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A Golf Business Podcast for Golf Professionals who want to innovate and drive change in the Golf Business and their careers. Created by PGA of America Professional and change maker Jay LeDuc. I share my personal experiences and insights along my journey as a PGA Golf Professional, Strategist, Innovator and Creator and how they can be applied by golf professionals.


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A Golf Business Podcast for Golf Professionals who want to innovate and drive change in the Golf Business and their careers. Created by PGA of America Professional and change maker Jay LeDuc. I share my personal experiences and insights along my journey as a PGA Golf Professional, Strategist, Innovator and Creator and how they can be applied by golf professionals.




Trash Marketing Tactics

Somewhere in some office building the marketing team for this company is patting themselves on the back for their marketing tactics, while I vow to never buy one of their products in my life.


Punishment By Promotion

Before you promote a high performer, ensure the promotion will put them in a position to continue to display the skills that got them the recognition in the first place.


Be Your Own Best Critic.

Being openly critical of our own ideas and plans is a great way to show your value within an organization. It shows that not only were you creative enough to come up with a good idea, you were smart enough to know when that idea needed to be adjusted or killed. Be your own best critic, before someone else becomes your worst.


You Always Have a Choice

Sometimes a PGA Professionals and humans, we feel trapped like we don’t have any control over our career, life, or golf game. But by taking a few seconds to really look at we think is holding us back, you might be surprised at how much control you do have. Even if the decision you make doesn’t move you forward, at least it’s your decision and that’s the part that matters.


You Have To Drop a Few Balls To Get Better At Catching Them.

In an episode inspired by a game of catch with my son, we discuss how dropping the ball is all part of the process of learning to catch it. We discuss how this advice applies to your career as a golf professional and as a player. We also, talk specifically about how you can use this advice to help you pass the PAT after a first missed attempt.


3 Tips to Pass Your PGA P.A.T. (Player Ability Test).

Passing your PAT to become a PGA member can be on of the hardest steps in becoming a PGA Member. Even for the most accomplished player, the format of knowing the score you need to shoot messes with your head. Use these three tips to help overcome the challenge.


When you should quit on an idea, and when you should keep going.

It’s hard to know if an idea is good or not and if you should keep going forward with it. So, instead of trying to figure out if the idea is good. Find out if you like the work of going after it.


Don’t Let Good Decisions Turn Into Bad Ones.

In poker, you can make a good decision with the odds in your favor and still end up losing. The same can happen in your job and in life. The key is not letting those results cause you to make worse decisions next time around. Make the best decision you can based on what you know, and let the cards fall where they may.


Do You Have A Purpose or Just a Plan

We all had a lot planned for their year before fate intervened and threw that all on its ear. But when things change, do you have a purpose that you can fall back on to collect yourself and help you determine your next plan?


Getting the Right Job References

References for jobs always seem like that left step in the process of applying for a job and often get overlooked. In this episode I give a tip on how many defenses you should have and how to get the right ones for the right situation.


Why We Should All Be Ready For (and hoping for) An Eventual Decline in Golf’s Recent Popularity.

As golf courses and clubs around the world report record rounds and membership sales, let’s not all forget how we got here. Just because Golf is enjoying a surge in activity lately doesn’t actually translate to growth.


Will It Sell In Your Golf Shop?

Picking new lines for the golf shop is always tough. And you never really know how it will do, and what your margins will be, until you have had time to sell it all through. This can take weeks or most often months to see the whole picture. In this episode I provide a tip for how to find out how an item will do much faster.


Are Premium Green Fees Acceptable During Covid-19?

I’m not saying that clubs should, but is there a case to be made for charging a premium for green fees amidst the restrictions created by vivid-19? Is it price gouging? Aren’t you providing a better products under some of these restrictions? I look forward to hearing your reaction to the topics brought up in this episode and to any feedback you have on if you are doing this at your club.


Reduce Your Golf Shop Merchandise Inventory Levels Now

With many golf shops still closed, inventory levels can remain higher than where you want them. Now is the time to look at where you need to be by the end of the year and start offering promotions to help get you there. You may have to give up the margins you were looking for for this year. But, just make sure you don’t sacrifice next year too by trying to hold out for higher prices. Use what communications channels you have to start some one day hot sales by email, social or website to...


Do This, Before Going Back To Normal at Your Golf Club.

There has been a lot of longing for life and golf to “Get back to normal.” But don’t forget to look at the changes you have been forced for make at your facility and ask yourself the question, “What parts of what we are doing are actually working better than before?”


Winning on Profit Margins, But Losing Profits

Being more efficient managing your costs can be a good thing. But just make sure the systems you put in place to become more efficient, don’t create friction for your customers. You may end up making more per customer, but just having a lot less customers... and profits.


Customer Service Still Matters When Selling Online.

Last night a listing that I had for a broken rangefinder completed with the auction price going well over $100. This made me suspect considering that most of them go for about a third of that in broken condition, so I emailed the person that bought it and reminded them it was in not working condition rather than send it with the no reruns policy in this item that I had listed. He asked to cancel of course, but maybe the rangefinder came back for a reason?


Good News Bad News

I killed my Inventory, Order and Sales Tracking system by accident. But at least there may be a happy ending to the backwards battery rangefinder saga.


OK... So, Maybe I’m Not Being Scammed

A couple days ago I thought I was being scammed by a buyer on Amazon. Today I’m not sure I have that right.


My First Amazon Scam?

I'm no Professional Seller but I think I know a sketchy deal when I see one. In this episode, I share my first 24 hours of experience with what I think maybe my first buyer trying to scam me.