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Start Strong, Finish Strong Podcast: S05E001

The beginning of a new year brings excitement and opportunity! It also brings a new season of our Monday Morning Moments podcast. As you begin this new year, my prayer is that your year would be one of focus, action, passion, and purpose. In today's podcast, I offer some tips for focusing on the right goals - the essential goals - and how to develop goals that will be meaningful and actionable and will help you grow personally and professionally in your journey. You can also read this...


Waiting is an Active Process – Podcast: S04E005

Are you in a season of waiting right now? Are you waiting for a new opportunity? A new relationship? A promotion? A goal to be achieved? Healing? A smoother path with less stress and more clarity? Seasons of waiting can be challenging, because most of us hate to wait! In today's podcast episode of Monday Morning Moments, I talk about the benefits of waiting, and why waiting is an active, not passive, process. I also highlight the journey of Jalen Hurts, one of the quarterbacks for Alabama,...


The Relationship Between Faith and Works – Podcast: S04E004

Purpose. Calling. Vocation. Roles. Legacy. These are lofty but important words that we need to understand if we want to make the most of the moments of our lives and make a positive difference in the lives of other people that we lead, influence, and interact with on a daily basis. Today's podcast episode of Monday Morning Moments focuses on how true and committed faith leads to works that redeem and restore the world in which we live.


Perseverance Through Trials – Podcast: S04E003

We all go through trials in our lives - tests of our faith and the foundation that we base our lives on. Some trials can rock our world if we allow adversity and a change in circumstances to cast doubt on who we are, why we are here, and who is guiding and helping us to navigate our lives. In today's podcast episode of Monday Morning Moments, I share a lesson that I recently taught from the book of James in the Bible. I pray that you will find this inspiring, comforting, and encouraging...


Leadership is a Choice – Podcast: S04E002

Leadership is a choice that everyone must make. You don't have to be the CEO of a company or have a fancy title to be a leader. Leadership equates to influence, and every one of us has influence, or the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of others. Through our research and experience, we have found that the best leaders - the ones who make a significant, positive, and transformational difference in their organizations and in the lives of others - make 3 important choices every day....


Resiliency is a Mindset – Podcast: S04E001

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back and respond to adversity or a change in circumstances. Resiliency, grit, and mental toughness can be improved and developed. In today's podcast episode of Monday Morning Moments, I share key characteristics of resilient people in sports, business, and life based upon our research and experience in working with elite athletes, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. You may want to check out our coaching programs for improving performance in sports,...


The Meaning of a Moment – Podcast: S03E019

We all have moments in life. Some moments we sleep, some we stumble, and some moments we soar. The decisions, choices, and responses we make in a moment produce momentum in our lives either to fly or to fall. Every moment counts! The question is: Do we make the most of the moments in our lives? And how do we respond when there is a brief stumble along the way? In today's podcast episode of Monday Morning Moments, I share about the importance of moments and why we should not take them for...


God is Our Rock – Podcast: S03E018

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a situation where our foundation is not strong and our circumstances have rocked our world! It is in these times, the mountaintop moments, and everything in between where I rediscover who the real source of my strength is. Today's podcast episode is focused on the spiritual dimension of our lives, and I pray it encourages you to rely on God as your Rock, your Fortress, and your Savior in whatever circumstance and stage of life you are navigating.


How to Perform in the Moment – Podcast: S03E017

In my work with elite athletes, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, performance is a common theme. We all want to perform and do our best, especially in the greatest moments of our lives! The reality is that we are not perfect, and we will experience mountaintop moments and valley moments in our lives and everything in between. The key is to "be present" and bring our best mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to the moments on our lives. In today's podcast episode of Monday...


5 Ways Leaders Can Improve Employee Engagement – Podcast: S03E016

According to a recent State of the Global Workplace Report from Gallup, 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. It is a serious problem that can affect the performance and profitability of your team, company, or organization. As a leader, you have a responsibility to do everything you can to be actively engaged and to create an environment that invites your employees to do the same. While employee engagement is a dual responsibility, leaders have a great...


Good vs Great – Podcast: S03E015

Jim Collins wrote a timeless classic book entitled Good To Great that many people have read. In this book, Collins explained about how great companies separate themselves from being just good companies. While there are many great concepts and quotes found in his book, the one quote that I love is: "Good is the enemy of Great!" I have used this quote with the athletes and business leaders that I coach as well as the companies that I serve as a consultant to talk about what this means for...


Impact Is What You Make It!

Sociologists have done studies and discovered that even the most introverted person will influence or impact 10,000 people in their lifetime. The question is not "If?" but "How will we impact others?" Most people want to make a positive impact with their lives. In order to make a positive impact we have to be present - mentally, physically, and emotionally. Impact is what we make it...based on our choices. In today's podcast episode of Monday Morning Moments, I share 3 different mindsets...


Aligning With The Purpose And Plan For Your Life – Podcast: S03E013

Sometimes, I get ahead of God's purpose and plan for my life. What I mean by this is that I can feel so confident in my own gifts, talents, and ability to discern what is right that I forget to seek His guidance in advance. There are moments when I jump into my day without seeking His wisdom and aligning with His agenda for my life. In today's podcast episode of Monday Morning Moments, I share a talk that I gave to our Ranch Bible Study class on how King David - the same David that...


How To Unleash Your Best – Podcast: S03E012

The best performers in sports, business, and life have one secret that allows them to unleash their talent. They find joy in what they do! In today's podcast episode of Monday Morning Moments, I share how possessing joy and passion for what you do in any area of your life can help you unleash your best. I also share the four core values that Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors, identified to rally his team around and bring out their individual and collective excellence on their...


Great Leaders Are Effective Designers – Podcast: S03E011

In our leadership program The Invisible Hand of Leadership, we identify 7 roles of transformational leaders and 5 habits that make them effective. One of the roles is Leader as Designer. Designing is an art. For leaders, it is the art of setting your people up for success. To achieve this leaders must understand the people, problems, and goals associated with their team or organization. The Designer is a master architect who designs systems, "plays," and underlying structures which allow...


Discovering Your Calling – Podcast: S03E010

Why are you here? It's a question that demands an answer, especially as it relates to the purpose of your life and the calling you have been created for. I believe that everyone has a purpose, and the key to making the most of your moments with the time that you have is to identify and embrace it! In today's podcast episode of Monday Morning Moments, you will learn: The importance of discovering your calling The impact of a personal mission statement A process for discovering your calling...


Finding Comfort – Podcast: S03E009

People seek comfort in different ways. Most of the time, seeking comfort is in response to a trial or circumstance that is annoying, challenging, and/or overwhelming. In today's episode of Monday Morning Moments, I wanted to share a Bible study lesson that I recently taught on how to find true comfort in life in the midst of whatever circumstance you may be facing.


Focus on the Process – Podcast: S03E008

If you are a competitor, you want results. In fact, you may be obsessed with outcomes, and you are definitely graded and measured by metrics at the end of the day. Whether it is the outcome of a shot or the result of a game, measurements help to define your success. Because of this, it is easy to become obsessed with outcomes and let them dominate your mind during any kind of performance. When you do this, you are focusing on the wrong thing, and it will ultimately lead you to pressing and...


Giving Up Control – Podcast: S03E007

We all want control. We want control of our lives, our relationships, our career, situations and outcomes related to our lives, and we don't want to give up control. We want to be in the driver's seat, and we don't like others telling us "how to drive." Yet, it has been my experience that when I give up control and hold onto things loosely, I find that I can lead from a more authentic and impactful state. In other words, I don't press and try to do unnatural things to control the outcome of...


How To Do A Quarterly Review

In sports, business, and life, it's important to review where you have been, where you are, and where you are going. Great teams and organizations do this all the time both on an annual and quarterly basis. I think it is even more critical for you as an individual and leader to do a quarterly review to assess how you are doing and who you are becoming. If you have committed to some meaningful goals this year, the end of a quarter is a great opportunity to take a time out to celebrate and...