there's some banter; and, we discuss the digital significance of Eminem's viral freestyle.


Episode 07: Using Storytelling to Build a Nonprofit (With Matt Yell)

Matt Yell is the President and CEO of the North Texas Area United Area. In this episode, we talk about the power of storytelling for nonprofits, overcoming mistrust, and a little Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys. In this episode, Logan Draper and Matt talk about how storytelling can help propel nonprofits to the next level. You can learn more about the North Texas Area United Way here: If you want to donate, you can do that here:


Episode 06: Using Your Platform to Benefit a City (With Brendan Bell)

In this episode, Logan Draper sits down with Wichita Falls City Councilor At Large candidate, Brendan Bell. They talk about vision for the city, investing in the future, taking chances, and then Brendan tells one of the all-time greatest stories you'll ever hear. You can watch the video of Brendan's story here: Keep up with Brendan's city council race here: