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Take any sport, creative pursuit, or hair-brained idea and you can extract turning points, learning lessons, and cautionary tales that anyone can learn from. That's "Off The Floor".

Take any sport, creative pursuit, or hair-brained idea and you can extract turning points, learning lessons, and cautionary tales that anyone can learn from. That's "Off The Floor".
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Take any sport, creative pursuit, or hair-brained idea and you can extract turning points, learning lessons, and cautionary tales that anyone can learn from. That's "Off The Floor".




The Business Explorer with Rob Rawson

Rob Rawson is a serial entrepreneur by definition. The founder of he's on a quest that will inspire anyone to push past the limits of your comfort zone or your perception of available time.


Bet On Yourself with Dave Chesson

Dave Chesson was never the best writer... just ask his English teacher. But Dave decided to challenge the safety of his comfort zone to try to create a better life for him and his family. You don't have to strive to become a self-published success story to learn a lot from Dave's story, you just have to love the idea of making a little bet on yourself to expand your comfort zone. This episode is LOADED with fantastic takeaways for any motivated person to learn from. For more on Dave...


Lessons from a Navy Seal with Brent Gleeson

Brent Gleeson is an Ex-Navy SEAL, keynote speaker, and author of the best selling book, "Taking Point: A Navy SEAL's 10 Fail Safe Principles for Leading Through Change" While the Navy SEAL part of this interview may grab your attention, Brent Gleeson is also a highly successful entrepreneur and his unique combination of skills make this an episode of Off The Floor you don't want to miss. If you are a manager or business owner that has to lead a team through change, or if you're trying to...


Omar Sayyed: Shot Caller

Omar Sayyed is the co-founder of and is the textbook definition of "serial entrepreneur". On today's episode of Off The Floor, we talk about his origins story, the bold steps that he's taken to reach this point in his career, and advice that every future entrepreneur needs to hear. *This episode pulls no punches and that's exactly what you can expect when you're talking to a someone like Omar Sayyed, an entrepreneurial shot caller. For more on Omar, check out:


Carolina Millan Tear it Down, Build it Up

Carolina Millan is a status quo rebel. After leaving her day job to pursue a career in digital marketing, this social media influencer from South America has developed an authentic personal brand, but she shares the human moments that got her to where she is now. You don't need to be a marketing expert, or have thousands of followers, to appreciate this story. Follow Carolina on all the major social platforms @carolinamillan and check out her blog: - English...


Sonya Looney From Setback to History

Sonya Looney is a doer. If she wasn't, maybe she wouldn't be the first woman to finish an extreme mountain bike race across the Himalayan mountains. But while she seems to be wired this way, it hasn't always been easy. In her interview on Off The Floor Sonya shares how a professional setback had a dramatic impact on her and what she did to level up because of it. In addition to being a cycling superhero, Sonya is also a Ted speaker, writer, and podcaster. Check out her great website for...


John G. Miller, the QBQ Guy

John G. Miller is the author of a book that has changed my life. The QBQ, or question behind the question, is a personal accountability masterpiece, and he was kind enough to join me on Off The Floor Episode 10. Check for a full transcript and show notes (coming soon). And be sure to check out to pick up a copy, or a case, of this book that is sure to change the way you view problems, your role, and how to move past them.


April Monet, From Injury to Entrepreneur

April Monet had dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. What happened next, in the short term, was a tragedy, but what she found in the long term was a triumph. April is the founder of A.M. Elite PR, a public relations agency that works to show the best side of athletes and celebrities, and today on "Off the Floor", we get a chance to shine the spotlight on the person that is paid to shine it on her clients. Not only will you learn a thing or two about Public Relations, but...


Ben Peters - To Quora and Back

Ben Peters isn't just a law student, consultant, or typical guy for that matter. He found a platform in Quora that has helped him grow his business, cope with personal setbacks, and form friendships along the way. In his interview, you'll learn what his advice is for anyone that's stepping outside their comfort zone, whether that's in a hobby, a career, or jumping onto a new social media platform. You don't have to be a Quora user or law student to learn plenty from Ben Peters, but I do...


Caitlyn Woods, Hooper of Joy

Caitlyn Woods turned an interest into a passion, and turned that passion into a business. Woods is the founder of Spinjoy, a Sydney Australia based Hula Hoop company that features everything from hoops to hoopers, corporate team building functions, and lessons for people who want to conquer a lifelong dream. On episode 007 of Off the Floor, she shares her origins story and what she's learned while being a teacher and what it takes to make breakthroughs with her students. Check out her...


Dan McGinn Author of Psyched Up

If you perform in your job, in your hobby, or are just preparing for a first date - you need to listen to this interview with Harvard Business Review author and editor, Dan McGinn. His new book is title "Psyched Up" and he compiled some of the best performers, the best studies, and created the manual for how to help operate at your best when the pressure is on and the audience is watching.


Mike Lee the Mindfulness Coach

Mike Lee can teach you to play basketball, but he'd prefer to teach you the mindfulness practices to make you a better human. Mike has combined an affinity towards basketball, social media, and the tenacity to overcome personal obstacles to become an author, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker.


Stevie Dub, When Inspiration Meets Hip Hop

If you assume that every rapper has to wear gold chains, drink in public, and disparage women then allow Stevie Dub to show you a different side. He has a story that will inspire you, but what he's done with his opportunity will motivate you to maximize all the positives in your life. Don't miss this episode of Off the Floor, and don't forget to follow StevieDub here on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Twitter.


DJ Markus Homm and his Dance Story

To the Club Music world, Marcus Homm is a famous DJ from Germany. To the dancing world, Markus Homm is a Latin Dancer with an incredible history, but to the Arthur Murray world... he's just Rudy's brother. We caught up with Marcus Homm, amid his insane "James-Bond-like" travel schedule, to talk about his perspective on how his dancing influenced his music career. He lives an "On the Floor, Off the Floor" life already, and now he's our featured guest in Episode 003. Follow him on Instagram:...


Chef Lizette is Cooking and Hustling

Chef Lizette has cooked for 5 presidents, Nelson Mandela, and Lady Gaga, so there's not much that can rattle her. We caught up with Lizette after frequent @GaryVee related run ins on Twitter and recorded this interview while this chef of 25 years was on her way to work. She shares the advice her mentor, Julia Child, gave her, what she's learned by watching moguls when the cameras aren't around, and how she's been able to build a career through passion, hard work, and kindness. She's an...


Alice Cannon Shoots People

Alice Shoots People was the phrase that changed everything. At that point, Alice Cannon made a bold move, prompted by a series of inspiring events, that turned her into one of the most sought after wedding photographers on Instagram, and her personal handle into: "Aliceshootspeople" We caught up with her on the Off the Floor podcast to discuss her journey, why the Utah wedding scene is so crazy, and a little bit of dancing on episode 001 of the podcast that aims to look at the world of...