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NLP Podcast – Labels, structure & beliefs

Labels can serve us or hold us back in life. In this week's podcast, we explore this life-changing idea that is good for us until they are not. We discover that the right label can help us become more outgoing, advantages and productive. That labels shape how our unconscious minds process's information. Find the right label, you can bend reality. How labels give us structure that we can then grow as a human. We will also explore the dark side of labels and how they can affect every area of...


NLP Podcast – Change & Transformation

Easy Change for long-lasting transformation When we think about change and transformation, we can think significant change is what matters. What if we could train our neurology to expect change? We can and in this NLP podcast we explore how little changes and lead to the transformation of our lives. Along the way, we meet the great Gregory Bateson and the youngest engineer who ever worked at NASA. Take the trance to today


Podcast Short – Goals

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NLP Podcast 53 Practical NLP skills for business

How to grow as a leader & improve your team at the same time Have you ever wondered what the top people in any field have in common? The answer is feedback is the breakfast of champions (and not Wheaties). Yet most feedback does not change behaviour nor results within the work place. We discover that some small changes in how we give feedback can lead to lasting results. We also uncover the art of receiving feedback and what questions to ask yourself to get the best results from your...


NLP Podcast – NLP Applied Business

How to apply NLP to motivating your team In this podcast we explore what is motivation and how we apply this to our teams. Starting with a linguistic analysis of the word motivation you will discover some hidden clues into the true nature of motivation. It may surprise you Once we have dived deep into the word we explore how clear goals are the foundation to motivation. We uncover reason behind the strange phenomena a happy team but not a motivated team? Then we discover the connection...


NLP Podcast 51 – NLP & Relationships Part 2

Relationships are just like a parts integration Keeping in mind that everyone is always making the best decision available to them, they are in a relationship because it is their best option. Not because it is, but because they view it as so. If we chunk up a person’s behavior compared to another person’s behavior (two parts of the parts integration) then we can come to their highest intent in a relationship. This should always be to have a successful relationship, as it will contribute to...


NLP Podcast 50 – NLP & Relationships

This is the most important area of your life. The success or failure of this one area will largely impact every area of your life tremendously. 1.) Pre-Supposition: “Everyone is always making the best choice available to them based on their available options.” Find out how it is their best option and you can come to understanding. Use perceptual positions. Discover empathy Ask the questions that count. Also you can learn to predict their behavior, which could allow you to influence. Wife...


NLP Courses Podcast 49 – Slight of Mouth

Robert Dilts watched Richard Bandler and noticed he never lost an augment, do you want to discover how to do this for yourself? This technique can also help change limiting beliefs. We start off by exploring how we create maps of the world that we then live our lives by. We uncover: The structure of beliefs How to turn the belief into a full belief How to pull out the full thought before we decide how to win an augment How to change intent of a belief How to redefine the belief or augment...


NLP Podcast 48 – Frames and Reframing

Exploring the skill of reframing. The unconscious mind reasons though association and this is at the heart of reframing and frames. We explore sequential and simultaneous associations. In this podcast we cover: Reframing examples Sequential and simultaneous associations The dangers of reframing Benefits and downside of a hard reframe (and what is a hard reframe) Why emotional hot points are important and how to spot them How to spot conflict as a way to utilise reframes Classical NLP...


NLP Courses Podcast – Interview with Christopher Imlach Part Two

NLP being used for Dog Training. Chris shares with us how he's been using NLP as part of training dog agility in this session we cover: The importance of language when dealing with dog owners How matching pace makes a difference How dogs respond to owners Anchoring being used by top dog trainers What to look out for when at a dog show The content of this podcast is good the recording quality not so much. We have done best to clean up the sound quality but still wanted to share this with you.


NLP Courses Podcast – Interview with Christopher Imlach

NLP being used in the NHS. Chris shares with us how he's been using NLP as a clinical technician In this session we cover: The importance of language when dealing with patients How parents can affect you the results you interview through language The importance of rapport or when working with patients how to connect to somebody over time The content of this podcast is good the recording quality not so much. We have done best to clean up the sound quality but still wanted to share this with...


NLP Podcast 45 – Hypnosis and Communication Part 3

Part three of Hypnosis and communication. In this session on everyday trance, we explore how to recognise when someone in a trance. We note: The different stages as someone moves into trance Advanced stages of trance Changes to breathing and what they mean That people tend to look younger in trance Noticing body rhythms and trance Hypnosis presuppositions and how it effects conversations Universal experiences Different types of suggestions Direct suggestion benefits Indirect suggestions...


NLP Podcast 44 – Hypnosis and Communication Part Two

Hypnosis and Communication Part Two of Three Building on last week’s podcast we explore how hypnosis techniques can be used in everyday life. We cover: Beliefs shared by NLP and Hypnosis How your beliefs affect your interactions with others. Multi-level communication How to design suggestions that work Two different kinds of suggestions Upside and downside of each kind of suggestions Before you know it you will find yourself downloading the podcast and changing your life, or not.


NLP Podcast 43 – Hypnosis and Communication

NLP Podcast 43 Hypnosis Exploring how hypnotherapist approaches a client session we can use the same approach when communicating. Six stages of utilisation Preparation Measuring success Frames of reference Fixation of attention Attention Search for resources Change/influence/transformation Suggestions Evaluation and ratifying


NLP Courses Podcast 42 – Oxygen Advantage Part Two

Interview with Patrick McKeown author of Oxygen Advantage Part 2 In this podcast we build on last week's podcast and explore how breathing though your nose can help with asthma. Then we move on to the secret of fitness and learning. When we improve oxygen-carrying capacity of your blood, increasing your VO2 max and extending your endurance potential benefits include: Health Fitness Learning Patrick includes simple breathing techniques so you can put into practice the information covered....


NLP Courses Podcast 41 – Oxygen Advantage Part One

Interview with Patrick McKeown author of Oxygen Advantage Part 1 Patrick studied under the founder of the Buteyko Method. From a young age, Patrick suffered from asthma, applied the techniques he shared in this podcast experienced immediate relief. Learning to breathe through your nose and reducing your breathing volume can be life changing. Patrick has designed breathing programs for healthcare professionals, individuals and athletes. Discover: Why breathing though your mouth can affect...


NLP Podcast 40 – Health and Success

Health and Success Podcast 40 What can we learn from the health and fitness industry about success? In this podcast, we explore two concepts that we can apply to our personal and business success. It is no secret that if you are healthy you are more likely to reap the benefits of success. We explore: Motor units and neurones S.A.I.D Functional Capability You gain what you challenge Consistency Progression Adaptation Download the podcast today.


NLP Podcast 39 – Dealing with crazy people

Dealing with crazy people “The most important decision you will ever make is whether you live in a safe or a dangerous world.” Albert Einstein Do you deal with manipulators, drama queens, bullies, whiners, jerks and know it all? Then this podcast is worth downloading. Pulling on the work of Paul MacLean and Mark Goulston we explore what causes people to be crazy and what you can do about it. How to spot people’s crazy How crazy tries to control you When to walk away The circle of how to...


NLP Podcast 38 – Interview with Sean D’Souza Part 2

Runs the highly successful and marketing consultancy. To give you an idea of what we cover in this interview. Sean says: “But how do you take three months off, without affecting your business and profits? Do you buy into the myth of “outsourcing everything and working just a few hours a week?” Not really. Instead, you structure your business in a way that enables you to put your heart and soul in your work–and then take three months off every single year. Since 2004, we’ve...


NLP Podcast 37 – Interview with Sean D’Souza Part 1

Runs the highly successful and marketing consultancy. Sean says, “If you don’t understand the simplicity and predictability of the brain, a lot of your business could be walking out the door. And you may not even realise it! Here’s your opportunity to learn the psychology behind what makes your customer’s brain tick. In this interview Sean shares his insights into asking better questions to run your own business. Sean now takes 3 months vacation each year because of one of...


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