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Helping people and companies thrive

Helping people and companies thrive
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Helping people and companies thrive








Manage expectations

Someone once said, “Expectations are simply preconceived resentments.” Pretty heavy statement, isn’t it? Dawn Shuler discusses appropriate expectations and the three factors needed in order for them NOT to be preconceived resentments.


Onboarding new hires

In the last episode, Dawn Shuler talked about the importance of a strong onboarding process for new customers. In today’s episode, she continues the onboarding theme for new hires. Here’s why it’s important: 37% of hiring decision makers say retention rates would increase significantly if new hires were better informed during the hiring process. Listen in as Dawn goes over the 7 elements to consider in a strong onboarding process for new hires, as well as a sample first day for a new...


Onboarding new customers

A customer is 4 times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service-related than price- or product-related. With that in mind, customer service should be of paramount importance to for-profit companies and non-profit organizations alike. And the first step in a customer service journey is a new customer’s first experience. Listen in as Dawn Shuler talks about the elements and questions you need to consider to create a smooth, efficient onboarding process that results in...


Not for government employees

When you think of professional development, creativity, innovation, problem-solving… do you think training in those areas is helpful for employees? How about government employees? Listen in to today’s episode as Dawn Shuler recounts a situation with some potential implicit bias against training for government employees.


Interview with LeAnn Pashina, author of Sit Your Way to Success

I had the pleasure of interviewing LeAnn Pashina, author of Sit Your Way to Success, a book that covers where to sit in meetings, sales calls, conferences, and even dinner parties! In our interview, we talk about why she wrote the book, some of the research she cites, and even some nuggets about how to appeal to people’s emotional side (and therefore, where to sit in order to do that!). Listen in to this entertaining and highly informative conversation with LeAnn! Connect with LeAnn on...


Your people desperately need training

Did you know that 92% of employers say skill shortages is negatively affecting productivity, employee satisfaction, and turnover. So, there’s the argument right there for the need for training. The question is… what kind of training? Believe it or not, not hard skills like coding, tech, or trades. Where are you missing the opportunity to create magic in your organization?


Don’t Make Someone Else Wrong

Do you realize there are times when you say something a certain way that immediately puts up walls? Telling someone they are wrong, or they are experiencing this particular thing, or making declarations (“this is the way it is”), or using absolutes (“always” or “never”) causes tall, sometimes insurmountable walls to be erected. Instead, learn how to build bridges.


10 traits of the very best managers

A few years ago, Google ran an experiment to see if managers were really necessary, or were they useless (as they hoped to prove). Interestingly, they found that not only were managers needed, but then they ran the opposite experiment to find out what makes the best managers. Listen in for the 10 characteristics of the best managers.


Are you leaving money on the table?

Employees are both a profit center and a cost center: profit center in that they help bring in revenue, and a cost center in that it costs money to have employees in terms of payroll, benefits, etc. However, did you know that there may be somewhat hidden and indirect costs associated with employee turnover, lack of employee engagement, productivity, absenteeism, and more? Listen in as Dawn Shuler shares some shocking statistics on how much money you could be leaving on the table.


Are you experiencing an Upper Limit Problem?

From Gay Hendricks’s book, The Big Leap, we are all wired with internal thermostats that tell us how high we can go in relationships, career success, health, and happiness. Problems occur when we start to hit the upper level of those thermostats, hence, an Upper Limit Problem. Learn the 4 hidden barriers that create our upper limits and how we can see upper limits affecting our daily lives. Great for individuals and for leaders and managers to be able to spot in their team members and...


Interview with Sylvia Henderson on Idea MindTeams – an innovative solution for companies

In the last few People Thrive, Companies Thrive podcast episodes, Dawn has been talking about the power of teams, being well-rounded, creating a strengths-based culture, and being positive. Today, she brings it all together in a conversation with fellow CEO, Sylvia Henderson of MindTeam Solutions. Today’s topic: the innovative Idea MindTeam™ platform that enable staff to solve problems, implement ideas, and live the core values of the organization.


Positivity in Teams

In today’s episode, Dawn Shuler reveals the fascinating research on positivity, including in corporate teams, from the book Positivity by Barbara Fredrickson, PhD. You might be surprised at how much of an impact positivity can have on high performing teams (and the lack of it on poor performing teams).


6 Elements of a Strengths-Based Culture

Why do you want to create a strengths-based culture? Because a strengths-based workplace is transformational; it’s a culture that focuses on continual growth and improvement among everyone in the organization… and sets that organization up for the future. Listen in as Dawn talks about the 6 elements of a strengths-based culture and how focusing on strengths actually increases revenue and decreases expenses.


The Danger of Single Facet Thinking

As Abraham Maslow once said, “If all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.” That’s the danger of single-facet thinking. If you imagine an organization as a three-legged stool, what happens if you only focus and build one leg? It falls over. Listen in to today’s episode as Dawn Shuler illustrates the three legs needed and examples when an organization does not value all three.


What Do Your Values Say About You?

Most of the time I talk about a company’s core values, but individuals have their own set of values as well. Listen in to today’s episode for a powerful, yet simple system to determine your values – and how best to communicate and connect with others, especially when you know and understand their values – and how they might be different from yours! (And get your free personality report!)


Pay Attention

In running a business (or a department or a team or whatever), you get signs in the form of suggestions, recommendations, trends, unexpected obstacles, unplanned opportunities… if you don’t pay attention, you might find yourself down the road unhappy with where you want to be.


Play to Your Strengths

What if we created a strengths-based culture? Strengths-based work? Strengths-based teams? Listen in to today’s episode as Dawn Shuler shares what is possible by focusing on your strengths, rather than your weaknesses.


Follow up

We usually think of following up in terms of sales. But it’s valid in all areas of business and life. Listen in to today’s episode to learn how important follow-up is to respecting others and nurturing relationships.


How You Process the World

Dawn Shuler shares Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences – not how intelligent one is, per se, but how one processes the world. She describes the 7 different intelligences and discusses that recognizing how someone processes the world can lead to greater understanding and even greater productivity in the workplace.


Delivering Excellent Customer Service – Part II

In Part 1, Dawn Shuler shared how vital great customer service is, and 6 ways to deliver it – when something goes wrong. In today’s Part 2 episode, Dawn offers 4 techniques for handling unhappy customers.