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How to Achieve Peak Performance in Sales - Outside Sales Talk with Gerhard Gschwandtner

Gerhard Gschwandtner is the Founder and CEO of ‘Selling Power Magazine’, the world’s leading sales management magazine. He is well known for his ‘Peak Performance Mindset’ workshop, which is designed to help salespeople achieve their highest level of performance and reach their goals. Gerhard shares valuable insights and exercises that will help you overcome any challenges, grow professionally and personally and ultimately be more successful. Here are some of the topics covered in this...


3 Things Sellers Must Master to Consistently Close More Deals - Outside Sales Talk with Donald Kelly

Donald Kelly is a sales trainer, award-winning speaker and host of "The Sales Evangelist" podcast. During his successful sales career, he has learned from the top sales leaders and is now sharing his expertise conducting workshops, keynote presentations and sales training for sales teams and executives. Donald believes that the key to success in sales is to master the fundamentals and keep it simple. In this episode, he shares 3 crucial sales skills and techniques and how you can master them...


How To Motivate Yourself in Sales - Outside Sales Talk with Everold Reid

Everold Reid is a sales coach, speaker and the author of ‘The Reid Method - A Blueprint for Achieving Sales Mastery’. With over 28 years of sales experience, he shares his best tips and tricks about how you can motivate yourself in Field Sales and exceed your goals! Here are some of the topics covered in this episode: A 3-step daily ritual that helps you get motivatedGoal setting strategiesHow to stop procrastinatingThe 5-second-ruleTips for successfully motivating your sales team Learn...


High-Profit Prospecting Strategies - Outside Sales Talk with Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter, known as the “Sales Hunter”, is a keynote speaker, sales trainer, consultant and the author of the best-selling book “High-Profit Prospecting: Powerful Strategies to Find the Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results”. With over 30 years of sales leadership experience, Mark helps salespeople develop successful prospecting strategies and close more deals. In this episode, Mark uncovers the biggest prospecting myths and shares his powerful tactics that will help you get the...


Actionable Ways to Use Linkedin for B2B Sales - Outside Sales Talk with Kurt Shaver

Kurt Shaver is a LinkedIn Trainer and Keynote speaker, helping B2B inside and outside sales teams win more business with digital sales techniques. If you want to grow your professional network of customers, prospects and partners, connect with more decision makers through introductions and referrals, and increase your visibility and value online, Kurt is the guy! Kurt carried a bag as a sales rep, led teams as VP of Sales and is now helping sales teams increase revenue through adopting the...


The Key to Successful Sales Leadership - Outside Sales Talk with Bernadette McClelland

Bernadette McClelland is the CEO of the Sales Performance Agency ‘3 Red Folders’, a recognized sales authority, keynote speaker and executive coach, well known for her expertise in B2B Sales Leadership. She has over 20 years of sales experience working for top companies like Xerox and Kodak. On this episode she’ll share her advice and insights about what it takes to become a successful leader in Outside Sales. Bernadette talks about what conversations you need to have with your customers...


Best Ways to Deal with Competition in Sales - Outside Sales Talk with Anthony Iannarino

Anthony Iannarino is a highly respected international speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and sales leader, joining us today to discuss competitiveness in Field Sales. One key thing that high-performing and successful salespeople share regardless of their industry, is that they embrace their competition, rather than let it intimidate them. In this episode, Anthony talks about how you can differentiate yourself in Field Sales and outperform your competitors. Here are some of the...


How to Overcome Price Objections - Outside Sales Talk with Steve Benson

In this special episode of the Outside Sales Talk podcast, host Steve Benson is addressing a very frequently asked question - what’s the best way to handle and overcome price objections in sales? You probably already know that mastering price discussions is important, but did you know, that almost six in 10 buyers want to discuss pricing on the first call? Even reps who are great at overcoming most sales objections aren’t prepared to overcome price objections – no matter how experienced...


Attracting the Modern Buyer with Digital Sales - Outside Sales Talk with Mario Martinez Jr.

Mario Martinez Jr. is a former VP of Sales, Keynote Speaker & Digital Sales Evangelist. He has spent 82 consecutive quarters in sales and leadership helping to grow revenues for small to large fortune 100 sales teams. He was in the 100%+ Club for 15 out of 18 years! Mario talks about the modern buyer that is influenced by the Digital Sales Transformation. As sales and marketing professionals we must be aligned with our understanding of the buyer’s needs. We must meet the buyer in their...


Strategies For Successful Referral Selling - Outside Sales Talk with Joanne Black

Joanne Black is America's leading authority on referral selling. She shares her actionable strategies that help you get more qualified leads through referrals in Field Sales. A referral program is the best prospecting approach to reach decision-makers, close B2B sales at an unprecedented 70% rate, shorten the sales process, and ace-out the competition. Joanne believes that in B2B sales, relationships still count. People still crave that interpersonal connection in today’s digital world....


Coaching Successful Field Sales Teams - Outside Sales Talk with Keenan

Keenan is A Sales Guy Inc.’s CEO, President, and Chief Antagonist. He’s been selling something to someone for his entire life, teaching and coaching almost as long. With over 20 years of sales experience, which he’ll tell you he doesn’t give a shit about, Keenan has been influencing, learning from and shaping the world of sales for a long time. Finder of the elephant in the room, Keenan calls it as he sees it and lets nothing or no one go unnoticed. Keenan’s passion for problem solving...


How to Optimize Your Selling Time in the Field - Outside Sales Talk with Wes Schaeffer

Wes Schaeffer is a Business Owner, Founder, Doer, and Author. Known as "The Sales Whisperer®," he is a keynote speaker, inbound marketing expert, copywriter, and longtime HubSpot and Infusionsoft Consultant. Schaeffer is the author of the books "The Definitive Guide To Infusionsoft: How Mere Mortals Increase Traffic, Leads, Prospects, Sales, Testimonials, Online Orders & Referrals With the World’s Most Powerful Small Business Sales & Marketing Automation Software" and "It Takes More Than a...


Top Questions You Should Ask Every Prospect - Outside Sales Talk with John Barrows

John Barrows is a world-class sales trainer and owner of JBarrows LLC, where he’s providing customized sales training and consulting services for clients like Salesforce.com, Box, LinkedIn, and many others. John is also a published author, whose work can be seen in Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, Forbes, HBR & Fortune. John is driving results with proven techniques and reinforcement tools that impact adoption and behavior change. He represents the MJHoffman & Associated (aka Basho) training...


How to Modernize Your Field Sales Team - Outside Sales Talk with Tony Hughes

Tony Hughes has 30 years of corporate and sales leadership experience with personal and team sales records that have never been broken. He is named the most influential person in professional selling within Asia-Pacific by Top Sales World. He’s currently ranked #1 sales blogger globally by both Top Sales Magazine and Best Sales Blogger Awards, and #3 sales expert and thought leader globally by LinkedIn. Tony is also a bestselling author and the most read person on LinkedIn on the topic of...


How to Drive Career Growth in Outside Sales - Outside Sales Talk with Carson Heady

Carson Heady is a top performing outside sales leader, speaker and management consultant. He’s the author of the ‘Birth of a Salesman’ series, which details the art of sales - from interviewing through preparation, pitching, closing and advancing your career in sales. During his career, he has served at multiple levels of leadership at Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. In his role he’s overseeing partner relationships and leading strategic sales planning to grow revenue. He has a...


Powerful Sales Techniques To Win More Deals - Outside Sales Talk with Deb Calvert

Deb Calvert is known for her unique sales training approach that has helped thousands of sales teams reach peak performance and accelerate sales. She stands out as a sales coach by putting people first. In this episode, you’ll learn how to identify a real objection with ‘the test’ and how to specifically overcome price objections. Deb explains how certain selling behaviours might harm your performance and how you can start behaving like a leader today to win more deals! Deb has been named...


Mastering Social Selling for Field Sales - Outside Sales Talk with Matt Heinz

Matt Heinz focuses on delivering measurable results for his clients in the way of greater sales, revenue growth, product success and customer loyalty. He held various sales positions at companies like Microsoft and Boeing before starting his own business ‘Heinz Marketing’ to help clients scale revenue and customer growth. Matt is an expert in Social Selling and shares hands-on advice on how Field Salespeople can use and leverage Social Media to nurture and grow their network, and build...


How to Accelerate Your Sales Process with Responsiveness - Outside Sales Talk with Andy Paul

Andy Paul isn’t a stranger to thinking differently about sales training. He’s well known as a high performance growth coach for sales teams across industries. If you need tips on accelerating the growth of your sales pipeline, with real tactics you can implement today, Andy is the coach you need. Andy almost didn’t make it past the sales training class in his first job out of college. The bosses didn’t think he’d make it in sales because he wasn’t “salesy” enough. They thought he was...


Targeting Leads that Actually Close - Outside Sales Talk with Ian Altman

Ian Altman discusses qualification tactics you can use to guarantee you’re focusing on the right opportunities. He gives hands-on advice on how to move from a blind selling mindset to becoming a trusted advisor to your prospect. You’ll learn best practices and specific questions you can use to open deals the right way and keep them moving forward. Business leaders call on Ian to modernize their sales and marketing to align with how today’s customers actually make buying decisions....