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Why does coffee taste better when you pay with cash? How did a victim of human trafficking take her knowledge of how the money flows in that world to become a law enforcement consultant? How does an economist think about Bitcoin? There's so much more to money than just investment portfolios.Mostly Money not only teaches you how to take control of your finances, it explores the full world of all things money with expert interviews conducted by Preet Banerjee (former television host for Oprah Winfrey).




Why does coffee taste better when you pay with cash? How did a victim of human trafficking take her knowledge of how the money flows in that world to become a law enforcement consultant? How does an economist think about Bitcoin? There's so much more to money than just investment portfolios.Mostly Money not only teaches you how to take control of your finances, it explores the full world of all things money with expert interviews conducted by Preet Banerjee (former television host for Oprah Winfrey).




105: Andrew Hallam's new book 'Balance'

In his new book, Balance, Andrew Hallam not only explains evidence-based strategies for providing the best odds of success in the stock market, he provides a lot more than that. The book helps you answer other important questions: Buy the book here (Affiliate link) Andrew Hallam is the international best-selling author of Millionaire Teacher, The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School and Millionaire Expat: How To Build Wealth Living Overseas. Profiled on such media as...


104: Robin Taub on how to teach your children about money

Robin Taub returns to talk about her latest book, The Wisest Investment: Teaching your kids to be responsible, independent and money-smart for life. We chat about the common concerns parents bring up with Robin with respect to money and the financial decision making skills they want to empower their children with. We then dive into what parents can expect to learn from this quick, strategy-filled guide that includes chapters and tactics for children of all ages. To take advantage of...


103: Erica Alini, author of "Money Like You Mean it"

I’m joined by Erica Alini to talk about her new book: Money Like You Mean It - Personal Finance Tactics for the REAL world. Erica is the personal finance reporter at Global News, where she writes about all things personal finance, business, and economics. She’s also the author of Money123, a popular weekly newsletter on money matters. Her writing has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Maclean’s and the Globe and Mail, among others. You can also follow her on twitter here.


102: Dan Bortolotti - The godfather of index investing in Canada

Dan Bortolotti is the creator of the Canadian Couch Potato blog, and host of the (soon to be resurrected?) Canadian Couch Potato podcast. He is THE authority on index investing in Canada and has just written a new book, Reboot Your Portfolio (Amazon affiliate link). Dan joined me to explain what the book promises readers, and to discuss his journey from before knowing anything about investing himself, to becoming the writer behind the incredibly popular blog, and...


101: Using exchange-traded funds to build or improve portfolios with Kevin Prins from BMO ETFs

This episode is sponsored by BMO ETFs #ad I speak with Kevin Prins from BMO Global Asset Management about how ETFs can be used for building and improving almost any investor's portfolio. Specific topics covered: To learn more about BMO ETFs full suite of offerings visit To learn more about BMO Asset Allocation ETFs visit Specific resources mentioned in the episode: BMO Global Asset Management's responsible investment review:...


100: Peter Mansbridge - Off the Record

Welcome to the 100th and final episode, at least for a while, of Mostly Money. I wanted to have a special guest for this send off show, and I don’t think I can top who offered to help me out. You know when people say, our next guest needs no introduction? That is actually true in this case. He is a Canadian icon. A broadcasting legend. This guy walks into a room and time stops. And let me tell you, it really is an honour that the one and only Peter Mansbridge is my special guest...


99: Cait Flanders on the Adventures in Opting Out

Cait Flanders is back. Previously my guest on episode 63 in March of 2018, she is the author of Wall Street Journal bestseller, THE YEAR OF LESS. Described by Vogue magazine as “a fascinating look into a living experiment that we can all learn from,” it has been translated into 10 languages, and sold more than 190,000 copies. Her new book, ADVENTURES IN OPTING OUT, is a field guide to opting out of expectations, changing paths, and leading a more intentional life. Cait joins me again to...


98: Does ESG investing lead to better returns for investors?

You’ve likely heard terms like ESG investing, sustainable investing, impact investing, socially responsible investing and others. But are they all the same? Today’s guest is the head of ESG at Research Affiliates. And we’re going to tackle some important questions: All that and much more on this episode of Mostly Money with guest Ari Polychronopoulos of Research Affiliates. LINKS Research Affiliates' website Research Affiliates on Twitter: @RA_Insights White papers: 1. Is ESG a factor...


97: Ben Rabidoux on how Housing defied the worst economic downturn in history

What explains the meteoric rise in Canadian home prices off of a backdrop of 3 million jobs initially lost back in early 2020 with many businesses forced to be shut down and with lockdown, after lockdown? Well if there’s one person who can help answer that question, you know it’s Ben Rabidoux. He’s going to dive deep into a number of factors that, taken together, may help you figure out what’s been happening. Here’s just a sample of the topics we cover in this episode: Grab your popcorn,...


96: A psychiatrist's perspective on financial decision making under acute or chronic stress

In this episode, you’re going to hear from a psychiatrist on a number of topics directly and tangentially related to finances and financial decision making. Later in the episode we talk about some financial behaviours under acute mental distress, a number of various pathways that lead to hoarding behaviours, and more. But we also discuss the effects of chronic decision fatigue, burnout, and corona insomnia that almost everyone seems to be experiencing. And I need to point out that today’s...


95: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain and more, explained by economist Andreas Park

If bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain have you feeling confused, THIS podcast episode is for you. There is a strong correlation between bitcoin cheerleading and bitcoin’s price. Whenever the cryptocurrency has seen a rapid increase in price, mainstream media coverage rises and social media goes crazy like it always does. But… how many people really know what they are talking about? Is this another case of return-chasing behaviour combined with “a little knowledge being a dangerous...


94: Buying a car without haggling? The Future Retail Model of selling cars

Some people love car shopping… Others dread it. But like any industry, technological advancements have changed the landscape. When trading in an old vehicle, it used to be hard to really know what a good price might be. But for years now, you could look up comparable cars on the market, controlling for trim level, mileage, condition, and more. Some online services tell you what the dealer’s costs might be for a new car to help you negotiate with more confidence. But many people just don’t...


93: Obolx - A visual timeline of your family's life planning

Michael Meyer is the founder of - an app that helps you visualize your personal goals alongside your financial and health milestones for your entire family. Powered by AI, and using a stacked timeline visualization, it promises to help you conceptualize your life and your most valuable asset: time. Website:


92: Darin Diehl's story about getting laid off, having a heart attack, and getting cancer

Darin Diehl has a long history of working in the financial services as an educator and marketer. But in late 2019, he was laid off from his job. Then, in early 2020, he had a heart attack. While being diagnosed and treated for that, doctors also found out that he had advanced lung cancer. Darin thought it would be helpful to share his story, not only from a health perspective, but from a financial and emotional perspective. From what emergency funds they had in place, benefits coverage and...


91: Alyssa Davies from

Alyssa Davies joins the show to talk about how couples can talk about money. Our wide ranging conversation covers the "breadwinner mentality" and how that can cause problems in the dynamics of a relationship, how and when to start talking seriously about money with a significant other, and much more. Alyssa is one of the most popular personal finance personalities in Canada. She is the creator behind the Mixed Up Money community which has a huge Instagram following on top of a blog, YouTube...


90: We need to talk a lot more about not dying with Dr. Daren Heyland

There is a BIG difference between End Of Life Planning and Serious Illness Planning. If you think estate planning is getting your wills and powers of attorney or healthcare directives set up for taking care of things when you die or are about to die, you might be making a big mistake. If you end up in an ER, the doctors aren't going to look at any end of life planning you might have in place if they think they can still save your life. This requires a whole different way of thinking about...


89: President of BMO InvestorLine on exploding trading activity for discount brokerages in 2021

In this episode I speak with the president of BMO InvestorLine, Silvio Stroescu, to get his response to the long wait times for clients calling in for customer service that all discount brokerages seem to be experiencing. Silvio provides some shocking numbers showing the absolute explosion in new account openings and trading activity. Year-over-Year increases in trading activity have reached +200% in some recent months. The first nine days of 2021, which is really only five trading days,...


88: Erica Ehm on personal and professional reinvention

Erica Ehm was one of the first MuchMusic VJs, shaping and influencing an entire generation of Canadians. Her career has seen a series of reinventions. After defining the role of music television host, she became a successful songwriter winning multiple Canadian Country Music Awards, SOCAN awards, and Juno awards. But the reinvention didn't stop there. She has launched two companies, including the the first influencer agency that was born out of, and Ehm & Co (, a...


87: Online Estate Planning with Willful CEO Erin Bury

Erin Bury is the co-founder and CEO at Willful, an online estate planning platform that makes it easy for Canadians to create a will in less than 20 minutes. Topics covered: Estate planning 101: basic definitions and concepts to help educate the audience Can you leave your debt to someone in your will? The stats on who doesn’t have wills/POAs,etc. What are the biggest reasons people don’t get their estate planning documents set up? What don’t people know about estate planning that they...


86: A Multi-Level Marketing survivor tells all

David Pride was sponsored into a multi-level marketing organization at the tender age of just 15 years old. By the time he was 16, they realized he was a naturally gifted speaker on stage. Over the next three years he would recruit over 150 people into the company. He would spend a total of 13 years dedicating all his spare time to his new family before he realized he needed to get out. It took him an additional three years of therapy to de-program his brain after he left. For the first time...