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NPA 095: How to Track Grants, Donations and Program Expenses

Keep track of your nonprofits funds can be tricky. Tracking grants, donations, program expenses and other revenue means organizing your dollars into trackable categories. Have you ever wondered if there was a system that made this all easier? What is the "right" way to track grants? Should I track each fundraiser separately? If so, how? In this podcast, I talk with Chyla Graham from CNRG Accounting Advisory. If you want to learn how to track grants, donations and program revenue then this...


NPA 094 - How to Use Video Effectively

Are you scared of video? No, really... if I told you to make a video for your Facebook page, would you panic? In this podcast, I talk with Katie Prentiss Onsager from They offer professional video services and impact tracking for people and organizations making a difference in their communities at no cost to them. She walks us through - Katie typically produces documentary-style videos that amplify the voices of people working to solve creative problems. These videos...


NPA 093: Making Change with Video

Everything is "video, video, video". Really - 80% of all internet consumption is video. So, if you are not using video you are behind the game. The problem is video can be a technical and creative hurdle. And hiring an expert can be a financial hurdle. That is where my guest, Harry McAlister, from comes in. Harry helps nonprofits connect with video producers for an affordable price. Here is how it works. There are 63,000 video producers on the internet, and millions more...


NPA 092: How to really RAISE MONEY with AUCTIONS

In this episode I talk with Adam Capes from GetAway2Give about how he helps nonprofit raise $10,000's with auctions. Adam Capes is the Co-Founder and President of Getaway2Give, a company changing the way non-profits raise money and people think about vacations. Their mission is to be the best in the country at helping charities and schools raise money, and they’ve helped raise over $10M so far. Adam began his journey to being a Social Entrepreneur as co-founder and president of a luxury...


NPA 091: 911 Funding for Nonprofits

In this episode, we talk about how to obtain emergency funding for your existing programs. I talk with Caroline Bressan from Open Road Alliance. They are a private philanthropic initiative that serves the social sector by keeping impact on track in an unpredictable world. Open Road Alliance provides short- and long-term solutions to unexpected challenges that arise during project implementation, so that impact and finite resources can be maximized across the social sector. To meet...


NPA 090: How to be an Innovative Nonprofit

My guest on this podcast is Jesse Lane with Pure Charity. Jesse talks with us about nonprofit "innovation" and how it can be used to spark new ideas and build sustainable programs that grow through changing times. Pure Charity works with thousands of nonprofit organizations who are working on challenging global and local problems. They exist to help these world-changers fulfill their mission. They focus on two areas, technology & strategy. Jesse also talks with about the "State of Good"...


NPA 089 - Smart Start Your Nonprofit

In this episode, I talk with Michael Rivera from Jee Foods. Michael is part of a group of high school students who started a nonprofit to help the hungry in their area. The program is an initiative to discover new models for alleviating hunger throughout the world. JEE Foods is a Non-Profit Organization which has partnered with local grocers and companies like Kroger and Shared Harvest to collect food that would otherwise be wasted. We reprocess and redistribute these donations in the...


NPA 088: An Audio Board Training

In this episode, I talk with Kate Hayes from Echoing Green. We talk about the importance of creating diversity on your board as well as how to help your board work better as a team. According to a survey by BoardSource, a research and support organization for nonprofit boards, 25 percent of boards are all white, and only 20% of board members are people of color. Yet, most nonprofit leaders and board chairs desire to have boards that are more diverse--not only racially, but in terms of...


NPA 087: The Journey to Sustainability

In this episode I speak with Rosenna Bakari from Talking Trees. It is a nonprofit she started back in 2010 and just recently devoted full-time hours to help the organization become sustainable. We talk about her journey starting the nonprofit, where she is now and her plans to grow her organization. We also, talk about her new book and how that new book is helping raise awareness about Talking Trees. Here is more info on Rosenna: Rosenna Bakari is a scholar, motivational speaker, and...


NPA 086 - How to Fundraise without Asking for Money

The reason most people hate fundraising is because they hate asking people for money. But this assumes that "asking" is all we do when we fundraising. And this is where the problem lies. It's not so much that we hate asking for money... it is that we think that asking for money is what funding raising is about. And this is just not true. In fact, if you want to be a really good fundraiser, then "asking" for money should only be 10% of what you do. Hmmm... gotcha you thinking...


NPA 085 - Get Better Rankings in Google

Getting found in Google doesn't happen by accident. Your website doesn't magically appear in the search engines for the right search terms. Well... that isn't totally accurate. It sorta does. But it may not rank well and the search results may not be accurate or consistent. But there is a way to get your website ranked for the correct terms and that is by using SEO (search engine optimization). SEO has become a sophisticated field that is separate from your typical web design...


NPA 084: From Survivor to Founder

In this podcast, I talk with Jenna Benn Shersher. She shares with us her story on overcoming a rare form of cancer and how it inspired her to start a nonprofit. Jenna is the Founder and Executive Director of Twist Out Cancer, a non-profit organization she founded after surviving Grey Zone Lymphoma in 2011. Jenna saw firsthand how young adults with cancer have a unique set of needs that are not being addressed or talked about. She found that one way of fulfilling this need is through...


NPA 083 - Put your Mailing List on Steriods

Have you wondered what is the best way to get information in front of your followers and supporters? Most people think social media is the end-all/be-all of communication. But I want to assure you - it is not. In this podcast, I talk with Kathryn Calhoun from Kathryn discusses some of the myths about social media, what it should be used for and how to maximize its effective reach. But most importantly, Kathyrn shares with us some of her best tips on using your...


NPA 082 - How to Turn Risks into Insights

Risk Doesn’t Have To Be a Four-Letter Word. Risks can be unsettling. It is easier to focus on what’s urgent while ignoring what’s necessary and important. But if you can create ways to make it easier to see and address threats and opportunities, you can: Knowing your risks can help you increase your awareness of the threats and opportunities faced by your organization. You can identify unnecessary costs and find fixes to unlock additional resources. Does any of that sound...


NPA 081: How to Build & Spend Social Capital

In this episode I talk witth Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew about building socail capital and developing asset based based community relationships. Let's start with some definitions. Social CapitalAsset Based Community Development In a nutshell, we talk about how to use existing networks within a comminuty that enables that society to function effectively and thus help communities develop based on their strengths and potentials. Here's more about our guest. Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew has an...


NPA 080: Find New Funding for Your Nonprofit

Podcast show notes written by Alexandra Black-Paulick. Thank you Alex! Can nonprofits make money? You'd be surprised at how many people adamantly believe that under no circumstances can nonprofits earn revenue. The reality is that the term "nonprofit" has nothing to do with whether an organization can make a profit and everything to do with what they do with that profit. In the instance of a nonprofit, they cannot distribute profits to shareholders like a for-profit company. Instead, the...


NPA 079: Keys to "Social Startup Success"

In this podcast I talk with Kathleen Kelly-Janus, author of Social Startup Success. In this interview we talk about the different factors involved in building a nonprofit into a sustainable, profitable (yes, you can make money) and affective organization. Kathleen is an award-winning social entrepreneur, author and lecturer at Stanford University. Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Tech Crunch and the San Francisco...


NPA 078: Building Capacity Panel Discussion

In this podcast we talk with Zoot Velasco (501c3BS), Jeremy Grandstaff (SGendeavors) and Nicolette Holferty (XOXOHats). This is a panel discussion about how to grow your nonprofit, build capacity and create a strategic plan. In particular we talk about: This podcast is packed full of incredible information for nonprofit experts and those of us with our boots on the ground. Guests Links Zoot Velasco Website: Podcast: 501(c)(3)BS Jeremy Grandstaff Website:...


NPA 077 - How to be an Emerging Nonprofit

The term "emerging nonprofit" is thrown around a lot. But what does it mean? Does mean anything? Well, that is actually not the topic we discuss in this podcast. But, if you want to "emerge", then pay close attention. It's time to build your capacity. In this podcast I talk with Jeremy Grandstaff from We talk about building your nonprofit team and helping them define their roles within the organization. This of course leads us into a discussion about holding a better...


Top Five of ALL TIME – #1

In this special edition of the Nonprofit Ally Podcast we count down the top 5 episodes of all time. In this episode, we hear an exerpt from the most listened to podcast of all time. It features Ann Myren. The podcast title is, “Grant Writing from Preparation to Submission". Hear the whole episode at,