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Stock Market Opportunities: Opto Sessions brings you in-depth interviews with the best minds in finance, from hedge fund managers to options traders, uncovering their secrets to success. Join us to keep on top of where the industry is going next and learn from the industry's sharpest minds.

Stock Market Opportunities: Opto Sessions brings you in-depth interviews with the best minds in finance, from hedge fund managers to options traders, uncovering their secrets to success. Join us to keep on top of where the industry is going next and learn from the industry's sharpest minds.


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Stock Market Opportunities: Opto Sessions brings you in-depth interviews with the best minds in finance, from hedge fund managers to options traders, uncovering their secrets to success. Join us to keep on top of where the industry is going next and learn from the industry's sharpest minds.




#115 - Darius Dale - Will the FED Pivot Dovish? Deflation and the Opportunity in Bonds

Hello everyone, I’m Ed Gotham, and welcome to Opto Sessions where we interview the top investors from around the world uncovering their secrets to success. Today I’m delighted to welcome Darius Dale, Founder of 42 Macro. 42 Macro is an investment research firm offering institutional-grade macro risk management frameworks and processes priced for the retail investor. Prior to 42 Macro, Darius was a Managing Director and Partner at Hedgeye Risk Management. Here Darius focused among other...


#114 - Guy Ellison - FTSE 100 Outlook, Investec's Research Approach & Identifying Quality Growth Stocks

Guy Ellison is head of UK equity research at Investec Wealth & Investment. Guy is responsible for Investec’s coverage of UK equities, focusing on the travel and leisure, support services, aerospace and defence, utilities, and beverages sectors. We discuss Investec’s research process, and how the team identifies Quality Growth stocks. Guy discusses UK equity valuations, comparing UK value to US and European Markets; and I finish by asking Guy for his 2022 outlook for the FTSE 100 –...


#113 - David Rosenberg - A Commodity Supply Squeeze, US Recession & Stamping Out Rampant Inflation

David Rosenberg is the President and Chief Economist & Strategist at Rosenberg Research, an economic and consulting firm he established in January 2020. David’s CV boasts stints at Merrill Lynch, first as Chief Economist & Strategist for the company’s Canadian arm, before a promotion to Chief North American Economist. From 2009, David was Chief Economist & Strategist at Gluskin Sheff & Associates, pivoting from an institutional focus to cover the interests of high-net-worths’. David gives...


#112 - Jeroen Blokland - Downgrading Equities, 'MSV', & Asset Allocation Amid Market Turmoil

Jeroen Blokland is the Founder of True Insights, a macro investment research platform. Having accumulated over 20 years of experience working in financial markets and asset management, Jeroen struck out on his own to offer elite-level research to retail and institutional clients alike. Having headed up Multi-asset at Robeco, a leading global asset manager with over 200bn euros in AUM, Jeroen has significant experience building and managing portfolios, and a time-tested track record in...


#111 - Julian Brigden - Recession, Red-Hot Inflation & How to Make Calm Out of Chaos

Julian Brigden is the Co-founder and President of Macro Intelligence 2 Partners, a macro investment research firm based in Colorado. Julian has over 30 years of experience including positions in the market and policy-focused consulting to hedge funds and institutional investors, taking in stints at Credit Agricole, Medley Global Advisors, UBS, Lehman Brothers, and HSBC. As a global macro strategist, Julian has developed an uncanny ability to spot trends ahead of market consensus. Julian...


#110 - Noah Hamman - AI Powered momentum investing & BEDZ (The hotel ETF)

Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Noah Hamman, the Founder & CEO of advisor shares, a firm which creates and manages a huge variety of interesting actively managed ETFs from Thematic focused ones to multi-asset and income. Noah has more than 15 years experience in the industry and includes a focus on innovative financial technology. In this interview, we explore what the FED is actually going to do with interest rates as opposed to what they’ve been telling the market, thematic...


#109 - Kevin T. Carter - FMQQ: Investing in Frontier Markets & Excluding China

I last spoke to Kevin T. Carter in October last year, that time to discuss his original Emerging Markets Internet and E-commerce ETF, EMQQ, a fund with over $759 million in net assets. This time we caught up to discuss his second ETF; FMQQ was launched late last year and offers exposure to the Internet and Ecommerce sectors of the developing world, but this time, focusing on frontier markets and perhaps more pertinently, excluding China. I ask Kevin why McKinsey has identified the digital...


#108 - Dan Kemp - Morningstar's CIO on Russia-Ukraine: Investing Amid a Geopolitical Crisis

Dan Kemp is Morningstar’s Global Chief Investment Officer. Having joined the firm back in 2014 as the Co-head of Investment Consulting and Portfolio Management for EMEA, Dan was promoted to the region’s CIO the following year. Prior to Morningstar Dan was a founding partner at Albemarle Street Partners, responsible for client risk profiling, fund research, portfolio construction, and asset allocation. With a wealth of experience in devising investment strategies that seek long-term...


#107 - Jeff Desjardins - Visual Capitalist's 'Signals: The 27 Trends Defining the Future of the Global Economy'

Jeff Desjardins is the Editor-in-Chief of Visual Capitalist, frequently featured on Business Insider, Forbes, CNBC, MarketWatch, The Huffington Post, and The World Economic Forum. A staggering 2.5 exabytes of data is generated every day, making our world increasingly difficult to understand. By exposing the bigger picture through data-driven infographics, Visual Capitalist help readers cut through the clutter and simplify a complex world. I spoke to Jeff about his new book, ‘Signals: The...


#106 - Mark Yusko - (CSH) - A Smart Alternative to Cash

Today, I welcome Mark Yusko, the Founder, CEO & Chief Investment Officer at Morgan Creek Capital Management and Managing Partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets. He currently manages close to $2 billion in discretionary and non-discretionary assets at Morgan Creek. He’s known for his unique investment strategies and interest in emerging asset types. One of the cornerstones of the morgan creek investment philosophy is to invest in innovation. In this interview, we discuss the current macro...


#105 - Sylvia Jablonski - The first NFT ETF (NFTZ) by Defiance ETFs

Today I’m delighted to have Sylvia Jablonski on the show, the CEO, CIO, and Co-Founder at Defiance ETFs which she started just over a year ago after 11yrs at the thematic ETF provider Direxion. Defiance ETFs is an ETF sponsor focused on thematic investing. The themes they have chosen are set to transform existing paradigms of how we live, work, receive healthcare and pursue leisure. From Quantum computing to blockchain - Defiance’s first-mover thematic ETFs seek to capture the most dynamic...


#104 - Adam Robinson - Outsmarting the market, The Importance of Systems & The Great Game (Repost)

Today, I have the delight of introducing Adam Robinson, someone I consider a mentor, an incredible thinker who has a unique but masterful way of looking at the market and how it operates. Adam is the founder of Robinson Global Strategies where he conveys his wisdom on a global macro strategy to some of the most prominent hedge fund managers and family offices in the world. He uses a unique approach that combines game theory, systems thinking, Bayesian analysis, and behavioral economics to...


#103 - Jonah Lupton - Live Q&A: Growth Selloff Overdone? Earnings Review Featuring: Upstart, Meta & ZIM

On Thursday 10th February, we hosted our latest Twitter Space, with Growth stock investor and FinTwit influencer, Jonah Lupton. We discussed the growth stock selloff as a tumultuous earnings season rolls on. Taking questions from a live audience of over 1,000 listeners, Jonah explains how that selloff may be overdone, with some Tech companies reporting unprecedented success. Jonah highlights the real winners and losers this earnings season, identifies stocks to watch including Israeli...


#102 - Jeff Ross - Are innovation stocks in deep value territory?

We’ve got Dr. Jeff Ross on the show again and this is a recording from a live spaces event we hosted back in early Feb. Jeff is the founder and portfolio manager of Vailshire Capital Management, a long-short hedge fund which employs an innovative “all-weather,” full-cycle portfolio strategy for its clients. In this interview we discuss whether innovation stocks are in deep value territory, analysing points from an article Cathie Wood posted back in late December last...


#101 - James Davolos - High Inflation Winners & Capital Light Business Models

Today we welcome back James Davolos onto the show, a portfolio manager at Horizon Kinetics. James joined the firm way back in 2005 and now manages both the Inflation Beneficiaries ETF (INFL) and the Internet Fund. The Inflation Beneficiaries ETF has had great success to date after launching in January last year with over $855 million in AUM and being 26% up last year. In this interview, we dig into the inflation narrative discussing how much leeway the fed has to raise rates, what would be...


#100 - William Je - China Outlook: Tech Leaders, Green Energy & Blockchain Stocks

William Je is the founder and CEO of Hamilton Investment Management. The multi-billion-dollar asset manager specialises in private equity investments and institutional-grade digital assets strategies, but it was William’s decades of experience investing in China’s equity markets, that we focused on today. William was the Chairman of Equity Capital Markets for Macquarie Banking Group, a global heavyweight managing over $520 billion in assets. In that role, William managed the firm’s Greater...


#99 - David Hornik - Enterprise Software & SaaS: Fastly, GitLab & Bill.com

David Hornik is an investor and General Partner at venture capital firm, August Capital. Since joining August Capital in 2000, David has invested in some of the biggest names in enterprise software and SaaS, including Splunk, Fastly, GitLab, WePay, and Bill.com. David is the creator of August Capital’s annual gathering of industry thought-leaders, The Lobby, and Lobby: Enterprise. Building on those initiatives Lobby Capital was born, founded by David in February 2021, to invest in inspiring...


#98 - Julian Klymochko - Live Q&A: SPAC Mania, Virgin Galactic & Arbitrage Strategy

On Wednesday 15th December, we hosted our latest live interview on Twitter Spaces, with Hedge fund and SPAC expert Julian Klymochko. Julian is CEO at Accelerate Financial Technologies, a company democratising alternative investment by offering institutional-calibre hedge fund and private equity strategies, in the form of low-cost ETFs. One of Accelerate’s strategies, ARB, provides exposure to SPAC arbitrage. So, Julian identifies the advantages of an arbitrage approach, before highlighting...


#97 - Paul Schulte - The Money Metaverse

Today we’ve got Paul Schulte on the show. Paul is the founder and editor of Schulte Research, a company that does research on banks, financial technology, and bank algorithms. He’s had a long career in equity research spanning 27 years working on both the buy and sell sides covering Asian and emerging markets. He’s also the author of 5 books including ‘The Money metaverse: How crypto is reinventing finance and property'. In this interview, we discuss the causes of the recent sell off in...


2021 Review (Part 2): Insights from Howard Lindzon, Mark Yusko, Adam Robinson & more

Part 2 of our 2021 review. Listen in to learn from some of my favourite interview snippets from the year. - Howard Lindzon on SPACs - Mark Yusko on Digital Assets - Adam Robinson on What Is A Trend - Austin Lieberman & Jeff Ross on Founder-led Companies - Jaime Rogozinski on the Rise Of The Retail Trader Have a great new year! Thanks to Cofruition for consulting on and producing the podcast. Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:...