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Podcast by Joel Silverman

Podcast by Joel Silverman
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Podcast by Joel Silverman





If you've ever started or wanted to start a business here in Montana, chances are you may not know what resources are available to you to help get you off the ground. Today on the podcast, we interview Brian Obert of the Montana Business Assistance Connection. Quoting their website: "The Montana Business Assistance Connection (MBAC) was created with the expressed purpose of improving the economy and livability of Lewis and Clark, Broadwater, and Meagher counties. We help businesses start up,...


Clint Lohman

Entrepreneur: noun. a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. We've interviewed several here on the Montana Business Vlog, but today we get to talk to someone who has transcended that term. Clint Lohman is an example of what only the smallest percentages of entrepreneurs become over time. Lohman is a venture capitalist. Coming up to these distinguished ranks has been quite the journey as he'll tell us here today....


Gulch Distillers

Partnering in business can be a tricky thing; you and your partner should share in a common vision for the future. But, from that point, business partnerships need to be yin-yang like; one strength where the other's weak and vice versa. Today, you get to meet what we consider to be the Dynamic Duo of business partners. We'd like to introduce you to Tyrrell Hibbard and Steffan Rasile, the well-bearded co-founders of Gulch Distillers in Downtown Helena Montana. You'll learn the origin story of...


Christina Riffle

Question: What does a racetrack in Texas have in common with a liquor store in Belgrade, Montana? Answer: One person; Christina Riffle. Christina Riffle is the CEO of Belgrade liquor as well as her racetrack in Texas. That is an awful lot to keep on top of! In this episode of The Montana Business Podcast, hosted by Joel Silverman, Riffle fills us in on how running two successful businesses at once can bring challenges and rewards if you're willing to put in the work. Pay close attention to...


Max Pigman

Remember the "Dot.Com" era of the mid-late 1990's? Our next guest on the Montana Business Podcast certainly does; all too well! Meet Max Pigman, Founder of the Lewis and Clark Brewing Company in Helena, MT. Max has quite the story to tell, even before the brewery came to be. The brewery now distributes to hundreds of stores in our region, all from Helena, Montana. Hear the origin stories of the brewery, and where he plans to be in a few short years. If you love craft beer, you're going to...


Andrew Hurlburt

It has been quite the ride for Andrew Hurlburt. He started his first business in college. He then went into a Colorado Hot Shot crew before he moved to Bozeman to finish school. That's when he got into real estate by investing in some property. He realized he could save transaction costs by getting a real estate license, which eventually led him to his first real estate partnership. After some time in that company, Hurlburt realized that his vision for the future of it wasn't shared by...


AL Swanson

Before the accolades; before the big Orvis contract; before the studio spaces, there was a dream. A.L. Swanson knew at an early age that one day, he'd make a name for himself. He wasn't sure exactly what he'd be offering, but he wanted his name to be synonymous with the highest quality hand-crafted goods anywhere. As his woodworking projects turned into a business, he began to see that dream become reality. Today, A.L. Swanson produces some of the worlds most incredible wood fly fishing...


Kevin Schwartz

A true entrepreneur is constantly in a state of reinventing his/her self. This repetitive process of having an idea that can solve a problem and turning into a proper, working business often yields adversity before rewards. Our guest today on the vlog is certainly keen to this state. Meet Kevin Schwartz, broker of Windermere Bozeman Downtown. The story you're about to listen to will give you the true sense of what being an entrepreneur is actually supposed be. From his first business venture...


feat, Dean and Susan Bjerke

We have a very rare treat to offer you this week on the podcast: a husband and wife entrepreneurial duo who have built two of the most successful businesses in Helena, MT. Today, Joel Silverman talks with Dean and Susan Bjerke. Susan began Bjerke Architects not long after Dean founded Diamond Construction. This dynamic power couple are looking to pass their experience onto the next generation of their family; their children are involved in growing not just their parents legacy but their own...


MTBIZVLOG feat. Joel Silverman as Guest

From professional fly fishing guide to innovated attorney, Joel Silverman has had an incredible journey himself. Joel has been your host for the Montana Business Vlog but today, we flip the script and make him answer the same questions he's been asking other successful Montana business owners. It took some convincing, but here it is! The Montana Business Vlog is Connecting Business People Across Montana with interviews and insights from our guests every other week. You can watch the videos...


Joel Silverman Introduces The Montana Business Vlog Podcast

Every other week, we launch a new episode of The Montana business Vlog on YouTube; a video series which features Montana entrepreneurs who are disrupting their industries and moving business forward in this great state. We are happy to bring the audio versions of these videos to you here in podcast format. Listen on your daily commute, or while getting ready for your day. Thank you for listening to the podcast! Yours in Business, Joel Silverman


MTBIZVLOG Feat. Tiffany Lach

What exactly is a 'serial entrepreneur'? We offer you today on the Montana Business Vlog the answer to that question: her name is Tiffany Lach. None of us come from the womb packed full of business knowledge. Yes, we indeed all have to learn our paths, but Ms. Lach has that 'it' factor- the one she refers to as "Blind Optimism". If you live in the greater Bozeman, Montana area than you've probably visited one of her award-winning restaurants: The Sola Cafe and Red Tractor Pizza. Today, we...


MTBIZVLOG Podcast Feat. Burke Moran

Burke Moran comes from a family of restaurateurs; that should be enough to make him successful, right? Wrong. Burke has connections in the industry across the entire United States- this should make him wealthy, right? Nope. According to Moran, it's CULTURE that has build the foundation of his business. Starting from a small building in little old Livingston, Montana in the early 2000's to now running a restaurant empire right out of Bozeman, Montana. Hear his story and how he's found the...


The Montana Business Podcast Ep. 1: Dean Folkvord

The Montana Business Podcast, Hosted by Joel Silverman You may have never heard of the name Dean Folkvord, but perhaps you've heard the name of the company he and his family founded in the 1990's, today known as Wheat Montana Farms and Bakery. In our first interview on the Montana Business Podcast, Mr. Folkvord explains some of the lessons he's learned as a man who grew a family business into a global brand. The Montana Business Podcast is the audio recordings from our video series called...


Karoline Rose

Few business owners in Montana can back up a claim like Disruptor, but Karoline Rose is one who defines the term! From selling cattle through Facebook and initiating what has become a two-tiered company that includes cattle sales and marketing, Ms. Rose is leading the charge to bring her industry into the future. Oh, and she's only 26 years old! Learn about how she got her start in K Rose Company and get to know her a little bit more here. She brings some incredibly valuable insights into...


Mike Hope

Every business faces adversity from time to time, but imagine yours is destroyed in an explosion! This was a reality that our next guest, Mike Hope of the Rocking R Bar in Bozeman, MT had to face on a chilly morning in 2009. A gas leak caught a spark, and the explosion took out the entire 200 block of East Main St. How would you recover? Would you give up? Mike shares some very intimate and useful insights into handling adversity; not only to 'survive' it, but how to thrive there after. Mike...


MTBIZVLOG Podcast Feat. Chelsey Frank

One of the longest running businesses in Helena, MT to date, George's Distributing has evolved a little bit over three generations. Welcome to the Montana Business Vlog, Hosted by Joel Silverman. Our guest for this episode is Chelsey Frank, a born-and-raised Montana Entrepreneur who talks with us today about some of her experiences growing up in the family business. She speaks candidly about her expansion into the wine industry and the growth that George's has seen since. Thanks for watching...


Shalon Hastings

In terms of speaking about the revitalization of the Downtown Helena area, it would be pretty hard not to mention Shalon Hastings' impact on it. Owner of the Taco Del Sol on the Walking Mall and the adjacent Hub Coffee, Shalon has had quite the entrepreneurial journey. She grew up around business owners; her father owned an auto body shop in Roundup, MT, and her grandparents were dairy farmers. To say she was raised to become a business owner herself would be an understatement. But she's...


Hillary Folkvord

When Dean Folkvord and his family began Wheat Montana Farms and Bakery many years ago, he planted an entrepreneurial seed. Hillary, one of two daughters along side her sister have spouted from that seed into very successful young business owners. The Folkvord girls got their start in making their own money many years ago at the Wheat Montana Deli in Three Forks, selling floral arrangements and playing music outside the front doors. Perhaps fate provided a little foreshadowing in their story...