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An entertaining talk with businesses in New Jersey

An entertaining talk with businesses in New Jersey


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An entertaining talk with businesses in New Jersey






Just the Two of Us

Kate and Vinnie go it alone for the first time on this episode of Other People's Business where they discuss visibility options available to NJBIA members, whether or not sharks are as dangerous as their reputation makes them out to be, and the world we're living in now where just about anything can be cake.


Printing, Networking and Making Dreams Come True

Jim Mooney of Minuteman Press in Westfield joins us to talk about his journey in printing, the sudden(?) decline of Netflix, the importance of networking and the amazing feeling you get when your dreams come true.



Verus GP joins us to talk about how they help small and mid-size businesses navigate complex government relief programs, including the CARES Act, new takes on classic desserts and how morning people can work with night owls.


An Accountant, a Payroll Administrator and an Insurance Guy Walk Into a Coffee Shop

Jim O'Connor joins us to discuss CBIZ's 25-year commitment to providing accounting, tax and advisory services for its clients, the shows we'd love to live on, and Kate's great creative unblocking.


The Podcast Across the Street from the Girl Who Hides Her Mascara

Frank Galindo of Lincoln Tech joins us to talk about the school and how it has helped many train for their careers in a time when people need it most, all the things that pile up in our garages, and the most positive impact our podcast has had on the world to date.


America’s Sweethearts

For the past year NJBIA has been airing "Minding Your Business," a TV show highlighting NJ businesses and the issues they face every day. Learn all about it, why Kate feels Taylor Swift gets a raw deal and the simple device Vinnie can't figure out how to use, in this discussion with our CCO Bob Considine.


Lowering Your Credit Card Processing Costs in the Hart of Virgin River

Debbie Wolpov of MerX Payments drops by the show to talk about how her company can help you save on credit card processing costs, the extreme lengths she's gone to serve her clients, NJBIA's Women Business Leaders Council, and the shows we can't (and absolutely can) quit.


How to Get Banned from the Supermarkets of the Future

Chris Martin of SobelCo joins us to discuss his niche in supermarket accounting, the greatest concert he's ever been to, binging Encanto, and the grocery stores of the future.


The 100th Episode Extravaganza

Kerry Barrett returns to the show for our 100th episode in a discussion about overcoming your fears of public speaking and the importance of being a good audience member. We also discuss the way mistakes can help bring out your personality and the random nothings in our lives that somehow get turned into brilliant Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes.


Alligator-Free Living

Frank Ferruggia of McCarter & English joins us to talk about the firm, the case to be made for returning to in-person work, and the classic sequel Kate didn't know existed until now. Also, Vinnie plans out Kate's New Jersey retirement to avoid humidity and backyard alligators.


The Phantom Smart Home

Joe Perez, a partner with Withum, Smith and Brown, talks to us about his 25 years at the firm, the phantom bulbs that randomly turn on in Kate's "smart" home and the show Vinnie never expected to be one of the best on TV.


Plagues, Viruses and Electrostatic Guns

On this episode of Other People's Business, we geek out over new cleaning technologies as Denise Christopher of Attention to Detail Commercial Cleaning tells us how important it was staying on top of them during the pandemic.


The Many Saints of Central Jersey

Greg Angelillo of Transparent Energy drops by to tell you how your business can get energy companies to compete to get you the lowest price. In addition, we discuss The Many Saints of Newark, wedding speech worst practices, and whether or not Central Jersey is real.


Just How Many Pandemic Pets Were There?

Randy Burrows of Wedgewood Pharmacy joins us to talk about their amazing company retention, The Squid Game, how many pets were adopted during the pandemic and by who.


Avoiding IRS Fines and Entrapment Scams

Pete Floersch of PKF O'Connor Davies joins us to talk about how to avoid IRS fines and the scourge of the earth known as scalpers.


Cats, Dogs, Horses and Aliens

Jaclyn Withers of Wedgewood Pharmacy joins us to talk about her love of animals and how it got her a great career in animal science. And, while we're on the subject of other species, we give our thoughts on other intelligent life in the universe and whether or not any of it has dropped by.


Strengthening Your Human Firewall

Cora Park of Diamond Business Communications joins us to discuss the war her company wages against cyber criminals, the PrintNightmare crisis, phishing scams, and how the first line of defense against all of them is... you. In addition, we revisit ABC's Lost and contemplate the historical accuracies of Game of Thrones.


Junior Achievement and Trying Not to be Socially Awkward Post-Pandemic

Catherine Milone joins us to discuss the many ways you can volunteer with Junior Achievement to enrich the lives of students across New Jersey. In addition, we discuss what it's like crawling out of our caves and going back out into the world post-COVID.


The Pollen Strikes Back

Keith MacDonald of PrimePoint drops in to talk to us about how the company's payroll management system can save you time and money, the new Mighty Ducks Disney Plus show, and our struggles with this year's pollen count.


Free Business Advice and Volunteering with SCORE

Gene Wolf, district director of SCORE NJ, drops in to talk to us about SCORE's free mentor services and volunteer opportunities, along with our favorite birthday cakes.