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Seller Central Expertise. Technical how to advice to improve sales. With more than 300 brands consulted for, My Amazon Guy sees trends and speaks about how to improve traffic and conversion on your products.

Seller Central Expertise. Technical how to advice to improve sales. With more than 300 brands consulted for, My Amazon Guy sees trends and speaks about how to improve traffic and conversion on your products.


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Seller Central Expertise. Technical how to advice to improve sales. With more than 300 brands consulted for, My Amazon Guy sees trends and speaks about how to improve traffic and conversion on your products.






Quiet Light vs Amazon Aggregators - How to Negotiate with an FBA Acquirer

Full list of all Amazon Aggregators: HOW TO NEGOTIATE WITH AN AGGREGATOR Joe Valley join us This week on My Amazon Guy to share how to negotiate with an aggregator. “Price it right and you will get more buyers looking at it possible multiple offers and you will get to choose your offer. Not always about the dollar amount, it often about the dollar amount and the deal structure.” -Joe Valley Joe Valley knows the 3 Things...


Thrasio Reveals How They're Buying 100's of Amazon FBA Brands - VP Acquisitions Ken Kubec Q&A

Ken Kubec VP of Acquisitions at answers tough questions and takes us for a deep dive into where they have been, where they are now, and where they are going. Join us to learn how sellers protect themselves and ways sellers are able to increase their valuation. Thrasio is buying $1M+ Amazon FBA Businesses. Thank You Ken Kubec For Joining Us On The Podcast This Week! Want to sell your Amazon business go here:​ 9:39​ Vision and...


Is it Time to Sell Your 7 Figure Business? Amazon FBA Aggregators Update

✅ Who Should You Sell Your Amazon FBA Business to? Amazon FBA Acquirers Institutional investors are booming the acquisition market for Amazon FBA businesses and this is the future of entrepreneurs. These Aggregators are jumping into the market with large funds bringing professionalism into the business and accelerating the success of small successful sellers by acquiring their brands and creating large and profit-making portfolio companies. We are here with a...


Instant Market Feedback with Pick Fu

Anthony Cofrancesco is the Industry Liason at PickFu. Today on our podcast we run a live test on the platform to get feedback on the My Amazon Guy agency tagline. We reveal the results at the end of the podcast, but you can click here to see them yourself now! Testing: Competition on Amazon is going up. Amazon Split Testing BEFORE Your Product Launch. What is PickFu? PickFu matches you with U.S.-based audiences who share valuable feedback on your business ideas, product photos, marketing...


Market Forces: Amazon FBA Aggregators, Supply Chain, Commodity Prices Rising, Rant

In this Sunday rant Steven Pope is talking straight up about WTF is going on in the world. From Amazon Aggregator market forces, to Just in Time Supply Chain beind dead, to commodity prices rising so fast it's obvious we're entering hyper inflation. This is a rant from the heart of the Amazon taxi driver Steven Pope. Support the show (


Amazon FBA Inventory Stocking with Chelsea Cohen SoStocked #155

Sku limitations. We hope to see these go away soon, but for now it's complicated to manage. Amazon wants to be a distribution center, not a storage facility. This is why they are focussing on IPI limits. What are the principles of inventory management, what are some inventory management best practices? Why go from spreadsheet to sostocked. Most companies are going back to spreadsheets. What are some of the biggest mistakes people make in inventory management and forecasting? How to...


Why Agencies Let You Down with Michael Maher of Cartology #154

Michael Maher runs Cartology, a full service Amazon agency, and speaks to the heart of how agencies often let down clients. We dive right in on this issue. There's a lot of meat to this conversation. Michael: "We do that by translating your brand story onto Amazon in a way that engages your audience, increases awareness, and generates revenue and focuses on profitability." Michael talks agency expectations. It's always the agency's fault client expectations are not met. Amazon sellers...


Why Amazon brands are choosing to go public

Bit by bit, Amazon sellers are eyeing the public markets. I read this article written by By Michael Waters. "Although Amazon’s third-party marketplace has been around since 2000, Amazon sellers have historically been far too small to reasonably consider going public. But as Amazon’s overall customer base ballooned this past year, so did the size of its top sellers. According to Amazon’s most recent earnings report, seller services — the amount that third-party sellers pay Amazon in...


How to Source with Robert Sperling East West Basics #153

Robert Sperling owns East West Basics which has been sourcing on the ground in China for 22 years. So he's seen it all, and actively sourcing for large Fortune 500 companies. He owns Abington Lane, and has been a My Amazon Guy client for nearly 3 years, and one of the most experienced sourcing people I know. holesale distribution of non-durable goods. What has changed in sourcing in the past 22 years? What are the various things that need to be set up in a sourcing operation: Manufactures...


Should Private Labelers be Running Automated Repricing? Ian Kaneshiro #152

Ian Kaneshiro is an Amazon e-Commerce pro. Originally from Los Angeles, he now runs Seller Snap’s Sales and Customer Success team from Tel Aviv, helping professional Amazon sellers level up their repricing activities. Should Private Laberls be Running Automated Repricing? Yes if they want to price against competitor items on other listings. Why does min and max price settings exist? To prevent items selling at a loss. What is AI algorithmic repricing and how...


50 Million Dollar Seller Trevor George Blue Wheel - Q&A

Trevor George is the CEO of Trevco, and of the digital marketing agency Blue Wheel, one of Inc Magazine’s fastest growing private companies! 50 million dollar seller on Amazon. We talk ads and product launches! In these roles, Trevor became one of the largest 3rd party sellers on Amazon in the United States! Why is advertising crucial for growth on Amazon? What is Blue Wheel’s Search Term Isolation bidding philosophy and why...


Amazon Journey: Joe Cardillo of Jungle Scout #151

Joe Cardillo quit his first job out of college after a year to start selling on Amazon. In late 2017 did $30k in sales his first month. Have since launched 3 brands and 12 products. Get 30% off Jungle Scout. Joe met Greg Mercer at Ryan Moran's Brand Builder Conference in Austin TX. "I joined the JS team shortly after, where I work in marketing since 2018. Amazon is a side hustle for me, spent ~5 hours per week on it right now. I really love the entrepreneurship mindset and talking product...


Ask ANY Amazon Question with Steven Pope - My Amazon Guy

My Amazon Guy Founder Steven Pope takes your questions live and thoroughly answers what's on your mind! Support the show (


Amazon Selling Techniques with Dan Meadors Wholesale Formula #156

Dan Meadors is the cofounder of the Wholesale Formula and also has a full service Amazon agency. Join Dan's community. We discuss how best to grow sales, avoid common sourcing mistakes, and where private label and reverse wholesale collide. How does private label and reverse wholesale work? Developing products. How do you grow sales? Mistakes you've experienced or seen, that others learn from. When doing wholesale sourcing research, find product where there is space on Amazon not being...


Startup Hustle Andrew Morgans on Amazon #150

Andrew Morgans hosts the Startup Hustle podcast, runs Marknology, an Amazon brand accelerator, and has also bought a couple of Amazon brands himself. Andrew grew up as the son of a pastor and has done countless retail jobs hustling through his life. Andrew grew up as a red head kid in Africa, blue collar worker in a white collar job today. Definition of an entrepernuer "Have to create something out of nothing." Bought 2 small Amazon brands. Failed launching some products. Keep...


Travis Marziani #149

Travis Marziani went from corporate deppression to hustling Amazon guru. "I quit my job cold-turkey to start an online business. After years struggling to grow my first online businesses I realized I wanted to create a business I was passionate about, and I ended up launching a new company, Performance Nut Butter and then launching it on Amazon." Book recomemdnation: 4 hour work week. How To Create A Passion Product Build a tribe. Be autnethic, understand your product. Build an audience...


Amazon Journey: From Romania to RankBell with Izabela Hamilton #148

Izabela Hamilton immigrated from Romania and started her own business Rank Bell. ​We delve deeply into her origin story and how she got started with Amazon. So bring the garlic! The action dictates the strategy. Built her first listing in light bulbs. Then immediately had to find people, learn logistics, and marketing. Quality control become a huge topic. Rankbell uses influencers and a network to use giveaways to propel items in a launch on Amazon. Tips: How to get over fear to reach...


How to get Brand Registry with a Trademark in Under 7 Days & Common TM Questions

✅Order here: Order a Trademark from My Amazon Guy for $775 and get your brand registry on Amazon in under 7 days. We file your trademark within one business day of your order and give you the serial number immediately which you then take and file at It’s our pleasure to earn your business, ask any questions you have. You may also benefit from reading our FAQs at the bottom of the Trademark order service page. ✅ How to...


Ecommerce News 1-22-21

Strong start to e-commerce in January (UK data). IMRG reported 70% year-over-year growth over the last four weeks in the UK, coinciding with a strong finish to the year in late December. Electronics and Home/Garden were the fastest-growing categories. · Amazon advertising a clear winner in Q4 according to Kenshoo. Yesterday, digital marketing agency Kenshoo reported a "breakout quarter" for e-commerce ad spending, with channel spend from agency clients growing 78% year-over-year (see full...


Juicy Amazon Tips with Daniela Bolzmann, Mindful Goods #147

Living in Peru, eating juicy mangos, Daniela Bolzmann shares some basic tips to improve Amazon sales. How we create listings for Amazon in 3 simple steps. Protips for standing out & getting more clicks My favorite not-so-secret tool that not enough brands are using: Pickfu. Create canva render of your product and test. Bio: The mini-audit: How it Works: See sample hereSupport the show (