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People have complicated feelings about money. But a few simple principles can guide us toward financial health. In a weekly podcast, My Next Move, J.P. Morgan's Michael Liersch explains where to focus and what to do to move forward to reach your financial goals.

People have complicated feelings about money. But a few simple principles can guide us toward financial health. In a weekly podcast, My Next Move, J.P. Morgan's Michael Liersch explains where to focus and what to do to move forward to reach your financial goals.
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People have complicated feelings about money. But a few simple principles can guide us toward financial health. In a weekly podcast, My Next Move, J.P. Morgan's Michael Liersch explains where to focus and what to do to move forward to reach your financial goals.






What can different generations teach each other about money?

It happens all the time. The older generations complain about younger people being irresponsible or not as hard-working as they should be, while that younger generation says older people are out-of-touch and stubborn. Sure, some of this is true. But in this week’s episode of My Next Move, your financial podcast series, host Michael Liersch tells us there are far more similarities between generations than there are differences. As we age, our ability to make sound financial decisions improves...


How can breaking up be less heartbreaking?

Make no mistake about it – divorce can be mentally, and sometimes financially, devastating. But in this week’s My Next Move financial podcast, we discover that splitting up doesn’t necessarily spell gloom and unhappiness. Listen in as Michael Liersch discusses the intricacies of the divorce process with J.P. Morgan Wealth Advisor, Gigi Orta. Together, they reveal that the most important part of marriage is communication, and that it’s also important should that partnership end. Plan from the...


Is home ownership all it’s cracked up to be?

It’s pretty much etched in proverbial stone: Owning a home defines the American Dream. But what does owning a home really mean? What does it get us? How does it affect us financially, and emotionally? In this week’s My Next Move podcast, Michael Liersch gives us some sound financial advice, and it all relates to home ownership. Listen in as Michael suggests that we all ask ourselves some key questions about owning a home: do you see your house as an investment you’ll eventually sell, or is...


How do you help your loved ones after you're gone?

It’s been said that there’s nothing certain in this world except death and taxes. That second item may be debatable, but the first absolutely isn’t. As Michael Liersch reminds us in this episode of the My Next Move financial podcast series, time will have its way with all of us, and although we can’t avoid it, we can and should prepare for it. There are two big things to check off of your list of preparations: first, have you actually done any preparing at all? Assuming that you have the...


How can we defeat financial fear?

Fear can be exhausting. But in this episode of My Next Move, your weekly financial podcast series, Michael Liersch says fear can also be a good thing. Specifically, when it comes to matters of money and investing. It’s pretty frightening to imagine losing all of your hard-earned money. Or any of it, for that matter. And that hesitation can hold us back and cause us to make unproductive financial decisions, or even worse, no decisions at all. But we can fight back against fear by using it to...


How can culture affect how we think about money?

To put it simply, Kam Shing Kwang has a wealth of knowledge about wealth management - and that makes perfect sense for someone who happens to be the CEO of J.P. Morgan Asia Private Bank. Kam Shing was born in China but raised in other parts of Asia. And, as Michael Liersch discovers in this episode of the My Next Move financial podcast series, that gives her a uniquely cultural point-of-view on how finances affect families. She tells Michael that, yes, Asian families have the same financial...


How do you ensure financial fairness in a blended family?

Being part of a blended family - usually a couple with children from both their current and former relationships - can be financially tricky. But there are ways to navigate the fiscal waters successfully. In this episode of the My Next Move financial podcast series, behavioral expert Michael Liersch tells us why being intentional can help blended families be more harmonious. Michael explains that many people have different ideas of how fairness in a blended family is defined. The most common...


Do the Joneses really have it better than us?

Unless your last name is actually Jones, you might want to think twice about acting like them. In fact, in this week’s episode of the My Next Move financial podcast series, Behavioral Expert Michael Liersch advises us that “Keeping up with the Joneses” could be seriously detrimental to your well-being. Instead, frame up, or rather, reframe your current financial outlook. Look at your debt. Is it helping you or is it a hinderance? Ask yourself, “why am I buying this and spending on that?”...


Should your values influence your financial plans? NFL Linebacker Brandon Copeland defends this theory.

Brandon Copeland knows two things pretty well: Football and Money. Football, because he’s currently an outside linebacker for the New York Jets, and money, well, because he’s currently an outside linebacker for the New York Jets. But, as behavioral expert Michael Liersch uncovers on this week’s episode of the financial podcast series, My Next Move, there’s much more to the money part. Aside from his NFL career, Brandon teaches the class, Inequity and Empowerment: Urban Financial Literacy, or...


Do you practice social media self-control?

How many friends can one have? Well, as we’ll find out in this episode of My Next Move with Michael Liersch, there is a finite number of friends the average human being can actually have at one time. Does that mean having hundreds, even thousands of friends on social media is misleading. Yes. And, no. Those “loose tie” friends outside of your inner circle can actually open up some real opportunities. Call it networking. But, as Michael explains, not everyone on social media is a friend, or...


What can you do to keep your family’s finances healthy?

In this episode of the My Next Move podcast Michael speaks with Maya Prabhu, Head of Wealth Advisory for the U.K. and EMEA at J.P. Morgan. Maya is an expert on Family Wealth Dynamics and has some sound advice on how wealth planning can really make a difference. It comes down to a few basic steps: Figure out what your intent is – what is the meaning and purpose of your family’s money? Then focus on communicating. Who will be involved in the money decisions and what do they think? And finally,...


Does your device impact your money decisions?

If you have a mobile device, and we’re betting you do, Michael Liersch can help you use it more wisely. In this episode of the My Next Move personal finance podcast series, Michael tells us about the importance of being aware of, and intentional, with our devices. We all know that devices are ubiquitous, but sometimes their mere presence when we’re interacting with others can make things much less personal. And, research says it’s not just an issue with young people. The older generations...


Are millennials different when it comes to money?

You may be surprised to hear Michael Liersch’s assessment of Millennials on this episode of My Next Move, your personal finance podcast series. With research to back him up, Michael tells us that this often mislabeled and misunderstood generation is quite the opposite of entitled. Rather, they are very purpose-driven and culturally aware. But Millennials could stand to improve on the investing and saving side of things. Some have been understandably disenchanted with the idea of putting...


How do I know when I’ve made it?

Are you “Well off”? Behavioral Scientist Michael Liersch thinks it all depends on how you define the concept of financial success. In this episode of My Next Move, Michael imparts some sound financial advice as he reveals a shocking statistic: more than eighty percent of the world’s population survives on less than ten dollars a day. That really puts things into perspective. And as this podcast points out, knowing you’ve “made it” in terms of wealth isn’t nearly as important as knowing how...


Wait, fighting about money can be good?

Here’s a fact that’s as sure as the sky is blue: people fight over finances. Always have, always will. But, before you come to blows, listen to this episode of My Next Move and find out what Behavioral Scientist Michael Liersch has to say about our collective conflict. What you’ll find is that sometimes, if we focus on our shared desired outcomes, and don’t get too personal, money disagreements can turn out to be quite productive. Because getting to the solution is often easier with more...


When does my financial situation become my partners?

So, you’re about to share your life with someone, and that’s a beautiful thing. But, before you jump into it, be sure to share some relevant information with them first. In this episode of My Next Move, Behavioral Scientist Michael Liersch shouts it from the proverbial rooftop: Talk to your future spouse about where you both stand when it comes to money. Make that happen. The big question is, when? Michael suggests discussing finances in stages, starting with making sure you’re both aligned....


Tips for a well-lived life, Dr. Meg Jay shares big life lessons

Resilience. Tenacity. Toughness. No matter what you call it, it’s covered here, along with a myriad of topics, in part two of Michael Liersch’s discussion with Dr. Meg Jay. She walks us through how to set our kids up for success by helping them, help themselves. “We can raise our kids in a way that makes them more independent rather than more dependent...” “start early with simple things” she tells us. And the discussion doesn’t end there. Liersch and Jay pull back the curtain on some heady...


Why are your twenties so crucial? Dr. Meg Jay explains

If there’s a decade in life that’s jam packed with uncertainty, it’s your twenties. What do you want to do as a career? Where do you want to live? Where will you be in five years? When will you meet a future partner? These questions are only four out of about a million more. In this episode of My Next Move, Michael Liersch digs into the “newly adult” decade with Clinical Psychologist and Ted Talk Favorite, Dr. Meg Jay. Even though it’s your first toe dip into grown-up waters, Dr. Jay...


Are men and women different when it comes to financial decision making?

Sure, men and women are different, but are they so different when it comes to finances? Research suggests, they’re pretty similar. In this episode of My Next Move, Behavioral Scientist Michael Liersch pounces on one of the fundamental differences: confidence level. Sometimes having less confidence can pay off, but maybe not so much for those who are too self-assured. And there’s a surprising revelation as he tells us “People who are overconfident and people who are under confident are...


Do you know the money basics?

In this episode of My Next Move, Michael decides to take a step back to discuss the money basics. He says that it’s smart to “ … structure concepts around how you might think about allocating your resources in your own financial life.” How, exactly? By breaking your money down into four basic categories of what you save, spend, invest and share. From there you can figure out if you’re overspending, underspending, giving too much away or investing too little. As Michael explains, it’s really...