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My Favorite Detectives Stories is a short form interview podcast for listeners who want to be inspired, informed and entertained by great detective stories. We hear from investigators past and present about the type of investigations they perform, how they got into this niche and what they feel are the traits of a good investigator. They will share their favorites detective stories with us.

My Favorite Detectives Stories is a short form interview podcast for listeners who want to be inspired, informed and entertained by great detective stories. We hear from investigators past and present about the type of investigations they perform, how they got into this niche and what they feel are the traits of a good investigator. They will share their favorites detective stories with us.
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My Favorite Detectives Stories is a short form interview podcast for listeners who want to be inspired, informed and entertained by great detective stories. We hear from investigators past and present about the type of investigations they perform, how they got into this niche and what they feel are the traits of a good investigator. They will share their favorites detective stories with us.




MFDS 67 - James Hannah

James D.F. Hannah is the Shamus Award-nominated author of the Henry Malone novels, as well as the novel THE RIGHTEOUS PATH. A native of eastern Kentucky and southern West Virginia, Hannah was an award-winning former journalist and columnist before moving into governmental public relations. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky.


MFDS 66 - Harvey Morse

Harvey E. Morse began his investigative career in Massachusetts after graduating Boston University and then attending Suffolk University Law School. In approximately 1975 he moved to Florida and commenced operations as President of Locaters International, Inc. which has been actively engaged in traditional investigations since it was founded. He is the founder of the Florida Association of Private Investigators, Inc., multi-state certified firearms training instructor for concealed carry,...


MFDS 65 - David Swinson

David Swinson is a highly decorated member of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, having received numerous awards including the department’s prestigious Detective of the Year Award for 2003; Meritorious Service Medals for significant, outstanding and sustained achievements; Achievement Medals of Honor for a significant case investigation and several Department of Justice, United States Attorney’s Annual Law Enforcement Awards for significant case investigation. David is also...


MFDS 64 - Jerri Williams

Jerri Williams has always been a storyteller and, after serving 26 years as a special agent in the FBI, she has plenty of stories to tell. During most of her Bureau career, she worked major economic fraud investigations and was amazed at the schemes con-artist and corrupt corporate and public officials would devise to steal other people’s money.Jerri is the producer and host of FBI Retired Case File Review, a true crime and history podcast where she interviews retired FBI agents about their...


MFDS 63 - Bruce Maitland

Bruce's interest in Missing Persons began terribly and abruptly on March 19, 2004. His 17 year old daughter, Brianna Maitland, went missing. Life changed from that point on for him. A living hell that no parent should ever go through. In the years since, the endless searching and sleepless nights, not knowing where or what happened to her has taken its toll and continues to this day. In the last few years the idea was brought to Bruce by his friend and private investigator Greg Overacker-...


MFDS 62 - Bob Rahn

Bob Rahn is the President and Director of Investigations of Management Resources. He is a former homicide detective and has over forty-five years of investigative experience. Bob has come full circle in his investigative career utilizing his extensive law enforcement experience and adapting it to the private sector by assisting attorneys, insurance companies and corporations. He holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Bachelors Degree in...


MFDS 61 - James Baysinger

James Baysinger is the creator and host of the Hide and Seek podcast, as well as the founder of Sasquatch Productions. For the last eight years, James has made his career as an Insurance Agent, but has always had an investigative interest the true crime genre. Inspired by podcasts such as Serial and Up and Vanished, he wanted to create a venture of his own. As a Washington state native, James wanted to work on a case that was close to home. When he came across Nancy Moyer's story, he was...


MFDS 60 - Rachael Bell

Rachael Bell is a serial killer expert and worked for CourtTV’s Crime Library for 11 years, starting in the late 1990s. Crime Library was created by Rachael's mother Marilyn Bardsley, a serial killer expert and crime author. She also has a podcast you will not want to miss called Crimes Unlimited.


MFDS 59 - Bill Huffman

Bill Huffman graduated with a degree in Communications from Cleveland State and has worked in Radio, Print and Television His first podcast is on the unsolved murder of Amy Mihaljevic. She was his age when she went missing in 1989 and she lived in the city next to where he grew up. It was and is a story that looms large over the community. He spoke with people he trusted and began setting up interviews with all the major players in the case. The podcast is called Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic?...


MFDS 58 - Dean Olson

Retired Captain Dean T. Olson is an award-winning criminal investigator. He commanded the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department in Omaha retiring in 2008 after 30 years of law enforcement service. Captain Olson earned a BS in Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He also earned a Master of Arts Degree in Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and...


MFDS 57 - Robert Young

Todays guest is Robert Young. A native of Tennessee, he grew up watching his father conduct investigations as a Special Agent with CSX Railroad Police. Wanting to follow in his footsteps, he joined the Metro Nashville Police Department in 2007 upon graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Criminal Justice. For more than a decade Robert served in many capacities within the police department, including; patrol division, flex unit, crime suppression units, countywide...


Tammy Sorrento

Tammy Sorrento has been an insurance professional for the past 20+ years and is a licensed private investigator; experience includes selling insurance, adjusting, mediation, arbitration, litigation, compliance, regulatory reporting audits. She has led and mentored other insurance professionals. Tammy served on the Jacksonville Claims Association in various board positions and was the President 2014 and 2015. She is also an active notary. Tammy used her skills to open a business to keep...


MFDS 55 - Ellis Armistead

Today’s guest is Ellis Armistead Ellis is a Certified Legal Investigator, one of only 66 in the world. Mr. Armistead has investigated thousands of cases, both for the prosecution and the defense. He has worked with notable clients including the parents of JonBenét Ramsey, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, and the parents of Columbine shooter Eric Harris. To Ellis Armistead received a BA from Vanderbilt University and an MPA from the University of Colorado at Denver. In 1972, he began his...


MFDS 54 - Kitty Hailey

Kitty Hailey, CLI is a nationally-recognized investigative ethicist and expert witness on the question of ethics. With the publication of the profession’s first book on ethics, Code of Professional Conduct: standards and ethics for the investigative profession, now in its third edition, Kitty quickly became recognized as the nation's leading investigative ethicist. Kitty’s expertise is based on her early roles as a chief investigator, manager and educator for a large New Jersey-based agency...


MFDS 53 - Frank Deandrea

I could spend an hour going over just the highlights of Frank DeAndrea's career. He is passionate and hard-working and you will hear us today talk about just one area of expertise and that is what happens in high adrenaline police cases. Frank rose though the ranks of the PA state police and took a pension after 26 years as a Commander and then was hired to be the police chief of Hazelton PA Police Dept. He implemented many initiatives and procedures that are still in place today. He and his...


MFDS 52 - Angela Reddock-Wright

Our guest this week is Attorney Angela Reddock-Wright Named a “Top California Employment Lawyer” by the Daily Journal, and one of Los Angeles’ “Most Influential Minority and Women Attorneys” by the Los Angeles Business Journal, Angela Reddock-Wright is the Managing Partner of the Reddock Law Group. A practicing attorney for nearly 23 years, and a former employment and labor law litigator for more than 15 years, Angela’s practice now focuses on the mediation, arbitration and investigation of...


MFDS 51 - Nicole Gray

Our guest this week is Nicole Gray founder of Infinity Investigative Solutions, a woman owned small business operating since 2005. They are headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia with offices in New York. Infinity offers global investigations, compliance and integrity monitoring, due diligence, training, and forensic accounting solutions for clients in a wide range of industries. Nicole has over 20 years experience and is very active in local and international Private Investigator...


MFDS 50 - Joe Koenig Returns

Our guest this week is Joe Koenig retired as an Inspector from the Michigan State Police after 26 years. He also worked for more than 10 years in the banking and insurance sectors. Since 2005, he has owned and operated KMI Investigations, focusing on financial investigations. He is a CFE and author holding a BS in Accounting from Wayne State University, and a Masters in Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University. He is the author of several articles and the award-winning book...


MFDS 49 - Claire Ammon

Our guest this week is Certified Genealogist Claire Ammon Claire’s introduction to genealogy began when she started working for my missing heir company in 2008. This job fostered her deep-seated passion for history, an interest which began in high school and which grew through doing a degree in American Studies at the University of Manchester, UK and a year-long museum internship in Tempe, Arizona. Claire became a Board Certified Genealogist in February 2012. She continues to utilize her...


MFDS 48 - Bruce Pitt-Payne

Bruce Pitt-Payne honed his skills as a major crime investigator and interview specialist over his 26 year career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.He was a full-time Team Leader on the "E" Division Interview Team as well as a part-time member of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team's Special Project's Unit.He is a subject-matter-expert on investigative techniques including interviewing adults (witnesses and suspects) and children.For several years he was the Program Manager of...