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Sharon Salzberg: Meditation for the Modern World

Sharon's played a crucial role in bringing meditation and mindfulness to the west, and into mainstream culture since 1974, when she first began teaching. She's a regular columnist for On Being, a contributor to the Huffington Post, and the host of her own podcast, the Metta Hour. What is Meditation? “I think people have a lot of ideas, I certainly did, about what meditation is and what it isn't. Sometimes those ideas are pretty off … the point isn't to make a certain thing happen, but...


Enneagram and Leadership: Grow in Your Business Based on Your Type

Leverage Podcast featuring Susan Drumm, Founder and CEO at Meritage Leadership. Susan and her team at Meritage Leadership conduct leadership consulting, coaching, facilitation, strategy and assessment for organizations. One of the tools Susan uses in her leadership development and organization assessments is the Enneagram Type Indicator - a descriptive and intensive personality test based on motivation. There are 9 different Enneagram types, and within each type there are type-subsets...

Sean Stephenson: Becoming a Student of Your Pain PT 2

Part 2 of 2 Watch Part 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9YaZWNEvAM&t=5s Visit podcast.getleverage.com to download the main takeaways from this incredible insight to Sean Stephenson’s genius. Leverage podcast featuring Dr. Sean Stephenson, therapist, self-help author, and motivational speaker. Faced with numerous and deadly health challenges, Sean has proved that he is a fighter. Sean was predicted not to survive at birth because of a rare bone disorder that stunted his...

Sean Stephenson: Becoming a Student of Your Pain PT 1

Part 1 of 2. Leverage podcast featuring Dr. Sean Stephenson, therapist, self-help author and motivational speaker. Faced with numerous and deadly health challenges, Sean has proved that he is a fighter. Sean was predicted not to survive at birth because of a rare bone disorder that stunted his growth and caused his bones to be extremely fragile (fracturing over 200 times by the age of 18). Listen in on this two part episode with Sean as he talks about becoming a student of his pain...


Creative Real Estate: Create Real Income with Term Deals

Leverage podcast featuring Chris Prefontaine, founder of the Smart Real Estate Coach and Leverage member. After the 2008 real estate market crash, Chris and his company reinvented the way they made deals and now coach and mentor people from all over the country to achieve the same success. They started doing real estate on their own terms — literally. They started doing real estate deals on terms. Chris works with (a) sellers who were unsuccessful in selling their homes, for...


Testament of a True Entrepreneur: How To Master Any Industry PT 2

Part 2 of 2 For part one, check out: https://youtu.be/E5XBULJkiD4 Leverage Podcast featuring Leverage member, serial entrepreneur and master salesman, Kevin Donahue. In his chat with Leverage Co-founder, Nick Sonnenberg, Kevin shares some of his top secrets to success, including: “Remembering the future” visualization tacticsThe power of reverse gratitudeFinding your unique ability and using it in businessHow to create a team geared for success To download a cheat sheet with the...


Testament of a True Entrepreneur: How To Master Any Industry PT 1

Part 1 of 2 Leverage Podcast featuring Leverage member, serial entrepreneur and master salesman, Kevin Donahue. Kevin is a testament of a true entrepreneur having mastered a huge array of industries across the US. From a skincare brand to a brain trauma center, YouTube influencers, forensic investigative search engines, and the mental health space. How? He knows his unique ability and has mastered it. "It's like someone who's a bass guitarist. It doesn't really matter the band they play...


How CloudApp is Revolutionalizing the Digital Workspace

Leverage Podcast featuring Tyler Koblasa, entrepreneur, technology leader and CloudApp CEO. Tyler Koblasa has a history in evolving the digital landscape and optimizing online communication and workflows. Through his multiple startups and tech endeavors, Tyler found he was consistently faced with the challenge of adequately conveying a clear and concise message, digitally, to those he was working with. Whether he was developing a new product and needed to provide feedback or quickly...


Success Stories Episode 2: Leverage Your Dreams

Leverage Podcast featuring motivational speaker, poet, author and Leverage client Julianna Dawson. Interview by Brittney Martinson, Head of Client Success at Leverage. Julianna Dawson had big dreams that she didn’t feel possible working full time and spending quality time with her family. She wanted to finish her books, have them published, promote herself as an author, and attend more self development events. She knew what she needed to do, but just didn’t have the time to get it all...


Faster Than Normal: Peter Shankman’s Productivity Hacks

Leverage podcast featuring Peter Shankman, public relations master, best-selling author and host of the #1 ADHD Podcast Faster Than Normal. Peter Shankman lives a faster than normal life and rocks it. He’s an uber-successful entrepreneur, public relations master, best-selling author, host of the #1 ADHD Podcast “Faster Than Normal,” and single-dad to his 5-year old daughter. Not to mention a licensed skydiver, marathon runner, Ironman participant and Peloton junkie. It’s not that he has...


Lessons Learned to Create a United and Productive Organization

Leverage Podcast featuring Nick Sonnenberg, Co-founder and CEO, Tanya Fraser, Head of Tasks and Florence Bout, Head of Operations at Leverage. Like any new business, Leverage was not immune to the challenges and adversities that most start-ups face. As many of you may know, Leverage was founded in 2015 by Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg. Leverage soon created a name for itself in the world of outsourcing as a premier service. With a team of 150+ virtual assistants, the company was growing...


The Do’s and Don’ts of Website Copy: Create Content People Want to Read

WEBSITE COPY IS IMPORTANT, YET OFTEN OVERLOOKED When it comes to marketing content, website copy is often neglected. Yet, it’s a huge (and often missed) opportunity to craft the right message in order to reach the right audience. Well crafted content ultimately helps you attract your dream customers, boost conversions and improve your retention rates. In other words, website copy has powerful potential. The problem is that time, budget and resources are typically spent on marketing emails,...


Leverage Success Stories Episode 1: Leverage and Love

Leverage Podcast featuring Scott and Orlena Ballard, Leverage clients, partners at Confidence Coach and in life. In this episode, Brittney Martinson, Head of Client Success at Leverage talks to Scott and Orlena Ballard about a unique task they’ve outsourced to Leverage: “Need a VA to made a dinner reservation every Thursday Night at 7:15pm for my wife and me” At Confidence Coach, Scott and Orlena coach their clients on how to have success in their business - but also in your most...


Meditation for the Modern Mind: Meditate for Business Success

DINA’S JOURNEY Before turning to meditation, Dina lived in the opposite world — the whirlwind of founding a tech company which raised $35mm in venture capital money and scaled to offices internationally. The start-up was called blip.tv, a platform for original shows, somewhat similar to an early version of YouTube. Her life quickly became meetings and conferences, hiring and firing and tough decisions about strategy and scaling and managing a P&L. She figured out the “job” part of her job....


Kaizen: Change Your Business for the Better

Hilary Corna teaches leaders and teams how to solve problems more effectively. As former Senior Executive Officer for Toyota, she helped improve dealership operations for Toyota and ran all of their Kaizen projects for the Asia-Pac region, based out of its Singapore HQ. She is currently consulting for Leverage to implement Kaizen throughout the company and reshape its internal processes. She’s also bestselling author of One White Face, and a prominent writer and speaker featured on Forbes,...


How to DISRUPT Any Industry: A Simple Matrix to Find Hidden Opportunities

Janet spends most of her time writing contracts and business strategies, but her biggest interest lies in first principles — how to find gaps that exist in a specific industry in order to capitalize on opportunities. Her method could’ve saved the taxi industry from being overtaken by Uber and even anticipated the massive success of AirBnB. Big claims, we know. But, if you can find the white space that exists within an industry, you can see where there’s opportunity or where competition...


Wealth Management: How to Set Yourself Up for Financial Success

Ryan’s background and primary focus is in wealth management, or how to properly manage your $ to make $. He is a Partner at Copperleaf Capital and co-founder of AE Wealth Management, valued over $4 billion in assets. Let’s just say Ryan knows what he’s doing. And he does it the right way. His focus is on staying in front of the industry. Rather than waiting for harsh regulations to determine what is “right” or “legally acceptable,” Ryan seeks to reduce conflicts of interest and promotes...


How to Be Courageous and Transform Your Business

Kyle has worked with some of the best in the industry, from an early start with Google’s Chris Sacca and LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, to CEO’s and Boards of Directors at Fortune 500 brands like GAP and Old Navy. He spent the majority of his career in consumer goods and consumer products and services, working directly with the voice of consumers to lead product creation. His experience also stretches into tech, automation, platforms, and even government organizations. We call him the Kyle of...


Crowdcast is Winning Over The Crowd with its Browser Based Webinar Platform

Voice Over: In this episode, we’re testing out our new webinar platform, Crowdcast. Check out this interview with Crowdcast developer and CEO, Sai Hossain and see how Crowdcast can streamline the webinar process for you. At Leverage we searched high and low for the ideal webinar platform, until we found Crowdcast…and we had to look no further. To kick-off our use of this new platform, we hosted a webinar about the platform, interviewing CEO Sai Hossain. Turns out, Sai has a background in...


Slidebean is the New (& Improved) PowerPoint: Create Professionally Designed Presentations in Minutes

Voice Over: On this episode, our guest is Caya, CEO and cofounder of Slidebean. Slidebean is a cloud based presentation tool that makes creating well-crafted and well-designed slide decks simple and easy. Slidebean was a part of Start-Up Chile — one of the most important accelerators in Latin America, 500 Startups — one of the best US accelerators, named “3rd Most Valuable Internet Startup” in Costa Rica, and it was featured in TechCrunch. Etcetera, etcetera…the impressive list goes on. So...