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Orange County, CA's only online community radio station, giving businesses a voice on the Internet. Streaming...not screaming.

Orange County, CA's only online community radio station, giving businesses a voice on the Internet. Streaming...not screaming.
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Orange County, CA's only online community radio station, giving businesses a voice on the Internet. Streaming...not screaming.








Greg Eisenman, Hotel General Management

Greg is the General Manager of two hotels located in the city of Anaheim. · Tropicana Inn & Suites, 197 rooms · Camelot Inn & Suites, 121 rooms Born and raised in Southern California, Greg attended Estancia High School in Costa Mesa. He graduated from Orange Coast College with an Associate’s Degree in Hotel Management and earned hotel certifications. He then moved on to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, for his Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management. While attending UNLV he worked various...


Tech Culture Begins with Good Employees

Mark Godley sits down with Rob Kornblum, author, former VC, and friend. Rob and Mark discuss their years in tech startups and why culture, hiring and people are the essential ingredients in a successful startup. Rob even goes so far to say that the team is more important than the product! Whoa! Join the podcast to hear from a successful author, VC, and data wonk about the skills and savvy you need to hire and succeed in the startup world.


The Business of Non-Profits! With CEOs Dawn Reese of The Wooden Floor and Maricela Rios-Faust of Human Options

Two of Orange County’s leading non-profit CEOs, Dawn Reese of The Wooden Floor and Maricela Rios-Faust of Human Options joined me at the Café this week to discuss how strategy, financial stability and leadership is essential to the growth and sustainability of a non-profit. You can join us too, download this show on your favorite podcast platform.


#100 Jennifer Noel Taylor: Make a Living Doing What You Love

Show Notes YIPPIE! This is our 100th show on The Next Chapter with Charlie. And it certainly makes the Top Ten list. My guest is flat amazing! Today’s guest is ideal for our theme of moving on to the next chapter of life. Jennifer Noel Taylor is the author of an upcoming book, Spiritual and Broke: How to Stop Struggling with Money and Live Your Purpose. Jennifer is the CEO of Quantum-Touch, Inc., where she learned that when you follow your heart, doors open almost automatically. I resonate...


The Making of a Million Dollar Car - Pagani Newport Beach Talks Hypercars, Drift Cars and More!

Tyler Lee from Pagani Newport Beach joined Bart in the studio to talk about Pagani - one of the world's most distinguished hypercar manufacturers. With just over 40 vehicles on the road in the USA, Paganis are all custom ordered with a base price starting at $1.1 Million Dollars. In 2012, Top Gear Magazine recognized the Pagani Huayra as the Hypercar of the Year and since then, the elite automotive brand has continued to set records and raise the bar for excellence in the automotive...


Improvisation Skills Generate ROi: How It Transforms Public Speaking, Communication and Team Building Skills with Lee Godden and Bob Doll. H

How are companies like Coca Cola, Deloitte, and Microsoft using improvisation or improv skills to improve team performance? In this episode, Alex is joined by Lee Godden and Bob Doll of Advantage improv to explain the benefits and Alex shares how improv helped his public speaking and communication skills. Lee and Bob take us through the essential rule of improv: “Yes, and…” and describe how they implement the lessons they learn from their weekly improv shows into their workshops for...


Hitting Your Number and Doing it the Right Way: This and More Advice from Workfront CEO Alex Shootman

Alex Shootman, CEO of Workfront joins us this time as we talk about principals of doing things "The Right Way". Check out his book, Done Right: How Tomorrow's Top Leaders Get Stuff Done. It pulls from over thirty original interviews with experienced leaders across a variety of industries to show how tomorrow's leaders can effectively navigate the modern workforce. "... this notion of getting it done and doing it right-- and mentally, if you think about a two by two grid, with a vertical axis...


Exploring the importance of employee benefits as a business strategy! With Elena Viera of Wood Gutmann & Bogart

Hiring the right people for your business is a challenge. Retaining those people becomes even more challenging, especially in today’s employment environment. What is the right mix of employee benefits you offer to attract and retain top talent? In depth discussion with Elena Viera, Vice President, Director of Client Information with Wood Gutmann & Bogart.


How to Set Hundreds of Appointments with No Cold Calling (Here’s How Guidant Financial Does It)

In this episode host Matt Heinz interviews Guidant Financial CEO Dave Nelson. They discuss his entrepreneurial journey and an important moment in time when he knew he had to pivot to a new business. Nelson describes how his aversion to being sold changed his model for selling Why "cold calling" wasn't an option for his business How he moved from a monthly to a quarterly dashboard for planning How he created “Inbound” lead generation tactics that fill his pipeline How they created good...


The Truth About Wealth And Retirement

Is it a Fact or Myth, that you'll need millions of dollars to retire comfortable. On this episode of closing the wealth gap, we'll explore alternative retirement options that are hidden in plain sight with our esteemed guest Mr. Dan Vinal, Founder and CEO of WebPrez Videos. For more information visit: www.closingthewealthgap.website


#99 Charlie: Managing the 2nd Half of Life

Show Notes As you know, I have been highly impacted by a book from Richard Rohr titled Falling Upward. In this book Rohr emphasizes the distinctive transition from 1st to 2nd Half of Life. In short, the first half is generally triggered primarily by an ego-driven focus of building up your needs for self-esteem and self-importance, which are often referred to ego-driven needs. Rohr points out that this is a most important and necessary part of life because it establishes the confidence and...


Colton Bollinger, Jumper Media

Jumper Media was born as a brainchild of Colton Bollinger in 2016 - to help small businesses tell amazing brand stories on social media – all day, every day. He brought on two other business-savvy leaders (also long-time friends) after seeing how most small businesses struggle by-the-second to attract, engage and convert their audiences effectively on social. Colton is not ‘all-business’ as he also loves to spend time on the golf course, which is where he first got the chance to unleash his...


Artificial Intelligence (AI): Risks and Rewards for Businesses with NYT Best Selling Author Martin Ford

New York Times best-selling author of Rise of the Robots, Martin Ford, discusses what he discovered about the current state of AI and its future potential while researching his new book, Architects of Intelligence. Martin details the current state for this emerging technology. AI is already writing compelling news stories, crafting engaging real estate listings, and taking over stock market trading. We take a look at the future implications for the economy and whether all of us will...


Vair Jets: A Private Jet Co-Ownership Program Unlike Any Other

Introducing Vair Jets - the newest co-ownership program for private jet clients in the USA. David Bowling and Collin Jamieson of Vair Jets joined Letitia in the podcast studio to talk about the launch of their company and its services. Co-ownership is a great fit for clients who travel 100-200 hours per year, but don't want the full responsibility or cost associated with complete private jet ownership. Unlike fractional jet ownership, co-ownership matches each client with up to two other...


Where Should The Insides Sales Team Live Within Your Organization?

Some argue marketing, some argue sales. No matter where inside sales lives, both marketing and sales play a critical part in this team’s success. Tune in to this month’s episode of Revenue Rebels as Rhoan Morgan sits down with David Priemer, Founder and Chief Sales Scientist at Cerebral Selling to discuss where inside sales fits in and how marketing and sales must bridge the gap to support this team. About Our Guest From his early days tinkering with test tubes and differential equations as...


Investing Thru Real Estate Lending - Arixa Capital Advisors - with Jan Brzeski

Jan, founder, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, tells the story of Arixa, who makes real estate secured bridge loans to home and commercial renovators. With over 800 transactions totaling over $700 million, Arixa focuses on coastal California's major urban markets, with loans of less than two year duration and a margin of safety of about 40%. He also discusses the new "Opportunity Zones" program recently established by the U.S. Congress. Anyone interested in credit/fixed income...


Don't miss the next CIGAR NIGHT-BIZ MIXER GROUP-OC FEB 13 at Tustin's WINERY

Pick up some amazing tips from Master Networker, John Dade (founder of THE CIGAR NIGHT-BUSINESS MIXER GROUP-OC ) on THE RAAD LIFE as he talks about the phenomenal growth of this group and how important it is to still "meet people", physically "press the flesh" and share a low key/high engagement experience with local business owners and executives (like you). So whether you crave cigars or just want to try something different, make plans to attend their next smokin' Business Networking Event...


The Professional Leadership Difference

What is billed as leadership development today is usually focused on leadership as a skill. It actually is a process that must be prescribed and practiced every day using the same approach taken by professional athletes worldwide for decades. The one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development offered by other programs doesn’t consider an individual’s personality and capabilities. You can’t learn ‘skill x’ one day and expect to be a better leader the next. True leadership growth...


How to Prevent Fraud in Your Daily Life With These Simple Steps

Bart and Letitia were back in the studio discussing the dark world of fraud, and how the devices we use such as smartphones, tablets, computers, electronic appliances ( yes!) and more can be portals for predators. Learn how to protect yourself and your family, as well as your finances and your identity, with Bart and Letitia's simple safeguarding steps. -Consider using special apps to create and protect your passwords. -Learn the downside of using "Free Wi-Fi" in public spaces. -Understand...


#98 Austin Hedges: The Tension Between Contentment and Self Improvement

Show Notes Boy do we have a special show today. Our guest is one of my very favorite people on the planet. It’s my son, Austin Hedges. Austin is an expert on our subject today, which will be all about the tension between finding personal contentment with your life and the other side of a never-ending desire for self-improvement. Are the two compatible? That’s what we’ll talk about. You know, I had never even really thought much about the subject until Austin brought it up to me in the last...