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How to Grow from a Good Entrepreneur into a Great CEO

One of the hardest lessons for CEOs to learn is: You can’t do everything. This was especially tough for Danny Peykoff because he’d grown up watching his father do just that while running the family business, Niagara Water. But when Danny became the CEO of Space Jam, he discovered that letting go and delegating were essential if he was going to grow into the kind of leader that the expanding company needed. On today’s show, Danny discusses how to grow as a CEO and how he narrowed his focus...


Don’t Let a Personal Crisis Knock Your Company Off-Course

It’s very easy for CEOs and entrepreneurs to get so wrapped up in our businesses that we feel like we ARE our businesses. Then a personal crisis snaps everything back into focus. For me, it was when my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. For Carol Clinton, it was opening a dream skin care business with her husband – at the cost of their entire life savings – only to find herself in an operating room one week later having surgery for ovarian cancer. On today’s show, Carol discusses how...


How CEOs Can Use the New Tax Laws to Their Advantage

If you’ve just been skimming the headlines since the end of last year, you might be under the impression that the new tax laws are a gigantic gift to high-earning CEOs, entrepreneurs, and their companies. If only. Yes, some changes could make filing easier and taxes less onerous for you. But there’s a lot of misinformation and exaggeration floating around about just how generous the new tax laws really are. On today’s show, Brett Ellen is back to cut through the hot air and explain how...


Don’t Build Your Team for Today -- Build Your Team for BIG!

The path from pre-revenue start-up to a successful million-dollar business is tough. Getting from that first million to $5 million can be even tougher. And if you want to scale BIG, to $10, $50, or even $100 million or more? Well, that takes great leadership. On today’s show, Jim Kenefick explains how CEOs can build a team and a learning culture that will transform good companies into great ones. And then we follow that with a discussion on how you can finance your company's rapid growth.


Retain Your Clients With These 4 Essentials to an Engaging Customer Loyalty Program

Most companies would love to have the kind of customer engagement, retention, and repeat business that Amazon generates with its Prime memberships. But Amazon didn’t dream up customer loyalty programs on its own – they based Prime on the membership program that Costco pioneered in the 1990s. Ginnie Roeglin played a big part in fine-tuning this innovative strategy. She led Costco’s corporate marketing for nearly ten years and also helped grow Costco.com to $4 billion in e-commerce...


5 Proven Tips to Ace a Key Senior Hire the First Time

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it is absolutely critical to have the absolute top people working on your leadership team. But how do you land those superstars that separate the good companies from the great companies? How do you get a senior hire right so you don’t waste time and money cleaning up the wrong hire’s mess? On today’s show, Craig Coleman discusses the proven best practices that he uses throughout the interview process to narrow the field, ensure culture fit and...


4 Big Coaching Lessons from 10 Years of Making BIG Happen

Mark Moses looks back on four big coaching lessons he’s learned from working with some of the biggest and best companies and leaders in the world. What separates the merely good from the truly great? What are the best practices that keep the best companies on top? And what are the actionable, measurable steps you can put into place this year that will transform your business?


The 3 Strategies That Led to $10 Billion in New Revenue

Anne McNamara is in the business of helping businesses boost their revenue by winning RFPs. And she’s very good at it: the proposals her team put together win bids for clients at an incredible 80% success rate. On today’s show, Anne takes us inside her war room and shares the three-step process her team works through when strategizing winning bids. Whatever size RFP you have your sights on, Anne’s process can help you fine-tune your bid and win some BIG new business.


How to Master the Science—and Art—of Making Acquisitions

Successful businesses are never content to hit the same sale figures and sell to the same customers over and over again. If getting BIG isn’t important to you, then you’re going to stay small enough for your competitors to step right over you. But if you are on the lookout for ways to scale, acquiring one of those competitors could help you get BIG faster. On today’s show, Piers Carey walks us through the science and art of making acquisitions, including the challenges, opportunities, and...


4 Strategies to Pivot Your Business from Small to BIG

Two college best friends create their dream startup. Sounds like the classic entrepreneur fairy tale. Except the startup was a real estate company, and the year was 2007. You can probably guess what happened next – that is, until Oliver Seidler decided to pivot from a small company stuck in survival mode to a BIG business. On today’s show, Oliver explains how he used technology, key performance indicators, top talent, and a commitment to his vision to pivot Property Force into a scalable,...


Act or be Acted On

Allan Young got hooked on shaking up businesses at a young age – he estimates he started 14 different companies before he graduated from high school! This entrepreneurial spirit put Allan out of step with the dominant business thinking of the ‘70s and ‘80s: emulate what’s already successful. But today, being a disruptor in your business space isn’t just trendy – it’s essential to fighting off complacency, and staying ahead of the hungry start-ups chomping at your heels. On today’s show,...


Three Billion Dollars’ Worth of Business Advice from LendingTree Founder Doug Lebda

There’s truth in advertising to those LendingTree ads we all remember, in which a green puppet named Lenny tries to help people avoid getting the runaround from banks and lenders. That was once 24-year-old Doug Lebda, struggling to find a good mortgage rate for his first home purchase. From that frustration came a multi-billion-dollar idea: an online platform that makes it easier for consumers to comparison-shop for loans of all kinds. On today’s show, Doug discusses how he grew...


What I Learned From Interviewing More Than 40 Billionaires

Richard Sapio is the founder of Mutual Capital Alliance, and its CEO for the last twenty years. When his dad died unexpectedly, 13-year-old Richard's life was thrown into chaos. That experience instilled in Richard both a DIY entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for finding order. During the 2008 economic downturn, Richard had the bright idea to bid on private lunches with six Texas billionaires. The investment paid off as Richard enjoyed personal master classes from some of the most...


How to Align Your Sales Comp With Your Vision of Big Success

If you want to grow your business, you don’t need salespeople. You need THE BEST salespeople, a top-notch team that’s constantly moving your product or service, making a great impression on your current customers, and spreading the good word about your company whe.never possible. So, step one: load up your sales team with grade-A talent. On today’s show, Chris Larkins explains the importance of step two: ditch your flat-rate commission structure, and align your sales comp with the BIG...


Finance Entrepreneur Uses These 4 Insights To Supercharge Sales Teams

You are what you sell, or at least your business is. If you’re happy with the small sales your mediocre sales team delivers month after month, quarter after quarter, you’re going to stay small … that is, until your competitors blow right past you. On today’s show, Bill Whitehead delves into the sales skills that separate top performers from the middle of the pack. Use Bill’s insights to supercharge your lagging sales team, or to identify the habits of high-performing replacements you...


How 31-year old 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year and TaskUs co-founder Jaspar Weir Leads 8,000 Millennials and Built a Global Business

Since 2008, TaskUs has grown from a struggling start-up run by two entrepreneurs out of their parents’ houses into a thriving company with more than 8,000 employees around the world. Jaspar Weir, co-founder and president, says millennials comprise over 90% of his workforce, and TaskUs has invested substantial time and resources in measuring and improving the engagement of its employees to keep building on its rapid growth. On today’s show, Jaspar points past Bulletproof Coffee and...


5 BIG Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail and What to Do About It

Companies fail when their leaders fail to execute. But why do entrepreneurs fail in the first place? What are the habits of high-performing CEOs that anyone running a business should incorporate into their own routines and growth strategies? Mark Moses has been asking these provocative questions for over 20 years, and using the answers to turn around distressed companies and guide top firms to exponential growth. On today’s show, Mark discusses the top five reasons that entrepreneurs...


This is Your Secret Weapon in the Battle to Get the Right People in the Right Jobs

Bad hires don’t just drag down your business -- they can be expensive to replace. Using Talent Insights assessments can help you get the right people in the right jobs the first time, which is why they are a key component of CEO Coaching International’s best practices methodology. On today’s show, Sheldon Harris walks you through using Talent Insights to assess potential hires, break down their strengths and weaknesses, and determine who is the best person to help your company hit its...


How to Win the Day So You Can Win Your Year

CEO Coaching International's David Sobel explains how to break down your long-term goals into a simple daily routine that can improve your personal business performance and your whole company, one win at a time.


Stress Kills, But Here's How to Use it to Max Your Performance

Successful CEOs and entrepreneurs are all driven, hard-working people who demand big things from themselves. But too much go go GO can leave you exhausted, unproductive, and unhealthy. On today’s show, Dr. Heidi Hanna gives her expert tips on keeping our stress low and productivity high.


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