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015: How can I get more followers on Instagram?

Guest: Sue B. Zimmerman. Are you interested in how you can get more followers on Instagram? Not sure how to go about it? Learn how to get followers the right way. How to get followers that actually count and are interested in what you have to say. You need to think of Instagram as a […]


013: How can I effectively manage my time on social media?

Guest: Shonali Burke. Managing your time on social media is a struggle we all face. It is easy to either get too involved in social media networks and get lost in them or to get overwhelmed by them and just plain avoid them. The first question you must ask is what your purpose or goal […]


009: Which social media platforms should I use?

Guest: Sheena White. Not sure which social media platforms you should be using for your small business? There are so many to choose from – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine, Instagram and many more! How do you figure out which ones make sense for your business? Listen to the podcast today and you will […]


008: Why should I use email marketing in my business and how do I get started?

Guest: Lauren Smith. Are you considering email marketing as a way to grow your business? Listen to the podcast today to find out the facts about email marketing and how you can get started. Learn how to set goals, build your email list, optimize sign up forms, determine the right email campaign, create great content […]


007: How do I get started with Twitter?

Guest: Deirdre Breakenridge. Are you interested in using the Twitter platform? Not sure where to begin? Today’s episode is for you! Find out how to get started with Twitter the right way. Twitter is a great tool for building relationships and growing your business. Listen to Deirdre explain how to get started with Twitter.


005: What is the best way to generate attention in a crowded online world?

Guest: David Meerman Scott. Do you feel like it’s hard to get anyone’s attention in such a crowded online world? Well today’s episode addresses this issue with a creative and effective strategy. Listen to the episode to hear David explain the art of newsjacking.


004: Should I advertise on Facebook?

Guest: Andrew Foxwell. Have you thought about spending some of your small business marketing budget on Facebook ads? Do you have questions about the effectiveness of this type of advertising? If advertising on Facebook is something you’re curious about, then today’s episode is for you. Links: Introduction to Facebook advertising: Click Here More from Andrew […]


003: How can I use social listening for more than just customer service?

Guest: Jason Falls. Are you interested in learning how to effectively use social listening? Social listening is much more than just monitoring. There is a whole world of possibilities out there! Don’t just scratch the surface of social listening. You can use your online conversations as a market research focus group. You are tapping into […]


002: How should I handle negative comments on my social media platforms?

Guest: Shama Hyder. Learn how you can effectively manage negative comments on your social media sites. Sooner or later every business is going to receive some type of negative comment on one or more of their social sites. So how do you respond to these comments? Listen to today’s episode to get all the details!


001: Will business blogging help grow my business?

Guest: Michael Brenner. Learn how business blogging can help grow your business. Do you own a small business and are wondering whether it's worth your time to set up a blog? Maybe you're just not sure how to get started. Then today's episode is for you. Listen to learn why business blogging is a great strategy to grow your small business and how you can get started.


000: About the Online Marketing Power Podcast

The Online Marketing Power Podcast is all about helping you grow your small business through online marketing. Each episode features an Online Marketing expert answering one of your questions. You'll get answers to your questions as well as a simple action step so you can get started right away with the knowledge that you've just gained. On each episode there is also a short segment called What's Working in Online Marketing. In this segment you'll hear an actual online marketing success...