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How To Make Your Emails Get Opened

It’s you versus your inbox. Over a thousand emails you’ve neglected just waiting to be read are piling up daily. Face it, your Gmail has become unmanageable and it is now a suffocating mess of a nightmare! Today on another episode of Omnicast Podcast, Tyler of Omnifonic and Susan of Hive Marketing discuss the many… Source


Defining Commercial Strategy with guest Mike Medsker

Listen to this week’s discussion expanding on how Commercial Strategy came to be and how it can benefit your organizations. Tyler Jacobson of Omnifonic DIgital Marketing and Susan Barry of Hive Marketing dig into Commerical Strategies with Mike Medsker co-Founder & President of Focal Revenue Solutions. Are you being bogged down by unproductive meetings while… Source


TikTok 2020 Predictions & Stats with Guest Jason Dominy

Have you ever wondered how you can incorporate TikTok into your social media strategy? Tyler Jacobson of Omnifonic Digital Marketing and Susan Barry of Hive Marketing gain some valuable insights on this from guest Jason Dominy of Marbury Creative Group (formerly of Krystal). Drawing from his 20 years of experience in marketing and social media… Source


What To Do With Google Analytics Snapshot Reports

In this episode, Tyler and Susan opine on their forbidden drinks of choice and then dive into the nitty-gritty details of Google Analytics emailed monthly snapshot reports. Susan Barry of Hive Marketing has a burning question that she needs answered: “What do those snapshot email reports from Google Analytics even mean?” By reviewing her Monthly… Source


How to Silence Your Inner Critic

Tyler and Susan are sharing their insights and experience to silence the inner critic that lives inside most of us. Tyler of Omnifonic Digital Marketing reveals how choking during an interview with overthinking triggered a need to examine why this was happening and what resources were needed to conquer his inner critic. Tyler shares an… Source


Bonus: Short Term Predictions And Opportunities for Businesses

In light of COVID-19 and the ‘Rona, you’re probably one of three kinds of people – 1.) Unemployed and stressed out, 2.) Employed and stressed out, or 3.) A billionaire. This world is being flipped upside down and inside out and virtually no one (including us) truly knows what a post-corona virus world looks like.… Source


When Am I Ready For Paid Ads? – Pt. 2

In the second part of this two-part episode, we may finally answer the question that started this whole thing: How do you know when it’s time to start paid advertising Make sure you subscribe to get the full conversation! The post When Am I Ready For Paid Ads? – Pt. 2 appeared first on OMNIFONIC. Source


When Am I Ready For Paid Ads? – Pt. 1

It may seem like a simple question, but as we unravel why the question was being asked it became apparent that we were opening a can of social media and marketing worms. Join us down the rabbit hole that spans two full episodes. Make sure you subscribe to get the full conversation! The post When… Source


Marketing Lessons of a Polarizing 70s Band

Susan wanted to have a public argument about a band that she loves and that Tyler hates – but this is a marketing podcast and – well – everything is marketing. So, how can their opinions about this particular band result in actionable marketing lessons? Somehow, someway, Tyler and Susan tie this back to some… Source


The buyer’s journey: how it applies to a live marketing campaign.

Tyler and Susan start by talking about the marketing funnel but quickly end up breaking apart a campaign that isn’t getting the expected results. By focusing on the messages, offers, and personas at each stage of the funnel, Tyler and Susan find next steps to capture more leads. Find out how to instantly make your… Source


How To Hire The Right Employees with guest Dave Flomberg and Colin Jones

I’ve made some amazing hires in my career and I’ve made some poor hires. Why the inconsistency? Prior to this incredibly insightful conversation, I don’t know if I’d have been able to tell you why, but I definitely can now. My biggest takeaway? Anyone in a hiring role needs the authority to make sure the… Source


Want to podcast? Find yourself first (and vice-versa) with Gabe Ratliff

Podcast coach Gabe Ratliff (of The Artful Entrepreneur) joins Tyler Jacobson to discuss how dialing in your message can help you succeed in podcasting and how being compelled to podcast can help you reveal your expertise and passion. TRANSCRIPT (automated): TYLER JACOBSON: You’re listening the Omnicast. I’m your host, Tyler Jacobson, with Joining me… Source


Stupid Ways Businesses Waste Marketing Budget

Susan Barry of Hive Marketing returns to the Omnicast to discuss all sorts of stupid ways that businesses waste their marketing budgets. Are you making some of these mistakes? Tune in to find out. TRANSCRIPT (Automated) This is Tyler from the Omni cast before I jump into this episode I want to acknowledge that there… Source


Is LinkedIn the best place for B2B companies to advertise?

We often hear from B2B companies that they only want to advertise on LinkedIn and don’t want to advertise on Facebook or Twitter. In this episode, Tyler and Dannon explore this thinking to see if business to business is missing marketing opportunity by exclusively spending on LinkedIn or if it’s the smartest use of their… Source


Quit Ignoring and Start Managing Your Online Reputation with Susan Barry of Hive Marketing

Lesson 1: If you’re ignoring your business’ online reputation, today is the day that ends. Susan Barry of Hive Marketing joins Tyler to discuss the importance of online reputation management, share stories of when and how it goes wrong, and give you the tools and guidance to take control of your online reputation to win… Source


Easy (& Easy to Overlook) Marketing Plays for Your Small Business

Have you heard that the inbox is the great equalizer? Your brand gets as much visibility in the inbox as any brand of any size. So, are you taking full advantage of this or are you overlooking a couple of the easiest “set-it and forget-it” marketing tactics out there? Omnifonic’s Tyler and Dannon are here… Source


Should You Brand Your Car With Your Small Business?

We’re not talking about a fleet of wrapped vehicles. We’re talking about the back window of your Honda Accord being plastered with adhesive lettering from Home Depot talking all about your brand. Does it work? Do people remember? Should it be done differently? Tyler and Dannon dissect all of the marketing pluses and minuses of… The post Should You Brand Your Car With Your Small Business? appeared first on OMNIFONIC.


How to Run Better Facebook Ads w/ David Soto

On this episode of the Omnicast, we explore how to run better Facebook ads with David Soto of The Moore Agency. Is it possible to spend too little? Is it possible to spend too much? Should you run your ads to wide audiences or should you narrow your audiences down to exact personas? We get into… The post How to Run Better Facebook Ads w/ David Soto appeared first on OMNIFONIC.


Does Posting Concert Posters Work? w/ Virgil Dickerson and Michael King

Have you ever spent time designing a poster for your upcoming concert, dropped money down for printing, spent time moving from shop to shop and lamp post to lamp post hanging them – only to wonder if it’s doing you or your show any good? We wonder the same thing. It’s not enough to have… The post Does Posting Concert Posters Work? w/ Virgil Dickerson and Michael King appeared first on OMNIFONIC.


Omnicast: Trade Show & Conference Vendor Booth Tips

If you’ve ever been to a conference or tradeshow, you’ve probably passed and “passed on” table after table where someone wants to take 20 minutes of your time to show you a demo or they want to give you a branded thumb drive. Is this type of marketing effective? If not, how can a vendor… The post Omnicast: Trade Show & Conference Vendor Booth Tips appeared first on OMNIFONIC.