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6 Mistakes People Usually Make When Getting a Domain Name • OBFM 23

Back in Episode 19 of this show, I listed 9 tips on how to choose the perfect domain name for SEO. The thing is: Choosing the right domain name from the start is important for a number of reasons. The most important of which is not being forced to change it later on due to something you forgot to check or pay attention to. Just imagine all the work, time and money if you had to. That's why, in this session of the OBFM podcast, I address the 6 mistakes people usually make when they set...


This Simple Hack Will Boost Your Productivity & Make You Achieve More in Less Time • OBFM 22

One of the best ways to stop procrastination, maintain focus and boost your productivity is a very popular time-management method called "The Pomodoro Technique". Say you have an important task to complete in your 9-5 job, a paper for school, or content you need to write for your blog or freelance gig. Or you need to work on your website design or build links to your niche or authority website... You have tons of urgent items on your to-do list but every time you go determined to do them...


How to Finally Get Started at Making Your Dreams Come True • OBFM 21

An effective strategy for getting started at anything, sticking with it and finally accomplishing your life goals


The 5 Traits You Have to Develop to Reach Unprecedented Success • OBFM 20

Learn some of the most important characteristics that the World's most renowned high achievers share among themselves so that YOU too can reach great success both in business and in life.


9 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name for SEO • OBFM 19

I'll be sharing 9 tips on choose the perfect domain name for SEO for whatever it is you're building online, be it an online presence, your online business, an affiliate niche site or an authority website. You can even use these tips for choosing your brand name, rather than just a domain or site name. Hopefully you will want to match your brand name with your domain name.


The Critical Difference Between Making Money Online & Earning Money Online that You Need to Know • OBFM 18

In this episode of the OBFM podcast, I'm bringing to the table a really, really crucial topic. In fact, it's of such monumental importance that it ends up setting apart those who are moving toward success from those who are traveling in the very opposite direction, toward failure. This is a critical distinction that you have to be aware of prior to anything else, even before actually having a business idea that you'd like to pursue. I'm talking about the subtle but huge difference...


The 30-Day Productivity Challenge that Can Literally Be Your Game Changer • OBFM 17

Have you ever felt like you're not doing enough, not working as much or as hard as you should to push your freelance gig or online business further? You're not alone. It happens to me and to just about everyone, all the time. I wouldn't call it a solution, per se, but, in this episode I have a challenge that might help you for, at least, a period of time in actually getting stuff done and getting closer to meeting your goals. If you're looking to become more productive and focused, you...


How to Find a Profitable Niche: My Simple, 3-Step Formula • OBFM 16

Finding your perfect niche can be tough. There's a lot to consider, you don't even know where, let alone how to start. The niche-finding formula I've devised will ease that out for you and finally show you how to find a profitable niche in just three straightforward steps. What you’ll learn: The importance of choosing the right niche.6 easy methods of brainstorming for niche ideas.Which markets are the most profitable ones.How to gauge your niche’s potential profitability. And,A lot...


What Is a Niche Website & Why Is It So Important to Have a Very Specific Focus? • OBFM 15

If you're new to affiliate marketing and / or SEO, you’ve probably already asked yourself: What is a niche website? Err... What is a niche, really? Those are common doubts but they can be easily cleared out in a few minutes. Which is exactly what I’ll be doing in this episode. I'll also explain you why it’s so important for your website to have a very specific focus and teach you how to find a niche and how to build a successful niche site. Furthermore, I'll give you some niche...


How I Built a Niche Website that Went from $0 to $3.6k+ in a Snap • OBFM 14

Building an affiliate website is probably the easiest online business model you can get yourself into. It’s super low risk and the returns can be exponential. The thing is, more often than not, building a niche site to the point it reaches success and makes you a ton of money in affiliate commissions, might not be as straightforward as you’d like. In this episode of the Online Business FM podcast -- Episode 14 --, I’ll be sharing everything about my public niche site project case study...


25 High Achievers Answer 'Why do People Fail at Goal Setting' • OBFM 13

Episode 13 is a super special episode of the OBFM show. I invited not one, two, nor even three guests on to the show… but a staggering amount of TWENTY FIVE of them to answer a simple question: “why do people fail at goal setting?”. I wanted that these influencers and high achievers from all walks of life and from the four corners of the Earth to make you understand the most common mistakes people make when setting new goals and trying to achieve them. And this is what they...


RELOADED!! Review of 2018 & What’s Coming in 2019 • OBFM 12

The old year is gone. The new year has just begun. What better period, then, for a review of the previous 12 months? Episode 12 marks the comeback of the podcast after a long while without any new releases; sort of like having the show reloaded! I guess it’s the most appropriate occasion for a review of my last year’s accomplishments and also… failures. Listen to what happened with myself and my business in the previous 365 days; my breakthrougs, struggles, setbacks and all the...


How to Develop a Business Owner Mindset & Why You Need One • OBFM 11

Running an online business can be super frustrating… You give your all but, even so, you seem to be moving nowhere. Maybe it’s just the way it is… Wel... actually, it is isn’t. By changing your approach and developing a different mindset, you can make your business move forward toward your goals like never before. In the 11th session of the Online Business FM podcast, I’ll talk about everything you should consider changing, show you how to adopt a business owner mindset and reveal why...


18 Success Mindsets That Will Make Your Online Business Thrive • OBFM 10

You’re definitely aware of it: Building a successful online business is extremely HARD. Or... is it? Actually, there are a few ways through which you can dramatically up your chances of creating a very successful business online… ...a few success mindsets that may 10 times your possibilities of reaching your goals and making your dreams come true. In the Session 10 of the Online Business FM podcast, I’ll review 18 of the top success / business mindsets you should develop if you ever...


How Much Does It Cost to Start an Online Business? • OBFM 9

In Episode 9 of the Online Business FM podcast, I’ll be telling you everything you need to know as far as the costs of starting an online business are concerned and answer that very common question we usually have at the start of our entrepreneurial careers: how much does it cost to start an online business? What You’ll Learn: The huge fallacy people just starting out usually have.The 3 factors that influence how much money you’ll need to spend.Quick tips on starting an online business...


How to Create and Sell Information Products & Make Money Online [Top Passive Income Online Business Models & How They Work - Part 5] • OBFM 8

In Episode 8 of the Online Business FM podcast, we talk about how to create and make money online selling information products and how to go about building online businesses around those kinds of products. It does seem hard and somehow daunting (especially to someone with little to no experience) to transition from doing affiliate marketing, being monetized via Google AdSense or getting sponsored into this huge step where you’re actually building out and marketing your own...


Top Passive Income Online Business Models & How They Work [Part 4] • OBFM 7

Episode 7 here is like Side A (with Episode 8 being Side B) of the two concluding sessions of our series of episodes where we talk the top types of passive-income online businesses and how they work. In these two sessions (Episode 7 and the next, Episode 8) we focus on a very exciting topic: selling your own products. Side A is all about the general tips you can follow in order to succeed at selling your own products. Seven (just like the episode number) awesome tips you need to hear to...


Top Passive Income Online Business Models & How They Work [Part 3] • OBFM 6

Did you know that you can earn passive income from selling or displaying advertising on your blog, podcast, YouTube channel or social media page? That’s what I talk about in episode 6 of the OBFM podcast which is solely dedicated to Advertising: How to Generate Passive Income from Selling Advertising on Your Online Property. This is the third session of our 4-part series on the top passive income types of online business. As a recap in Episode 4 -- part 1 of this series -- about the...


Top Passive Income Online Business Models & How They Work [Part 2] • OBFM 5

This is the second episode of our 5-part series of episodes on the top passive income types of online business. In episode #5 of the "Online Business FM" podcast, we'll be focusing entirely on one of the top online business models that can generate passive income for you. I'll address one of the most -- if not "THE" most -- popular one: Affiliate Marketing. You'll learn: If you interested in starting a digital marketing or online business career, Affiliate Marketing may be the best for...


Top Passive Income Online Business Models & How They Work [Part 1] • OBFM 4

Episode 4 of the "Online Business FM" podcast is the first of a four-part series of episodes where the focus is on the top online business models that pave the way for passive income opportunities. In this series, I'll tell you how these online business models work, how they can benefit you and who's the best type of person for each one the discussed passive income types. Session #4 of the OBFM show starts the series by addressing the two different approaches you can put into use to...