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Join hosts Dylan Lewis, Deidre Woollard, Ricky Mulvey, and Mary Long as they cover the day’s top business news and financial headlines with the Motley Fool's team of investment analysts. Tune in on weekends for the greatest investing classes you never got the chance to take in school and perspectives from special guests helping to shape the future.


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Join hosts Dylan Lewis, Deidre Woollard, Ricky Mulvey, and Mary Long as they cover the day’s top business news and financial headlines with the Motley Fool's team of investment analysts. Tune in on weekends for the greatest investing classes you never got the chance to take in school and perspectives from special guests helping to shape the future.




Containing Big Tech

When your information is everywhere, is it possible to rein it back in? Deidre Woollard caught up with Tom Kemp, a cybersecurity expert and author of “Containing Big Tech: How to Protect our Civil Rights, Economy, and Democracy.” They discuss: - The implications of biometric data collection in a world where big tech runs rampant - Which companies are getting the privacy game right (and wrong) - Angel investing, and workarounds to weak links in existing cybersecurity systems Tickers discussed: META, AAPL, AMZN, GOOG, GOOGL, MSFT Host: Deidre Woollard Guest: Tom Kemp Producer: Mary Long Engineers: Dan Boyd, Kyle Carruthers


CEO Shake-Ups

Executives are on the move. The first half of 2023 has seen the highest CEO turnover rate on record, per executive outplacement firm Challenger, Gray, & Christmas. Deidre Woollard caught up with Anand Chokkavelu and Ricky Mulvey to talk about what it means when a leader leaves. They discuss: Tickers discussed: PYPL, DOCN, SBUX, DIS, AZO, COST, FOX, NWS, KHC, CMG, PINS, ILMN, ETSY, PTON, FL, ULTA, WBA, PLNT Host: Deidre Woollard Guest: Anand Chokkavelu, Ricky Mulvey Producer: Mary Long Engineer: Rick Engdahl


The Office Space Depression

Office real estate appraisals are seeing haircuts worse than the depths of the great financial crisis. (00:21) Ron Gross and Matt Argersinger discuss: - The Fed walking its talk and maintaining the expectation of another rate hike. - How office real estate is showing signs of trouble, but shouldn’t be weighing down all REITs. - The latest on UAW, WGA, SAG-AFTRA strikes and one metric that shows the gap between company results and worker pay. (19:11) Justin Hotard, Heads up Hewlett Packard Enterprise's High Performance Computing & Artificial Intelligence segments – breaks down misconceptions around artificial intelligence, and the best ways you can start learning more and understanding the AI future. (33:22) Ron and Matt break down two stocks on their radar: Fairfax Financial and Nike.. Stocks discussed: WPC, FDX, GIS, NFLX, WBD, F, GM, FRFHF, NKE, Pullback stocks report – info about the 5 stocks and joining Stock Advisor available at Existing Motley Fool premium members can access the report here. Host: Dylan Lewis Guests: Ron Gross, Matt Argersinger, Sanmeet Deo, Justin Hotard Engineers: Dan Boyd


Powell Stays Put, For Now

Interest rates are paused but the hikes may not be over yet. (00:21) Bill Mann and Deidre Woollard discuss: - What metrics the Fed is looking at before its next meeting. - How FedEx’s business has evolved over time. - The traits a good chief financial officer should have. (14:52) Tom King and Deidre Woollard explore how TransMedics is building a complete organ transplantation supply chain. Companies discussed: FDX, UPS, TMDX Host: Deidre Woollard Guests: Bill Mann, Tom King Producer: Ricky Mulvey Engineer: Dan Boyd


“Good Discipline” From IPOs and Investors

There’s plenty to learn from the Instacart and Klaviyo IPOs, even if you’re staying away from the stocks themselves. (00:21) Tim Beyers and Dylan Lewis discuss: - The market’s reaction to Instacart’s IPO and whether the company can return to its lofty private valuations. - An under-the-radar IPO this week – Klaviyo, and why it’s worth studying to understand the data relationships between businesses and their customers. (20:39) Deidre Woollard gets the inside scoop on peak performance and corporate training from consultant and author Greg Harden. You can grab your copy of 5 Stocks Under $49 for free and Companies discussed: CART, ARM, NDAQ, KVYO, BRZE Host: Dylan Lewis Guests: Tim Beyers, Deidre Woollard, Greg Harden Engineers: Dan Boyd, Kyle Carruthers


Three Strikes

The United Auto Workers are taking on the entire Big Three at once for the first time ever. (00:21) Ricky Mulvey and Asit Sharma discuss: - How investors can measure an automaker’s profits. - A long-term problem for legacy carmakers. - The impact of the strike on Tesla. - Digital payments adoption in India. Plus, (15:22) Robert Brokamp and Alison Southwick talk about planning dream vacations before retirement and why you shouldn’t wait. Companies discussed: F, GM, STLA, TSLA, PYPL Host: Ricky Mulvey Guests: Asit Sharma, Robert Brokamp, Alison Southwick Producer: Mary Long Engineers: Dan Boyd, Rick Engdahl


The Battle For Breakfast

Kellogg’s is spinning off its core cereal business to focus on the fast-growing snacks market. (00:11) Jason Moser and Deidre Woollard discuss: - Why Kellogg’s is splitting up its business. - If snacks still have growth potential. - Monster’s ability to become a 100-year brand. (13:35) Ricky Mulvey and John Nash analyze newly-listed TKO Holdings, the company that runs both WWE and UFC, and address the challenges it may face in the future. Companies discussed: K, TKO, MNST, CELH Host: Deidre Woollard Guests: Jason Moser, Ricky Mulvey, John Nash Producer: Ricky Mulvey Engineers: Rick Engdahl


Number Go Up

“I’d pull back the curtain and there was nothing there.” The hype of crypto was real. Many of the use cases are still to be determined. Deidre Woollard caught up with Zeke Faux, an investigative reporter for Bloomberg and the author of “Number Go Up: Inside Crypto's Wild Rise and Staggering Fall.” They discuss: - Why investors are quick to throw belief out the window - What really happens at an NFT party with Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Jimmy Fallon - Questions around stablecoins, and one company “quilted out of red flags” - What happens when you spend a book advance on a JPEG image Tickers discussed: USDT Host: Deidre Woollard Guest: Zeke Faux Producers: Ricky Mulvey, Mary Long Engineers: Dan Boyd, Annie Pope


Back-to-School Stocks

Kids are expensive. Consumers are estimated to spend more than $100 billion on back-to-school shopping this year, according to the National Retail Federation. Deidre Woollard, Mary Long, and Ricky Mulvey got together to talk about companies that could ride the tailwinds of back-to-school season. They discuss: Surprises from a survey revealing the brand preferences of college interns Why “experiential” spending could be the future, or failure, of one big-box sports retailer If chatbots killed the homework help business And six stocks that play to back-to-school trends Tickers discussed: MBG.DE, TSLA, META, GOOGL, UBER, LYFT, SPOT, AAPL, PYPL, DKS, TGT, SNAP, ELF, CMG, CHGG Host: Mary Long Guest: Deidre Woollard, Ricky Mulvey Engineers: Tim Sparks, Rick Engdahl


A 1700s Cobbler Is Going Public

We break down two IPOs on today’s show, one for your phone and one for your toes. (00:38) Jason Moser and Bill Mann discuss: - How oil at $90 is and isn’t an inflationary pressure. - What to make of Apple’s latest iPhone release. - The scoop on two new IPOs – Arm Holdings and Birkenstock. (19:02) Ben Mezrich talks about the origin story of the meme stock and his book-turned-movie Dumb Money, in theaters this weekend. (31:38) Jason and Bill break down two stocks on their radar: PayPal and Schwab. Stocks discussed: DAL, AAL, AAPL, ARM, BIRK, PYPL, SCHW Host: Dylan Lewis Guests: Jason Moser, Bill Mann, Ben Mezrich Producer: Mary Long Engineers: Rick Engdahl, Tim Sparks


Deadline In Detroit

It’s the week of the big auto show in Detroit but industry watchers are more focused on a potential strike than the vehicles. (00:26) Bill Barker and Deidre Woollard discuss: - The demands of the United Auto Workers. - The fading allure of auto shows. - If vehicles will just keep getting bigger. (17:02) Ricky Mulvey and Deidre Woollard ponder the return to office and if things in our working lives will ever be the same again. Companies discussed: F, GM, TSLA, STLA, WE, META, AMZN Host: Deidre Woollard Guests: Bill Barker, Ricky Mulvey Producer: Ricky Mulvey Engineers: Rick Engdahl, Tim Sparks


Apple's Compounding iPhone Iteration

Apple’s iPhone development might seem iterative by year, but over time it compounds into huge improvements and reasons to upgrade. (00:21) Tim Beyers and Dylan Lewis discuss: - Apple’s fall update and the details on the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. - How the company is using phones to feed content for its future Vision Pro headsets. - Why we want to be hearing more about Slack during Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference. (19:31) Motley Fool analyst Bill Mann joins Ricky Mulvey to break down the fundamentals of reinsurance and one misconception about Florida's home insurance woes. Companies discussed: AAPL, CRM, ARM, BRK.A, BRK.B, TRV Host: Dylan Lewis Guests: Tim Beyers, Ricky Mulvey, Bill Mann Engineers: Tim Sparks, Dan Boyd


Why IPO?

Investors are lining up to buy shares of British chip designer, Arm. (00:21) Ricky Mulvey and Bill Barker discuss: - Why Arm is going public. - Disney and Charter Communications making peace. - How investors can break down a company’s prospectus. (15:07) Plus, Robert Brokamp and Alison Southwick open the mailbag and answer your questions about 401(k)s, bonds, and asset allocation. Companies discussed: CHTR, DIS, ARM Host: Ricky Mulvey Guests: Bill Barker, Alison Southwick, Robert Brokamp Engineers: Dan Boyd, Rick Engdahl


Twinkies Find A New Home

The acquisition of Hostess Brands by J.M. Smucker is the latest in a series of food mergers. (00:21) Jason Moser and Deidre Woollard discuss: - The synergies between Hostess and Smucker. - Why Instacart’s valuation dropped. - Kroger’s push to make the Albertsons deal happen. (16:09) Deidre Woollard interviews Jesse Singh of home exteriors company Azek on competition in the decking space and what’s next for the brand. Companies discussed: TWNK, SJM, SOVO, AMZN, WMT, CPB, KR, AZEK Host: Deidre Woollard Guests: Jason Moser, Jesse Singh Producer: Ricky Mulvey Engineers: Dan Boyd, Rick Engdahl


The Four Pillars of Investing with William Bernstein

“The essence of investing is not maximizing returns, but rather maximizing odds of success.” William Bernstein is a financial theorist, neurologist, and the best-selling author of “The Four Pillars of Investing: Lessons for Building a Winning Portfolio,” now in its second edition. Motley Fool Senior Advisor Robert Brokamp caught up with Bernstein to discuss: - Why a 2% real return is “quite spectacular” - The math and Shakespeare of investing - Why value stocks may have fallen out of fashion - What the history of the stock market reveals about modern bubbles Host: Robert Brokamp Guest: William Bernstein Producer: Ricky Mulvey Engineer: Rick Engdahl


Expectations Investing Part 2: General Motors to Nvidia

What does an investor have to believe for today’s share price to make sense? Ricky Mulvey and Asit Sharma continue their conversation about Expectations Investing, applying the framework to four companies with different growth outlooks. They discuss: - Value drivers for a mature automaker. - A high-growth payment processing company experiencing a narrative shift. - If Nvidia can maintain its moat over the long-term. Companies discussed: GM, CP, ADYEY, NVDA Host: Ricky Mulvey Guest: Asit Sharma Engineer: Rick Engdahl


Disney’s Lost Decade and Next Act

The market’s had a surprisingly strong 2023, but investors might be eying easy low-risk yields elsewhere. Jason Moser and Matt Argersinger discuss: - (00:21) How some investors might be tempted to move out of stocks given the yields elsewhere - (9:41) The latest with Disney – its standoff with Charter, plans to take full ownership of Hulu, and what investors should make of its lost decade - (19:11) NYC’s “de facto ban” for Airbnb, what it means for the company and says about the state of housing and short-term rentals. (31:44) Jason and Matt break down two stocks on their radar: Hershey and Masimo. Stocks discussed: DIS, NFLX, ABNB, UBER Host: Dylan Lewis Guests: Matt Argersinger, Jason Moser Engineer: Dan Boyd


Expectations Investing Part 1

How can you use a company’s stock price to give you a window into the future? (00:21) Bill Barker and Deidre Woollard discuss: - Reasons for skepticism when it comes to AI hype. - How long a leash unprofitable software companies may have. - If being located in SIlicon Valley is still an advantage for tech companies. (18:20) Asit Sharma and Ricky Mulvey break down the basics of expectations investing and give a framework for applying it to individual companies. Companies discussed: PATH, AI, ASAN, NVDA Host: Deidre Woollard Guests: Ricky Mulvey, Bill Barker, Asit Sharma Producer:Ricky Mulvey Engineers: Dan Boyd, Rick Engdahl


Airbnb Leaves NYC, Joins S&P 500

New York City cracked down on short-term rentals, but is it a big deal for Airbnb? (00:21) Ricky Mulvey and Jason Moser discuss: - How restrictions on short-term rentals could impact Airbnb’s growth story. - Why investors are sour about AMC’s new share issuance. - One company managing its share count well. Plus, (15:20) Deidre Woollard interviews Oliver Franklin-Wallis, author of “Wasteland: The Dirty Truth About What We Throw Away, Where It Goes, And Why It Matters”. Companies discussed: ABNB, EXPE, AMC, LOW Hosts: Ricky Mulvey, Deidre Woollard Guests: Jason Moser, Oliver Franklin-Wallis Engineers: Dan Boyd, Tim Sparks


Cable Takes on The Mouse

If you can’t watch ESPN right now, it’s because one cable company is taking a stand against Disney. (00:21) Ricky Mulvey and Jim Gillies discuss: - Charter Communications’ problem with the streaming economy. - DoorDash’s battle with restaurants over pricing. - Why investors may want to look at Canadian banks. Plus, (17:52) Deidre Woollard and Robert Brokamp check in on the bond market, and how investors can benefit from higher rates. Companies discussed: CHRT, DIS, DASH Host: Ricky Mulvey Guests: Jim Gillies, Deidre Woollard, Robert Brokamp Engineers: Dan Boyd, Rick Engdahl