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Leading the way in the business of medicine


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Leading the way in the business of medicine




Private Equity Pros and Cons in the Medical and Dental Space

What is PE? At its core, PE is an alternative investment class consisting of capital that is not listed on a public exchange. PE is comprised of funds and investors that directly invest in private companies. Most PE firms invest in companies and then look to sell their stake in 3 to 5 years for a substantial profit. So how does this translate to the Healthcare field with Medical and Dental practices being courted daily by PE investors? Listen to the NSCHBC Edge Podcast this month to get...


Retirement Planning for Physicians and Dentists

How much does the average physician retire with? When is too soon to start planning? What age does a physician usually retire? Did the pandemic change the retirement mindset? Are physicians retiring early due to financial readiness or burnout? Traditional 401(K)s? Pensions? IRA's? What is the right fit for a physician and/or dentist? Listen to this edition of the NSCHBC Edge podcast for all of the answers to these important questions, as Terry talks with fellow NSCHBC member and Healthcare...


RCM Staffing: Right people in the right job?

Many practices will hire coders for coding jobs or billers for the billing department, relatives or newbies for the front desk, or hire from within to fill RCM positions in Medical and Dental Practices. But when mistakes are made, or updates are not realized, the RCM suffers. Host, and Healthcare Coding and Reimbursement Consultant, Terry Fletcher, joins fellow NSCHBC Member and industry expert, David Zetter of Zetter Healthcare, to discuss staffing issues and problems that can arise when...


Revenue Cycle Management Tips for Physician Practices

In this edition of the NSCHBC Edge Podcast, Terry Fletcher invites NSHCBC members Vinod Sankaran and Misty Haralson for an RCM Round table discussion. Hear fellow healthcare consultants in the RCM space discuss physician and dental practice pain points and how to be efficient in your Revenue Cycle Management efforts. Join us for this important discussion focusing on verifying eligibility, billing errors, denial management, and IT.


When a Physician or Practice ponders the idea of selling their business

This edition of the NSCHBC Edge Podcast targets Physician Practice Valuations. Are you asking yourself: "Is it time to sell my practice?", "How do I get started?", or "How long will it take to sell my practice?" If so, you’ve come to the right place! Terry Fletcher, along with fellow NSCHBC member and certified valuation consultant Alex Nechay, CVA CHBC, will be talking about knowing when it is the right time, the process of valuation, and who to go to, to begin the process.


Is this the right time to open an ASC or OBL? Pros and Cons from the experts

In this month's NSCHBC Edge Podcast, Terry dives into the ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center) and OBL (Office Base Lab) start-ups and what the market is telling us now when it comes to giving patients options when having their procedures and surgeries. As we all know hospital costs have risen and continue to do so, so what are the pros and cons and options for physicians when considering opening an ASC? What are the Costs? What are the legal challenges? Terry welcomes back NSCHBC members,...


Integrating Behavioral Health Services into your Practice

Can Behavioral Health and Mental Health services be integrated into all specialty practices? Or are they limited to General Practice, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Psychology Practices, or Psychiatric Practices? In this episode of the NSCHBC Edge Podcast Terry welcomes back Adam Middleton, SME, to talk about this topic. The hosts also discuss how to look at financials and staffing for the Behavioral Health specialty.


Physician's getting back to private practice from Hospital System Employees

To date, there has been a swing toward physicians becoming employed by hospitals. Initially, joining an academic medical center or hospital system can be a great start for physicians coming out of training. But we NEED private practice providers. Private practice, as we know it, will progressively evolve with new restrictions as we see the consolidation of practices under equity buyout models. Talking about this is Terry Fletcher and Debra Phairas, NSCHBC, Certified Healthcare Business...


PRF and Reporting: Are you prepared for tax season?

This important and timely episode of the NSCHBC Edge Podcast focuses on Provider Relief Funding, plus all of the money spent over the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist physicians, dentists, and hospitals. Are you ready for TAX season? Chris Hundt CPA joins Terry Fletcher to discuss all things Provider Relief Funding. It’s time to make sure you've met reporting deadlines, and have documentation of COVID losses, expenses, and funding distributions. Plus, the hosts discuss a...


Self-Disclosures and Self-Reporting

Back in 2010, the OIG and HHS established a Medicare self-referral disclosure protocol (SRDP) that sets forth a process enabling providers of services and suppliers to self-disclose actual or potential violations of the physician self-referral statute. Along with self-referrals, CMS published a final rule for the reporting and returning of overpayments that fall under the SRDP protocols. In this episode of the Edge Podcast, Terry Fletcher welcomes back healthcare attorney and NSCHBC member...


Social Media for Medical and Dental Practices

Welcome to the first NSCHBC Edge Podcast of the new year. Terry Fletcher is joined by Maureen Uy of Associated Marketing, to explore the topic of social media for medical and dental practices. What is necessary to make sure you are on top of the information highway? A social media platform can generate both good and bad reactions, but it can also help you grow your patient population. The hosts share their insights on what content to publish and how often, plus what platforms are best...


Are compliance manuals required for physician practices?

In this episode of the NSCHBC Edge Podcast Terry Fletcher welcomes fellow NSCHBC Member and Consultant Sean Weiss to discuss compliance plans for physician practices. Having a compliance program in place to address detected offenses and take corrective action is necessary with the advent of the Omnibus vaccine mandates, OSHA regulations for safety, and the OIG's requirement for Medicare and Medicaid providers. It is imperative practices take a look at their corporate compliance programs...


Telehealth Now: Compliance and Regulations

Nearly two years into the current pandemic, Telehealth continues to make headlines. In the latest episode of the NSCHBC Edge Podcast, Terry Fletcher chats with healthcare consultant David Zetter, CHBC, of Zetter Healthcare, about a number of topics. Among those discussed include 1135 Waivers still in place, Patient Consents that have expired, Audio and Video Encounters, and the CARES Act. The hosts also mention individual states that have either extended or waived their state mandates for...


HIPAA/HIPPA, plus vaccine mandates: are they legal?

In this episode of the NSCHBC Edge podcast, host Terry Fletcher is joined by NSCHBC member and healthcare attorney Amanda Waesch. They discuss the "realities" of HIPAA and what it means in terms of your privacy and rights. For example, can anyone ask you if you're vaccinated? And do you have to reply? This leads to a polarizing discussion of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates. Is this legal to enforce? Why this virus and not others? And can this have an impact on a physician's status as a...


Best practices for hiring medical practice staff

In this episode of the NSCHBC Edge Podcast, Healthcare Business Consultant Chris Zaenger of Z Management Group, Ltd. joins host Terry Fletcher to discuss hiring the right people in management positions in your practice. Among those decisions is whether your spouse or relative should be on the hiring list! Also on the agenda, is salaries, remote workers, and staff members who look good on paper: but are they the best fit? Join us for this fun and lively topic!


Practice Start-ups and Feasibility

Practice start-up services can be very tedious to get a medical practice off to a solid start and firm foundation. This episode of the Edge Podcast discusses startups and practice feasibility, going to work for an established private practice, or joining a Kaiser-like model or ACO to get a new physician's feet wet. Joining Terry is NSCHBC member and Doctor's Management Healthcare Business Consultant Valora Gurganious. Valora serves clients in all medical specialties. She works with the...


Adding NPP's to make your practice cost-effective and profitable

It has been reported that Medical Practices with NPP/APP's and other non-physician providers are more profitable and productive. In this episode of the NSCHBC Edge Podcast, Terry welcomes NSCHBC member and Business Consultant Adam Middleton to discuss how NPPs can increase access, hours expansion, value-based services, and profitability. Listen in to this discussion to help you make an informed decision to add NPPs or not into your practice!


Should you outsource your medical billing? Or keep it in-house?

Whether you are an independent, small or large practice, it is important to think about the pros and cons of outsourcing your medical billing. On this episode of the Edge Podcast, guest Cyndi Walker CHBC joins Terry Fletcher to help you determine if outsourcing is right for your practice – and what factors go into making that decision. Cyndi and Terry also discuss the difference between outsourcing and offshoring: do you know the difference? Tune in as the hosts provide the answers for...


When should I hire a healthcare consultant?

Have you sprung a leak in your RCM? Do you renegotiate or review your insurance contract language regularly? What about EOB review? You may have payment posters, but who in your practice is deciding to appeal or write off denials - or work those denials? Have you checked in on your E/M documentation and coding with the new 2021 rules for office visits? If you are a primary care are you utilizing your NPPs by adding value-added services, like AWV or CCM? Terry Fletcher talks with David...


Financial planning in 2021 for medical practices: now and after PHE

This edition of The Edge Podcast focuses on the financial challenges most medical practices have faced during the last year: what did we learn from the pandemic to pivot our Medical Practices Financial Profile to a more profitable future? Terry welcomes Practice Consultant Ginny Martin to the program to discuss extending hours, APNs, Medicare wellness services, and working AR with our remote RCM staff.