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Benji Hyam - So Crazy It’ll Work (EP.41)

Maybe you’ve heard the stories about that dude who was working in the cube who one day disappeared. Our guest is Benji Hyam. Benji was on the road to success with a promising career in Silicon Valley when he took stock of things. His parents had always wanted to travel...but were waiting for “someday” when they were financially ready….then, they lost their nest egg in the financial crisis. It made an impression on Benji, and when a friend invited him to come hang out in Bali, he took it...


"Boston" George Jung - Behind the Thrills & Infamy (EP.40)

George Jung is famous. He had $100 million at the age of 32, thanks to his success as a drug smuggler. Johnny Depp portrayed him in the 2001 movie "Blow". His stories could fill 50 podcast episodes. But he's here, with us, and ready to get behind-the-scenes on his improbable life as an entrepreneur and thrill chaser. He spent 20+ years in prison, but George embodies so many qualities that are core to the entrepreneurial journey. We'll answer things like: What did Johnny Depp bring George...


Nicolas Cole - Heroes Write Their Own Journey (EP.39)

We’re on location with this episode in West Hollywood, CA. Our guest is Nicolas Cole. He is a 28 year old founder (DigitalPress) and writer. He’s gone from a skinny top-ranked gamer, to a jacked bodybuilder, to an online persona with a massive following (“King of Quora”, Inc.com, with 20 million views of his content.) But what we love about Cole isn’t his idealized lifestyle and West Hollywood address. It’s HOW he got there. He refuses to let all the typical distractions of modern life get...


Roland Frasier - You Can’t Google Relationships (EP.38)

They say we’re all the average of our five closest friends. Who we choose to surround ourselves with goes a long way in determining who we become, and how successful we are. Our guest is Roland Frasier. Roland is a master of relationships. His experience building them (and the unique strategies he uses) have built a very successful “Opt Out Life” for Roland, spanning law, real estate investing, public speaking, events, and digital marketing. He lives the good life and collects wine and...


Will Lehr - Damn The “Man”, It’s Your Money (EP.37)

Do you think the system is rigged against you? Big money wins, little guy loses. That’s not an un-common way to feel. Today’s guest is Will Lehr. Will’s an investment consultant whose spent the past two decades in the financial services industry. These days, his business is the “Opt Out” version of that world and it’s called Perpetual Assets. Precious metals. Cryptocurrency. IRA LLCs . . . these are his (and his clients) alternatives to the vanilla IRA’s and 401k’s that so many of us have...


Travis Houston - The Perfect Cocktail for Life (EP.36)

Imagine you are at the peak of your career. Then the 2008 market meltdown takes you down with it. You liquidate what you can and move your whole family into your mom’s house. I’m sure today’s guest isn’t the only one who was forced to make such humbling decisions. But like so many entrepreneurs, Travis Houston rose from the ashes, and reinvented himself. He is the founder and CEO of Launchr, a marketing agency that focuses on growing businesses that need to take their sales to the next...


Adam Harris - No Office in the Cloud (EP.35)

We sit down with the co-founder of one of the fastest growing companies in San Diego, Adam Harris. His company, Cloudbeds, just hit Inc’s list at number 75. Their software helps hospitality properties manage their business. This all started when Adam and his partner Richard - who are avid travelers - abandoned their previous consulting jobs and started a company with a unique model that they still follow today: Cloudbeds has completely decentralized staff in 35 countries. Their unique work...


Mike Kamo - From Car Dealer to Digital Leader (EP.34)

Mike Kamo is a still-young professional who started his career on a pre-set path to take over his family’s car dealership. Mike started in the business right out of school had worked his way up to managing the operation over 8 years when he hit the existential crisis we just described. Was this for him? 7 days a week, selling cars? Mike switched course. He has leveraged an unlikely friendship with famed internet marketer Neil Patel into a new "Opt Out" career in digital marketing. More at...


Joshua Allen - The Gentleman of Trash (EP.33)

Our guest is Joshua Allen, a San Diego entrepreneur who we like to call “The Gentleman of Trash”. His business is trash, but he doesn’t do any of the disposal. He’s a middleman. In true Opt Out fashion, this business started as a side hustle. After going to college on a football scholarship, Josh jumped into trash brokering. He's a seasoned real estate investor, and also survived some serious health scares that forced him to emerge with a new plan on work/life balance. More at...


Christian Chasmer - Work for Yourself & Hustle Deals (EP.32)

Today’s guest is Christian Chasmer. At just 26, he’s the Founder of Elevate Advisors, the Author of a book called “Lose Your Limits: Grow Your Business”, and most importantly, after finding his own success in business and real estate, he now helps others re-find the balance that we call “opt out”. So what’s the story? How does a guy in his mid-20’s know how to help CEO’s tame their companies, work less and keep more profit? Listen along for Christian’s story from college hustler, to real...


Adriaan Zimmerman/Ret Taylor - Hello Cannabis, Hello Ned (EP.31)

It’s 2018 and unless you’re living under a rock, you must be curious about what’s happening in the cannabis industry. In our world today, no other industry is more ever-changing. This isn’t about smoking joints with your friends. Our guests are Adriaan Zimmerman and Ret Taylor. They’re the founders of Ned. A health and wellness company centered around hemp infused products. Launched earlier this year, Ned sells all natural full spectrum hemp in the form of oils, body butter, and lip balms...


Tim Bourquin - You Have the Right to... (EP.30)

This episode is the story of an LA cop. Most people who are in the force are there for life. The same goes for the fire department, and any number of other civil service jobs. But, it turns out that a lot of them have side gigs...and sometimes, those side gigs "go big". Our guest is Tim Bourquin. Tim was on the force in LA for several years when one Christmas eve, after dropping off his wife and young daughter before heading to a 12 hour shift, he made up his mind. He was tired of not being...


Adam Moyer - Knockaround Tales (EP.29)

Our guest today is Adam Moyer. He’s the founder of the 13-year-old company called Knockaround. He went to school to pursue his interest in art, and started his little sunglass side hustle on a whim while still in college. Adam’s premise was simple: everyone should have a couple of high quality sunglasses that were cheap enough to consider “knockarounds.” Today, his business is on pace for $10 million in revenue. Adam’s never had a “real job” and has found his way through trial-and-error to a...


Frederick Saroea - Rock Star in the Living Room (EP.28)

Recorded on location in France, Dana sips wine with Norwegian rockstar and restauranteur Frederick Sorea. People often think that musicians are rolling in cash and fame. But most of them somewhere in between. And that’s good news for creatives who want the “opt out” approach to life. Frederick’s story is proof that you can build a band just like you can build a business, and have THAT provide a nice living, opportunity for travel, and an outlet for your creativity. You can end up mildly...


Kahana Kalama - Aloha is the Answer (EP.27)

In a world where we are glued to our screens, is there a better word to snap you out of your trance than “Aloha”? It’s a word that means all things good, as we learn from guest Kahana Kalama. Kahana owns a lifestyle brand called Aloha Beach Club. He grew up surfing, and then later toured as a pro surfer. But he was always more interested in how the business behind surfing, and surf brands, worked. Today, he is a successful “Opt Outer” who mixes family time with his business ventures, travel,...


Riley Brown - 9 to 5 Isn’t the Story (EP.26)

We're on location at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco, with Riley Brown. And we have a confession to make. You don’t have to leave your job to opt out! This episode shows exactly how someone can opt in and opt out all at the same time. There are plenty of people who feel in control of their lifestyle - who travel, do meaningful work, and live a life they enjoy day-in-day out, well before retirement - who are, gasp, “opted in”. Our guest will show you exactly how this can play out. He’s in...


Chuck Patton - The Gritty Ambassador of Coffee (EP.25)

How do you take your coffee? Do you like it black? With cream? Slow roasted? Or with sugar? Let us pour you a hot cup as you sit back for today’s story. Our guest is Chuck Patton, founder of an award winning local coffee roaster named Bird Rock Coffee. Chuck didn’t know he would end up an award winning coffee roaster. He didn’t expect to take a major career shift away from being a teacher and head down the entrepreneurial path. Would you believe he opened his coffee roaster right across the...


Jack Haldrup - The Kid and His Soap Brand (EP.24)

This episode’s guest - Jack Haldrup - had a somber realization at a young age. One day, Jack was on a plane, returning home from a project for that job. His mind raced. That thought came back again. He wasn’t fulfilled in his work. So he made a promise. Jack decided right then and there, in a cramped airplane seat, to come up with business idea before getting off his flight. And he came up with just one idea: men’s soap. We talk through his story to hear about how he launched a company off...


Ariel White - A Dream That Starts with “V” (EP.23)

This is the story of Ariel White. She is a creative hustler who has found the perfect balance of work and serenity in the hills of Topanga Canyon. We talk through her story, surrounded by the art and photography of her husband, who is himself a successful creative entrepreneur. Ariel’s business is called MyLittleYoni.com. What’s a ‘Yoni’? Here, it’s a characterized version of a vagina, in the form of stuffed dolls that are handcrafted in Bali. This isn’t some obscure fetish. Ariel is on an...


George Esquivel - Celebrity American Shoemaker Story (EP.22)

George Esquivel makes shoes. That may not sound remarkable. But, it is. It is remarkable because he makes shoes in the U.S., where everything seems to have been outsourced. It is remarkable because of where his story begins. From driving a delivery truck, to the highest realms of the fashion industry, Esquivel has gained fans and clients that include musicians, models, and Hollywood’s elite. How did George pull this off? Grit, audacity, and the gracious advice of people you’ve probably heard...