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Bruce Sellery is a personal finance expert on a mission to help you get a handle on your money so you can live the life you want. He is high energy and low B.S.

Bruce Sellery is a personal finance expert on a mission to help you get a handle on your money so you can live the life you want. He is high energy and low B.S.


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Bruce Sellery is a personal finance expert on a mission to help you get a handle on your money so you can live the life you want. He is high energy and low B.S.




Full Episode: KiddieNomics: A Personal Finance Zoom Class For Kids

Teaching your kids all about money. Stacy Brown and her nine-year-old daughter Miki tell us about their personal finance Zoom class for kids called KiddieNomics. Then, assessing your financial advisor. Jesse Kaufman tells us how his AdviceCheck service determines if your advisor is doing a good job. And, online grocery shopping isn’t cheap. Sylvain Charlebois from the Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University takes us through the cost. Plus, Factor Investing with PWL Capital’s Benjamin...


DIY Investing

We talk to Lucy Becker from IIROC about whether DIY investing is the right thing for you. Connect with Lucy on Twitter and Facebook


Why You Need an Opportunity Fund and Not An Emergency Fund

We talk to Pax Planning's Natasha Knox on why she refers to an emergency fund as an 'opportunity fund'. Reach out to Natasha on Twitter and Facebook.


The Growing Trend of Personal Bankruptcies and What Can Be Done

We talk to Shawn Stack from Brownwich and Smith about the expecting increase in personal bankruptcies and what can be done about it. You can find Shawn on Twitter and Facebook.


The Growth of the Bartering Economy

We talk to the president and CEO of BarterPay, John Porter, about how the bartering economy will grow in the future. To connect with John find him on Twitter.


Economic Violence

We talk to personal finance expert and founder of the Money Coach, Lynette Khalfani-Cox, about how black communities and not only facing racial violence but they also face something known as economic violence. To connect with Lynette you can find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Full Episode: A history lesson on economic violence and anti-black racism

Different communities have endured “Economic Violence” for many years. Personal finance expert Lynnette Khalfani-Cox will be here to tell us how African-Americans have specifically been impacted. Then, could you function in a world without traditional currency? John Porter from BarterPay will tell us how he’s trying to match businesses to trade goods and services instead of money. And, has the pandemic led to a rise in personal bankruptcies? Shawn Stack from Bromwich and Smith tells us more...


The Crazy Ride of the Stock Market and Online Investment Trends from the Last Six Months

We talk to the President of BMO's InvestorLine, Silvio Stroescu and the online investments trends that he has seen in the last six months. To find out more connect with Silvio on Twitter and Facebook


Putting The Spotlight on Mint Worthy

We talk to Vanessa Bowen about her personal finance blog Mint Worthy. To find out more connect with Vanessa on Instagram and Facebook and check out her blog, Mint Worthy.


Spotlighting J.D. Power's 2020 Canada Credit Card Satisfaction Study

We talk to John Cabell from J.D. Power about the results from their 2020 Canada Credit Card Satisfaction Study. To find out more connect with John on Twitter


Having a Real Conversation About Investing In Gold

We talk to Som Seif at Purpose Investments about why we should be paying attention to investing in gold right now. To find out more connect with Som on Twitter


How Canada's First-Ever Black Entrepreneurship Program Will Work

We talk to the interim CEO of VanCity, Christine Bergeron about their involvement with the first ever Black Entrepreneurship Program that the Federal Government started. To find out more connect with Christine on Twitter and LinkedIn as well about Vancity on Twitter and LinkedIn


Full Episode: Canada’s first-ever Black Entrepreneurship Program

The Federal Government has launched Canada’s first-ever Black entrepreneurship program, in partnership with the financial industry. Christine Bergeron from Vancity will be here to talk about how it works. Then, is gold overbought? Oversold? Or just right? Som Seif from Purpose Investments is a believer and he’ll tell us why. And, how investor behaviour has changed throughout the pandemic. Silvio Stroescu from BMO InvestorLine will tell us some online investment trends he’s seen over the past...


Buy Now, Pay Later Services

We talk to Wayne Pommen, president and CEO of PayBright, a service that lets you pay for products in installments. We get an inside look on how this services works. Connect with Wayne on Twitter and LinkedIn


Tax Tips From The Grumpy Accountant

We have The Grumpy Accountant, Neal Winokur, join us to give us some tips when it comes to filing taxes. Connect with Neal Winokur aka The Grumpy Accountant on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


Insight into the World of Wealth

We talk to author Jennifer Risher about her book, We Need To Talk: A Memoir About Wealth. Check out Jennifer's website for more information.


A Will Should Be At The Top Of Your List

We talk to the co-founder of Epilogue, Daniel Goldgut, about how Canadians can easily create a will online with them. Connect with Daniel @ Epilogue at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


Why You Might Need A Little Bit Of Math To Help Kickstart Your Financial Goals

We talk to financial coach and creator of the Math Plus Mindset approach, Hadriano Leo, to tell us about the "money mindset" and why you might need a little bit of math to help kickstart your financial goals. Connect with Hadrio on Facebook & Twitter


Full Episode - Life for the Ultra Wealthy

If only you’d got a job at Microsoft in the early 1990s. Well, Jennifer Risher did, and it made her very wealthy. We’ll discuss her new book. We Need to Talk: A Memoir About Wealth. “Buy-now-pay-later” is a compelling idea. But it comes at a cost. We’ll talk to Wayne Pommen from PayBright to find out how this installment payment provider works. And, the Money Mindset movement. Hadriana Leo, financial coach, shares her tips of how you can gain financial success mixing the mindset and the...


How Has The Pandemic Impacted Investors And Their Decisions

We talk to Michael Tracey, senior advisor of behavioural insights of the investor office at the OSC, to give us insight on how the pandemic has impacted investors and their decisions. Find Michael on Twitter