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Anita Campbell - After 15 Years Tech Still Amazes and Baffles SMBs

It’s been fifteen years this month since Anita Campbell started Small Business Trends! So, after congratulating her on such a big accomplishment, I had to ask her about her journey transforming a personal blog into one of the most influential sites in providing advice to millions of small business owners and professionals each month.


Taylor Schreiner of Adobe: Voice Already Impacts Shopping Even If Transaction Isn’t Done With Alexa

Well, after the bomb Amazon dropped yesterday announcing an arsenal of Alexa-enabled devices – from microwaves, cars devices, wall clocks, outlet plugs, subwoofers – it’s easy to see we’re a quickly moving into a voice-first world. But the reason for all these new voice-enabled devices is because we kind of like talking to them, according to a recent study from Adobe called The State of Voice Assistants. Taylor Schreiner, director of Adobe Digital Insights, shared some of the key finding...


Jon Dick of HubSpot: Cutting Email Sent Out by 50% Increased Traffic Back to Our Website

I attended HubSpot’s INBOUND conference last week, where about 24,000 marketers descended on Boston for four days. While at the conference I had a chance to spend a few minutes with Jon Dick, HubSpot’s VP of Marketing, and pick his brain on a few of the hot topics currently facing marketers today


Smart Hustle Report -- Justin Finkelman

Ramon Ray interviews Justin Finkelman.


Rod Drury of Xero: Cloud-based Accounting Provides a Great AI Platform for Small Biz to Learn From

Below is an edited transcript of my conversation with Drury during Xerocon. He shared with me why cloud-based accounting provides a great platform for AI, why he wants to help turn account advisors into growth consultants for small businesses, and why it’s important for small businesses to become global exporters in order to grow.


Linda Lee of Facebook: 330M people connected with a small biz on Messenger for 1st time in 2017

Linda Lee, Strategic Partnerships for Facebook Messenger, shared with me insights from the study, some examples of how small businesses are incorporating Messenger chat into their interactions with customers, and how marketers are engaging prospects in Messenger to acquire customers.


Smart Hustle Report -- TrueMan McGee, Founder of Funky Fresh Spring Rolls

Small Business Trends Ramon Ray chats with the founder of Funky Fresh Spring Rolls TrueMan McGee.


Smart Hustle Report -- Brian Scudamore, Founder of 1-800-GOT-JUNK

Ramon Ray of Small Business Trends sits down with Brian Scudamore, the founder of 1-800-GOT-JUNK.


Smart Hustle Report -- Mitzi Perdue

This edition of Smart Hustle Report is talking family business. So we went to an expert on the topic, Mitzi Perdue. Ramon Ray and Mitzi Perdue discuss passing a family business along to the next generation.


Anne Marie Faiola -- From Corrections Officer to Hobby Business Owner

Ramon Ray with Small Business Trends speaks with Anne Marie Faiola on her career transformation and more.


Nicole Sult of Lippert Components: In 2 Years CRM Helped Double Efficiency, Grow 60% Year Over Year

Nicole Sult, Director of Customer Service for growth award winner Lippert Components, shared with me the role CRM, in particular Salesforce, played in the explosive growth the company has enjoyed over the past two years. Below is an edited transcript of our conversation. To hear the full interview see the video and the embedded SoundCloud player below.


Eric Bensley of Salesforce: Small Businesses Want Practicality When it Comes to AI, Not Big Concepts

Last week at Dreamforce I had the great pleasure of receiving a guided tour of the Small Business Lodge by Eric Bensley, Senior Product Director of Marketing for Salesforce, and Rekha Srivatsan, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Salesforce. There were several hundreds of people sitting in on sessions, doing one-on-one sessions with Salesforce engineers, and watching demos of different Salesforce applications. To get even more of a flavor for what small business attendees were interested...


Marie Rosecrans of Salesforce: Small Businesses Distinguish Themselves on CX They Offer

As part of the Dreamforce event, Salesforce announced Salesforce Essentials, a new entry level platform for small businesses new to CRM, as well as a new partnership with Google, which sees two companies integrating their platforms for sharing important information to provide a fuller look at customer interactions taking place across their offerings. Marie shared with me some details about the announcements, how Trailhead, Salesforce’s learning system, is integrated into Salesforce...


Anand Thaker of IntelliPhi: MarTech Landscape Driven by AI, ABM, CX and CDP

Anand Thaker of IntelliPhi: MarTech Landscape Driven by AI, ABM, CX and CDP by Small Business Trends


Smart Hustle Report with Ramon Ray -- Rand Leeb-du Toit

Small Business Trends correspondent Ramon Ray sits down with Rand Leeb-du Toit for the premiere of his series, The Smart Hustle Report.


Carol Roth of Future File: In the Age of Customer Experience You Should Compete on Value Not Price

The theme for Nextiva’s conference this year, NextCon, was customer experience. And Small Business Trends did a great job of covering the event. Do yourself a favor and check out the coverage, as there were a ton of great speakers, including Brian Solis, Les McKeown, and Google’s Lawrence Cole, as well as Nextiva founder and CEO Tomas Gorny. I had the pleasure of speaking with business television personality and best-selling author Carol Roth, who focused her keynote session on customer...


Christi Olson of Microsoft: Cortana, Office 365, Bing, LinkedIn Connect Personal and Professional

While there are over 150 million phone devices with digital assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, and quickly growing smart speaker devices with Amazon’s Alexa on board, there’s another device that dwarfs these numbers in comparison. While they are considered voice-first devices, there are over a half billion Windows 10 devices (including Xboxes) with Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, on board listening out for your questions and requests. And throw in pieces like Office 365, Bing...


Eric Bisceglia of Voysis: 2018 the year retailers should invest in voice tech

I focused a few of the last conversations on the growing importance of voice-first technologies that have us swiping/typing less and talking more to our devices. And as consumer adoption of devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, among others, takes off, companies need to get serious about how this will impact customer engagement. And next year is the year to start figuring it out, according to Eric Bisceglia, VP of Go-to-Market for Voysis, a voice AI platform that enables voice driven...


Suhas Uliyar of Oracle: AI, Immersive Tech and Conversational Interfaces Converge at CX

One of my favorite conferences of the year this week with Oracle Openworld, mainly because Oracle is a company that competes in a variety of business application categories. And they do have apps for the higher end of the SMB space. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year, but very fortunate to speak with Suhas Uliyar, Oracle’s VP of Bots, AI and Mobile Strategy. With artificial intelligence, bots and voice-first devices being three of the hottest topics today, I was glad Suhas took...


Des Traynor of Intercom: Churn and retention are the new conversion and should be treated as such

It’s been almost four years since I spoke with Adobe’s Kevin Lindsay about how companies focus the overwhelming majority of their marketing resources on customer acquisition activities vs. customer retention. And during this week’s Inbound Conference put on by HubSpot, it appears that this is still the case, according to Des Traynor, cofounder and Chief Strategy Officer of Intercom, a messaging platform that helps businesses connect with customers. Traynor’s session at Inbound on the...