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Helping service providers fall in love with the idea of being an entrepreneur! We want to see you reach more people, make a greater impact, and create the lifestyle that you deserve!


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Helping service providers fall in love with the idea of being an entrepreneur! We want to see you reach more people, make a greater impact, and create the lifestyle that you deserve!




From Disengaged to Building an Empowered Team and Culture With John Stix

Do you ever feel disengaged at work? Like you're just going through the motions, without any real purpose or passion? In this episode of the None of Your Business podcast, we speak with John Stix, co-founder and COS (Chief of Staff) of Fibernetics, about his journey from feeling disengaged and unfulfilled, to building an empowered team and culture. John shares his personal experience of feeling disengaged and unmotivated, despite having a successful career. He explains how he realized that...


Saving Yourself Time and Money By Hiring a Coach With Devin Dinofa

One of the best ways to shortcut your learning curve to becoming successful is to become mentored or coached by someone who has done what you are looking to accomplish. In this episode, Devin Dinofa, a successful real estate entrepreneur and top performance coach shares his mindset around excellence. His unique story demonstrates exactly how one can achieve be performing at the highest level in ANY job, business, or organization. Connect with Devin: Website:...


Reaching New Heights and Milestones In Your Business With These Simple Principles | Paul Wright

Paul Wright, an Aussie physiotherapist and successful multi-practice owner, shares bits of his coaching and consulting advice for service providers to get the most out of their practice. Paul has been actively involved in business education around the world having lectured to over 20,000 health professionals - in the areas health business marketing, systems, recruitment and practice growth. In this episode he shares his most powerful principles for improving your practice and building the...


The Formula For Creating a Lead Generation Machine Through Workshops With Steve Tullius

Ever wondered how you can generate new leads and business from your expertise? Well, this week's guest on the podcast, Steve Tullius has the exact formula. In this episode, he shares how to create a system of in-person workshops to consistently bring people into your business. Don't worry if you have a fear of public speaking, he has the remedies for that too! Check it out! Connect with Steve: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook:...


Powerful Networking Advice from Tedx Detroit Producer | Terry Bean

A lot can be learned from starting, producing, and running a live event community for almost 15 years. In this episode, Terry Bean, shares what life opportunities and experience ld him to start Tedx Detroit and what powerful insight he has on networking for those business owners and public figures. Connect with Terry: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Support the showJoin the #1 Community for...


How A Broke Financial Advisor Found Abundance as an Entrepreneur with Chris Felton

From a broke financial advisor to a best-selling author and speaker, Chris Felton share the lessons he learned to help him turn his life, marriage, and business around. In this episode, Chris shares what his day-to-day looked like when he was at his lowest. It was this "rock bottom" moment that he had the inspired him to invest in himself, be there for his family and become the successful businessman he is today. Truly inspiring! Connect with Chris: LinkedIn:...


Improv: A Powerful Tool For Brave and Vulnerable Conversations With Andrea Flack-Wetherald

All of life is improv according to Andrea Flack-Wetherald. As a comedian, author, and speaker, Andrea helps teams and corporations build better relationships and collaboration through mindful improv thinking. In this episode she shares the framework for using improv and mindfulness practices. Check it out! Join The Mindful Improv Community: Connect with Andrea: Website: Instagram:...


Being Brave, Strong, and Determined for Health and Success with Joel Evan

In the episode, Joel shares the story of a tough decision he had to make during the pandemic that would ultimately affect his health, wealth and his family. But in the midst of this decision he has been since able to build a growing holistic health coaching business, helping people feel their best and live with more vitality. Connect with Joel: Website: Facebook: Instagram:...


How to Embrace Tough Conversations in Life and Business With David Wood

Becoming a Fan of Tough Conversations and Artfully Speaking Truth With David Wood David Wood has a different approach to having tough conversations. In this episode he shares some very practical steps to tackle the most challenging situations and how to navigate them to lead to a positive solution. He expresses that these steps will help you to feel grateful and glad that you took the time and energy to have that "tough conversation". Connect with David: Website:...


Shortening Your Learning Curve to Making 7 Figures in Your Business (From 22-Year-Old) With Luc Lising

Here is a true example of early success as Luc Lising, 22-Year-Old real estate agent in Canada, has sold over $180 Million in real estate in just a few years. One could argue that Luc is well ahead of his time. In this episode it shows how mature and sharp he is even at his age. Listen as he drops a ton of gold on what he has learned thus far in his career and what it takes to reach success in a short period of time. Connect with Luc Lising: Website: Facebook:...


Creating An Opportunity to Be Healthy and Make Money With Jeff Fenster

Jeff Fenster, founder of Everbowl, has set out to create healthy food options for the masses and as a result he has built one of the fastest growing quick-service restaurant concepts out there today. On this episode, Jeff shares his story of how he has evolved as an entrepreneur and why he is driven to be successful in health, wealth, and impact. Connect with Jeff: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram:


Engineering Your Personality and Future Self to Make Your Dream Come True With Giovanni Marsico

Giovanni Marsico, founder of the Archangel community, has developed one of the most unique and powerhouse networks of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and overall "just good people". In this episode he shares how he has been able to cultivate this type of community and gives insight on he has become a better version of himself through this journey. Connect with Giovanni: Website: LinkedIn: Support the showJoin the #1...


The Powerful Combination of Weight Loss and Chiropractic with Jason Strotheide, DC

In this episode, Dr. Jason Strotheide, Founder and CEO of ChiroThin (Chironutraceutical) shares his story of finding true fulfillment in business after being burnt out by high travel demands in the corporate world. He outlines his 3 rules before making a business partnership, his philosophy for making good decisions in business and the life-changing results that clients of ChiroThin have experienced. Connect with Dr. Jason Strotheide, DC LinkedIn:...


3 Ways to Establish an Un-Wreckable Company Culture and How To Keep It Alive With Jonathan Keyser

3 Ways to Establish an Un-Wreckable Company Culture and How To Keep It Alive Meet Jonathan Keyser, Founder of Keyser, Arizona's #1 commercial real estate firm. Early on Jonathan recognized one of the downfalls of the commercial real estate business: the cutthroat tendencies. This got the best of him during his early years in business. But one day Jonathan decided to go against the grain and build a reputation of putting the client first and helping them without anything in return. This has...


Helping People Identify The Block From Moving Forward With Tori Gordon

Helping People Identify The Block From Moving Forward With Tori Gordon This week's guest, Tori Gordon, Performance Coach & Lifestyle Entrepreneur joins the show to talk about how she helps people find the "holy" in the "shit"! One of the way she does this is through her coaching and breath work. By removing the blocks that keep one from moving forward, they can realize their true potential and live a life of happiness and fulfillment. Connect with Tori: Website:...


10X'ing Business in 4 Months by Reinventing the PB&J Sandwich with Austin Fortier

10X'ing Business in 4 Month by Reinventing the PB&J Sandwich with Austin Fortier Co-Founder and COO of Kram Nutrition, Austin Fortier, joins Shawn and Lacey on the show to share the story of how he and his mother Ruth created a healthy, and Reinvented peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The business has seen tremendous growth in past four months alongside building relationships with key influencers like Michael Chandler. Listen to hear Austin talk about his keys to success AND his moments of...


The 3 Things You Need To Go Anywhere You Want to Go In Life and Business With Talmadge "T-Spice" Spicer

The 3 Things You Need To Go Anywhere You Want to Go In Life and Business With Talmadge "T-Spice" Spicer In this episode, Talmadge "T-Spice" Spicer, mindset mastery coach, joins Shawn and Lacey to talk about the things that get in the way of us achieving our goals. From overthinking to toxic positivity, T-Spice breaks down how he has been able to help his clients work through these effects and become better and more successful. Connect with T-Spice: Website:...


Why You Should Drop The Bottom 10% of Life and Business with Shawn and Lacey

Why You Should Drop The Bottom 10% of Life and Business with Shawn and Lacey One of Shawn and Lacey's biggest mentors shared with them a practice that he does every year in his business: Dropping the bottom 10% of productivity in the business. It's an evaluation of the least performing relationships, income streams, systems, and employees to essentially eliminating them to make room for better performance. In this episode Shawn and Lacey share how you can implement this practice when it...


2 Words That Could Be Hindering Your Success With Shawn Dill and Lacey Book

Have you ever asked yourself "What if..?" Ex: "What if it doesn't work? What if I don't get any new clients? What if I lose clients?" The "What If" questions that run through your mind could be the obstacle in the way of achieving great results in your business. In this short episode, Shawn and Lacey talk through how to overcome this mindset limitation and turn "What If" into "What Is" Support the showJoin the #1 Community for Service-Based...


The Top Things You Need to Know For Your Business' Online Presence With Chans Weber

The Top Things You Need to Know For Your Business' Online Presence With Chans Weber Wondering what the "low hanging fruit" is for your businesses' online efforts is? Well, Chans Weber is here to share that with you in this special edition of the None of Your Business Podcast. Listen to this episode, make a checklist and put into action the little gold nuggets that this digital marketing agency owner leaves on this podcast. BEST MOMENTS: 9:45 - If You Have A Business That Solves A...