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An entertaining talk with businesses in New Jersey

An entertaining talk with businesses in New Jersey


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An entertaining talk with businesses in New Jersey






Fight vs. Flight in a Pandemic

Rachel Durkan of Paradigm Marketing and Design joins us to talk about how her business thrived during the shutdown and how you can too.


Diversity and Inclusion Part 2

Tom Phillips of Thomas Edison State University, and chair of our new Diversity & Inclusion Council, joins us to talk about the importance of the Council, his advice for people feeling alienated and the wubble.


Diversity and Inclusion Part 1

Rina Desai of Panasonic, and vice chair of our new Diversity and Inclusion Council, joins us to talk about how embracing her authentic self and unique voice has advanced her career.


The Diamond Anniversary

For the 75th episode of Other People's Business, we come to you live from the SobelCo Women's Executive Breakfast where we interviewed Jacqueline Breslauer, Chief Audit Executive of Valley National Bank, on her career, mentoring and dreams for retirement.


Domestic Violence During COVID

Rosanne DeTorres, of DeTorres & DeGeorge Family Law, returns to talk about the struggles of domestic violence victims during the COVID-19 quarantine and NJBIA's new Women Business Leaders Council. Also, Vinnie makes good on an apology he's owed Kate for two and a half years. For any victims and survivors of domestic violence who need support, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. If you're unable to speak safely, you can log onto thehotline.org or text LOVEIS to...


NJ Sharing Network Ensuring People Can Still Get Organ Donations During COVID-19

NJ Sharing Network is still open 24/7 making sure people who need organ donations can still get them during the shutdown. Find out how you can help in our latest interview with Elisse Glennon.


Resources Available for NJ Businesses During the COVID-19 Crisis

NJBIA President & CEO Michele Siekerka joins us to talk about loans, grants and information available to businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as what NJBIA is doing to help.


An Episode of Epic Epicness

Need a break? Check out this compilation of some of our favorite recent podcast episodes to meet our members and get tips on everything from improving your work/life balance to marketing to Gen Z. Please note: Because of all the segments, this one is better viewed than listened to. You can do that at youtube.com/NJBIA, but if you'd still prefer to listen, feel free.


Thinking About Retirement Taxes… and Cookie Butter

Greg Dillon of OneTeam Financial joins us to talk about why you should be thinking about the taxes you'll pay on your retirement savings now so you don't have to spend your golden years on reruns of the Golden Girls.


Focusing on Focus NJ

NJBIA is starting a brand new nonprofit research foundation and Nicole Sandelier tells us all about it, along with her love of roller coasters and house plants.


All the Money You Never Knew You Could Get from Social Security

Vinnie and Kate look backwards to celebrate NJBIA's 110th anniversary in style while Ash Ahluwalia looks forward to retirement where he says 90 percent of people don't get nearly as much money from the government as they're owed.


What to Do with Your Hands While You’re on Camera

Emmy Award winning TV anchor Kerry Barrett drops in to give you advice on how to be better in front of an audience (whether live or virtual) and we pick her brain about things that never die, like vampires, zombies and Cobra Kai.


Retiring at 40 with Your Chef Boyardee Meatballs

Kate and Vinnie come to an impasse over Chef Boyardee as Kelley Holland of Own Your Destiny joins us to talk about how she's helping to free women of financial stress.


Super Powering Your BIA Membership

Jodi Grinwald got so much out of her NJBIA membership that she decided to come work for the Association to tell others what it has to offer. Hear about that, plus her advice for those starting a foundation...


Mentoring’s Uber Effect

Varsha Waishampayan talks to us about Baby Yoda, the need to outlaw yearbook photos, and Wings for Growth, her organization that matches young women with an army of dedicated mentors.


Decoding Gen Z

Generation Z is entering the workforce. How do they consume media? How do you market to them? And how many of them watched the Emmys? Find out in our talk with Mark Beal, author of "Decoding Gen Z" and "Career in Transition".


EMACC Is Back!

Jennifer Eckhoff of the Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce joins us to talk about some cool things going on at EMACC and how NJBIA members can get a discounted rate.


Smaller and Sweeter Than Us

Cassey Del Monico of Senior Spirit Medical Day Center joins us to talk about all the awesome work she does with the seniors in her care and reminds us to press pause and appreciate our lives.


The Trolley Problem

Zain Ali of Focus Softnet follows us down the rabbit hole on magic carpets and glamping while explaining how small businesses can take advantage of artificial intelligence.


Print Ads Killed the Digital Star

Mark Hurwitz joins us to talk about how print can be a considerably more effective use of your marketing dollars than digital and how the latest innovations can save you money... at a price.