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Take any sport, creative pursuit, or hair-brained idea and you can extract turning points, learning lessons, and cautionary tales that anyone can learn from. That's "Off The Floor".

Take any sport, creative pursuit, or hair-brained idea and you can extract turning points, learning lessons, and cautionary tales that anyone can learn from. That's "Off The Floor".
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Take any sport, creative pursuit, or hair-brained idea and you can extract turning points, learning lessons, and cautionary tales that anyone can learn from. That's "Off The Floor".




How To Stay Cool Through Trial and Error with Author Craig Martelle

Trial and Error. You can't do anything great without it. As an author, Craig Martelle had to be willing to "kill his darlings", scrap what wasn't working, and that was all fine by him. He's living his dream. Every great story has a hero that is a daydreamer - wondering what else is out there for them. Craig Martelle certainly fits the bill. He’s taken a path that started with the military, to a law degree, business consulting, and now writing every day. He's a best selling indie author with...


Finding Balance Through Disaster

The only way to build balance is to challenge it. So in this episode, I'll share the most challenging and destructive thing that ever happened to our business. It was the thing that nearly broke us and yet, it became the catalyst to show us the areas we needed to address. We'll also look at how these learning lessons could have helped a famous business that opted to stay the course, to avoid the challenges it required, only to lead to their downfall. It's a solo episode perfect to start off...


Get Your House in Order with Lisa Woodruff

If the organization of your home is a metaphor for your life, then what is it saying? This is both the challenge and opportunity that I have in interviewing organizational guru, author, and podcaster, Lisa Woodruff. As with anything, it all starts with our mentality. What are the thoughts, feelings, and fears that are standing in the way from haivng a more organized living or workspace? What do the collection of junk drawers say about us? What are the steps to getting to a better, and more...


The Connectivity of a Cuddle with Samantha Hess

How important is human contact? As humans, we are social animals that crave contact, yet why is it that any trip through a coffee shop or company headquarters seems to contradict that. Today's guest is Samantha Hess. She is an expert in cuddling. In fact, she's literally a professional at it. Her business is designed to deliver physical contact, helping people of all varieties to make a human connection, in a platonic and professional fashion. While her occupation may not be normal, her...


Setbacks, Anchors, and the Discovery of Value

This story was so important to my career that this episode was created in two different segments, in two different states, on two different microphones, but with one critical message: You can't borrow someone else's value. Price may be what you pay, but value is what you feel and receive. In my case, I had a history when it came to the price of dance lessons but it took a special student, after a rocky start as a teacher, for me to truly discover why my assessments were off, and just how...


Sales Legend, Tom Hopkins

When you hear the term Sales, does it conjure a good feeling or a bad feeling? Some people hear it and cringe, thinking of some high-pressure car salesman, or that cold caller that interrupts your dinner hawking magazine subscriptions or timeshare properties. But the truth is, selling is an indispensable skill in business and persuasive communication in general. It can help you with your elevator pitch, help you convince a recruiter or client why you ’re the right person for a job, and...


Tofe Evans the Marathon Man

While we've all run away from our problems at some point, but this episode is about running towards a new identity. Tofe Evans is an ultra-marathon runner, keynote speaker, and has just released the book, "Everyone Has a Plan Until Sh!t Hits the Fan". He's an advocate for grit and endurance in the workplace and helps organizations discover those all too important traits. Enjoy Tofe Evans on Off The Floor, Episode 19.


Lucky Breaks and Elephant Threats - Chris Lynam shares near-death career moments in year 1

"When I think back on my first year as a professional... I wonder how I survived." If you've ever suffered from acute procrastination, this is your episode.


Broken to Ballroom Chris Lynam's Story

"You'll never be any good as a dance teacher" certainly isn't the best pep talk in the world... but sometimes the weirdest things can serve as fuel on your journey. In the first in a series of personal tales, Chris Lynam, host of Off The Floor and business owner, shares how he hit rock bottom only to find an activity that became his career. With a mix of stories of basketball and swing dancing, collegiate indecisiveness and references to Joseph Campbell's Heroe's Journey, this unlikely...


Claude Silver is a Champion of Culture

Gary Vaynerchuk has called Claude Silver "the most important person in my organization" and by the end of this interview, you'll understand why. She's the Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia, one of the top marketing agencies in the world, and she shares her views on everything from company culture, to hiring questions, and how she landed this job of a lifetime.


Jason Hyland Takes His Recovery Public

Jason Hyland had everything going for him in baseball until addiction derailed him. In less than one year since going into a treatment center, he's written a best selling book and is currently working as a speaker to share his story and powerful message. This episode is a testament to the power of admitting you need help and what can come from it once you do. Jason's book "Stop Thinking Like That" is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and hits all major booksellers on June 1st,...


Off The Floor - An Introduction

What is the "Off The Floor" podcast all about? Where did it originate? Who is Chris Lynam? Listen as Chris tells a bit about his backstory, how he arrived at the name "Off The Floor" and what you can expect in the shows to come. You can catch regular episodes of Off The Floor on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher and exclusive content on Instagram: @offthefloorcast


Yu Kai Chou Gamification of Life

You may have never thought to compare your career, creative pursuits, or the learning process to video games, but you probably should. In episode 13 of Off The Floor, we meet Yu-Kai Chou, the world authority on Gamification, a keynote speaker, founder, and author. Not only does he know a lot about video games, but he has mapped the behaviors that make them great, and how you can live a greater life because of them. Visit his site: to buy his book, read his blog, and...


Carolina Millan Tear it Down, Build it Up

Carolina Millan is a status quo rebel. After leaving her day job to pursue a career in digital marketing, this social media influencer from South America has developed an authentic personal brand, but she shares the human moments that got her to where she is now. You don't need to be a marketing expert, or have thousands of followers, to appreciate this story. Follow Carolina on all the major social platforms @carolinamillan and check out her blog: - English...


Sonya Looney From Setback to History

Sonya Looney is a doer. If she wasn't, maybe she wouldn't be the first woman to finish an extreme mountain bike race across the Himalayan mountains. But while she seems to be wired this way, it hasn't always been easy. In her interview on Off The Floor Sonya shares how a professional setback had a dramatic impact on her and what she did to level up because of it. In addition to being a cycling superhero, Sonya is also a Ted speaker, writer, and podcaster. Check out her great website for...


John G. Miller, the QBQ Guy

John G. Miller is the author of a book that has changed my life. The QBQ, or question behind the question, is a personal accountability masterpiece, and he was kind enough to join me on Off The Floor Episode 10. Check for a full transcript and show notes (coming soon). And be sure to check out to pick up a copy, or a case, of this book that is sure to change the way you view problems, your role, and how to move past them.


Mike Lee the Mindfulness Coach

Mike Lee can teach you to play basketball, but he'd prefer to teach you the mindfulness practices to make you a better human. Mike has combined an affinity towards basketball, social media, and the tenacity to overcome personal obstacles to become an author, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker.


DJ Markus Homm and his Dance Story

To the Club Music world, Marcus Homm is a famous DJ from Germany. To the dancing world, Markus Homm is a Latin Dancer with an incredible history, but to the Arthur Murray world... he's just Rudy's brother. We caught up with Marcus Homm, amid his insane "James-Bond-like" travel schedule, to talk about his perspective on how his dancing influenced his music career. He lives an "On the Floor, Off the Floor" life already, and now he's our featured guest in Episode 003. Follow him on Instagram:...


Chef Lizette is Cooking and Hustling

Chef Lizette has cooked for 5 presidents, Nelson Mandela, and Lady Gaga, so there's not much that can rattle her. We caught up with Lizette after frequent @GaryVee related run ins on Twitter and recorded this interview while this chef of 25 years was on her way to work. She shares the advice her mentor, Julia Child, gave her, what she's learned by watching moguls when the cameras aren't around, and how she's been able to build a career through passion, hard work, and kindness. She's an...


Alice Cannon Shoots People

Alice Shoots People was the phrase that changed everything. At that point, Alice Cannon made a bold move, prompted by a series of inspiring events, that turned her into one of the most sought after wedding photographers on Instagram, and her personal handle into: "Aliceshootspeople" We caught up with her on the Off the Floor podcast to discuss her journey, why the Utah wedding scene is so crazy, and a little bit of dancing on episode 001 of the podcast that aims to look at the world of...