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A podcast for the UK Moving industry where your host, Colin Wynn, interviews company owners, branch managers and even suppliers in this wonderful, friendly, family orientated industry. We delve into the past, the present and the future with each of our guests.

A podcast for the UK Moving industry where your host, Colin Wynn, interviews company owners, branch managers and even suppliers in this wonderful, friendly, family orientated industry. We delve into the past, the present and the future with each of our guests.


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A podcast for the UK Moving industry where your host, Colin Wynn, interviews company owners, branch managers and even suppliers in this wonderful, friendly, family orientated industry. We delve into the past, the present and the future with each of our guests.




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Episode 21: Moving Matters with Richard Webster of Tonks Removals

In this episode Richard Webster, Director of Tonks Removals, discusses how he became involved in the industry some 30 years ago, as a porter on the trucks straight after leaving school at the tender age of 15! We discover that Tonks Removals was formed by the Tonks family in Scarborough back in 1820 and today celebrates its 201st year in business. Tonks Removals was put up for sale in 1995 by then owner Nigel Tonks, and Richard (20) together with his brother James (22) purchased the business...


Episode 20: Moving Matters with Sarah Cole of Universal Commercial Relocation

In this episode Sarah Cole, Managing Director of Universal Commercial Relocation, discusses how she became involved in the industry only 20 years ago (next year) after leaving her role as a commercial property specialist within the legal profession to start a family. We discover that Universal was formed in 1978 by Sarah’s father (William), and is a 2nd generation commercial moving specialist based in Greenford, Greater London, servicing mainly the London area, with a fulltime staff of...


Episode 19: Moving Matters with Courtenay Morison of Clockwork Removals & Storage

In this episode, Courtenay Morison, Director of Clockwork Removals & Storage, discusses how he started in the industry back in 1994/5 after he was asked to move a wardrobe for a friend across town (which he did with a friend for the princely sum of £20), using one of his long wheelbase vans from his Caller Keg business, where he delivered kegs of beer for weddings, parties, etc., but as this was mainly work on Friday’s and weekends the vans had nothing to do during the week. So having moved...


Episode 18: Moving Matters with Melissa Campbell of McGimpsey Brothers (Removals) Ltd

In this episode, Melissa Campbell, Managing Director of McGimpsey Brothers (Removals) Ltd, discusses how she got started in the removals industry, by purchasing the family business at the tender age of 26! We discover Melissa never really had any involvement within the business beforehand, as she studied accountancy at university before joining KPMG in the audit department, where she studied for her charted accountancy exams at the same time! Then in 2018 her career took a U-turn and she...


Episode 17: Moving Matters with Danny Pollard of Pollards Moving & Storage

In this episode, Danny Pollard, Managing Director of Pollards Moving & Storage, discusses how he started in the industry some 20 years ago, working for a friend who’s business sadly went bust. We discover after this Danny wrote a business plan and received a small loan from his parents, which he used to acquire the assets and formed Pollards Moving & Storage, some 16 years ago, and has since acquired Wades Removals in 2009/10, but primarily trade under the Pollards brand. We discuss that...


Episode 16: Moving Matters with Rob Horrobin of John Lomas Removals

In this episode, Rob Horrobin, Managing Director of John Lomas Removals, discusses how he started in the industry some 22 years ago at the tender age of 14, where he began as porter during his school holidays. We discover that after a few years of portering Rob became involved in the Sales and Operations side of the business, and that in 2006 John Lomas Removals was brought by Clockwork where Rob became the fulltime Sales Estimator having just completed his Business Studies degree, and soon...


Episode 15: Moving Matters with Steve Jordan of The Mover Magazine

In this episode, Steve Jordan, Editor of The Mover Magazine, discusses how he began in the industry some 47 years ago with ScotPac as a Shipping Clerk, before leaving 6 months later to form Avalon Overseas with Glyn Thomas & Jimmy Hannah, which they then sold in 1989 to Paul Evans of TransEuro. We discover that The Movers Trading Club, as mentioned in Episode 13 by Tony Tickner of The Eurogroup, was started in 1989/90 due to ‘bolshy’ Steve’s involvement within the BAR Overseas Group Council...


Episode 14: Moving Matters with Robert Bartup of GB Liners

In this episode, Robert Bartup, Managing Director of GB Liners, discusses how he is now in his 46th year in the industry after completing a Business Studies Degree at Leicester in 1975, and that he’s only ever worked for the illustrious GB Liners. We discover that Robert is the progeny of another man who was in the removal industry, who’s father was also in the removal industry, making him not a 3rd generation removal man but a 3rd generation removal director. We discover that GB Liners was...


Episode 13: Moving Matters with Tony Tickner of The Eurogroup

In this episode, Tony Tickner, Managing Director of The Eurogroup, discusses how he began in the industry some 32 years ago, forming the company with a friend from quite a large freight forwarding company. We discover that Tony started with general cargo before realising there was very little money to be made, and switching to become a destination agent, handling household goods for the likes of Four Winds Middle East. We discover The Eurogroup operate from 3 depots, with an additional 2...


Episode 12: Moving Matters with Chris Smallwood of Britannia Anchor Removals

In this episode, Chris Smallwood, Director of Britannia Anchor Removals of Salford, Greater Manchester, discusses how he first began in the industry in 1990 with Whitby Oliver, where he was snapped up by Charles Oliver after Charles had heard he was being made redundant from his garage receptionist role. We discover that Chris served 2 stints at Whitby Oliver’s, first serving as porter, packer, driver and then surveyor. Chris left in 1994 to work at Devereux in Cleveland, but returned to...


Episode 11: Moving Matters with the BAR Young Movers Group Council - Part 2 of 2

Episode 11 is part 2 of a 2 part recording with the BAR Young Movers Group Council, which consists of Chairman Ciaran Mullarkey of George Pickersgills & Son, Deputy Chairman Mairead Almandras of Britannia Sanderstead's, Immediate Past Chairman Daniel Braddock of GB Liners and fellow councillors, Michael Dunbar of McGimpsey's, Alexandra Lane of Britannia Lanes, Tommy McNee of Guardian Moving & Storage and Calvin Tickner of The Eurogroup. We discover what one thing my guests would change as a...


Episode 10: Moving Matters with the BAR Young Movers Group Council - Part 1 of 2

Episode 10 is part 1 of a 2 part recording with the BAR Young Movers Group Council, which consists of Chairman Ciaran Mullarkey, Deputy Chairman Mairead Almandras, Immediate Past Chairman Daniel Braddock and fellow councillors, Michael Dunbar, Alexandra Lane, Tommy McNee and Calvin Tickner. We discover that Michael is 33 and works for McGimpsey’s in Belfast, Mairead is 29 and works for Britannia Sanderstead’s in Surrey, Tommy is 33 and works for Guardian Moving & Storage in Edinburgh,...


Episode 9: Moving Matters with Greg Wildman of Basil Fry & Company

In this episode, Greg Wildman, Managing Director of Basil Fry & Company, discusses, in quite some length, how he began in the industry in 2001, although he started in the world of work at the age of 13 as a paperboy. After a stint at university, and travelling the United States of America teaching tennis, we discover that Greg returned to a company he used to work for as a Saturday boy during his college days, Russell & Bromley, where he then set about making a successful career for himself,...


Episode 8: Moving Matters with Ian Palmer of White & Co. PLC

In this episode, Ian Palmer, Chief Executive Officer of White & Co. PLC, discusses how he began in the industry some 43 years ago, starting at White & Co. in Plymouth which was ran by his father at the time. We discover that Ian wanted to become a Geography Teacher, before trying to get into the Royal Navy as a Navigation Officer, but life on the vans soon took over and Ian became a second-generation remover, with his son Adam since becoming third-generation. We discover that Ian is a really...


Episode 7: Moving Matters with Retired Remover David Bunting

In this episode, retired remover, David Bunting, a true gentleman of the moving industry, discusses how he began his illustrious 60 year career within the transportation industry, the last 40 being in the moving industry. We begin at Pickfords Heavy Haulage, where David started as Traffic Clark in Preston, taking every opportunity to use vehicles for back loading purposes to reduce dead time, albeit by pony express at the time! At the young age of 20/21, David had progressed to Traffic...


Episode 6: Moving Matters with Ian Studd of the British Association of Removers

In this episode, Ian Studd discusses how he began his lifelong career in the industry 49 years ago, assisting his father from the age of 13 in the family business, GTS Light Haulage & Removals. We discover how a successful blind date in the early 80’s, led Ian to relocate to Norfolk, where he applied for a job with Abels and joined them as a driver. We discuss how in Ian’s later years with Abels he became responsible for the output of the office and commercial moving, and how in the mid 90’s...


Episode 5: Moving Matters with Paul Bullock of PHS Teacrate

In this episode, Mr Crate Hire himself, Paul Bullock of PHS Teacrate, discusses how he began in the industry over 40 years ago, in 1977. He also discusses how he may be responsible for the start of the dreaded man and van removals, after loosing his first job as a car salesman. Paul discusses how Crates International, started by his father and a business contact, were bought by Rentacrate and closed down, and how Paul went on to run GB Crate Hire for Giltspur Bullens, which was eventually...


Episode 4: Moving Matters with Geoff Archer of P.W. Archer & Son

In this episode, fourth generation removal man, Geoff Archer, discusses how, even though P.W. Archer & Son is a family firm, he had to go and get a job before returning with his worldly experience of work. We discuss how P.W. Archer & Son was started by Percy William Archer and his brother Horace in May 1920, where they drove to Darlington to buy ice, which they then sold back in Northallerton to butchers, ice cream parlours and anyone else that wanted ice. And how centenary celebrations...


Episode 3: Moving Matters with Anthony & Karen Groves of D.C. Groves & Son

In our third episode, my first husband and wife duo Anthony & Karen Groves discuss how Anthony took over the business, D.C. Groves & Son, at the mere age of 24, as a second generation removal man, after his father sadly past away at the age of 64, while on a removal with Anthony. We discuss how Covid procedures put in place are limiting the number of moves at the moment to 2-3 a day rather than 4-5 with hired assistance, as they look to keep themselves, their staff and their customers safe....


Episode 2: Moving Matters with Nigel Shaw of Specialised Movers

In our second episode Nigel Shaw discusses how he began working life by completing his apprenticeship as an Engineer, and how a £300 loan from his Mother in 1982 (which I hope he’s since repaid!) helped him purchase a Bedford TK and start his illustrious career in the Moving Industry, starting Shaw & Simpson Removals with mate Paul Simpson. Today, he and wife Carole run Specialised Movers, turning over nearly £3 million a year! We discuss how a real low point in his career, a fatality in the...