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An entertaining talk with businesses in New Jersey






One More Time.

On the final episode of Other People's Business, the hosts of NJBIA's forthcoming podcast Planet New Jersey join us to give a sneak peek at what's to come. In addition, Kate and Vinnie reflect on six years of hosting the coolest business podcast in the galaxy.


How Much Should You Be Paying Your Employees?

On the penultimate episode of Other People's Business, Mary Rizzuti of EisnerAmper joins us to talk about trends in compensation, resources the firm provides to help you pay your employees the right amount, and why Star Wars needs to go away for a while.


Creative Legal Solutions and Lost-Like Recommendations

Jim Paone of Davison Eastman Munoz Paone, P.A. joins us to talk about what sets the firm apart, what to do if you ever get sued, shows that are surprisingly like Lost and, as a follow up to our last episode, the many other things you can do with anchovies when you don't want them on your pizza.


Diversity, Equity and the Case for Anchovy Pizza

Jackie Lue Raia, of ALEXENA Consulting, drops in to tell us about her work in diversity, equity and inclusion, the uncomfortable questions she asks during her sessions and why you should drop some anchovies on your next pizza.


Betty Boros and the Best Conference in the Universe

Our very own Chief Member Strategy Officer, Betty Boros, returns to the show to talk to us about the upcoming NJ Women Business Leaders Forum, a bowl of socks, and the benefits of her marine science background in the business world.


A Private Eye for the 21st Century

Cynthia Hetherington of the Hetherington Group joins us to talk about their work as cyber investigators, the many dogs they keep on campus, how much time a criminal needs to rob your house and the one report you should run on your kids ASAP.


Betting On Yourself

When you have two kids to support and success is your only option, what do you do? You take out a $100,000 loan and bet on yourself to start a business. Or, at least, that's what C3Workplace Chief Visionary Officer and business growth expert Donna Miller did. Hear all about it on this week's show.


Troop Awesome

Ginny Hill, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ, joins us to talk about the 14,000 girls they're supporting, memories of camp and their latest recruitment drive.


Superman–Just a pretty face?

Our Chief Government Affairs Officer Christopher Emigholz takes a break to drop into our podcast and discuss the process of getting a budget passed, some of the high (and low) lights in this one that will impact business, and what Lois Lane looks for in her superheroes.


Outsourcing Your Marketing Needs

Where do you turn when you find your marketing machine could use some extra help? We chat with Rachel Durkan of Paradigm Marketing and Design about her services, as well as her amazing staff and the incredible, edible egg.


Combatting the Wonkiness with Delta Dental

In our podcast's season 3 premiere, Carin Hep of Delta Dental joins us to discuss what sets them apart from the competition, what you should look for when seeking out an insurance plan and her love of Star Wars.


Podcasting in Paradise

Who says you have to leave New Jersey to vacation in style? Chris Mulvihill tells us all about the spas, pools, restaurants and yoga-aiding goats guests can enjoy at the Crystal Springs Resort. Meanwhile, Kate and Vinnie finally get around to watching the very apropos White Lotus TV show.


When Voices Smile

Barbara Farragher of Smiling Voice joins us to talk about her work as a voice actress, her weirdest audition, and the mysterious application of body glitter.


Business Cards – The Memorable and the Annoying

Robin Kantor of Newark Trade drops in to tell us about new trends in business cards and how important it is to have a memorable one... just as long as you don't go *too* far. Because too fancy can get annoying fast.


Getting LinkedIn’s Algorithm to Work for You

Mike Farragher of Career Letters joins us to talk about how he can improve your LinkedIn profile, the joy of comic books, and how to figure out what you want to be when you grow up. In addition, we discuss dating profiles, job searches and the genius of Breaking Bad.


The Hallmark and the Horror

Bill Brauner stops by to tell us about visibility options available through New Jersey Business Magazine and to discuss superfluous middle names, Kate's dreams of being setup on a blind date with British royalty, and the weird answer to one of the great audio mysteries of our show.


Saving the World

Jessica Filante of AT&T joins us to talk about the company's joint efforts with other tech companies to reduce one billion metric tons of emissions, the best adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, and the many mistakes of Amy Sherman Palladino.


Fiction-Writing Litigators and Unacceptable Pizza Toppings

Joshua S. Levy and Robyn Gigl are litigators for the law firms of Gibbons P.C. and GluckWalrath by day and authors by night. Tune in to this episode of our podcast to hear about their books that take us from the courtroom itself to the very depths of space and time.


Small Loans with Big Impact

Adam Farrah, president of the UCEDC, who (incidentally) wins our award for best answer to "What's the most daring thing you've ever done?" since we started asking the question, drops in to talk to us about the micro lending his organization does to help small businesses, Napoleon Dynamite and The Troubles.


Shoutout to Somerset County from the Heights of the London Eye

Len Harris, of the Somerset County Business Partnership, drops in to tell us about how their association is encouraging the growth of Somerset County and its tourism industry, their upcoming diversity & inclusion event, Tom Hanks' career highlight "Bosom Buddies," and whether or not you can be both a morning person AND a night owl.