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1-800-GOT-JUNK Got BIG Thanks to These 3 Key CEO Mindsets

Entrepreneurial inspiration can strike at any time. In Brian Scudamore’s case, he was sitting in a McDonald’s drive-through, trying to figure out how to pay for college, when he noticed a beat-up old pickup truck with plywood sides built up around the bed. “I looked at the truck and I went, ‘Aha, that's my ticket,’” Brian remembers. “I took a $1,000 investment, $700 into a truck, the rest into flyers and business cards. Within a couple of weeks, I had a business that actually paid for...


4 Keys That Drove One Company From $0 to $120 Million in Revenue

Jim Bennett’s parents never gave him an allowance, and so from a very young age he was always doing something to earn money. Those early experiences mowing lawns, delivering newspapers, and stringing tennis rackets planted the seeds of an entrepreneurial spirit. “I learned quickly that starting your own business always paid more than just a job,” Jim remembers. After college, that’s what Jim did. He became a Worldwide Express franchisee, and through determination and perseverance, went on to...


This Financial Plan Led to a $170 Million Exit

How did Grasshopper grow from a virtual voicemail leader to a $170 million-dollar sale? In no small part, because they hired a superstar COO: Don Schiavone. Don’s SaaS and technology expertise combined with his commitment to rigorous testing and annual planning were instrumental in getting Grasshopper BIG. On today’s show, Don Schiavone, who is now Managing Director of CEO Coaching International, explains how to fine-tune your baseline forecast to create a compounding effect that will...


This Successful CEO and YPO Member Puts Her Employees First With An ESOP Program

For the past 25 years, StoneAge has been experimenting with ways to give its employees a stake in the company’s success, a path to personal wealth-building, and more ownership over their individual job performance. What began as a profit-sharing program evolved into a homegrown stock ownership program, and now a federally-regulated Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) that could provide a model for other businesses looking for creative ways to build an inclusive, winning, and productive...


Former Israel Defense Force Captain Says Here's How to Stay Cool Under Enemy Fire

Dr. Gill Heart served more than seven years in the Israel Defense Force's most elite and stressful unit. He went undercover behind enemy lines and came face-to-face with life or death situations. After receiving his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College, London University, Dr. Heart moved to the United States and became an entrepreneur. He founded and successfully managed venture-backed medical device startups that were primarily focused on neurological and brain applications....


The 4 Steps That Led 6 of Our Clients to Achieve 9-Figure Exits

Why do some of the biggest and best companies in the world work with CEO Coaching International? Because our best practices get real results. At our recent Summit, CEO Mark Moses noted that our clients have achieved $7 billion in revenue, 40% annual CAGR after 4 years, and 210% Median Profit Growth Rate across the board. We’re proud that our clients’ sustained growth and stables of top talent have also attracted serious interest from strategic buyers and private equity firms. On today’s...


Inspire Your Team to Go from Liking Your Company to Loving It

When we find a great new restaurant, see a great new movie, or upgrade to a great new piece of tech, we tell everyone we know, “I really love this, you gotta check it out!” Smart companies are learning how to cultivate that same kind of reaction in their workplaces. Employees who love where they work promote your business to their social and professional circles, stick with their companies longer, and go above and beyond because they feel like they’re part of making something BIG happen. On...


An Action Plan to Stay One Tweet Ahead of a Potential Social Media Crisis

In this age of social media and internet activism, lots of top CEOs have Tracy Williams on speed dial for when a crisis hits, or a lawsuit threatens a company’s brand or reputation. Even companies that are vigilant about living their values, following best practices, and creating a healthy workplace culture are vulnerable to the wrath of online mobs if they don’t have an action plan in place when inevitable misunderstanding or slipups do occur. On today’s show Tracy Williams discusses...


What’s Better than Growing BIG? Growing BIGGER Year after Year!

So how do you break into an industry as specialized as dental supply? Easy. Have a dentist tell you, “No!” “My oldest brother is a dentist,” explains Steve Kizy, “and when I graduated from college it was in 2008 and we were in the recession and I asked my brother if I could work for him and help him grow his dental practice. He looked at me straight in the face and said, ‘No, you cannot work for me. One brother already works for me and I'm not going to take care of another.’" Steve’s...


As a CEO, Don’t Make These 5 Parenting Mistakes That Lead to Underachieving Kids

You worked hard to build your business. You made mistakes. You learned from them. Nothing was given to you. You had to rely on your grit and determination to earn every inch of your success. So why should your kids have it any different? Because even the toughest CEO can turn to mush once we hear “Mommy!” or “Daddy!” We don’t want our kids to have to struggle like we did. We want their lives to be as easy and pain-free as possible. But Dr. Tim Jordan has found that our best intentions...


5 Questions Anthony Venus Answered to Land $8 million in Venture Capital Funding

Getting BIG requires big cash. But the venture capital landscape is more crowded and competitive than ever. How is your company going to stand out from the masses of wannabe entrepreneurs? Do you have a vision that will tantalize investors? The right numbers to secure the right investment? The right plan to capitalize on that investment? The right team? The grit and determination necessary to make BIG happen? On today’s show, serial entrepreneur Anthony Venus talks about the genesis of his...


5-Time CEO Jim Weaver on the Common Traits of Great CEO Leaders

Jim Weaver didn’t set out to be a 5-time CEO in such a diverse array of businesses. But whenever opportunities presented themselves, Jim took advantage, pivoting his companies and himself towards new experiences, better markets, and BIGGER growth. Now he’s ready to share what he’s learned from five stints in the big chair with CEO Coaching International’s clients. On today’s show, Jim Weaver discusses his transition from government work to the private sector to going public, and what his...


The 6-Step Process That Leads to BIG Sales with CEO Coaching's Jerry Swain

After a highly-recognized career in tech sector sales management – including working for IBM at its peak – Jerry Swain jumped off the corporate track and became an entrepreneur. He started, of all things, a high-end specialty chocolate company that ended up receiving four buyout offers before Jerry finally sold to a strategic buyer. On today’s show, Jerry Swain discusses the lessons he learned from IBM’s world-class sales training program, and how he applied that wisdom to his own BIG...


$100 Million Business Builder Ash Garg on How He Jumped From Corporate Exec to Top Entrepreneur

Ash Garg spent the first 25 years of his career working for large companies like Lockheed Martin and Hughes. Then, at age 46, he decided to become an entrepreneur. But he wasn't interested in just being self-employed. Ash had a vision from day one that he wanted to build a pharmacy company in India that was as big as any in the world. 13 years later, Guardian Pharmacy was a $100 million business. On today’s show, Ash Garg discusses how he shifted from working for some of the biggest...


How to Use Big Data Combined with Human Judgment to Make BIG Happen

Asha Saxena is a self-described data nerd, but she preaches the importance of using data as a tool, and not as a whole solution to a business’ challenges and opportunities. Unfortunately, too many struggling CEOs don’t grasp that distinction. Even worse, some CEOs put so much stock in what the numbers are saying that they ignore the human ingenuity and intuition that companies need to adapt to an ever-changing business landscape. On today’s show, Asha discusses combing data analytics with...


How Outside the Box Marketing Led to 70% Growth in One Year

Like any other discipline in life, you have to master the basics of business if you want to run a successful company. Have a clear vision. Set your targets and put steps in place to hit them. Measure your progress. Optimize your cash flow. Hire the best people. Keep learning. But once you have your fundamentals covered, how do you set yourself apart from the competition? How do you broadcast and leverage what’s unique about your company to expand your client base and start ramping up...


Former NFL Player and Serial Entrepreneur Rafe Wilkinson Shares His Game Plan for Building a Winning Business

Business leaders and thinkers love using sports analogies to motivate their teams, “win the day,” and craft a game plan to beat the competition. Rafe Wilkinson’s career proves just how applicable lessons from professional sports really can be to growing your company and making BIG happen. On today’s show Rafe Wilkinson discusses what his NFL career taught him about playing to his strengths, the importance of team-building, and how he hurdled a common CEO stumbling block while growing his...


How to Grow from a Good Entrepreneur into a Great CEO

One of the hardest lessons for CEOs to learn is: You can’t do everything. This was especially tough for Danny Peykoff because he’d grown up watching his father do just that while running the family business, Niagara Water. But when Danny became the CEO of Space Jam, he discovered that letting go and delegating were essential if he was going to grow into the kind of leader that the expanding company needed. On today’s show, Danny discusses how to grow as a CEO and how he narrowed his focus...


Don’t Let a Personal Crisis Knock Your Company Off-Course

It’s very easy for CEOs and entrepreneurs to get so wrapped up in our businesses that we feel like we ARE our businesses. Then a personal crisis snaps everything back into focus. For me, it was when my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. For Carol Clinton, it was opening a dream skin care business with her husband – at the cost of their entire life savings – only to find herself in an operating room one week later having surgery for ovarian cancer. On today’s show, Carol discusses how...


How CEOs Can Use the New Tax Laws to Their Advantage

If you’ve just been skimming the headlines since the end of last year, you might be under the impression that the new tax laws are a gigantic gift to high-earning CEOs, entrepreneurs, and their companies. If only. Yes, some changes could make filing easier and taxes less onerous for you. But there’s a lot of misinformation and exaggeration floating around about just how generous the new tax laws really are. On today’s show, Brett Ellen is back to cut through the hot air and explain how...