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My Story: Part 1 - Getting my dream job, then losing it all

Part 1 of my story goes back to the beginning, where I find myself landing my dream job in Liverpool. Having the life's dream of working in tech, and then battling confidence issues, I go on a roller coaster of emotions that see's me doing all that I had ever dreamed off, but then losing it all, without me even realising it. Special thanks to Nathan who gave me some valuable feedback to help me go back through and record this additional​ in-depth episode. --​ Mylo Kaye talks openly, and...


Interview: Jack shares openly about having testicular cancer

When he was 21, Jack was diagnosed with testicular cancer. An active, healthy young lad, Jack's world was torn apart. Now on a mission to spread the message that all guys should regularly check their 'balls', he talks openly about his struggles, how he came to tell his mother and why we need to break down the stigmas associated with our bits. Visit the charity: Mylo Kaye interviews inspiring individuals with stories that put life into perspective. We all have...


Interview: Brian talks about his life-changing accident

Brian Higgins, once professional Thai Boxer, had life-changing injuries on holiday in Barbados. A jet ski accident left him stranded in a foreign country with a broken back. Without insurance his life began spiralling out of control, living in the back of his car, homeless for months. His now business partner gave him the opportunity of a lifetime, since then has been on a tremendous, but a thought-provoking journey that has seen him become the chief operating officer of Eoovi, and now,...


Interview: Libby talks mental health at work and teaching

I talk to Dr Libby Artingstall - Co-Founder & Director, Team Mental Health. We talk about why children should be taught how to look after their brains, and how you can support your colleagues with mental health at work. Get tips and advice on how to look after your employees and have a happier workplace. Libby is someone I admire greatly for the work she and her team are doing and I would love to see more of this work in our schools and workplaces. **About Team Mental Health** Team Mental...


My Story: From humble beginnings to homelessness (Overview)

Mylo Kaye talks openly, and frank in this podcast which explores the ups and downs of business, positive thinking, the future of technology and why having a social purpose in your business will set you apart from your competitors. Once homeless now an entrepreneur, Mylo also shares his story of resilience and determination through losing everything and why having a positive mindset will let you overcome anything. New episodes first Tuesday of every month. Transcript:...