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Money Talks focuses on personal finance as it applies to Mississippians. In any given week, we'll talk about anything from preparing your taxes to saving for college or investing in the stock market.

Money Talks focuses on personal finance as it applies to Mississippians. In any given week, we'll talk about anything from preparing your taxes to saving for college or investing in the stock market.
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Money Talks focuses on personal finance as it applies to Mississippians. In any given week, we'll talk about anything from preparing your taxes to saving for college or investing in the stock market.






Money Talks: Save Cash To Invest

Do you need to save money on your regular expenses to have money to invest for retirement? We'll share some money saving tips from AARP's 99 Great Ways to Save and our expert, Ryder Taff will comment. Reimbursed ATM Fees: Most online banks and some traditional banks will reimburse you for fees incurred when you use another bank's ATM. That can save you an average of $4.68 per...


Money Talks: Retirement Investing

Ryder Taff, our investment expert from New Perspectives, suggests reading J.P. Morgan's Guide To Retirment There are a number of retirement calculators available on the internet. Each person’s situation will be different. You will need to enter your current age, income, savings balance and how much you save toward retirement each month. Estimating travel expenses, health care, and if your home is paid...


Money Talks: Cyber Security

Expert Ryder Taff from New Perspectives and guest host Jay White, from MPB's Everyday Tech , update listeners on financial data breaches and hacks. Federal Trade Commission From their site you can file an Equifax Claim, learn about Annual Credit Reports 1-800-322-8228, and find more information. · What can you do if you suspect your financial information has been compromised? Check if your accounts have been...


Money Talks: Back to School Finances

We'd like to help you save on your purchases, save for college, and help you get money for your school. Segment 1 We’d like to remind folks that Mississippi has a tax free weekend coming up Friday, the 26th and Saturday the 27th. BUT there are some stipulations: · Sales Tax is not due on the sale of articles of clothing, footwear, or school supplies if the sales price of a single the item is less than One Hundred Dollars · There are definitions of Clothing, footwear, accessories, and...


Money Talks: Transferring Cash

Factors to take into consideration when deciding to give someone money: · Fees, Speed, Sending amount, Where the recipient is located, Security, access to actual...


Money Talks: ABLE Accounts

Guest Richard Courtney of Courtney Elder Law Associates, a division of Frascogna Courtney, PLLC is the guest. To sign up for an account: or call 1-888-609-3469 ABLE accounts are savings accounts for individuals with disabilities which will not affect their public benefits. These accounts can be used for daily transactions and/or long-term savings. Income earned in the accounts is not taxed if spent on qualified disability-related expenses. Contributions can be made to...


Money Talks: Brokers

How do you get started with a brokerage account? When do you need a stock broker? What's the difference between and adviser and a broker? What's a cryptocurrency? What's an ETF? These are the topics our financial expert Ryder Taff discussed on this broadcast. FINRA: Financial Industry Regulatory authority


Money Talks: June Open Topic

What should you buy and what should you stay away from this month? How do you find cheap gas? suggests: Spring clothes, family movies, lingerie, gym memberships, local fruit and veggies BUT NOT Amazon products, laptops, grills, or patio furniture. Ryder Taff and Nancy Lottreidge-Anderson took calls concerning medical bills, rolling over pensions, car buying, long-term care insurance and nursing home insurance.


Money Talks: Refinancing Mortgages

Guest: Adam Black, mortgage broker from Renasant Bank The show discussed current interest rates, costs to refinance, and how to decide if you would benefit from refinancing your mortgage. Did you know most mortgages are originated by online, non depository lenders? Calls talked about home equity loans, reverse mortgages, and cash out mortgages.


Money Talks: Emergency Financial First Aid Kit

We would like to remind you: when disasters strike our state you can tune in to MPB for statewide coverage: Biloxi at 90.3; Bude at 88.9; Jackson at 91.3; Meridian at 88.1; Greenwood at 90.9; Starkville at 89.9 Booneville at 89.5; Oxford at 90.3 You need Copies of important family papers and documents and CASH. Money Talks suggests you print the FEMA Emergency Financial First Aid Kit and fill out the worksheets so you’re ready for an evacuation or a disaster....


Money Talks: Travel and Money

We’ve got some suggestions on how to travel with your money concerning safety, convenience, and fees. Ryder Taff from New Perspectives, gives expert advice.


Money Talks: Mattress Buying

How do you know you need a new mattress? How do you choose one? Our guest, Horace McMillon from Miskelly's Furnature will guide us through how to tell when it's time for a new mattress, what are our options, and how to choose a mattress.


Money Talks: May's Open Topics

We let the listeners decide what to talk about on this Open Topic day. The results: savings bonds, 401 K contributions, what to do with your cash, and credit card debt. We also suggested what to buy in May and what gifts a new graduate might like. Savings Bonds information:


Money Talks: Spring Cleaning

You've got 11 months before the next tax day. What can you do to make it easier on yourself? How long do you need to keep what paper? It's time for Financial Spring Cleaning. Listen to the show to learn what you should do about your retirement accounts, insurance, beneficiary information, debts, and automated payments. It's time to evaluate your tax withholding, charitable giving, and scheduled medical procedures. Keep good records for yourself and your family for emergencies, disasters,...


Money Talks: Gig Economy

Do you have a part time gig? Do you have many part time gigs as your only source of income? We have some helpful tips for those who are looking to increase their income and some cautions for those who aren't considered "employees". Remember: if you aren't an employee, you probably aren't having Social Security, State and Federal Taxes with held from your payment. You are responsible for paying those amounts in each quarter. There are a few tests that must be passed to determine if a...


Money Talks: Social Security and Student Loans

Today's show was listener driven. Callers wanted to talk about Social Security and Student Loans. So that's what we did! Our experts are Dr. Nancy Lottridge-Anderson, President of New Perspectives and Ryder Taff, portfolio manager at New Perspectives. Nancy and Ryder are both Chartered Financial Analysts and Ryder also holds the Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement from the CFA Institute.


Money Talks: Stocks

How should an investor evaluate a stock? Our financial advisers give some tips and take personal finance questions on the show. Our experts are Dr Nancy Lottridge Anderson, President of New Perspectives and Ryder Taff, Portfolio Manager at New Perspectives. Seven things an investor should consider when picking stocks:


Money Talks: IRAs

We're talking Individual Retirement Accounts on this episode of Money Talks with hosts Nancy Lottridge-Anderson and Ryder Taff from New Perspectives


Money Talks: Open Topic and Clothes Buying Tips

This was an Open Topic day with a few tips to help your clothing budget. Questions anwered: Clothing buying tips:


Money Talks: Banking

Guests Marcia Reed and David Johnson from Bank Plus join financial adviser Ryder Taff to talk about establishing a banking relationship. Credit Plus Want to access your free annual credit report? Get one free each year from each of the three credit reporting agancies at 36 Best New Bank Account Promotions & Offers – March 2019...