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22: Ian Frank: A Voice For The Voiceless

A disabled US Marine Veteran whose son was receiving chemotherapy for brain cancer, commercial photographer and video editor Ian Frank realized something: he wanted to use his second chance at life to use his photography in service of others and become “a voice for the voiceless.” In this interview, we talk about how he risks his life for his art and he sends a powerful message to anyone who’s ever wanted to do something meaningful with their life. To help Ian, visit...


21: Kelsey Ramsden: Surviving Success & Cancer

Twice-named Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur, Kelsey Ramsden has 15+ years experience running multiple 8-figure businesses. Born of generations of grit and determination, she overcame a devastating cancer prognosis and today helps driven leaders future-proof their businesses and survive their successes. In this episode, we talk about the mental training you need to integrate success in a way that matters to you, the one question you need to ask if you want to make the most out of every...


20: Tammy Tibbetts: Fighting Gender Inequality Through Education

At age 23, Tammy had an idea for a social media campaign that would fundraise for girls’ education in low-income countries. She shared her idea with a Facebook friend, they created a YouTube video, and that video became the She’s The First movement: a nonprofit that fights gender inequality by supporting girls who will be first in their families to graduate from high school. Today She’s The First reaches millions of people and has changed the lives of almost 1,000 students around the world.


19: Amanda Steinberg: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms

Amanda Steinberg launched DailyWorth in 2009 to bring a fresh voice and an outsider’s perspective to personal finance. In 2015, she started digital investing service WorthFM, which received front-page coverage in The New York Times Business section. She's one of Oprah's SuperSoul 100, and in 2016 Forbes named her one of 21 New American Money Masters. Amanda has appeared on GMA, Today, CNN, and MSNBC. And last year, she published her book Worth It: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms.


18: Andréa Ranae: Making Your Work Your Activism

Andréa Ranae is a vision-led facilitator and coach who is deeply committed to cultivating a world that works for everyone, and does so by placing her work at the intersections of personal growth, social justice and conscious business. In this interview, we talk about how to find your voice and your place when you’re worried about the repercussions of speaking out, and why it’s important to decide what you’re going to do with the power that you have if you don’t want to be complicit in...


17: Selena Soo: Impacting Millions

Selena Soo is a publicity and marketing strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts and authors who want to reach millions with their message. She’s helped clients and students get featured in places like The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Inc., and land interviews on national TV. In this episode, she shares the inner work that has to happen before you become a household name, why a rags-to-riches story isn’t enough if you want to get attention, and what to think about as you’re...


16: Tara Gentile: Small Business Strategy For The New Economy

Tara Gentile is the founder of CoCommercial, a business community for entrepreneurs serious about making money and impacting their communities. She’s also the host of Profit. Power. Pursuit., a bestselling instructor on CreativeLive, and has been featured in Fast Company, Inc, and Forbes. In this episode, we talk about how the last US election drastically changed the social media landscape, why authenticity is so critical, how the price you charge tells a story and the future of digital...


15: Randi Buckley: Healthy Boundaries for Kind People

Randi Buckley is an internationally recognized coach, author and mentor whose work helps women find their truth and be at peace with it. She is the creator of Healthy Boundaries for Kind People, Maybe Baby, and The Viking Woman Workshop. She is also a mama who, in her free time, untangles whales from fishing gear in the Monterey Bay. In this conversation, we talk about the importance of speaking to the heart when you want to inspire people into action, Randi’s experiences with depression...


14: L’Erin Alta: Reclaiming Our Power When Reality Breaks Us Open

L'Erin Alta is a soul guide, shadow diver and spiritual teacher known for burning down the stale, fluffy, boring "self-help" formulas and helping women ignite true personal liberation. Her personal motto is: "Breathe and trust your truth." In this episode, we talk about how L’Erin has made writing both a devotional practice and consistent element of her marketing outreach, how we reinforce systems of oppression with certain manipulative sales tactics, and her message for women who are...


13: Jasmine Star: How to Make Social Media Work For Your Business

Jasmine Star dropped out of law school, picked up a camera and pursued her dreams, later being named one of the top photographers in the world. She built a worldwide brand from scratch and leveraged social media marketing to build a six-figure business in her first year. Jasmine has gone on to amass hundreds of thousands of followers through her online educational efforts, and today empowers entrepreneurs to build a brand and market it on social media. In this episode, you’ll learn why she...


12: Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin: Becoming a Powerful Force For Change

A celebrated career coach and fearless entrepreneur, Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin has a storied track record of success as a Wall Street lawyer, serial CEO, entrepreneur, and high-powered executive coach. She’s the founder of Gaia Project Consulting, an executive consulting and coaching firm for senior executives, and The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership, as well as the host of the Women’s Leadership Podcast. Elizabeth has been featured in major media such as CNN, The New York Times,...


11: Tanya Geisler: Stepping Into Your Starring Role

Tanya Geisler is a leadership coach, speaker, and writer who teaches people how to step into their starring roles, own their authority, and overcome the Impostor Complex. In this episode, you’ll learn the history behind the Imposter phenomenon and why it affects high-functioning, high-performing women in particular, plus six specific behavioral traits and coping mechanisms that keep us playing small, 12 lies we so often believe, and three strategies you can leverage to stop feeling...


10: Paul Jarvis: Connecting Creativity & Commerce

Paul Jarvis has shown people how to kick ass at the intersection of creativity and commerce since 1999. The hardest-working creative you’ll ever meet, Paul is a designer, author, teacher, software creator, and podcaster. He’s written four books, built several software companies, taught over 10,000 students through his online courses, and collaborated with the likes of Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, and Warner Music. His work has appeared in Fast Company, CNBC,...


09: Rebecca Tracey: Living an Uncaged Life

Rebecca Tracey is the head honcho at The Uncaged Life, where she works with clients from all over the world who want to have the freedom of working from anywhere by running their own online business. She helps people get clear on their brand message, create packages that sell and helps them learn what it actually takes to get and keep clients online. Rebecca runs a free online community of over 6,000 solopreneurs. She started her business while living in a van, and loves rock climbing and...


08: Jennifer Brown: Diversity, Inclusion & The Will To Change

Jennifer Brown is an award-winning entrepreneur, dynamic speaker and diversity and inclusion expert. She is the founder, president and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, a strategic leadership and diversity consulting firm that coaches business leaders worldwide on critical issues of talent and workplace strategy. Jennifer is a passionate advocate for social equality who delves into the “business case for diversity” as she helps businesses foster healthier, more productive workplace...


07: KC Carter: Give Yourself Permission To Glow In The Dark

After burning the candle at both ends in his youth, KC Carter almost died of stress-related issues at 26 years old. That scare put him on a 12-year path of pursuing what he calls “Full-Life Integration.” Along the way, KC began meditating, quit drinking, and became a Kriyaban Yogi. After helping startup Centro build from 50 employees to over 650 in just eight years, winning award after award for their legendary workplace culture, today KC is a culture and meditation advisor helping...


06: Charlie Gilkey: Start Finishing & Go From Idea To Done

Charlie Gilkey helps people take meaningful action on the stuff that matters most. His website,, is one of the top websites for planning and productivity for professional creatives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and change-driven executives. He's a best-selling author, sought-after speaker and advisor on small business growth and business strategy, and specializes in systems, team development, planning, and positioning. A PhD candidate in philosophy and a...


05: Karin Volo: An Inspirational Journey From Jail To Joy

Known as the Chief Joy Bringer, Karin Volo is an expert in engagement, career, personal and organizational development. She is a co-author of the international best selling book Engage, and has over 15 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies on two different continents offering up insights on business building, cultural transformation, and high performance to help individuals and organizations thrive. Karin is the best selling author of 1,352 Days: An Inspirational Journey From...


04: Greg Faxon: Don’t Let The Fear Win

Greg Faxon is a business growth coach who helps entrepreneurs unleash their full potential. He is the author of Don’t Let The Fear Win: How To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Grow Your Business…Fast. A former All-American wrestler and world-class Spartan Racer, Greg combines his love of peak performance with his gift for helping clients radically increase the impact and income of their businesses. Greg believes that the biggest obstacle for most entrepreneurs is inside of their own heads. He...


03: Erika Lyremark: The Journey From Stripper To Self-Expressed Business Owner

Using the business lessons learned from her stripper days, and her work in the notoriously cutthroat commercial real estate world, Erika Lyremark turned her ambitions to helping other lady bosses succeed in a big way. Erika documented her controversial life experiences in her wildly successful book "Think Like a Stripper: Business Lessons to Up Your Confidence, Attract More Clients & Rule Your Market.” The book was lauded by Dan Pink who called it, "A smart and provocative read.” It also...