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005 - Honesty, Loan Signing Companies And Making Extra Income

In this episode, I'm going to talk about being honest not just as a notary but in business in general. I'm also going to discuss why I value Loan signing companies and finally, I'm going to go over additional ways of making extra income as a notaryWeekly updatebeing honestloan signing companiesmaking extra income Right Click Here To Download this Episode [...]


004 - Surviving The Notary Slowdown

In this episode I discuss the upcoming notary slowdown and how to survive this time periodI cover;Why I believe the economy is slowing down and why we may be heading into a recession. How this slowdown will affect notaries.What you can do to prepare for this change in the economy and the marketplace. Right Click To Download This Episode [...]


003 - Getting Paid Higher Notary And NSA Fee's

In this episode I go over how to get paid higher notary and loan signing fee's. Some of the point I cover are:Mind set. What's more important? Time vs. MoneyHow to negotiate higher fees with loan signing companies How to negotiate higher fees with people calling you for gnwHow to attract more people and loan signing companies to negotiate withRight Click Here To Download This Episode [...]


002 - How To Grow Your Notary Business With Google and Yelp

In this episode I talk about how to grow your business using Google and Yelp. I'm going to cover three things in this episodeWhat is local search and how does it relate to Google and Yelp. In other words how do you use Google and Yelp as a tool to help people who are looking for your business.I share a story of how I used the strategy I talk about to helped a couple stay in business.I explain the three things you need to do to become invisible online to potential clients. Web [...]


001 - Why You Should Start A Notary Business.

In this podcast, I cover the following:I share my reasons why I believe anyone who wants to earn a great part-time or full-time income from home should consider starting a Notary Business.I share my personal story of how a became a NotaryI go over how I overcame a lot of the difficulties most Notaries faceI go over the 2 main ways of making money as a NotaryI explain what I did and still do to make a great income as a Notary. ​Right Click Here To Download This Episode Now ​I [...]